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Catskills News Feed: 02/01/09

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Solomon Wright, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. The wedding of Va’lis Razele and Melina Gerson was held in Ilshenar this evening. The ceremony was conducted by Emissary Annendora, with Owain Surrey and approximately thirty other citizens from a variety of guilds in attendance.

    Prior to the wedding, Owain Surrey was encountered in Luna in search of an enchanted sextant, which was eventually provided by Gyn Talon. He stated he had been searching for Kasaven, but had yet to explore Destard, Deceit and Covetous. How this connects to his earlier vision regarding two statues facing south is unknown, but it was quickly noted that the entrance to Covetous' third level has two statues facing south. Surrey went on to say that forces should not yet be assembled to charge those dungeons, for it might cause Kasaven's captors to move him to a new location, and that we should wait for more information before executing any rescue attempts.

    After the wedding concluded, Emissary Annendora announced she would soon be leaving, as she had been reassigned to the shard known as Lake Austin. Later in the evening, Owain Surrey revealed her successor's identity, a man known as Cerrneous. Transcript below.

    Even later in the evening, an encounter with Owain Surrey in the Counselor's Guild led to a conversation about Emissary Annendora's departure, the upcoming wedding of two orcs on February 18th, and Surrey's own background. Transcript follows below.

    For more information regarding the community's reaction to Emissary Annendora's departure and the events surrounding Kasaven's kidnapping, please join the Sosarian Communication Network by contacting Solomon Wright here: 441758722
  2. An encounter with Owain Surrey, very early in the morning on February 1st, 2009, at the Counselor's Guild in Trammel's Britain...

    While returning to the inn in Britain to retire for the evening, I heard familiar voices coming out of the Counselor's Guild. Looking through the window...

    You see: Lord Owain Surrey
    You see: Lord Vallend
    Opening door... (I enter the building.)
    Vallend: Owain we have a man stuck
    Lord Owain Surrey: Stuck?
    Vallend: He is scared to leave the wedding area.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Ah, and why would he be frightened? *shrug*
    Vallend: He is no mage. and the dungeons scare him
    Lord Owain Surrey: Perhaps he should overcome his fear! Does he need help fighting his way out?
    Solomon Wright: Teleport scrolls will help. He can use that magic to transport himself down.
    Vallend: I agree but his mood is foul now
    Lord Owain Surrey: I would help him slay the beasts, but I will not hold his hand as we ascend the mountain..or descend, depending where he wants to go!
    Vallend: I tried to get him to follow me but he turned around and ran back
    Lord Owain Surrey: *sighs*
    Solomon Wright: There's no need for violence. A third-circle scroll will solve this dilemma. Let him sit within the temple and contemplate his fear until he is ready to overcome it. I would be happy to purchase the scroll on his behalf.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Other matters are more pressing, but aye I can do that at least *waves hands over the area in front of him* *produces a teleport scroll* Bring that to him, and if that does not suffice, then he is damned to live out his life there..
    Vallend: I will take that to him. Thank yee

    It is here that Vallend departs.

    Solomon Wright: That is quite the magic, Owain. Conjuring items from the aether.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Ah, the same a scribe would do it, in a sense.
    Solomon Wright: A great power that must be wielded with great responsibility, I am sure.
    Lord Owain Surrey: and even greater judgement
    Solomon Wright: Speaking of which...
    Lord Owain Surrey: hmm?
    Solomon Wright: Have you heard of Emissary Annendora's departure?
    Lord Owain Surrey: indeed
    Solomon Wright: She announced it to us this evening, after the ceremony.
    Lord Owain Surrey: By no choice of her own, I assure you. She will traverse to another shard, that do not have sufficient able bodies to protect against what Casca or others have planned
    Solomon Wright: Aye, it sounds as if the Robed Ones had other plans for her...

    Here we discuss plans regarding Annendora's departure. For more information, join the Sosarian Communication Network by contacting myself, Solomon Wright, at: 441758722

    As the conversation concluded, a citizen known as Socress entered the Counselor's Guild...

    Lord Owain Surrey: Hail, Socress
    Socress: Hello.
    Lord Owain Surrey: There will be one to follow in [Annendora's] footsteps and he is quite noble as well. Cerrneous is his name, I believe
    Solomon Wright: We look forward to welcoming him.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Perhaps he can introduce himself at a wedding in the near future. The next is an orc wedding. Quite intriguing..
    Socress: *YAY*
    Lord Owain Surrey: Hopefully Kasaven is back to perform it! I am no priest or monk
    Solomon Wright: When is that scheduled for, my friend?
    Lord Owain Surrey: hmm let me check

    A flash of lightning, and Owain is gone for a brief moment before reappearing in the same way he left...

    Lord Owain Surrey: February 18th, At 7 PM at an Orc Fort of their choosing
    Socress: What the hell (Socress is obviously confused about how Owain just teleported in that manner.)
    Lord Owain Surrey: *eyes Socress*
    Socress: Lol
    Solomon Wright: Owain is ordained by the Robed as an Emissary. His powers supercede those of many citizens. He once served as augur to Lord British. But his visions are clouded by loss and the influence of the Shadowlords.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Ah I am no Emissary. I am titleless, now adays. *sighs*
    Socress: Sorry, My eyes are dazzled
    Lord Owain Surrey: As they should be, I wish Kasaven were here to show you his static electricity shoes..That would prove quite blinding!

    It is here Socress discusses a special box he owns with Owain. When there is a lull in the conversation, I decide to breach a difficult subject...

    Solomon Wright: One last question, and then I will be off...
    Lord Owain Surrey: Aye ?
    Solomon Wright: I understand you have suffered a great tragedy. Kasaven told us of the loss of your family, and I know it must be very difficult to speak of it.
    Lord Owain Surrey: *looks to ground and back at Solomon*
    Solomon Wright: I, too, have lost many close to me, so I have empathy for what has occurred in your life.
    Lord Owain Surrey: A piece of my heart shall always be torn, yet I've moved on, as much as it possible
    Solomon Wright: *nods*
    Lord Owain Surrey: Though I still dream of the last day I saw them..
    Solomon Wright: My question is...where have your wife and child been buried, so that we might pay our respects?
    Lord Owain Surrey: Burned, as were the others who were beheaded in Blackthorne's time, put upon the pyre...I know not even where there ashes blew in the wind. So I pay my respect every time I feel the wind blow..
    Solomon Wright: Was the event in Nujel'm, at the square?
    Lord Owain Surrey: You would have to ask Kasaven, he witnessed it.
    Solomon Wright: *nods* I will do so.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I bid him not to go into detail. So I have never asked, and if I am in his presence, I hope you not to ask, either, until I take leave
    Solomon Wright: A fair request, my friend. And one I will honor. We wish you to have peace. For only through acceptance may the desire for vengeance that seems to overtake you at times be conquered.
    Lord Owain Surrey: humph, I do as my is needed for Britannia
    Solomon Wright: If there is anything I can do...
    Lord Owain Surrey: hmm, I think not, though I appreciate the request
    Solomon Wright: I will leave you with this. Sometimes, If you want to fix this... *gestures around* ...you must fix yourself first.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Yet I am not broken. Do you, too, not feel vengeance in your heart? For those who corrupted the land and sought to enslave its people?
    Solomon Wright: I did, but I have overcome it. Vengeance is not virtuous, my friend. You know this. You are wise.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I am wise, yet there are times my heart guides me
    Solomon Wright: You are overcome with grief, and lie under the influence of the Shadowlords. We must tend to your heart and your soul.
    Lord Owain Surrey: you know of a way to cure my ails? To bring truth back to my dreams?
    Solomon Wright: Confronting mortality and loss is different for everyone. It is a path you must walk yourself. But the community is here, as support. You can reach to us, if you need it.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Aye, I shall require all of your assistance, in more ways then one
    Solomon Wright: You cannot justify vengeance, no matter how much it consumes you. It will not bring your wife and child back.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Yet it will bring safety back to the Kingdom
    Solomon Wright: That is a different motivation, is it not?
    Lord Owain Surrey: Yet they cooincide
    Solomon Wright: No. The intention is quite different. And Virtue begins with your intention. If you cloud your action with vengeance, it will subvert the noble ends you seek.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Aye, I appreciate your advice, and I will muse upon it
    Solomon Wright: Think on what I have said. It is important that your visions are pure, so that you may guide us without doubt as an obstacle, and falsehood as a possibility.
    Lord Owain Surrey: If it is my will that could repair that, it would be done.
    Solomon Wright: Let us will it to be so.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Good night, till we meet again
    Solomon Wright: Good night to you, Owain.

    As I exit, Vallend enters with tale that the scared citizen at the site of the wedding has, in fact, safely made it down the mountain again.
  3. After the wedding ceremony, I approach Emissary Annendora to congratulate her on the service. She surprises me with an announcement...

    Solomon Wright: Thank you for your services, again. Save your invocation of Lord British towards the end, I felt it was quite a beautiful service. *smiles*
    EM Annendora: I will be moving to the Lake Austin shard, but hope to be on Cats again someday
    Solomon Wright: Ah, an interesting turn of events.
    EM Annendora: Wonderful shard you have here
    Solomon Wright: What calls you there?
    EM Annendora: I will no longer be a floater, I will be a main *smiles*
    Solomon Wright: So the Robed Ones have promoted you. Congratulations.
    EM Annendora: Hopefully Kasaven will be found soon
    Solomon Wright: A glorious turn for not just the bride and groom, it seems.
    EM Annendora: *smiles* It was a wonderful service
    Solomon Wright: Well, your presence here has been sincerely appreciated.
    EM Annendora: Thank you
    Solomon Wright: When do you officially depart?
    EM Annendora: Soon. *smiles*
    Solomon Wright: Well, perhaps we can send you off properly. Good luck walking the shards, my friend.
    EM Annendora: Awww, Thank you
  4. Moonwynd

    Moonwynd Guest

    Count me in and I'll set my sails to help plan for a proper send off. Heres hoping that the winds will be blowin' in the right direction at that particular time.
  5. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I rather suspected something like that'd happen.

    Congrats on yer new position in Lake Austin, Lady Annendora! Ye deserves it, I kin tell.

    With respect,
    Lord Aneirin Grace, Emissary from the pirates
  6. Jerimiah

    Jerimiah Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
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    I hope I am not the man Vallend was concerned about at the wedding site. I chose to take a nap beneath a tree after the ceremony. It was nice to experience an event like this in the midst of so much turmoil. It provided a needed respite before what doom may come. I chose to enjoy the view and find some peace before the darkness comes back.