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Caution: Very Long, May cause Brain Damage if not mentally ready.

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Guest, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok so I'm a necro/mage I have Eval Int: 72.8, Magery: 65.6, Meditation 92.5, Necro: 44.9(61.9 w/ jewelry), Resisting Spells: 25.3, Spirit Speak: 69.1, Wrestling: 47.6(57.6 w/ gloves of pugilist). My stats are: str 88, dex 30, int 105(locked). Here's my bombardment of questions [​IMG]

    Are my stats good? I'm worried about the dex I think I need more for wrestling I'm not sure though. What about str? Is it needed? I'm feeling pretty good about the int.

    About my skills now, I think I'll let Eval Int raise itself naturally over time as it goes up pretty good and maybe the occasional summary of a cow, only to find it's not that smart. Magery I don't have trouble raising now, same with meditation with will be GM soon. Necro is really hard but I have another thread online. Spirit Speak is my main healer so I can't rush it. Resisting Spells is kinda fun letting monsters pound at me with magic and then mowing them all down. Wrestling in tough but I like hiring people only to kill them. What do you think about this any tips? Am I on the right track right now? Thank you for reading this and just be grateful you don't know me in real life. I talk faster than I type and I can talk a lot.
  2. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    You sound like my daughter! (She talks a mile a minute!)

    Anywho... Your stats are good for a beginer. Don't go anywhere too tuff you won't like it and you'll die WAY too much. You should shoot for 100 str, 10 dex, 115 int to start with. add more as scrolls, plusses from gear become available.

    My wrestle mage has 10 dex and he'll disarm a dexer embarassingly fast, as long as his stamina is maxed. Carry refresh pots to keep stamina up.

    Strength is needed fro hitpoints. The more the better. I would try to maintain a minimum of 100.

    Eval will raise as you go. It is the power behind the mage. Get it as high as you can afford. Your greatest powerscroll should be 120 eval.

    As for how your going about gaining skills here's a couple tips.

    Get yourself a golem and a mage weapon. Lock down the skill the weapon requires and hit the golem. You'll gain MAGERY instead of weaponskill!

    When your happy with your magery switch to wrestling and punch out the golem. You can gain all the way to legendary this way. If your in a hurry for wrestling use a fishing pole in hand to max your swing rate.

    When raising eval and magery lock one down and raise one at a time. When you cast a spell there is a check for a magery or an eval gain. As you get to higher levels you'll gain slower and they both use the same checks (sucessful cast spells) If one is locked you'll gain faster in the unlocked skill.

    Sopunds like your well on your way. Enjoy the ride!
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is very helpful. I heard about the mage weapon thing but now I understand it. The Eval/Mage lock thing sounds very promising. My problem is with the dex. Ever since I started with 20 I've tried to lower it but I couldn't So I'm gonna leave it. The stat cap is 225 but there are scrolls to raise it to 250 I believe and I can get one. So 100str+115int+30dex=245stats. Leaving an extra 5 so I can do what I want. I don't think I'll have to give us that 30 dex:) I have two question.......again *sigh*........How do I get a golem? And if the fishing pole isn't a mage weapon will it still work?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For resist go to New Haven and have the spectral spellbinders cast on ya. They only spam buf/debuf spells and your resist will fly.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Funny that you should mention that, That's exactly how I raised my resist to 25 and I can get it higher from that.
  6. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    A mage weapon is a special weapon for mages. It uses your magery instead of weapon skill to determine hits. As you use the weapon you can gain in skill just like any weapon but if you lock the weapon skill the weapon would require you'll gain magery.

    Your dex won't go down until you reach the 225 stat cap. Then you can lower it to 10 if you chose.

    A easy way to gain eval is to go to a place with lots of players standing around. (Brit or Luna bank?) Then make a macro and eval everyone in the area then people walking around. I use this method until I get board then lock eval and go cast spells for a while. (don't forget a 100% LRC suit so you don't have to buy regs.) When training magery cast spells that are 2 levels below your skill. (4th level for 60 magery for instance) When training magery try to use a mage weapon that has -29 or so magery on it. This will allow you to gain more quickly because your magery gains faster at low levels.

    A good place to train and kill some monsters is the Ice Dungeon. The Artic Ogre Lords spawn one at a time and don't cast or move very fast. You can avoid damage and kill them for good gold without too much risk. Remember to use fire spells and an Ogre or Repond slayer spellbook.

    When you get closser to GM level try going to a peerless with a group of friends. You'll need good equipement for this but it is a good way to gain skill points and actually feel like your playing the game instead of just training all the time!

    Lastly, if your looking for a way to make a few gold pieces just starting out as a mage, you should consider inscription. You make a good amount of gold making scrolls and you can also gain some magery at the same time. You mentioned necro mage and a necro with inscribe is probably not realistic but you can always stone the skill off and on as needed. Who knows you may one day consider a wrestle/inscribe/mage as well as a necro/mage. [​IMG]

    Going back to wrestling. I know a lot of necro/mages that don't use wrestle as their defense. The use a mage weapon -0 like the staff of the magi. This allows them to use their magery (usually 120) as their defensive skill. Personally I'm not overly fond of mage weapons because I pvp a bit and dexers with weapons disarm them too easily, leaving the mage defensless! [​IMG] If you plan on pvm mostly however this is no problem because I don't believe there are any monsters at this time that can disarm you.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The dex thing I understand now and If I need I'll do that. I'm gonna definitely try the Eval Int gain thing in Luna. Ice dungeon is too hard for me. I can't kill the lords at all but maybe one day when I'm stronger. To gain my magery I use a -29 skill gnarled staff mage weapon that I bought for 65 gold. But I also explore dungeons like covetous and despise and gain magery there by casting blade spirit, and e-bolt. My necro gains great there too because I summon hordes of undead using animate. I don't worry about money at all because I won 1mil as a door prize from Deal Or No Deal UO style! Yay! And I also loot everything I kill unless it's like a mongbat and make lot's o'money like that. And Finally This is my first character and I don't know about what's good for PVP or PVM but I'll learn.