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CFO disaster

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Fangs McWolf, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    I know that moonlight mcboo, Sgt Squeaker, (a dog named) Huddles, Little Stubby Twiddletoes, Queen Melody Electrospeed and I were in the CFO (there were 8 total).

    With moon, Huddles and Stubby on the same side with me, things went rather ok. No complaints really, other than I didn't get to use my train (moon beat me to it). Then the important part of the run. There was a crane that was remaining empty for a good part of the time, so I hopped on it. I noticed this when the goons being stomped weren't getting used up. So I hopped on and tried to help the others who were craning. We got the CFO to red and then things went downhill. I believe moon (Susan) to be an excellent player and I trust her highly. But even with her skills, it was impossible to recover. Not saying it was her fault by any means, only that even she couldn't help turn it around, despite how hard she tried.

    I know that overall, you are never supposed to bail from a run, but that was one time we should have. Despite my best efforts, I was the 4th one to go down. My efforts included staying tooned (duh) and trying to stomp goons. When I would see moon on a crane, I would try to target the goons nearby to keep her safe, but alas they would get to her before I could get to them.

    The next run, we won. This included moon, Stubby, sheriff tricky, Loopy Crunchenzapper(Trish), Squeaker, one other and myself. Gag up all for the reward. Now to go get 500 pts on each gag track for my backup megas.

  2. SuperMac

    SuperMac Guest

    Your not kidding it was a mess! I was on the other side and we finished the first part just before you guys, no probs there either. I haven't been that swamped by goons in a long time! I was on the side with Sgt, Roxy (who has gone with us a few times before), and a 108-laff friend (Capt). Now, Capt was the little one, still a cold caller, and he told me he only wanted to stomp, which I told him was fine, but then I noticed he took a craner spot. Roxy and I both asked him (we're both TF with him) if he was sure he wanted to stay there at different times, and I guess he did. He later told me he bailed when he got down to 8 laffs. I do have a question about protecting the craner. I was trying my hardest, and took quite a few cogs or disks standing in front of a couple of craners, but I noticed that the craner behind me also got hit at the same time maybe twice. Anyway, 4 of the group were connected to me (including me), and I feel responsibility for that. I don't think we'll be going anymore since it was such a disaster. I stayed until the end, I think it was just me and one other left, but just because I'm so hardheaded about bailing. :sad4:
  3. susan4633

    susan4633 Guest

    As wolfie said the cogs went ok.

    Then the crane round. Should I have craned from the beginning…probably. But since huddles grabbed a crane and I know roxy likes to and is a good craner-I offered it to her. I felt I should stomp for them to try and keep the goons off them. I even rammed the cfo when it appeared he was aiming for roxy. Unfortunately, the SGT took a -5 as a result so I abandoned that strategy.

    Things seemed to be going ok except that safes were appearing on the cfo frequently. Huddles was on and off the crane. I jumped on the crane to take the safe off and try and hit him but then Huddles was hovering over me so I relinquished the crane back to him. I didn’t want to be a crane–hog. Then I saw roxy take a few hits and checked her laff, she was at 18, I ran near her and threw the only unite I had which was an 80, and went back to trying to stomp the goons.

    Again huddles crane was empty so I popped back on it and de-safed the cfo again and tried to throw safes at swarms of goons. All the while I was getting lasered from everywhere and took a few hits from the cfo as well.

    It is impossible to crane, or at least for me it is impossible, to hit the cfo while swarms of red hats are hitting me. I’d just get the safe off and I’d line up to hit him and I’d get it from the side or he’d hit me.

    Despite everyone trying, and I think we did really try hard, we slowly disappeared. I ran around stomping to try and get some laff back so I could get back on the crane.

    My hope was to try and block a side, but same as before, I’d get hit from the goons and then the cfo. Instead of trying to get more laff, I attempted to stick it out on the crane and ignore the hits to at least try and block the side with a crane, instead at 11 laff I got lasered for the last time and did the spiral dance back to the playground.

    Poof went my 7s just like everyone else. It is depressing to go sad, but I’ve done it so many times as has everyone else, you just have to pick yourself up and go back for revenge….which as wolfie said we did. I turned in a tt to get my laff back, regagged and went back for more.

    I am sorry Mac that you and your friends didn’t make it, but as far as I know, none of us bailed, we all died trying to win which is really all you can ask for….not the dieing, but the trying. even with the best of intentions, i can't guarantee a win.
  4. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    I feel compelled to write this time... I'd been running with the CCG since I began my tt journey and had a fair success rate. I met the wonderful stratics group about a month ago. Since then, whether in group or just randomly working with them, I have had the best time!

    Amazingly, there is a reason for this post. The CFO is my weakest event. I will admit that. Last night was very confusing to me, as there were fewer craners than usual. Add to that, my husband linked his laptop to our network for downloads :/ Thanks dear!!

    This is the first time I have gone sad in a stratics run and I found it more amusing than anything. Absolutely nothing anyone could do! I believe I was the third to head back to the playground. In hindsite - screenshots would have been fun! Disasters will happen... how often is the question. The stratics team is the most considerate and talented group I've seen. Again - still relatively new - I could be wrong... just kidding! I hope to learn more from each and every one of you. Either in success or defeat!
  5. susan4633

    susan4633 Guest

    i hate that most of us went sad during that run. i guess i'm hoping that by going over it we can figure out how it went so bad so fast and then fix it, but i suppose everything can't be fixed.

    for me, the next time i cfo, i will check to make sure that all cranes are "tooned" rather than station myself as a stomper.

    in my mind, i invited roxy to this run and i wanted to make sure she didn't go sad like she did in that vp we did. perhaps that blinded me. i honestly don't know. i just knew i didn't want her to lose her 7s again. and...in the end she did anyway.
  6. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Two runs like night and day! I was in with the first group, and Sally Bumblefoot joked that we'd be done in three minutes. And honest to gosh, we had the best run I have ever had -- 3 minutes, we got max toon-up, and I made Robber Baron -- it seemed like there were almost no goons, we went straight from yellow to red.

    This makes reading you guys' stories quite an sobering experience. Dying by goon swarm has convinced me to use at least one level 7 gag before entering a boss battle, just so I won't feel awful for losing a full set.

    Kudos on fighting to the end and going back for revenge!!
  7. SuperMac

    SuperMac Guest

    Hey, I have absolutely NO problem with not making it to the end, I'm pretty experienced at it! Practically a pro! FOR ME, if you know you are going to win every time, I don't see the fun in it. And, for me personally, the battle is more fun if there is a challenge to it than if you just walk in, win, and its all over in 5 minutes (although that is certainly less stressful). As far as the players who were on and off the cranes, while I couldn't see what everyone was doing, at some point there was no choice for them to be doing that, at least IMO. There were a couple who bailed, and I don't fault them either since they may have done the smart thing, this time, like Fangs said. The beginning of the run wasn't divided like it usually is, craners from stompers; as a matter-of-fact, I was waiting with the group and suddenly just 2 of us were standing there so we high-tailed it for the elevator. It seemed like we had a bunch of craners, but the cranes were empty off and on; again, they had no choice but to leave it occasionally, only to come back and find the crane surrounded by goons because there's no point in guarding an empty crane when others are being swamped. Anyway, it was interesting!! :gee:
  8. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    If anyone says he shouldn't have bailed, my personal opinion is this.. He did the smart thing. I doubt his 8 laff would have done much good in turning the entire CFO around. I think that once it got to the point that it did, before even the first person went sad, we should have bailed out to try again. When there are that many goons that it's nearly impossible to get on a crane for more than a few seconds, then it's time to consider a strategical retreat.

    I don't consider myself to be a true Stratics member. I consider myself to be a friend of the group, and I'll run with the group and follow the rules (so I'll always be welcomed). That said, I've heard of things going south before, ranging from losing a player to losing the entire group. Truly, this was a unique experience for me to have with the group. I say to chalk it up as a learning experience. In the future, those who know how to crane will likely get on the crane somewhere, and those who know how to stomp will stick to it. I consider myself a really good stomper, and if I had been stomping (with moon craning where I was craning), then there's a chance that things would have ended differently. As I mentioned before, I only got onto that crane because it seemed to be staying vacant a lot of the time and the goons weren't getting used.

    All in all, don't bail out on Stratics runs yet. I promise you that it was definitely an unusual run, since normally, all who go in will dance at the end. It's the first CFO that I can recall where I have ever gone sad with the group. I hope that means something.

    Perhaps we should go in knowing who is going to do what. If we're assigned to craning/stomping, then everyone knows what they need to do at that point. Remember how the first marathon I got to, I thought we were supposed to stand on different sides for craning/stomping? Maybe we could try doing that, then before going into the doors, those who can do both would hop from one side to the other (go from craning to stomping or vise-versa) to make sure there are even numbers. Then first 4 (from each side) closest to the doors go in. Wait about 10 seconds, next group go in, repeat. That way no one is spending time making groups out of all of us but at the same time, we go in with assigned spots to make it a better run.

    It's not the best idea to be honest. But maybe another idea will come from it that will work easier and a lot better.

    Also, perhaps someone being considered the run's "leader", which would be someone who is a very seasoned Stratics member, that everyone would listen to, so if they say "Run!", everyone would know to exit TT a.s.a.p. Of course, that 'leader' would have to stick around to make sure everyone got the message, but even if a whisper is needed, then they could bail even if others are still there. It'd just be a matter of knowing when to call it quits. Bailing just because it gets a little tough is bad, but staying when it's become near impossible to win is just as bad because then we're all doomed anyway.
  9. SuperMac

    SuperMac Guest

    Yeah, seeing what I wrote, that was wrong. I shouldn't have said "I don't think we'll be going anymore since it was such a disaster," because I certainly shouldn't speak for them and the disaster part isn't why I was irritated anyway. To tell the truth, I talked to a stratics member that was there after and I was ignored for a while and then stunk. :sad3: That brought me down more than the battle! LOL. I just don't take it all that seriously and maybe was joking about it too much while they were irritated (though I didn't know!! LOL!). All-in-all, I get a vibe, and sometimes that just happens. I've certainly recommended this place and people to a lot of friends, as evidenced by the people I've brought to runs. :grouphug:
  10. Kippy

    Kippy Guest

    even though i wasn't there i think i need to give my opinion.

    I talked with Susan last night after this cfo, I think she was more a mess then that cfo.
    Susan, I have known you for the last 2 years, you are the most amazing player, always gives 200%, I know you all did what you could, but sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want them too.

    You can't win them all!

  11. Kippy

    Kippy Guest

    To be honnest, you shouldn't come anymore!
    Find some ''pros'' and go with them, you will win everytime!
    This is a game, I am not known to die, but i have had my share, like everyone else, just except the fact that you can't win them all.

    If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!
  12. SuperMac

    SuperMac Guest

    You obviously didn't even read my post or had a problem with comprehension. Try again.
  13. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Ok ok everyone take a deeeeeeep breath.

    SuperMac, I'd be interested in knowing who stunk you. PM me, please. I'd also like to know why you took all this against Susan and X'd her, after all the help and patience and advice I've seen her give to you freely.

    As for the run.. Not everyone could understand me, but I'm not the only one able to count. We had 14. 6 loaded. I wanted to go with group 2 because the suits were lower, but no one else loaded with the 6 at 2 seconds, so I did. I even said, "One more?" and no one budged. So I did.

    Tuesday's runs are about getting in and out fast. They are about "farming" Toonup unites. They are not about people learning how to crane or stomp. The more experienced craners should be craning, period. One of you should have joined that first group, because we had craners stomping.
  14. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Are you sure it was someone from Stratics? That sounds a bit odd.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll tell someone the what-for if they deserve it. For example, last night after a successful CFO, I needed more bucks. A friend and I went in and near the end, they opted to skip a group (the one with 4 sets, 1 with all 10's, 1 with all 11's, and the toonup and gag restock barrels). Well after doing the next set, my friend and I went to the other set because she needed more bucks. We waited a moment for the others to join (they were friends with one another as near as we could tell). My friend had a train pulled and at the last second I lured. Then just before our set exploded, we heard the 11's up top exploding. If they wanted to not do a set, that's fine, but they could have very easily have waited a moment for the 2 of us. Had we not quickly caught up with the other 2, we believe they would have finished off the mint without us. Needless to say, my friend and I both commented that "That wasn't nice!" and "Don't be mean!". Never said "You stink!" but did let them know that what they did was uncalled for.

    In all fairness, he was saying that 'guaranteed wins' aren't as much fun as wins you have to work for. I see why you quoted it but it's slightly misquoted too.

    Which is why I made certain to comment that she's a good player, that it wasn't her fault that things went bad, and that despite her best efforts to try to turn it around, it just still went bad.

    With her there, I'm confident that it was just a run that went bad. Nothing more, nothing less. When its with people I'm not familiar with, then I wonder if things would have gone better had (insert one of many friends here) had been there. She's definitely not to blame. No one is really. We went in, we tried, but it was one of those things that just didn't go as planned. Oh well. Thankfully I had a task to turn in for an instant toonup, which also loaded me with beans.. Which I needed to be able to buy 80 gags. :D

    I saw that there were only 6 and thought that there was someone else who was already going to load with that group, which is why I didn't board even though I was there. That's my confusion though and if I'd known that it was a free-for-all, I would have loaded that one myself. Just would have had to make sure Squeaker knew to load the next group even without me being there. We did end up having 8 (guess one more showed up or was just not counted somehow?), but regardless, would have ended up the same, with uneven groups.
  15. SuperMac

    SuperMac Guest

    I really wish you had PM this, since it is between me and Susan. I'll need you to point out where, exactly, I've "took all this against Susan" so that I can defend myself.
  16. susan4633

    susan4633 Guest

    ok apparently it was me even though i don't remember doing it and wouldn't have intentionally done it.

    i ran into mac in the gag shop. the dog was pestering both of us to be his friend. i was in a hurry to regag and relaff and get away from the dog and back to the platform to get revenge.

    i've spoken to sharon privately and apologized for even using the work stink *which i will NEVER use again in ANY conversation with anyone*.

    the only thing i can think of that i meant to say was it stinks we went sad and lost our 7s. sharon thought i meant to stink her, so she x-d me. and if i had done that i wouldn't blame her. a "you stink" from a friend not made in jest would have been a shock and most would probably have x-d someone who did that.

    i don't blame her. i just was in shock when it happened because i didn't know what i'd done. i told her i was expecting her to tp to me after she regagged to beat the heck out of the cfo in revenge.

    so aside from a disasterous cfo the mess was my own making because i wasn't as careful typing and i was in a hurry.

    so to everyone involved. I'm SORRY. I'm sorry for the mess i was responsible for and i'm sorry for the hard feelings and the postings that have generated from it.

    i have deliberately stunk only 3 people in this game. 1 was someone picking on a friend who made bad gag choices while learning and tried to make them go sad.
    the other 2 were due to bigger more experienced toons picking on littler ones.

    i will never use the phrase again.
  17. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    I've never seen you being unjustifiably mean to someone, so I can say this.. If I were to ever think you were stinking me (other than in jest), I would ask you what's going on before deciding to X you out. Call me foolish (don't), but it would occur to me that when you can, you should ask someone questions before you make assumptions. "She just stunk me. I assume she blames me for it. (X's)". Should have been, "She just stunk me. (asks why she stunk me) Oh wait, it was a misunderstanding."
  18. SuperMac

    SuperMac Guest

    Susan, I did not mean for this to air in public, I really didn't. I didn't want any waves with you at all, so I just did the simplest thing (or so it seemed at the time). All of this is exactly what I didn't want. I just wanted to poof! and not have drama. I figured I did something, I should get out of your hair. I had said a few things that were not responded to (prob because you were ignoring the dog). I'm sure everyone else would have handled it better. Sigh. Anyway, I'm glad we cleared it up, and I'm sorry it ended up right out here. Have fun playing.
  19. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I'm glad this ended up being a misunderstanding and not a "true" stinking. lol

    Because I knew you X'd Susan, and because I've known Susan for so long the idea of her stinking one of ours, one of her TFs, was incomprehensible, and because I know how she's taken you under her wing, I never imagined she was the one you thought stunk you. So I apologize for my getting things wrong in my earlier post.

    Wolfie, Kippy, SuperMac, and anyone else who sticks with their friends for every run:

    We have to change. This thread and the VP thread proves this. We need to be more flexible and mix the groups up more.

    Now everyone: Group hug!! :grouphug:
  20. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    Sorry you guys had a bad CFO. I could only do 2 last night since I am not maxed in cash. I really wish TT would allow more than 50 SF. I think its important to have great communication when going in. I know that last night we went on a 5 toon CFO. Sally aka susan, Trish, Eric, Don which is Sally friend and Steveo. We could talk to everyone and before the round even got started we knew who was going to stomp and crane. I know that Susan Moonlight Mcboo is a great player and she is also really nice. I have only played with Fangs a couple of times but he is a awesome player as well. It was just one of those CFO that nothing goes right.
  21. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Yeah our ozone layer is bad enough as it is. Take it to another planet. :D

    (Added a word in bold.) Hind sight is usually 20/20... Especially if it's a nice 'hind part' then even a blind man can see.

    You wanted sci-fi then. That has poofing, and only sometimes has drama. :)

    Saw her putting on the flea&tick collar eh?

    Sorry I couldn't resist. I just had to make jokes out of it.. :gee:

    I've already passed the message to the 2 monkeys to pile in with the others at the VP and such. Nothing against her and her friend, just that it helps if everyone mixes in with one another. I'd actually like to have a 4 person group (3 friends and myself) at the VP, so that we have plenty of room for any leftover players. Lately it's been luck if we've had any space and that sucks when trying to take strays along with us. Of course on the one hand, if each elevator loads with 8 each time and then we come in with 8, it'd end up like that anyway. Still, if the idea of balanced loading is done, then when it gets down to under 20 people, it's easier to decide to get a couple of people to hold back (to make 6-toon loads) so no one is left behind.

    Perhaps for CFO and CJ, when someone has friends with them, they can pick up to 3 people to take with them (ie, 3 of their friends), the other friends get mixed in with the other players, and then pad the group with singles. Might not be a bad idea actually, because then each load would have the chance to have friends who know how each other works, and the others (no doubt good players) would be the support. Everyone gets to play together, perhaps learning different styles of doing the same thing and possibly finding new friends.

    Anyways, I had already planned to trim down some, with my friends still being there, but trying to mix in with the others to make it more fun.
  22. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    That's a start. :)
  23. LadyMorrigan

    LadyMorrigan Guest

    I'm trying to follow this thread, but it's a wee bit long.

    I don't recall being on the same elevator as you for the CFO last night, Wolfie. I only came to one run and then went to do my gardening before RL called. There were only 7 for the run that I attended and we all danced.

    I saw that you were down to half your laff at one point while I was gardening (I was going to bust your chops about something else, but decided against it since it seemed like a bad time).
  24. Beachmom321

    Beachmom321 Guest

    None of my input is needed, but I'm a big mouth so here it goes :) WHO CARES ~ game not game without win and lose they would call it WIN! :)

    I'm learning ALOT not doubt about it. I know how to correctly use gags hanging with stratics along with other friends. I've always know the best way to keep yourself alive is to be with toons that can be relied on in your time of need and they get that respect in return.

    Last night Susan had a crane available and did give to me (Thank You). I left the crane twice for seconds to keep from asking for help and returned immediately. In one instance as Super Mac stated our mutual Capt got on crane I advised him immediately that he was in no position to work crane and I took over. Despite our best efforts someone was safe happy. As Susan stated and I'm sure she saw at least part of my abilities that we tried. We just didn't win and you know what that's ok. As Super said almost pro at losing but enjoy the ability to be challanged and I stand by that statement.

    One more comment and I don't know who it came from I didn't recheck to see ... "That those that aren't all maxed out toons should be considered lazy" Yeah I've been in TT for 3 months if you don't like my states bite me :p

    Connie ~ Roxy McGoober (tan bear currently BIG) 108 Laff MAXED throw, squirt (homegrown) & sound, NO drop. -500 from MAX toon up 3000 + before MAX lure and trap.
    Sell lvl 6 TM, Cash lvl 7 T, Boss lvl 2 F, Law lvl 1 BF
  25. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    I thought you were because I didn't remember seeing you board the elevator with the first group. But no matter, it's good that you went with a group, even if I wasn't on there. :)

    Bust my chops about what? :gee:

    Discussing it is a way of telling others, figuring out what went wrong (if anything) and learning from it. We're not crying like "Oh no we lost, someone pamper me!!"

    As for the maxing thing, the only thing that I recall being said is that someone who doesn't max their gags is being lazy. Nothing to do with their suit.
  26. Beachmom321

    Beachmom321 Guest

    Well I'm not all maxed so I must be lazy ... lol! Whatever!
  27. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Not to continue this off topicness, but see the way you are Roxy isn't the way it always was. We used to work gags til maxed then do big stuff like CFO. And gag camping happened in buildings and on the street, not in boss battles. You know, like the old farts say, the good ol' days. You're the norm now. We're just reminiscing.
  28. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    Gag camping. I had no idea what that meant when I first started playing TT and that was only 13 months ago! Wolfie would have flipped had he seen my 119 laff bunny proudly maxed in sell and still needing to max drop! :lol: I never camped a building on Sadie at all. My whole deal was working the bosses with the idea that the gags would eventually folllow. It wasn't til a very experienced toon friend of mine said, when on earth are you going to max drop, that it finally hit me that was the way it should be done. So I stopped working bosses and started camping buildings til drop was maxed.

    Now I have my black cat feline fine. She is 108 laff and has low, low suits in everything. I spend most of my time on her just camping buildings. She has another 1000 to go and will be maxed in her final gag, trap. Only then will I do boss battles with her outside of Stratics.

    I think a lot of toons haven't a clue as to what gag building is all about or even if it is important. It certainly isn't spelled out in the Toontorial. I don't think most are lazy at all for not maxing their gags. I just think they have never been taught differently.
  29. loadexfa

    loadexfa Guest

    I am still kinda new here (only been a few months?) and I really enjoy mixing it up, trying to absorb some of the greatness of players like both Susans, Trish, and many others (don't be offended I left you out, this would become a huge post!). Of course playing with friends, cracking my annoying jokes, that's a lot of fun too and I'm always glad when I get my friends. But I'm happy either way for different reasons.

    Still, there is some annoyance while playing with non TF people and I'm stuck using the speedchat. Communication goes from 90% effective down to 40% which sucks. Maybe I've become too dependent on typing what I want to say (there's probably rehab for that) but nothing replaces seeing Trish say, "3 yanners!". This is old news for us, but Disney needs a better version of DXD or something similar. Not being able to see public text that DXD friends are typing.... seriously...... (restraining myself, young people read these posts too!)

    Err, I think some of the cats have fleas. Especially Wolfie, the cat who thinks he's a Wolf. ;)

  30. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    :popcorn:Well, I was in the CFO disaster last night. The same thing happened to me last week. I think last night I was the first to go sad. I was trying to crane, but somehow was surrounded by safes. I tried to spread them out to the other two craners near me and tried to use safes to keep the bot population down. I am not real good at either craning or stomping, but I crane better because if I am stomping I know I will go sad. Eventually, I had to leave my crane because the stupid red hats started camping out around me and i was getting lasered unmercifully. I started running around trying to tu and ended up trying to stomp but long story short, eventually I was attacked by 3 or 4 red hats at the same time and down I went.

    I don't blame anyone because I know that I stink at CFO. I do the best I can, but I also know that the bots were multiplying exponentially.