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Champ Spawm PvM Necro/Mage

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Kiszen, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Kiszen

    Kiszen Guest

    Just came back from a decade off minus a 1 month stop over in 2006 (lol)

    I could use some template advice please. I want to do Champ Spawns and some other PvM with this character. Looks like I have 715 points to work with. I came up with this but have 80 points left over. Any suggestions? I was thinking Hide maybe?

    Magery 115
    Med 100
    Necro 105
    SS 115
    Eval 115
    Poison 85

    I read poison + Magery should = 200 which is why I have poison at 85. Would bringing this higher be worth it? I carry a boomstick and a shield of invulnerability. That would make wrestling worthless, right? Should I lose the boomstick and shield and use a slayer spellbook? I have to equip the book to do double damage, correct?

    thanks for any help, tips, etc
  2. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    I would pick up slayers and sdi spell books instead of the boomstick. You can keep the shield if you are just pvming.

    and poisoning I am guessing you are planning to use for poison fields? In a champ setting I guess that is fine, any other pvm I am not sure this is worth the bother tho.

    I do not really have any suggestions, personally I would drop med a little bit and train inscription, also could lower ss some, and even necro. Depending on various items you could even lower some things more but I do not see a benefit to it aside from just being able to get gm inscription for the extra damage.
  3. Kiszen

    Kiszen Guest

    Magery 115
    Med 100
    Necro 105
    SS 115
    Eval 115
    Inscription 100

    That leaves 65 points.

    If I went

    Magery 115
    Med 90
    Necro 105
    SS 115
    Eval 110
    Inscription 100

    That would leave 80 points for something. Any suggestions either way anyone? 80 into wrestling do anything for me, etc?
  4. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    I would keep eval at 115, in fact I would try to get it to 120 for damage purposes. You can take necro to 100 and ss to 110 and get a tali that will bring you to 105/120 if you like, also midnight bracers would allow you to bring it down to 80 necro, advisable because they have sdi for more damage. Right now I need to go out so no other advise, but when I return if no one else has helped I will try to think of more things you could do to tweak it.
  5. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    I've got a fair necro/mage I do champ spawns with. I've been using him exclusively at the Tok spawn lately and average 4 or so Tok minis a spawn:thumbsup:

    Once you are at a champ spawn, med is almost not needed when you are in wraith form. My guy runs no med and has never run out of mana while he chains EQs.

    My temp template is:
    120 eval
    120 spirit (15 picked up somewhere in +objects)
    115 magery (20 picked up in +objects)
    105 necro (20 picked up in +objects)
    100 music
    100 peace
    110 spellweave (haven't gone here yet but will be)

    Equipment is your standard SDI buffed up guy. Resists suck but that is what area peace is for. I rarely die:thumbsup:
    head - wizard glasses
    neck - pendant of magi
    chest - armor of fortune
    arms - midnight bracers
    gloves - lrc, mana regen, hp increase ones
    legs - spell woven breeches
    ring - crystaline ring
    braclet - sdi, lrc, +skill (contemplating an orni... maybe)
    hand - scrapers (1 mana regen... but looking for skill one)
    shield - chaos shield (1/2 fc/fcr)
    talisman - totem of void

    All said and done, 100lrc, 40 lmc, 92 sdi, 11 mana regen, 2/3 fc, fcr. 113 hp and 178 mana:next: Some high end items in there... but not terribly unattainable especially considering how quick you can spawn with it:thumbsup:

    Resists are sub 40s but as said, area peace, area spell. I average about 1 death every 3 spawns... usually the result of not paying attention:coco:

    Lately, I've been using almost exclusively earthquake. EQ has a wider area of effect compared to wither. I've been eyeballing the spellweaving area spells but getting a level 5/6 circle seems to be a challenge:thumbsup:

    I've been debating dropping necro/spirit speak to 50/50 so I can get into wraith form and get shadow wisp:thumbsup:

    With spawns, it is a two part process:
    - crowd control for 5 levels. This means doing MASSIVE damage fast to lots of monsters. IE area effects such as EQ, wither, poison strike, chain lightning, meteor shower, etc.
    - champ. This means doing MASSIVE damage to the champ. IE pick the spell the champ is weak to and just pummel it.

    Note the key word in both of those: MASSIVE. Massive for a mage means slayer books AND SDI. The poison field is less help than having all the immediate area effects. In PvP, a DP poison field is nice... in spawn, I found it not to help as much. For a straight PvM char, I'd spend the 80-100 spell points elsewhere.
  6. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    Keep in mind he has not played in a long while, so it would be unlikely he can afford any of that. Not that your template is a bad one, in fact it would have been more or less the one I would have told him but I considered he would be just starting out.

    Aside from the cost of the powerscrolls and Items this is a good template for you Kiszen, if you wish to take it. :)
  7. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    True... but the template itself is not reliant upon the HUGE SDI. For years I ran it with just a plain lrc suit and nothing over 110:coco: Worked fairly well even then but I decided to super specialize it with all that extra gold I earned from selling scrolls:danceb: Only reason he has 20 eval on it is that was the FIRST scroll I ever got and the spawn was getting raided... so I said to heck with it and ate it about 2 minutes before I died:loser:

    As a mater of fact, I run a similar template on two other shards with your basic 3M lrc suit:coco: Basically, the 110 scrolled version(aka, scrolls that are given away)

    Scroll wise, 20 spirit is maybe 1M on a bad day. But as I stated, I almost never use my necro spells and now I'm eyeballing a 20 mage so I never fail the EQs;)

    On the equipment, I'd say the worst piece I have listed is the crystaline ring at 20M last I looked with the wizard glasses being a close second at 12M or so. Almost all the other pieces are 1M per with maybe 3-4M for the AoF.

    One piece that could be used in place of the wizard glasses is the Kasa. Good resists... just not the super SDI I wanted ;)

    Spell casting monsters are a little problematic but spaming area peace does work.:thumbsup: Tamers don't like you but it works:next:

    A variation of this template I've eyeballed is the wrath tamer mage. In place of music, peace, and spellweave, I'd have tame, lore, and vet. Once the Treasures is over, I'm going to change my "PvP" tamer that uses jewelry for taming and see how well the wrath tamer mage works(and yes, he does have 20 mage, 20 eval and 20 spirit).

    The large issue with a pure tamer is massive area of effect damage to make early levels go quick. A greater dragon wrecks everything it looks at. But can only nail one item every 2-3 second. An area of effect will wreck 30 monsters all at once and can be done every 30 seconds or so(ie killing 30 monsters in 30 seconds) I've done a tamer at champs and it is slow going the first 3-4 levels of spawn:next:
  8. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    That is why I told him it is a good template, aside from all the item stuff you posted. While the item stuff is good info as well, just less of a chance he will be getting them. :p
  9. Kiszen

    Kiszen Guest

    Wow, great replies, thank you! Problem is they are so good I still cant decide lol

    I had come up with:

    90 med
    115 weaving
    115 magery
    115 eval
    115 spirit speak
    105 necro
    60 focus

    But now I am thinkin of peacekeeping! Ugh! haha. I have 3 mill gold... decent I imagine but it's not gonna get me too far. I have a 100 no regs suit with the carapace, boom stick, pendant of the magi, etc.. so it's "ok" but not good by any means.

    Would your peacekeeping build work with "average" gear? Also, what should I be doing stats wise? I have 245 stat points to throw around. Right now I am at 98 str, 25 dex, 135 int. How should I have these layed out?
  10. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    Your stats are fine, and you would want to raise med and drop focus some on this particular template. And his peacemaking template should work with any gear, honestly the gear he stated was 100 lrc super low resist armor. It is basically just high damage set up, so having more defense would be fine.
  11. Kiszen

    Kiszen Guest

    So more like:

    110 med
    115 weaving
    115 magery
    115 eval
    115 spirit speak
    105 necro
    40 focus ?

    Str, Dex, Int are all ok as is?
  12. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    As cloak said, my suit is specialized to do huge amount of damage. But ANY 100% lrc suit would work. I follow the rule of "the best defense is a good offense":next:

    Your suit sounds close to what I'm running on the two other shards I pop onto. From a damage stand point, I think you are better running a scrappers than a boom stick and tracking down lrc elsewhere. If you are on pac and need a scrapers, I've got one you can have.

    With 3M, you could tweak your suit some but after a spawn or two getting the hang of using the peace template, I think you will find your suit will be fine and once you start getting SOTs, power scrolls(if you are in Fel), and replicants, you can specialize your suit however you need it.

    For the peacemaking itself, area peace only needs 100/100. I dropped mine from 115 music and 120 peace to 100/100. I can still hit directed peace on third level spawn.

    The nice thing with the area peacemaking template is it really isn't a scroll heavy build. 120 magery would be nice for the EQs but 115 works reasonable... and if you are going to use wither, any level of magery is good. The 110+ eval and spirit are nice because of the damage boost but again, not 100% needed. To wither 100% of the time, I think 100 necro is it.

    As mentioned, the tactic is to run around and area effect everything in sight. If you start to get overwhelmed, area peace and run for the hills:p:next: This is not the build you go sit toe to toe with monsters with. That is why the resists on your lrc suit makes NO difference.

    On my stats, I pumped up my str(I think 125) then pumped the rest into int. Nothing into dex. But I got a lot of int/mana bonus items as well as the 20 for elf. I went int bonus on my scrapers over mana regen:thumbsup:

    The other thing to keep in mind with champing, unless you are soloing it, you've got other help there. So there really is no "excuse" for getting overwhelmed if you have a suck...errr... someone near by:loser: Most of my deaths have been because I go wandering off on my own trying to get spawn back to the group. The other ones are because I wasn't paying attention to what was near me as I spammed EQ:p