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(RP) Chaos in New Magincia (fiction)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Aragorn, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Aragorn

    Aragorn Journeyman

    Jan 16, 2013
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    (writing this fiction for possible future event/roleplay. EM Gotan feel free to use if you wish)

    Standing in his office Governor Aragorn stares at his beloved city...or at least whats left of it. Chaos definetly reigns here in New Magincia, houses and buildings either in process of being rebuilt or still smoldering some even burned down to the foundation. Thinking and pondering legend foretold of then Magincia rife in sin and degradation being destroyed in a cataclysm of fire death and destruction by evil forces...a prophecy sadly fulfilled *sighs*. Thinking to himself "my people are very proud, they rebuilt their city even better than before with their own bare hands and absolutely no assistance from the monarchy, only to have destruction befall it again with raiders and even acts of rebellion and treason. Gah! Why?!" *A coffee cup still full goes flying across the room before shattering against the wall an aide comes out to question the goings on before being waved away.*
    Citizens from the realm have been generous in helping this city rebuild with ore, wood, and pets including livestock to help jumpstart our economy again....even candy for the kids and yet it never seems to be enough. And now after the latest Council du Roi our King wants to help the people with roses? What? Would it boost esteem of the people? Most definetly. Will it feed the people? Hell no!
    Heading back to his desk deep in self pity and resignation, an official document from Governor Aurelius of Britain offering assistance in rebuilding hmm. Reading through it..yes this could be New Magincias salvation, Sitting down to pen and paper...
    Governor Aurelius,
    Your offer of help to our city is greatly appreciated. Being an Island city makes procuring supplies difficult, our wood supplies are nearly tapped rebuilding buildings and our docks, people are starving our merchants are making due with very little and inflation is rife. Any assistance that can be provided from your fair city is greatly appreciated and will be remembered. While our supplies have been mostly tapped, we have one thing still in abundance that the raiders have not taken...our food in the sea however as yet we do not have the ships to harvest her bounty.

    Governor- New Magincia

    Summoning a courier Aragorn instructs the boy to only deliver this to Governor Aurelius and do not let it fall into anybody else's hands. Handing over some gold to cover travel expenses he sends the boy on his way. Now all there is to do is wait.
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  2. Aurelius

    Aurelius Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
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    Governor Aragorn,

    My apologies for the lateness of my reply.

    As mentioned at the last royal council, anything at all we of Britain can do to assist your city will be done gladly. Whilst we were also attacked by the raiders, we are fortunate in being well placed to find the resources to rebuild far more easily than the island cities such as Magincia. We may still be below our full strength, but it is clear that all the cities need to be involved in aiding the whole realm to recover. Let us know what you need most, and how it is best supplied (ship convoys of materials, using mages to gate smaller quantities direct to your city, or any other method you consider appropriate).

    The King's responses to your speech were frankly disturbing. I am not at all agreeing with the more extreme stances some are taking - he is not another Casca, or as far as I can tell leading us into an evil future by design. He is, however, remarkably disconnected from the reality of the world, and his actions seem well-meaning but hopelessly unfocussed. The response to 'our city is in ruins and the people hungry' is not 'can we donate towards building them a garden'..... but many of his decisions lately concern me for their lack of connection to the people. Trying to explain to him that he needed to consult and inform more than he has done - for example, it would have been simple to explain, through notices or posters. about his 'old friend' the Raven King and the wish to find him a home in the city of Britain, he simply acted, and then when asked why he made these decisions without any involvement of the people affected, he seemed more upset that I was disregarding the 'rights' of the sentient raven race... a truly bizarre twisting of what was being said. Similarly, when the Trinsic newspapers were critical, or even mocking, of the King, rather than speak with the people, explain or demonstrate they had misunderstood - he tasked his Spymaster with finding out if this was a rebellion in the making! Not a rational, or proportionate, course of action at all.

    Lately I have also spoken with many people who have explored the areas underneath the new Castle Blackthorn (which, I must note, is the only structure of any significance built since the invasions and attacks, it seems at the least inappropriate that when the people needed homes, food and efforts for rebuilding their lives, the first priority of the monarchy was to make an absolutely massive new castle which remains in large part completely unused), and their reports of what is found there are extremely disturbing. Areas inhabited by large brigand bands, undead including liches and walking rotting corpses, some report wandering wild dragons and most amazing of all, given the King's recent escape from the grasp of Exodus, reports of cultists of Exodus and their controlled mechanical constructs! I am no mage, so do not claim to understand how the King trapped the remnants of the invading force in part of the complex (and I am concerned where their apparently endless reinforcements are being drawn from!), but this seems a truly insecure, dangerous and frankly barely contained disaster area. Yet the king seems to want his 'spymaster' to concentrate on mildly ridiculing newletters rather than this direct threat right under his castle, and the major city of his realm.

    Somehow we need to help the King regain focus and grip on what the realm needs him to do. Otherwise we risk drifting into decline and disaster. The cities need to do more for themselves and each other because, in all honesty, we do not have a realm that is being governed at all lately. If we are working together, then when the King regains his grasp of reality he will find organisations and mutual trust that he can build on and with. Should he not recover.... well we will at least have some shared agreement and mutual assistance so we can resist the threats to all of us with a better chance of success than each of us trying to stand alone.