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Chaos Magus, level 1-5 Guide.

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guides' started by LunaMoth, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. LunaMoth

    LunaMoth Guest

    The Chaos Magus class is a very unique experience in the way you have to control not only yourself and your magic but also the disk under your feet and special 'pets'.. Having two personas attack one enemy might seem easy but it is much harder then you think. Managing when to attack, what persona to use, what mode to have your pet in and watching how much attack points you have left to use your attacks can be tricky, but ultimately, it turns out very rewarding.

    Your starting region for the Chaos class is Norsca. Your starting point is The Unshackled Host. This place is dreary, grey, and composed of mostly stone and dirt. As you look more you'll notice that in some of the stone pillars are glowing blue eyes that move, flying stones and glyphs etched into the ground glowing. After you take in all the sights its time to begin our first quests, right near you is Skulorg Blackhorn you can tell he has a quest for you because of his green book icon above his head. Notice the portal behind him? Its called a Chaos Portal, but for right now its unimportant. Pick up the quest from Skulorg, it is called Dark Fate and it details you to go to into the cemetery by Thorshafn Crypt and kill four restless dead and get four bones from them.

    You may have noticed a green book above the head of someone called Raven Warmonger, he offers something called a scenario quest, its very different from the regular quests we are doing in the way that it is played out, you move to a new zone with many other people and your goal is to kill enemies while you take over certain landmarks. You can do this if you wish at your current level you wont fair well so lets level up! The cemetery you are looking for is to the west of your position, so go west, also if you press M on your keyboard you will pull up your map, see the red circles? If you click on them they will tell you what quest the red circle represents, thats where you need to go to complete it, convenient right? Moving on when you go west you will come across another green icon guy his name is Garik Bladefist and he offers the quest Carnage and Conquest he wants you to investigate a ruin on the ground, this is very easy since its right in front of you (the glowing blue glyph) just walk over to it and your done! He will ask you to speak to Ranulf the librarian who is right in front of him do this to complete this quest.

    Continuing with our first quest go through the lit archway, if the gate is closed just right click it and it will open for you. Inside here you'll notice a lot of zombie looking guys walking around with red names above their heads, these are the restless dead and you need to kill them. They aren't tough at all but, they are aggro, if you don't know what aggro means it means aggressive, they will attack you if you get to close and you have to either fight them or run away a safe distance. Defeat four of these guys to complete your first quest. Continue deeper into the graveyard and you'll see a green book icon above Kaltera the daemoncaller talk to her and hand in your quest for rewards, you will now be rank two! (level two). Now would be a good time to return to the unshackled host (your start point) and find the guy with a target above his head, this is the career trainer. Once you click him two options will come up: Core training and Mastery training, you cant do anything with mastery until you hit level eleven so hit core training and train the skill rend winds, this attack will cause DPS (damage per second) witch is very useful during a fight.

    Now go back to Kaltera in the graveyard on your way back you may notice another green book icon above Seer Thenas head pick it up and proceed to Kaltera. She offers the quest The conquerer grab it and go through the archway north of her. This quest can be tricky, there is a monument right in front of you, you need to go inside and kill the awakened spirits in there. They are all aggro but there are not too many inside, kill enough o finish the quest but keep inside the crypt till you find a pair of stairs, on the left side bottom you'll find another quest giver Vorque. Vorque wants you to find his sackbag, it is right at the top of the stairs kill the spirit hovering near it and grab it (right click) and take it to him, quest done! Time to exit this place once you exit the crypt go to the archway that you went through to get to the crypt and stop. Remember Seer Theras quest? Look to your left (if your facing Kaltera) and you'll see a little house-type structure, go there and look on the ground, you will see a book with a glass on top of it click it and you'll complete Theras quest.

    Now go to Kaltera to drop off your quest and gain rewards she will give you a new quest called Daemonic Strength, this one is very easy. Go out of the cemetery's archway towards the unshackled host, once you go through the gate make an immediate left and follow that path. You should see some cannons with fire coming from them, these are what you need, pick one you like and right click it to shoot it and complete the quest. Go back the Skulorg Blackhorn and hand in the quest you just completed (don't forget to go to Seer Thera and hand in the other one as well! Shell have a new quest for you) Skulorg also will have given you a new quest called The will of Change.

    Say goodbye to this place because you will not be coming back here, not anytime soon at least. The will of change quest has three parts to it, kill four gors, four ungurs and then find the herdstone. Go west from Skulorgs position (remember to check your map if you get lost!) and continue down the path till you meet the Ungurs, they are not hard but are aggro. After beating four of them either plow through them killing all in sight or go around them but always going along the path it will curve and empty out into a valley like area with fire and the minotaur-like gors. They wield great axes and are a bit more powerful then the Ungurs, they to are aggro. After you defeat four of them continue on the path when a small village comes into view look to your right you should see a very large stone with etches and symbols carves onto it, this is the herdstone. Go over to it and right click it to finish up this quest. When your done here, go down the path and into the village, you'll know your there when a blue flame greats you on the right side. This is the outpost before Thorshafn village which is across the bridge to your right.

    There is a career trainer here and a couple merchants (merchants have the gold bag over their heads) find Dyre heartrender at the entrance to drop off your quest and pick up the next quest Blood. You are to kill five empire spearmen inside the city. Go towards the bridge before you go over it pick up the other quests: The soulreaper, Sinister Allies and Merciful strength form Lodkr and Madgr. Now go over the bridge. Empire spearmen will be sporadicly placed around the city, you can tell them apart from others because they carry spears as their name suggest. While you are running through this place killing spearmen or exploring you may notice a enemy sitting named Weak Marauder, kill one and the quest merciful strength will be complete for this area. To complete Soulreaper you need to kill five tower guards they are outside of the giant tower that is very hard to miss. (note all the enemies in this place are aggro except for the empire couriers you see running). Continue along the road from the tower until you find Cerilith, hand in the quest Sinister Allies to him. You should now be Rank three! Just to the side of him is the graveyard you need to do the quest The heart of battle. Go inside and use your ancestral bane to call up three anscesters kill them all to complete the quest. Once this is done you can return tot he quest givers over the bridge and hand in your four quests.

    You may have noticed if you were exploring this place a zone with some purple creatures that look somewhat like dinosaurs, this is a public quest, basically everyone who wants to takes part in it. You will get experience and if you excel in it, loot for your efforts, you may do this if you want to. Back in the safety of the outpost you can now go to the career trainer, there are three skills to pick up the most notable is the summon pink horror one, this allows you to summon a pink horror to aide you in battle. When you summon him there will be a little skill bar above your normal skill bar with two skills and three sets of eyes, the skills are the horrors and the eyes are from top to bottom aggro stance (he will attack everything he sees) passive stance (he will attack what you attack only or if something else attacks you hell attack it) and defensive stance.( he will do absolutely nothing but stand there looking very pink.) Sell off any loot you may want to get rid of and collect the five new quests: Destruction, None shall escape us, Pillaging, The true test and Promise of power.

    First lets do the quest None shall scape us this one is easy, find an empire courier that is running through Thorshafn, you should have seen one on your first trip through here. Kill him. The next quest should be The true test. You must kill the captain of the guard, this guy is at the tower you killed the tower guards. Go over there and there is a chance he is outside of the tower but if he is not you have to go inside the tower, there are more enemys in here, if you get overwhelmed then run, you might want to have a tank or someone distract the other enemies while you take care of the captain and then help the tank escape. The next quest Pillaging might be a bit tricky if you don't know what you are looking for. Brimming barrels are easy to spot since they are everywhere and look like barrels that glow when you mouse over them, they spawn quickly too so you will always have plenty to obtain. Secured chests are harder they are usually guarded, there are two at the tower you were just at, they are on top of the stairs, take them and then run back to where the graveyard is there is one behind the barricade next to it on the other side of the road and then one up the road further. If you cant find them then there are some strewn about the village that may not be so easy to get.

    The promise of power quest is in the southwest of the city, you will know when you are close to it, a text will come onto your screen saying The ritual of power, four men are around a glowing sphere go inside and a dead bull with appear this is the mutated livestock, click him to collect the item and we are done here. Go back to the bridge that gets you to the outpost, but wait! There is one more quest to complete: Destruction. Dyre wants you to burn down two buildings using the convenient kindling thats propped up against them. The houses are smaller then the stone ones you see and they look to be made of twigs,grass and wood. Go to them and search around their base for glowing white reeds, this is the kindling click it to set the house ablaze, do two of them and return over the bridge to hand in all your quests. You should now be rank 4! Your newest quest should be Show of Power. You have to go back into the tower where you killed the captain and kill a bright wizard acolyte. He is inside the tower on the right side of the stairs, use the same strategy as for the captain if you are having trouble, find someone to help you.

    Return to Magtr when you kill him and hand in the quest, you should now have only one more quest: None shall escape us. Check you map to see you have to go very far south for this one so say goodbye to Thorshafn village and all the people in this outpost, sell any loot and get going! Run through Thorshafn towards the south this time and over the bridge, creepy place isn't it now? The forest is host to a new lot of monsters, but just follow the path and you should be able to avoid them, if you want to fight you can. Continue south to find the place called Wulfsiege. Lots of new quests to pick up! From Brandr get Deadly Task and The Dark One. Raven warmonger is the scenario quest giver here. From Havlr get Nowhere to Hide. Drop off your quest at Surtsen and pick up Foul Works and Marked. Lets do Foul Works first. Go south out of Wulfseige and then turn north, the charred spores you want are gleaming white mushrooms becareful though, scarred ghosts are around them and sometimes may even take them before you can! Gather seven of these mushrooms, you may notice some large wheelbarrows guarded by seared ghosts they are called corpse carts and you need these to get the item of power for the quest Marked, just click one and your done.

    Return to Wulfsiege and hand in these two quests. Once you hand in Marked you get another quest The Little Doll, accept it and go to Surtsen he will give you another quest. (note: do NOT attempt this quest, or any other quest that is marked as an 'epic quest' without being very high leveled or with a big group, these are very hard and not easy to complete.) Instead lets do Nowhere To Hide. Go south out of Wulfseige (check your map) and search for Throllmaster Ogrim, go around the huge scramble zone you may see where there are many people and enemies fighting, this is another public quest you may do. Turn west (remember to check the map!) and you'll see Ogrim on some rocks with others (they have blue names) he asks you to kill eight refugee spearmen, they are right in front of your position so this is simple.

    Complete the spearmen quest, if you find that you have killed all the spearmen near you and still need to kill more, you can go father from Ogrim but that might put you into the public quest so you can just wait near Ogrim if you want and they will respawn quickly. Congratulations, you should now be level five! You can head back to Wulfsiege to pick up the new skill Gleam Magic from the trainer, sell loot and do more quests. You might want to try out that public quest now, or mabye take a try at the scenario quest, whatever you decide to do is up to you now, Good Luck!
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    May 11, 2008
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    cool, very nice LunaMoth
  3. LunaMoth

    LunaMoth Guest

    thank you if it can help even one person just a little im glad to have done it.