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(Question) Character Templaits?

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by DataCymru2011, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. DataCymru2011

    DataCymru2011 Adventurer

    Jun 19, 2012
    Likes Received:
    Ok heres the scoop, i got my account back after weeks of waiting for the UP Team to get back to me, apparently it had been hacked and someone was using it, below is what had been done to each character skill wise, am actually quite impressed, so would anyone be able to give me some advice on what to do with them? Seems he deleted my Cartographer/Bard and Crafter.

    Any constructive advice is appreciated thank you.

    Character One: STR: 90 Dex: 108 Int: 52
    Anatomy: 100 – PS 110
    Archery: 120 – PS 120
    Healing: 100 no PS
    Hiding: 100
    Meditation: 10 – PS 105
    Ninjitsu: 100 – PS 115
    Stealth: 100 – PS 120
    Tactics: 100 – PS 115

    Character Two: Str: 99 Dex: 119 Int: 32
    Anatomy: 100 – PS 120
    Archery: 100 – PS 120
    Chivalry : 90
    Healing: 100
    Meditation: 120 – PS 120
    Resisting Spells: 70
    Tactics: 120 – PS 120

    Character Three: STR: 115 Dex:25 Int:125
    Evaluating Intelligence: 110 – PS120
    Focus: 100 – PS110
    Hiding: 89.7
    Magery: 120 – PS120
    Meditation: 110 – PS120
    Resisting Spells: 70
    Stealth: 86.9

    Character Four: STR 111 Dex 107 Int 32
    Anatomy: 100
    Fencing: 120 – PS120
    Focus: 80
    Healing: 100 – PS110
    Parrying: 100
    Resisting Spells: 40
    Tactics: 100 – PS 115

    Character Five: Str: 90 Dex: 10 Int: 125
    Animal Lore: 114.7
    Animal Taming: 114.7
    Magery: 100 – PS110
    Meditation: 110 – 120
    Resisting Spells: 80
    Spellweaving: 96.1 – PS110
    Veterinary Healing: 100 – PS110

    Character Six: Str: 96 Dex: 105 Int: 49
    Anatomy: 100
    Healing: 100 – PS110
    Magery: 11
    Meditation: 100 – PS120
    Necromancy: 100 – PS120
    Resisting Spells: 80
    Spirit Speak: 116.7 – PS120
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  2. Halo14

    Halo14 Guest

    Greetings Data!

    Glad to hear you got your account back.

    Ok, first things first. I would sit (coffee in hand) and take a long look at the character roster before deciding which type of classes I would want to play. For example:-

    1) Crafter
    2) T-hunter
    3) Melee class
    4) Sampire
    5) PvP mage
    6) Tamer

    Note: The above list was plucked from the air, no rhyme/reason employed.

    Once you establish the type(s) of class you would like, have a look at the details of the current characters and see which most closely fits the bill for your wish list. After that, its a simple case of fine-tuning, soul stone shuffling and gearing up. At this stage, I would strongly suggest you visit each stratics class forum for template/gear advice as there have been tons of changes!

    I'm actually quite envious as I love developing characters.

    Anyhoo, have fun with the process and if you need anything just yell!
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  3. DataCymru2011

    DataCymru2011 Adventurer

    Jun 19, 2012
    Likes Received:
    I will do, thank you! :)
  4. Halo14

    Halo14 Guest

    Addendum to above:-

    My current favourite classes are:-

    1) Mage/fisherman

    Gm magery, eval, med, focus, resist, fishing, working on cooking to finish the template. Not exactly a mega gold maker but I enjoy hitting the sea (youtube playlist or documentary in background) and dangling the worm. Thats not code for something rude by the way...:rolleyes:

    2) Archer

    120 Archery, gm anat, gm tactics, gm healing, gm chiv, gm resist and gm focus. Brilliant for hit and run fights! There's not much I can't wear down using this character and its great if someone else is taking the heat!

    3) Bard/Tamer

    120 animal lore, 110 taming (going to 120), 85 vet (going 120), 90 music (going 120), 104 discordance (going 120), gm magery. A work in progress, this was the character I was training when I took my last break. With a nice GD and finished skills, it should be pretty good for almost anything. I was toying with the idea of working meditation into the build (for ranged heals/cures) but its making my head hurt!

    4) Crafter(s)

    My #1 passtime in UO! I have every crafting skill at gm or 120 except inscription. No idea how/why I ignored this particular skill in the past but I'm currently training one up. I would suggest you train up an artificer (with smithy/tailor for reforging) if you haven't already done so. The ability to make pretty much anything you want to exacting specifications is a real bonus! Obviously, there are certain restrictions (key stats/abilities cannot be imbued) but its a vital character for any account. Anyhoo, I have an army of assorted crafters (I was horribly addicted to bods back in the day!) and can generally be found tinkering around on one of them.

    5) T-hunter

    110 Animal taming, 110 Animal lore, gm vetinary, gm lockpicking, gm cartography, gm magery, gm mining. A gold-machine! Can solo any map level (Diabolic can be a handful but they're possible) and capable of making good loot in very little time. The gm mining is there because I'm useless at finding the correct spot and it gives me a bit of room for error. Well, six tiles for error...;)

    6) Sampire

    This class, as crazy as it may be, is so open to interpretation that I'll refrain from listing my template. Suffice to say, with a little bit of research (read: a LOT of research!) you'll find a build that works for you and that you're happy with the mechanics of. A good sampire can take on droves of monsters, beat the stuffing out of bosses and survive things that would make a GD run like a scared kitten. Be aware though, gear is vital to your success when playing as a sampire!

    Anyway, hopefully this will give you some food for thought.

    Have fun!
  5. Odin of Europa

    Odin of Europa Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 3, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Hi Data, good to hear you got your account back.

    I would check out the skills forums for more detail on templates, but some popular ones for PvM are:

    Necro mage weaver - I have this, use wraith form and hardly ever run out of mana, 120 magery, med, eval int, necro, spirit speak, spellweaving.

    Mystic mage weaver - Alot of the folks in RAA / RAAM have this setup.

    Disco tamer - Good for solo or group hunting, I especially like it at the twisted weald champ spawn for killing the satyrs.

    Sampire - Samurai in vamp form, heals using life leech from vamp form.

    Wammy - Wraith samurai, leeches mana and heals using curse weapon.

    Wammy thrower - Same as wammy, but uses throwing instead of swords, fencing or macing.

    Sampire thrower - Yes you guessed it, same as a sampire but with throwing :D

    Those are just a few of the most popular templates atm, theres many you can use, even different ways to set the above templates.
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