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Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Fluffhead32, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Fluffhead32

    Fluffhead32 Guest

    For starters I apologize if this an inappropriate forum for this post.

    As many of you know I've been gone a long time, since 2008 and I just have some questons about some char types.

    Paladin, I always considered my main a paladin back before it was what it is. I just wore the plate/chain armor had nearly GM magery and fought toe to toe with good enough magery to devistate and good enough melee to do that.
    So paladins today have actually skills and abilities. How viable are they? Can they do things like heal and recall (or some comparable skill)? How are they vs. PvE and PvP?
    Also I notice combos. Like can I do a Paladin/necro or a Paladin samurai and still be viable?
    gotta admit necros dont appeal but the Samuria appeals a ton. Do they have or have equivilent skills to recall and heal? Or would I want healing with it. Any info on any char choices would be awsome thanks.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I would say awful things here, but don't want my account banned. Post in the paladin forums. You have a question about paladins, post in the paladin forums. Does that make sense? If you had a question about turkey, and there was a turkey forum on here, would you post in the apple forum? If you would, I might suggest you post in the turkey forum instead.

    *whew* I made it without cursing!
  3. five oclock

    five oclock Guest

    Gobble gobble

    hrm..don't turkeys eat apples?
  4. Fluffhead32

    Fluffhead32 Guest

    What if I wantewd to cook a whole turkey with an apple in its mouth...
    anyway, point taken. BUT then again, would a post about people who've been around since pre2000 be a relevent place to discuss you ending your account? So those horrible things you kept to yourself, maybe they outta go in your journal. Just outta curiousity, is the forum more fun/interesting then the game? if so I may reconsider my account reactivation. Nothing personal.
  5. five oclock

    five oclock Guest

    Na. the game is still fun. Its a new game tho from years gone by. There have been some good changes and some bad changes. Its not the same game that you left many moons ago.

    Now on these boards just like in the game..there are people who will help ya..and people who will take what they can get from ya. ya just have to stay on subject and don't let people get ya down.

    As for a paladin so forth. I have no clue. I have a fighter with some chivary...but in all honesty I really don't know much about paladins. I do know they have sacred journey tho which is like recall. And they donate tons of gold for points to use skills or something like that.

    Its always nice to see old players come back again. This is a new game tho than it was years gone by. Good to see ya back too. Anything I can do to help holler..Until of course you start stalking me and I have to put ya on ignore [​IMG]
  6. Just a word to let you know if you live on Napa you can ask your neighbors anything you want. Don't let Chim bother you, he doesn't even play here anymore. Others are correct though, asking questions specific to a forum(like the Paladin forum) might get you a more accurate reply. Welcome to Napa.
  7. I would say, you are only as limited as your own imagination. Pretty much any template you can think of has advantages and disadvantages.

    Depends on what your play style is/was.

    Seems like you like both magery and fighting. Just remember offensive magery spells (e-bolt, flamestrike) is only as good as your evaluate intelligence. You could always just use magery for energy vortex's i guess...

    Do you want to carry a shield?
    Do you want to do most of your damage via magic or weaponry?
    Do you want to jump out of the shadows and surprise your enemy?
    Do you want to stand toe to toe?
    Do you want to fight at range?
    What weapon type do you like?
    Do you want to charm your enemies with music?
    Do you want pets to do your bidding?

    Lots of things to consider when making up a char... Like i said before depends on what you like.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Um...game is going through a bit of a rough patch right now ("right now" = last 5 years). I'm going to have a friend build me a new machine at the end of the summer, Vanguard by SoE looks pretty damn good. Graphics - not in and of themselves that important to me - at least as good as WoW, and a housing system similar to that of UO. Not sure how you get around as a char though, I should actually look into that, cause I hate the wow system and I love the uo system. UO is still a good game in terms of mechanics, though a lot of the problems remain continually unfixed = the shortcomings of EA. And then there's the problem of low population. Much more fun to play with more people, imo.

    edit: Also, I agree with Austin, don't let me bother you. I'm a grumpy bastage.
  9. Otis Firefly

    Otis Firefly Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Pay no attn to chim, he has become a poltergeist haunting the forums to the game he...*cough* quit...lol just messin with ya chim, and im sure you'll be back in eventully....i would personally go with the tamer paladin, also..pay no attn to me.
  10. Fluffhead32

    Fluffhead32 Guest

    Ah see I wouldnt let it get me down. I, to some extent, enjoy beign called out because it gives me just reason to do the same. I really am impressed with the community aspect this game still has, I havent even been able to get back in and people have offered me some much help. Once again. Appreciated all.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    To answer some of your questions:

    Necro Paladin is not terribly viable. The power of your Chivalry spells is based on your karma - the higher the karma, the stronger the spells. Every time you cast a Necro spell you lose karma, making this a really hard template to balance.

    In PvM the Chiv spells are very useful - Enemy of one is like a slayer wep, you get double damage to the creature you have as an "enemy" and double damage to you from everything else. This is probably the most powerful Chiv spell.

    Consecrate Weapon causes the damage you deal to a person or monster to be that of their lowest resist - so it is like carrying a 100% physical, fire, cold, poison, energy weapon everywhere. It can be extremely effective in PvP where often people have a single resist lower than 70. It can be the difference in hitting for 30 and hitting for 50. The same is true in PvM - instead of changing to a 100% fire weapon when killing a lich, you Consecrate Wep and you are good to go.

    Sacred Journey will take you where you need to go just like recall.

    Divine Fury has several uses, both in PvM and PvP, depending on your playstyle. It gives you a temporary bonus to swing speed, damage increase and hit chance increase, as well as immediately refreshes your stamina, but it also lowers your defense chance (by 15% or 25%, I can't remember which). As an axer, I will use this in PvP when I am having trouble hitting someone.

    Cleanse by Fire is like the Cure spell. It is not guaranteed to cure you of higher poisons, but it can be a life-saver when 4 second bandaids are not going to be soon enough.

    Dispel Evil can get you out of a tight spot if you are mobbed by a gaggle of monsters, but has no effect in PvP.

    Holy Light is an area effect damage spell, also effective in both PvP and PvM. I have been rapidly slaughtered by a 120 Chiv Lord spamming Holy Light on me. It will also help get out of a pinch when you are mobbed.

    Remove Curse does just that - removes all debuff's on you, including most lasting necromantic spells like Evil Omen, Strangle and Blood Oath, which can be killers in PvP. In fact, in the PvP area, this is the most powerful weapon in that white book.

    Lastly, Noble Sacrifice will resurect any blue player in your area, however it leaves you with 1 HP.
  12. chim can be nice at times but he is currently in the "im bored with uo so im complaining and will return in 2 months, hence the reason im still reading the forums" phase, there are many aspects of the game he has yet to try but he is set in his ways and grown bored of it, the game has always been the same its the players who change, i've been through the quitting phase many times but dont see the point anymore, there will never be a game comparable to uo so i will be here til the end, despite any "glitches" in the game, if youve played for years you can obviously adapt to it.

    sorry about that

    about the template question, really, the sky is the limit
    i guess it would depend on what the characters for and also what you have to work with