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Cheap PvP suits

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_Splup, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Iv been trying to get more people to PvP, but most say that getting PvP suit is just too expensive. I cant disagree, I don't even want to calculate how much gold my PvP suit is worth.

    Positive things:

    Artifact prices are going down +++
    After runic patch armor prices will go down +++
    Powerscroll prices ar going down ++ (Only 2x+ cause PS:s are my main source of income [​IMG] )

    So now, lets start figuring out how to make cheap PvP suit.

    First of all, what mage suit needs?

    High resists

    100 % LRC (When get used to it, you never want to go back to regs)

    Items for cheap LRC Mage suit:

    Bracelet FC 1 FCR 2 LRC 10+ Id say you can get one for 450k tops (cheaper if you find bulk one)

    Ring FCR 2 LRC 10+ no price for this, do some PvM and you will find one like this, most people prolly don't even loot these.

    Ancient samurai helmet, take one from token or buy one for 100k

    Pendant of the magi 500k. MR3 LMC 10 Int 10 LRC 30 and 5 SDI.

    Scrapper's compendium 125k. Scrapper gives you 10 LMC, max SDI (for PvP) fc 1 fcr 1 to get you full casts (I really dont notice difference between 5 or 6 FCR)

    I know Pendant doenst have any resists, but I still think its nice for cheap LRC mage suit.

    Now you have:
    LRC 50+
    LMC 20
    MR 3
    SDI capped
    2/5 casts
    DCI 15 (samurai helm also has nice resists)

    And you have paid for these bit over 1milj. I bet many have that kind of bracelet in their house if they have done PvM which will take price to bit over 500k.

    Other parts now must have bit over 10 LRC and high resists, some mr would also be nice.

    Even cheaper LRC mage suit:

    Helm of swiftness FC 1 FCR 2 and some resists price: 10k

    Spellbook with FC 1 FCR 2 (you can craft this with you scribe mage and get lots of useful slayer books while trying, or buy one for 50k, if you get one with some LRC would be great)

    Now you have 2/4 casts with 60k and both jewerly slots free

    Bracelet: 17+ LRC and some bonus (e.x resists, LMC, SDI, DCI)
    Ring : 17+ LRC and some bonus (e.x resists, LMC, SDI, DCI)
    Either bracelet or ring has to have 1 FCR
    Really, this kind of rings/bracelets are free (if you have done PvM and collected items like this, you will have those), most of people dont even collect these from mosters.

    I think making LRC suit from this point shouldnt be very expensive, and you have used now 60k. If you get a lot of resists to your ring/bracelet you can try Pendant, but with low resists on Helm of swiftness it can be hard to get high resists with it.

    Cheapest way to get PvP suit is to have rich friends and borrow parts from them [​IMG]

    I know many say "Use 15$ and get 10mils for your armor", yes 15$ isnt much but it's a princible for some not to buy ingame things with realmoney.

    I think making PvP mage suit without LRC shouldnt be a problem so I dont write about it. If someone has good tips for that, please post that too.

    Cheap warrior suit examples would be great.

    Any other tips how to get to PvP are also welcome.
  2. Winder UO

    Winder UO Guest

    suits are cheap and easy to make now. IMO everyone is able to get artifacts now. Its dirt cheap. And the days when a million UO gold was alot is long gone.