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Cheapest kegs, a gardener's paradise

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Dirkdiggler, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Dirkdiggler

    Dirkdiggler Guest

    A third vendor has been added to help anybody requiring cheap kegs or potions, particularly gardeners who use a vast amount of g poison and g cure. The kegs are the cheapest on the server and the potions reflect the cost of each keg. It is stocked daily and larger orders will be accepted via PM or ICQ and receive discounts. I’m also eager to buyback the empty kegs off your hands for 400g each (the prices below do not reflect that rebate.) Also below are some of the prices on popular items on my other two vendors. Simply put, nothing cuts prices like a Dirk.

    Cheap Kegs Vendor
    Total Refresh: 7,499
    G. Poison: 7,499
    G. Cure: 7,499
    G. Strength: 7,499
    G. Agility: 7,499
    G. Heal: 8,499
    G. Explosion: 13,999

    PVP / General Vendor
    Powder of translocation: 375
    Bags of sending: 4999
    Balls of pet summoning: 4999
    Smoke bombs: 75
    Orange petals: 300 (available 250g each in bulk orders)
    Bandages: 400 for 999g
    Darts: 1799
    DP Shuriken: 1699
    Bolas: 399
    Enchanted apples: 179
    Grapes of wrath: 179
    G Heal wands: Variable

    Seeds of Renewal / Decoration Vendor
    Seeds of renewal: 16999
    Decorative plants and stealable artifacts: 99
    Green thorns: 149
    Red leaves: 79
    And cheap resource seeds to get started gardening your own.

    The shop is located at Freja's vendor house inside Luna walls.