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Chesapeake Archive News 2/7/09 - 2/14/08

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Chesapeake Archive News
    2/7/09 - 2/14/08


    Sunday June 7th

    Chesapeake Mage Tournament
    (Submitted by Morpheus Mardox)​

    Last evenings Chesapeake Mage Tournament was quite the event to witness as some of the shards top mage talents came together to vie for the nights championship. The nights activities began with gates being opened from various locations on the Felucca facet leading to the nights arena located just south along the mountains from the Chaos Shrine.

    After signing in all competitors and working out the nights first hiccups the events host Jason Bourne of the True Brits greeted guests and competitors alike covering the nights rules and rewards.


    All in all the night was a fair success as even matchups and fair play ruled the nights fun. I'd like to thank Jason Bourne for hosting us for this great event and hope it returns soon as the mages of Felucca showcase thier tremendous magery skills. Look for further announcements in the shards forums in the coming weeks!


    Monday June 8th

    [email protected] Auction House
    (Submitted by Merik ONN)


    Workers: Whisper, King Hen, Quilter, Amane

    DJs: ExiledConnection, Aquarius

    Hosted by Whispering Rose Radio

    Bag Grab: Items and Gold

    Trivia: Hosted by Whispering Rose Radio

    (Some Trivia Questions)
    What century did mathematicians first use plus and minus signs?
    The sixteenth. (Merik)

    What virus did the World Health Organization
    say would infect 40 million people by the year 2000?
    HIV. (Amne)

    Which planet spins the fastest?
    Jupiter. (Emily Rose)

    Tuesday June 9th

    PaxLair Statehood Meeting
    (PaxOku City Hall, Tokuno Islands)
    (Submitted by Merik ONN)


    Governors Words

    Nothing submitted yet by the Governor. Will update when something comes in.

    Dragons Watch Meeting Minutes

    Nothing submitted yet by Dragons Watch. Will update when something comes in.

    PaxOku Meeting Minutes

    Ares has returned to us and will be resuming his duties this week as Leader of the PaxOku Blue Guard. He is eager to start recruitment and has taken over the building next to the Blue Light Tavern.

    Bander has also returned to us from a vacation and will be resuming his duties this week as one of the OkuC leaders. He will be helping out on Sunday with the Bod and Crafters Night and Tuesdays for the All Shards Tavern Event.

    Laird has recently returned and Gareth has already been in contact with her. For those that remember the Pax meet up she attended as a !C! member. She will be helping around the city as well and putting Gareth in his place like she has always done.

    OkuC has merged the Bod and Crafters Night into one area. It is the hope that the people running each event will be able to better handle them by being in houses next to each other. A special thanks to Natasia Cross, Hands of Angles, Bander, Laird, Juliana Baker, Taurik and Ares for helping with the two events running on Sunday at 8pm EST till 10ish.

    OkuC has taken over the orc fort area that began to sink into the toxic swamp earlier this week. Crafters came up with a way to shove the toxic swamp back under and re-built the OkuC Bod Exchange house ontop of it.

    PaxOku was contacted yesterday by a new Orc group that has been on the South side of the island for some time. They have annexed some land between Nivas Savage Hut and the T_T Fort. The new orc clan is called Kij'ustu Clan. They are small but from what I know will be growing in numbers soon as new orcs come to the city.

    Since we have so many new people, groups and clans coming in and returning veterans we are pushing back the Tavern Night again so we can be sure we get everyone else situated and good lines of communication up and running.

    Merik of the ONN is getting setup in the house on the South end of town. He is also requesting that all the cities please get with him about your events and runes to the event areas. He wants to get the community center restarted for City events, Auction Houses, PvP events and more. He will also need a description of the event and contact information for the event to put in the community center house.

    Niva the Savage Appointed as Viceroy Of Kijustsu Anei Village

    Ares Appointed as Leader of the PaxOku Blue Guard (OkuB)

    PaxLair Meeting Minutes
    Nothing submitted yet by Paxlair. Will update when something comes in.

    Tuesday June 9th​

    Savage Sponsored Hunt​
    Champion Spawn Humility​
    (Submitted by Niva The Savage - Translated by Merik ONN)


    The group all gathered outside of Niva's Hunting Lodge in PaxOku city to get underway to one of the new Illish champ spawns. They were in search of community hunting and those Scrolls of Transcendence which the Savage Call "Evil Pink Slips". (The Savages believe these evil slips were created by the orcs to blind the humans with bright colors as they raided cities and towns.)


    Only a few deaths as the Drakes came to play with the group and others that were already at the spawn.


    The group had a blast and made off with some gold. No reports of any replica drops. Join the Savages every Tuesday night at 10:20 for freat battles and adventures after the PaxLair Statehood meeting.

    Wednesday June 10th

    OATH Vs FoA
    (Submitted by Lord Gareth)


    Lord Gareth was at marble and oath was spawning then got raided, OATH was victorious Gareth made his way to to get some SoTs and Oath came in. He spoke to OATH and told them he wouldn't hit the champ. So the spawn got to the last level and a few red names came into the dark dungeon.


    The group lost the island to FOA and some unguilded Minax people. They made another push back and this time retook the spawn and finished it before FoA could regroup and make another push.


    Wednesday June 10th

    DWxC Crafters Night
    (Submitted by Merik ONN)

    **Last weeks picture used I could not find the one from this week​

    DWxC Crafters Night in Haven went over well as groups of people came from all corners of our world. Food and drinks were set out on the tables for people to rest as the great smiths and tailors repaired items for the distant travelers. Join DWxC every Wednesday at 8pm to 10pm est for good times, food, drink and great crafter service.

    Thursday June 11th​

    PaxOku City Council Formed & Council Chairmen Interview
    (Submitted by Merik ONN)


    Mayor Bam Bam has just signed documents to found the new PaxOku City Council. Lord Gareth who has been filling in as Head Council member for a few months now made the move to get it underway late last night. I had a few words with him about this surprising news.

    Why was the council formed now and not before or later?

    Gareth "The council wasn't worked on before because, Mayor Bam Bam, myself and Niva The Savage could handle running the city, news, storylines, events and other things on our own. PaxOku started to show some spark earlier last week and started to pick up through the weekend to now. After working with new Orcs, Savages, USN, OkuC leaders, New members, new citizens and event ideas that others came up with I knew now was the time to hit the launch button so to say on the city council. I have had a few names going around in my head on who we should have on it. I went for people that have a good solid background in (RP), Leadership and the willingness to help others. I didn't put off starting it because it was something that needed to be introduced now and not later. I think to put it off any longer would have been a failure to launch scenario."

    What type of people did you go for on the last city council?

    Gareth "The last city council I only went with people I was close to. Some who were to put it nicely only in it for a power role. This time as I said before I went with people with the following backgrounds."

    What have you learned from the past council that you plan to apply to this one?

    Gareth "To let the council members decide things on their own. Before our policy was, you had to ask this person to do this. This person ran that and it was so structured that it failed. Not to say this won't have structure but we won't be having the city council resolving disputes and getting to much into city policy. They are a governing body in ways but, more of a helpful body.

    Anything else you have learned from the past?

    Gareth "To be honest LOTS! To much to list but I'll list some things. What I did this year was go back through PaxLairs history, new forums and long ago forgotten forums. I have taken things I like that Winfield, Neo Of Lothlore, John Duke, Minks, and a few other past leaders have done in PaxLair years ago. I adopted allot of what I do now from the past. Also taking things of the past groups use to do I like. For instance the Ladies Of The Lair and what they use to do in paxlair fel into OkuC. One thing I haven't learned yet is to stop pestering Winmere but, that is for another interview."

    Now that the council is started will you be on it?

    Gareth "No. I am taking a vacation! I will be serving as the City Council Caretaker for as little time as possible. I will be fine tuning the council until it is ready to take flight on it's own. Then I'm going back to my little houses and decorating."

    A off topic question for you. What is your favorite thing about the PaxOku community?

    Gareth "I would have to go with its ability to adapt."


    The council is underway and Gareth was kind enough to leave a piece of paper on the table by "accident" for me to view. So far the following people are signed on and a few more they are waiting to hear from.

    Lady Angelica
    Lord Oda Nobunga
    Lord Visago
    Lord Bander
    Niva The Savage
    Lord Ares
    Lord Lucian Snow

    Friday June 12th​

    EM Event: Fishing Hosted by EM Vladimere
    6/12/09 Counselor's Guild in Britain

    (Submitted by Merik ONN)​


    Tonight the citizens of Chesapeake again set sail in search of the big fish for this week. A good turn out for EM Vladimere as he was getting the attention of fishermen around Luna bank today and late last night. Perhaps next time he will also find more fishermen in the lovely city of New Haven. The seas in some parts of the world were brutal like Fel and Tokuno while other parts in Trammel and Illish were calm but, it did not matter. The fierce and unafraid fishermen and ladies set sail to claim their prize. A big fish which would be mounted in the rewards hall with their name written below it!

    The contestants arrived back at the hall between 10 and 10:15pm est. Some had great luck but no one was able to match the luck of the lucky winner LAMETH From DWxC!


    Lameth brought in the biggest catch at 162lbs! beating last weeks record fish that came in at 161lbs! Congrats to Lameth once again on getting that fish on the boat without sinking.

    Fishing Event Results:

    Niva The Savage T_T (Deck hand)
    Slick Willy ($CS$) 99lbs
    Sushi (DWxC) 144lbs
    Gareth (RBG) 3lbs, 22lbs, 125lbs
    Fish N Chips (DWxC)
    Loopy (FTH) 44lbs
    Fiona (DWxC)
    Knut Boolt (DWxC)
    Periwinkle (DWxC)
    James Von Krieg (DWxC)
    Lameth (DWxC) 162lbs

    Pearl Watch
    (Was not part of competition but worth mention)

    Slick Willy 1
    Sushi 7
    Loopy 2
    Gareth 2

    Saturday June 13th​
    SHE Auction House​
    (Submitted by Merik ONN)


    Staff:: Darktari Zinn, Riviera Lockhart

    Auctioneer: Zelda Of Zed

    Bag Grab: Gold

    Zelda of Zed makes an announcement to the SHE auction house customers


    The Mac goes back to Afghanistan next week
    he will be back in December. Safe journeys
    to you The Mac!

    Well I hope I speak for everyone here when
    I say thank you for what you do to protect
    our freedom.It is an honor to know you sir

    Sunday June 14th​
    OkuC Crafters Hall & Bod Night​
    (Submitted by Merik ONN)


    PaxOku Crafters Society (OkuC) Restarted the Crafters Hall and Community Bod Exchange this Sunday at 7pm est. A few customers came over time from 7-9pm. Guild bods were given to members and they quickly filled them while Questions were asked by new crafters to seasoned veteran crafters. A few crafters were in search of that 140 luck with LRC piece creatable by Spined kits and spined leather. The closest was 135 luck with 12 lrc. Thank you OkuC for hosting this community event on Sundays.

    Sunday June 14th
    Em Event: House Of Commons
    North of the Brit Moongate

    (Submitted by Niva)


    Jessica's wedding announced:
    Tuesday June ???? 8 PM EST
    (No specific day was announced)

    Information on Temptress:
    (Still awaiting reports)

    New Event Announcer:
    A new announcer is now located near Luna Moongate!
    Check daily to see if she has any updates.

    The EMs of Chesapeake are looking for any events the community wants to see (Within Reason)

    EM Event afterwards:
    Dog catching event. Phoenix of DWxC brought home the title of Dogcatcher for Trinsic city! Congratulations to the Lady Phornix of DWxC!