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Chesapeake EM Community Meeting Notes - March 1, 2009

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. hey everyone

    I wanted to share some of the notes and discussion topics from last night's meeting for those who couldn't make it.

    Let me begin with a disclaimer that I didnt take hand-written notes and that I certainly didn't remember every last thing, but certainly many things stuck out in my mind. If you feel I forgot something important, please feel free to add it on here!

    The meeting was well attended and EM Dudley was this weeks' host. Discussion kicked off with a review of the Great Treasure Hunting Race this past Saturday. Overwhelmingly, the responses were very positive and people enjoyed it, some even asking when the next one might be and others commenting it was the most fun they'd had in years. Some suggestions were made, both to the mechanics of the contest as well as how it was held:

    • Trash barrel to dump loot at the event site so it wouldn't end up on the ground.
    • Allowing people to keep their team insignia as an event memento.
    • Not include the 6 tile island as one of the possible tmap sites.
    • Preservation of past team victories when the next such contest is held, perhaps in a book or stacked plaques.

    Next, announcement was made of the Faire Grounds Contest.

    • While the location would be the same across all shards in Luna, akin to the Britain Bank Design Contest, each shard will have it's own, unique faire grounds.
    • Location will be the grassy area between the southern walls of Luna and the north edge of the BagBall Stadium.
    • Specific contest rules and dates will be coming soon!

    The exciting news of the new contest led to the next announcement - the upcoming website that the Chesapeake EM Team will soon unveil.

    • www.Chessy-Events.com
    • Convey Chesapeake EM-related info and news
    • Share player-run event schedule and info from across the Chesapeake community
    • Purchase the hilarious, unrated DVD of EM's Gone Wild, featuring scenes of spawning double paragon balrons on players, causing runic tools to always give undesired properties, secretly buffing the biggest trash-talkers at Yew Moongate or undressing players while afk*

    Next there was some general Q&A, including people who thought EM's were GM's and complaining about game problems, people demanding an event item just for honoring us all with their mere presence and lots of other skullduggery that earned them gross indifference from the other attendees but sympathy for EM Dudley for having to endure such childish behavior.

    Some of the general Q&A questions/suggestions from the attendees:

    • PVP-based event - Tournament of Champions
    • New Fighting Arena, including calls for an orc-inspired design
    • St. Patrick's Day leprechaun or gold hunt

    Again, this is a weekly event to which the whole public is invited and encouraged to attend. It is hosted by the EM Team, but they encourage player interaction and participation, from all backgrounds and playstyles, in a mutually respectful and shared setting.

    Come hear the latest news, find out about upcoming events, suggest ideas, meet your fellow Chesapeake players, vote on EM Event proposals, have your say in the matter heard!

    The location of the meeting is be the grandly designed House of Commons, located in Trammel just south of the the Britain Farms area and just a bit north of the Britain moongate, every Sunday at 7pm EST.

    * - just kidding!