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Chesapeake EM Community Meeting Notes - March 15, 2009

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. For those of you who could not make it to tonight's EM Community Meeting, I've taken a few notes to share!

    Firstly, EM Dudley began the meeting by informing everyone that, indeed, EM Tailspin has formally retired from EM duties due to overbearing obligations beyond the ethers. Those present shared some reflections on the great and exciting work Tailspin had done for Chesapeake in the four months he'd been at the helm. EM Dudley will now be the Lead EM for Chesapeake.

    Next, an announcement was made regarding a royal address. Lord Casca, the current monarch of Britannia, will be addressing the citizens of the realm this Wednesday, March 18th, at 8 PM EST in the Throne Room of Castle Britannia, located in the capital city of Britain in Trammel. As to what nature this address may concern, Dudley had no details to share at this time. Come find out what the king has to say this Wednesday!


    Also, the Chesapeake Fairground Design Competitiont has begun! The fairgrounds shall be constructed in the coming weeks, similar to the recent West Britain Bank design contest. The fairgrounds shall encompass the land around and to the north of the Bagball Stadium in Malas reaching up to the very city walls of Luna. The east and west ends shall be bounded by the road and the starfield respectively. The deadline to enter your design is Sunday, March 29th at midnight! There are a few of rules, so be sure to check them out at the official Chespeake EM website:

    Aside from a few wisecracks and EM Dudley's characteristic bantering, those were the main points of the meeting. EM Tailspin will be missed but I made sure to point out that EM Dudley is the only one who can replace him and that he is no stranger to Chesapeake in his own right. EM Dudley thanked everyone for attending before disappearing in a *poof* while muttering something about Lord Casca and cookies.

    As a reminder, this weekly meeting is for all citizens of Chesapeake and is held each Sunday at 7 PM EST at the House of Commons, located just north of the Britain moongate in Trammel. This is your opportunity to come hear the latest news, learn about upcoming events, give feedback, ask questions and more!

    Lastly, don't forget to come find out what the king has to say this Wednesday at 8 PM EST, in the Throne Room of Castle Britannia!

    Official Chesapeake EM Website: