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Chesapeake EM House of Commons Archives

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Lord Gareth, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Chesapeake EM Hall of Commons Archives

    HOC Meeting Information Archive


    Here you will find information reported on from the Commons meetings.
    Meetings are held every Sunday night at 9:00pm EST. This should help you
    gain knowledge into decisions that have been made in the past to assist
    you in the future. Township Summit Archive (Link)

    April 4th 2010

    March 28th 2010

    [SIZE=+1]The weekly meeting of the House of Commons took place last eve as EM Dudley host the realm to its regularly scheduled update of current events here on Chesapeake. Among the many topics discussed were: [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1] Upcoming April Events! [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=+1] The Famed Rabbit Returns For Easter! What will happen this year! [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=+1] Poseidons Fury Epic Saga - To Continue This Month! [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=+1] April First Dinner - In honor of the Queens Strongman Killian! [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=+1] More Fair Events In April! [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=+1] The return of Treasure Hunt and Fishing Events! [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1]Also touched on we confirmed dates for the upcoming "Town Summit" meets upcoming on:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1] April 7th [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=+1] April 21st [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=+1] May 5th - No Meet![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1] All summit meets occur inside Castle British in the chambers along the south wing. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1] Answering Player Requests/ Player Announcements:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1] Mailboxes to be installed at the Hoc for respective RP Chars[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=+1] Santiago to announce the winners of the fish naming contest![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=+1] Search for Ozog TONIGHT 7pm! [/SIZE]


    March 21st 2010

    In Attendance:
    Nora, Benito[Fryr], Celestial Knight[ACT], CoolHandLuke[Colt], Strahd[Fryr],
    Gunga Din[TWOD], Hudson[DWxC], Tatania Karthina[PxR], Phoenix[DWxC],
    NANOC[DWxC], Niva The Savage[T_T], Lady CaT[[email protected]], CharGar[F*V],
    Tiger Lily[TIPS], Elijah Cross[PxP], Mach[DWxC], Gareth[[email protected]], EM Dudley


    It was a very close call between the Sosarian Solstice Fair and the
    Chesapeake Commons. By the popular vote of the citizens of the realm
    the Luna Fairgrounds shall henceforth be known as The..........
    Sosarian Solstice Fair!
    Congratulations to Neris for submitting the winning entry!

    To celebrate and dedicate the Fair Games will be held at the
    Fairgrounds on Thursday the 25th at 8pm ET. Games will be...
    Archery Contest, The Queen's Strongman or woman contest
    and a Mystery Event

    The Summit at the Queen's table will reconvene
    on Wednesday March 31st at 8:30PM ET

    Open Floor Discussion

    RP News Letter-
    After discussions it was decided that once a week on (Friday or Saturday)
    this news letter would go out to the community. This News Letter would
    cover RP news stories, Current projects, Lore and more. This RP news
    letter is being submitted for consideration by the news reporting
    organizations of UOforums and Stratics.

    Lydia of Pitmuck-
    Received another message from Ozog. Seems he is okay
    and headed into the deep abyss, to seek the oracle.

    Thank you-
    Phoenix wanted to thank the wee leprechaun for the great green potato
    quest. EM Dudley explained whoever was intruding into Balandar's house
    knocked the phylactery off the shelf... And is responsible for releasing the
    spirit of the Dagda. Dudley quickly looked over to his left but would not
    mention anyone by name.

    Cold Feet?-
    Tatania Karthina inquired if Dudley's feet were as cold as
    they looked. Dudley replied saying they are toasty warm.

    Nice Hat-
    CharGar asked if she could have Dudley's new flashy hat. Unfortunately the
    hat is firmly attached to his head and stitched to the hood of his robe.

    Locked Rune-
    Phoenix wondered by a rune to the Surveyors office is locked down by the
    building to Andrea Kildare's office? Is she was out surveying something? or
    just an invite to drop in and see her? Dudley informed everyone that she
    was likely out surveying...

    March 14th 2010
    Immediately following Sundays adventure to the ocean blue the realm met at Chesapeakes House of Commons for the weekly meeting between the community and its event moderators. Among the topics discussed were the night's quest along with the weeks upcoming events listed here in. It was announced that the contest to name the Luna Ice Cream Establishment operated by the lil Goblin folk had concluded. Henceforth the shop shall be known as " The Goblin It Up Ice Cream Shop" as decided by the shards EM tandem of EM Vladmiere and EM Dudley. Also noted was the time change of this weeks town summit meeting from Wednesday to Thursday night at 8:30pm EST. Lastly voting occurred among many choices to rename the shards fairgrounds designed by Lord Gareth. The votes tally and new name shall be announced at the next meeting on Sunday March 21st, 2010 at 9pm!

    March 7th 2010

    February 28th 2010
    Voting for the Luna Fairgrounds Naming Contest will start next week.
    You must be in-game and present to vote and only one vote per person.

    Next Township Summit, Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 8:30 PM EST

    Name the Ice Cream Shop in Luna - Please put books in mailbox
    at HoC House and will end on Saturday, March 6, 2010

    February 21st 2010

    February 14th 2010
    Luna Fairgrounds Naming Contest - Thanks everyone for entering. I (EM Dudley)
    will compile entries, make a master list and then we will vote for the winner. If the
    name is too long, you may want to resubmit a shorter one.

    Summit February 18th 8:30 PM with Lady Tavalia Zodok.
    Please address all issues with the Crown at the meeting.

    There is going to be an event on February 27th. Time and location unknown
    at this time. Watch for the fiction leading up to it in the next 2 weeks.

    Question regarding locking down rewards at Township Banners -
    Not Permanent, it will be moved to the Hall of Victory eventually ​

    February 7th 2010
    The EM House of Commons (HoC) meeting was held at Noon EST today because of something called a "Super Bowl". Niva is not sure what that is but wonders if it can hold a whole lot of Orc Stew.

    On Friday, February 12th at 8 PM EST, Queen Dawn is hosting a Regatta. Registration will begin at 7 PM EST at the Britain Docks, Trammel. The event is open to all, however, the townships are encouraged to sponsor a vessel in the Regatta (Direct Quote from the mouth of EM Dudley).

    The Fairgrounds Naming Contest is still open. To enter, you need to put it in a book and drop it off in the mailbox at the EM HoC building, which is located two (2) screens north of the Britain Moongate, Trammel inside the guard zone. No proper names such as Dudley's Playground please.

    The next Summit meeting with Lady Zodok will be Thursday, February 18th at 8 PM EST.

    The House of Commons Meeting will return to its normally scheduled time and place of Sunday at 9 PM EST.​

    January 31st 2010

    January 24th 2010
    Special Announcement

    From the Office of Tavalia Zodolk
    Ambassador of the Crown
    A Diplomatic Summit will be held on Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 8:00 pm
    A gate will be provided from the Hall of Commons

    All townships are invited to attend
    Should a leader of any township be unavailable, an appropriate secondary should be designated to attend.

    This will be the first in a series of weekly (or bi-weekly) gatherings
    splitting the In-Character and Out-of-Character meetings

    The Hall of Commons will be for taking care of Out-of-Character matters
    such as feedback, announcements, etc etc

    Audiences with the Ambassador of the Crown will be held In-Character
    and will be exclusively to further storylines, plots, etc etc

    There will be ZERO tolerance for disruptions
    you MUST remain In-Character at all times during the Summits
    You may find yourself being taken away by the Royal Guards for any violations

    Membership in a township is not required to attend
    but the Summits are basically a State of Affairs designed to foster interactions between townships

    Township Announcements

    Township Applications
    Applications are still being accepted, but please remember
    Banners take time to build, so if you banner design is elaborate
    you absolutely MUST provide blueprints and numbers

    Future Events
    Townships are being encouraged to sponsor contestants in future events
    These sponsored contestants may be eligilbe to gain valuable non-tangible rewards
    These rewards would help you gain audience with the Queen

    Rolled Parchment
    The exact nature of the Rolled Parchments that were recovered
    during the Poseidons Fury event on January 23, 2010 will be made clear at the Summit
    Though the basics are: it is good for one spawning session on your enemy
    These orders cannot be used to grief
    The spawn will not last past server up
    The spawn will not be placed in the middle of an event (such as an auction, etc)
    And to answer a question that was asked in email -
    Mesanna is not going to destroy the banner of a town that is defeated during township fighting.

    Town Event Books
    A book can be locked down on your banner for upcoming events
    These will be locked down two times per month, on the 1st and 15th
    Place any books, including red leaves into mailbox


    Luna Fair Naming Contest
    Entries are still being accepted
    If you would like to enter, please place a book with your entry into the mailbox

    EM Vladimere
    EM Vladimere will no longer be in attendance at the HoC meetings
    This is due to a new manager dispatcher job that requires him to work weekends
    We have been reassured that he will be around during the week running events
    and completing his EM duties
    Congratulations Vladimere on your new job

    January 17th 2010

    Townships Announcement

    Before we continue I want to make a few things clear about how the rest of the process is going to work. What the Ambassador wants, as we originally informed with the addition of the Banner system is, some way to visually identify each structure as part of the township. Many of you are already doing this. She will use this to count the number of structures. So that come summit time you will be addressed appropriately. Now I realize that some houses belong to inactive players. There may be some difficulty in getting banners but you should have SOME degree of similarity between structures. The idea being that if I am a new player or any player for that matter, who is going to utilize the eventual teleportation hub. When I step onto the tile, and get whisked to some far away land I should be able to tell when I am in that land or in that township should say. And when I am not.

    Again, I’m not asking that every house look the same, But there should be some visual and textual indication that a structure is part of the town.


    Captain Bloodrum’s Challenge Is The 23rd.
    Gate from the EM Hall. Returning treasure hunters have first dibs on team name. The Blue Baraccudas are going for a championship race. What I’ve decided to do. Given the potential fluidity of the team is that the Treasure hunter is the team captain. If that treasure hunter wins three matches, then you will get your idol displayed. So if Juliana’s team, the Blue barracudas wins this next round We’ll get a blue baraccuda out there. This also lets new teams join.

    Event Book Lock Down
    If anyone would like a book locked down at their banner with upcoming events.
    Please provide the book, red leaves, in the mailbox and I’ll lock it down.

    Luna Fair Ground Rename Contest
    The Luna Fair lacks creativity and finesse. This is how it will work. For the rest of this month, you may put a book with your suggestion in the Mailbox. Once entries are all in… sometime in Feburary we’ll put out some Ballot boxes and vote on which name we like best.

    Anything obscene is not allowed
    No proper names ex (Dudley’s Fair)

    Try something that is in line with UO Lore or Chessy History.


    January 10th 2010
    By: Lady Laurel

    Come one, Come all to the Luna Fair
    Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 8:00 pm EST
    Games and Fun
    Pie Eating Contest, Poseidons Fury Trivia and Darts Competition

    Have you been waiting for the next installment of
    Captain Bloodrum's Challenge??
    Well, your wait is coming to an end
    Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 8:00 pm EST
    Full details will be posted to Stratics

    From Winfield, Governor of PaxLair
    Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 9:00 pm EST
    Opening Ceremonies for PaxLair's 12th Anniversary
    Celebrations will continue through Tuesday, January 19, 2010, the Anniversary day
    Details will be published on Stratics and UOForums

    Congratulations Go Out
    To the towns of KFC and Moria for receiving their banners today

    A Note from EM Vladimere
    If you leave a book requesting something, for example: a wedding
    Please make sure you leave an email address for contact

    January 3rd 2010
    By: Lady Laurel

    Congratulations to the winner of Santiago's Challenge, the fish is on display at the Hall of Victory

    From EM Dudley- If you have applied for a banner and it has not been built yet, please send an email to
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    From EM Vladimere - All towns that have banners, please mark a rune one to two tiles away from the banner, and give to me. This can be dropped of in my mailbox or given to me if you see me

    From EM Dudley - No date has been set for Captain Bloodrum's T-Hunt, will post as soon as he gets a definitive date
    *We here a new toy is in the works*
    On a side note - Ozog let us know that goblins lub toys
    From EM Vladimere - will put lanterns in Luna permanently etched with the EM's email addresses

    Would the EMs consider putting up Lanterns to announce events?

    From EM Vladimere - We tried it for a while and was told to use the town spammers. We will be back to useing lanterns in the near future. They seem to get more attention then the town spammers. The event announcers and stratics will be the primary means of communication

    From Tatania Karthina - The tour of PaxOku and PaxLair is in book form and is available for viewing at the Silent Rose Library

    From Gunga Din - A Grave Matter
    The night before last an ambassador from Ter mur to Torchwood was found slain. Knowledge of this meeting was meant to be concealed and an investigation is taking place as we speak. But relations between Ter mur and Torchwood have come into question. It appears to have been an assassination. The ambassador (Neja Vidic) was found with a single wound to his backside.
    It is recommended to take care when traveling to Torchwood.
    The Embassy will remain closed until further notice.

    *Anyone unable to attend the HoC meetings may post questions on the message board.

    *If a guild is interested in working with the Event Moderators to put on an event, please send an email to EM Dudley or EM Vladimere.

    And on a final side note - EM Dudley informs that he does not like shoes because he cannot wiggle his toes.

    December 27 2009
    Items From The Poseidon's Fury Event
    -A Sack of Gunpowder
    -Shard of the Crystalline Drive
    -The First Officer's Cutlass
    -A Ship Model of the HMS Poseidon's Fury
    -Tricorn Hat of Capt. Marcus Tokinson

    **Remember do NOT try to place your Ship Models. They will lose
    their special color**


    Holiday House Decoration Contest.
    A TON of great entries but in the end one stood out. One that truly captured
    the magic of the Holiday spirit. A resident of Cimmerian Pass... Nyx!

    Thanks for everyone's entries.


    Santiago's Fishing Challenge
    Tuesday 12/29 6:00pm to 12:00am est
    Meet at the Sons of the Sea in Trinsic.
    Biggest FEESH wins!

    The Captain's Bloodrum challenge
    Finale, hopefully will hopefully be soon. The elves are busy at work. With
    something special that will make the finale a real treat. We will keep you
    updated Next month.

    Township Series
    Expect the beginnings of township series. I think only two banners
    are left to be built. They will be built after the new year.

    And of course...You still haven't uncovered the artifact... So stay toon'd for that.

    Special Congratulations From EM Dudley
    I was very please with tonight's event. Misty, excellent word
    scrambler. Elijah Cross... I think he was the first to connect the
    eleven scrolls to the elven letters. And to Doctor Who for getting
    "Barquentine" And a fine job fighting everyone.

    **Dudley said Doctor Who was the first one in the final section that he saw.**

    November 16, 2009
    Player Run City Link Workshops: Tuesday and Sunday from 7-9pm inside the "House of Commons"

    Kendrix- Will be found around the realm holding onto books leading to useful clues concerning the current scenario.

    Event Finale: The Epic finale to this ongoing quest of quests will conclude on November 28th with time and location yet to be discovered!

    Grand Feast: A feast of catered goods will be shared by all during the November 29th House of Commons Meet!

    Wild Turkeys: Beware wild turkeys are said to be on the rampage during the upcoming weeks! Ready yourselves!

    Thanks to EM Dudley for the informative meet and special thanks to our lil goblin friends for the awesome ice cream cake we got to enjoy with the "magic man".


    November 8, 2009
    Hall Of Commons Meeting Forum
    I want to discuss a very important issue. The Hall of Commons meeting is an
    open forum for all to use to discuss whatever they wish. As such, we must
    recognize that there cannot be discussion without respect for one another.
    As suuch, when someone has the floor It is not appropriate to interject with
    your own thoughts or comments. As such, any who do will be warned once
    subsequent infractions will result in the removal from the hall. If you have
    something to say, you are more then welcome to say it. Just wait your turn.
    With that. Let us begin!


    The Garden Contest is still open and will be until November 15th.
    If you wish to make an entry shoot me an email. [email protected]
    and we can find a time for your entry. After the contest closes the EM team
    will vote on the garden. Winner will have their design placed outside the
    hall of Victory for all to marvel and appreciate.

    This Thursday at 9pm EST Mesanna will be hosting a discussion regrading the
    link of Player Towns. That will be at the Fair Grounds in the Big Blaze Tent.

    November 13th and 14th The caravan will be departing with supplies as
    ordered by the Queen. Commander Foxx will be along following the meeting
    to brief on that situation.

    The feast of the Harvest Moon will be at the end of the month. Exact date
    and time TBA. As well as the Epic conclusion of the Lord Balandar quest line.
    Exact date and time TBA. So stay toon'd for those!

    There is still small patches of undead spawn at times. Sameul still needs
    help. Watch Reuben. Not as strong as Halloween night but still happening.
    Still some loot drops thats all I have.


    I have a question regarding the player towns that I heard you mention. How
    many houses in a given area does it take to make it an official player town?

    This is something up for discussion and will be covered in more detail with
    Mesanna. I can tell you this though. It will be defined and implemented
    cross shard. And is at the top of the discussion that we've been having.
    But that will be covered in more detail on Thursday. ~!Em Dudley

    When you say town houses, everyone has to be in the same guild as others to have a town?

    I'm going to hold off on those questions until Thursday. This is something we
    want to see work because it will be uber cool. And it has to be done right, so
    we wait for the all powerful Mesanna.

    (Didn't catch the question)

    We will not release when and where the reward will be given. Nor how many
    will drop. Halloween mini drops are still happening on small monsters. Don't
    always expect the boss has the drops. They can come on lesser creatures.
    Lanterns can still come on creatures like Lanterns, Sashes, Jug of bones,
    Pumpkin wine. ~ Em Vladimere

    Commander Drake Foxx Address the Gathering

    The King's Own is a fractures remnant of what it was. But, still they are at large. I anticipate the caravan will not doubt be raided by brigands, thieves, and all matter of ne're do wells. So this is no trek for the faint at heart! Need real warriors here! No fancy pants cry babies! Now there's more. I've been informed that Scarlet Von Trinsic the Nefarious thief has been apprehended and is in custody. It seems that the night of the Caravan she will be transported via prison card to the Court of Truth. Hopefully there will be no issues and she'll wind up in the clink where she belongs. But keep a vigilant watch that eve! The supplies are being gathered at the Warrior's Guild outside Britain. This is where both Caravans will leave from. One in Trammel on Friday night. One in Felucca on Saturday night at 8PM ET sharp! Dire for the Guards who count on that relief I'd say Von Trinsic? She's a stick fingered filcher from Britain to Bedlam. No doubt she's got something up her sleeve But we must remain vigilant. Well then it's settled. Shall see ya all at the Warrior's Guild. Sharpen your blades!

    I've been in touch with Lord Balandar as well. Old coot tells me that he is close to uncovering the entrance into the Fury And once he does, In we go!

    October 4, 2009
    Written by: Niva The Savage and Phoenix

    EM Dudley congratulated the Blue Barracudas for winning Captain
    Bloodrum's Challenge. The members of that team were Julianna,
    NANOC, Yoshi, Merilonna & Chargar.

    He also mentioned that he will be away from the realm.
    (Dates listed in a previous post)

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009 - There will be a special workshop to start
    the planning of the Festival of the Harvest Moon which will begin at 6PM EST

    Garden Design contest following at 8pm ET. There will be a gate provided at
    the EM Hall in W. Britain. All garden plot sizes will be 10x10.

    1. Must bring your own items
    (Flowers, Hedges) *Not sure about display items*

    2. One winner will be selected by the EMs

    Saturday, October 24, 2009 - Festival of the Harvest Moon at 6 PM EST.
    No location was given. I have sent an Email to Dudley so once I hear back
    I will update everyone.

    September 20 2009
    EM Dudley will be away from the realm from Friday, October 9, 2009 to Tuesday,October 13, 2009.

    The Battle Royale will be continue when EM Dudley fixes some issues based on some ideas that have already been submitted.

    EM Dudley is getting some good suggestions for the Fall Harvest Festival that is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of October 24th. He is still accepting ideas.


    Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 8 PM EST - Special Event. The gate to the event will be at the West Britain Counselor's Hall.

    Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 8 PM EST - Missing Mage Quest. The gate to the event will be at the West Britain Counselor's Hall.

    Friday, October 2, 2009 - Treasure Hunting Competition - Registration starts at 7 PM EST with the competition starting at 8 PM EST.


    September 13, 2009
    The Former Lord Casca
    Casca is dead long live the queen.The evil tulip crushing Casca is dead!

    Festival Of The Harvest Moon
    EM Dudley has received a few ideas for the upcomming Festival. He
    asks that people keep them coming. Many ideas are better then a few ideas.

    Battle Royale
    Qualifiers will continue. If anyone has any suggestions for the arena
    and or the format of the combat to please send them to his email
    at [email protected]

    Temptress and Jessica
    Temptress was killed trying to defeat the Platinum Dragons just prior to the
    Crimson event. Jessica is still dead and roaming around. She will now be able
    to be resurrected. Now that Temptress is gone.

    Em Vladimere Event
    Their is another upcoming event that he hopes everyone will enjoy and
    come watch. He will let the town spammer in Luna announce it when it
    happens. If anyone remembers from years ago the adventures of
    "Immanewbee".Its going to be kinda based on that.

    In regards to Kildare and Company
    The Ems are working on the next part of that.
    Once it's finished, they will get to it again So stay toon'd

    Locked Down Runes
    We are still working and discussing the locked down player runes.
    Kinda trying to figure whats gonna work and what wont. How to
    go about it all.

    Questions and Comments from the Crowed

    Dudley and Vladimere. We would ju' like t' inform ye that Kijustsu Anei has a
    new Tavern. Should any of ye be thirsty. Shes called the Iron Bandit Inn.

    We had a memorial last Friday at the Sacrifice Shrine. Thank you so much
    Ems for the lantern memorial and flowers. Several came, told of their
    stories. As Tancred would say, the time was full of hope though. Dudley
    also informed everyone that the 911 item there now will be staying.

    Thank you Redstar for a great memorial

    Is the Britannian Government planning to declare Britian a No Fly
    Zone now that Gargoyles have arrived? I have no heard of any plans
    from the new administration regarding the incorporation of the Ministry of
    Flight. However should such a body be organized all citizens will be made

    Lady Oni and Gareth were wondering. If it would be at all possible for Oni
    to host her ball at the fairgrounds. She wants to do a disco night around
    the color monster. Any chance some color cloth could be locked down so
    no one disturbs it? For the dance floor

    Dudley responded with a yes and that he could construct a dance floor.
    A date and time will be announced.

    Commons meetings are every Sunday at 9pm EST
    (Unless posted other wise)

    August 30, 2009
    -Welcome to the new Hall of Commons
    -Taking attendance
    -Him opening up the floor to questions
    -A summery of the Balander storyline

    Balander, Andrea Kildare, Drake Foxx, Lord Casca, Lady Daw and Alodar Salafna

    Turns out Balandar was in communication with Andrea Kildare. Who is the Royal Surveyor
    Regarding the find of the archaeological point of interest during that investigation is seems
    that Balandar went missing. Drake Foxx with the help of his trusty detectives tracked him
    to a wayward beach in ilshernar. Where they found the remains of the Poseidon's Fury.
    Citizens of the real then aided Andrea Kildare in excavating the ship. However, somewhere
    in the mess Drake Foxx was captured by Lord Casca's men. The king's Own lead by
    Alodar Salafna named Foxx an outlaw and ordered him killed on sight. In the process
    blew up the Hall of Commons and destroyed Dudley's precious tulips! Lady Dawn then
    reappeared in the land and made an alliance with the Platinum dragons. Casca, fearful
    for his life has taken to locking himself away. We await the final battle between the dragons
    and are at the hand of Lady Dawn and her steadfast leadership in this time of need.
    Meanwhile, Drake Foxx was rescued near the Chaos Shrine and Balander has been
    investigating the magics that are required to reactivate the Poseidon's Fury. That's about
    the thick of it.

    Event Launch Schedule

    Once Em Dudley gets word of how that is going to play out we'll have it.

    T-Hunts and Fishing Competition

    They are on schedule to do another Captain Bloodrum's Challenge. This will be in September.
    They are being done every three months. Santiago's Fishing Challenge will run September
    3rd at 6pm est. It is a six hour window. *Meet at Em Counselors Hall In Britain*

    Resource Contributions

    Donations of Hedges, Plain Flowers and seeds are always being accepted. A box will be
    placed outside of the EM Hall Of Commons Buildings soon.

    What Cloaks Of Silence are

    They are fashionably unattractive and give +10 stealth

    Seeking Dawn to join her army

    Lady Dawn will make a recruitment notice and her presence known.
    Some fiction needs to come down before the final battle. Once they
    get it they will have stuff for you.

    Exodus Dungeon Coding reactivated. Random encounters in the wild

    That is something I certainly can look into. He asked for an email of detailed
    explanation of the spawn to pass it to the higher ups.

    Does Dudley Sing?


    Do Dudley like Wine, ale, or spirits the best?

    Dudley likes Cookies and Milk. A Tall milk that is icy cold.
    Skim milk if available. He will even take two percent.

    Dudleys Mum

    Quote: "She is tasty, thanks."

    Why is Dudley barefoot?

    He likes to be barefoot.

    August 2nd 2009
    On my way to the Sunday Night House of Commons. I ran into Niallis [*V*] and
    Niva The Savage [T_T]. When I came upon the building it was in ruins. It looked like
    someone tied tons of Greater Explosion kegs together and blew it to pieces.


    The scroll laying on the ground in front of the building had writing on it. I opened the
    scroll and it had written inside, "All Realm Gatherings At This Location Are Cancelled By
    Order Of Lord Casca, King Of Britannia."

    Niallis informed me that this happened last week. It seems our King Lord Casca had some
    reason behind the destruction of the Hall of Commons. Niallis also informed me of a scroll
    in New Haven. Saying an event was set for 10:45pm EST. Phoenix of Dragons Watch was
    reported to have been on her way to the Hall Of Commons to give us more information.

    April 19th 2009
    By: Nanoc

    Last night, EM Vladimere arrived at the House of Commons meeting promptly at 9pm. Few were in the audience to hear what he had to say to the citizens.

    First, Marcy the event advertiser, is now responding to keywords "event" or "Jessica". The shields that were once on the floor in Luna bank will no longer magically appear. All citizens should go to the EM Counselor hall in W. Britain and speak with Marcy.

    Jessica is once again asking for all citizens to help locate her diary. The Thief has been identified and seen in several dungeons. This Wednesday, April 22nd at 7:30pm eastern we will again help Jessica find this mysterious diary she is seeking. Gather your warriors and meet at the EM Counselor Hall in Britain.

    For those who may have missed Jessica, last Friday to unravel this mysterious diary she claims has been stolen, those who attended followed a path of books with clues laying on the ground.
    We scratched our heads, drew on our memories of places we once visited and solved 16 clues. The group regathered at the Yew Winery where Jessica feed our thirst and hungry with wine and cheese.

    EM Vladimere also is asking to speak with a pk guild. Those interested please contact Vlad.

    April 5th 2009
    By:Morpheus Mardox

    EM House of Commons Notes

    This weeks "House of Commons" meeting took place at its newly scheduled time of 9pm Sunday. Players from around the realm joined EM Dudley for updates and info on current ongoings here on the Chespeake Shard. Among the topics discussed were the death of Lord Clainin the Royal Mage as well as a possible memorial service in the near future for his behalf along with the upcoming holiday weekend where patrons were advised to begin forming small adventure parties for a possible quest this weekend. Also announced was the upcoming BoH spring events also happening this weekend and the winner of the Chesapeake Fairgrounds Competion won by Lord Gareth. Congrulations! Look for more great community info this Sunday at 9m just north of the Britain Moongate.


    Sunday June 14th 2008
    Submitted by Niva The Savage
    Jessica's wedding announced:
    Tuesday June ???? 8 PM EST
    (No specific day was announced)

    Information on Temptress:
    (Still awaiting reports)

    New Event Announcer:
    A new announcer is now located near Luna Moongate!
    Check daily to see if she has any updates.

    The EMs of Chesapeake are looking for any events the community wants to see (Within Reason)

    EM Event afterwards:
    Dog catching event. Phoenix of DWxC brought home the title of Dogcatcher for Trinsic city! Congratulations to the Lady Phornix of DWxC!