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Chesapeake Guild Directory (2005/2006)

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Terence Duff, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. Terence Duff

    Terence Duff Guest

    <p align="center"><font size="6">CHESAPEAKE GUILD DIRECTORY</font>
    <font size="5">2005/2006</font></p>

    Welcome to the Chesapeake Guild Directory!

    This directory is an informational sticky post for Guild Leaders to post information and membership info about the guild they lead in order to attract new members.

    <font color="red">This thread is NOT a discussion thread and all replies of that sort will be removed.</font>
    Discussion threads should be started outside of this thread.

    <blockquote><font size="3">If you would like to advertise for your guild, please be sure to include such things as:</font><ul>[*]the name of your guild
    [*]it's guild abbreviation
    [*]what kind of guild it is (PvP, PvM, crafter, treasure hunter, faction, townguard, general, spawn, etc.)
    [*]what facet(s) your guild primarily interacts on (if any)
    [*]contact info
    [*]links to your guild website
    [*]etc[/list]If some of your guild's info changes, please EDIT your original post.</blockquote>
    <font color="blue">Please do not post about guilds which you do not represent.</font>

    The previous Guild Directory Thread can be found here.

    <font size="1">Thanks to Tancred RedStar for information and design of the original thread.</font>
  2. Elijah Cross

    Elijah Cross Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Hail all! I am Elijah Cross, commander of the Paladins of Virtue [PV], guard force of PaxLair and the realm. I welcome all to visit our ethereal skypage, whether to browse or seek appointment to PV. There you may learn what we stand for as well as our purpose(s) within the realm.

    The Paladins of Virtue is a Citizen Guild of PaxLair, a roleplaying community based in Felucca with Pax communities also in Tokuno (PaxOku), Malas and Trammel. PV is primarily a guard force of PaxLair and all of its communities. The guild is based in PaxLair, Felucca and its administrative office is in PaxOku, Tokuno.

    What PV is looking for are paladins and some honorable mages to serve. We are defenders of all that is good in the realm, opposing evil wherever it turns up. PV is a Virtuous guild and the Virtues play a major role in our actions. We follow the Code of Chivalry, which can be found on our website.

    So if you would like to join this group of Virtuous warriors and scholars, please visit the website listed below and contact us.

    We are currently recruiting regular members (Paladins) and mages as of 9/21/05. Please follow the link below for more information.

    (Please keep in mind that PV is a roleplaying guild at all times)

    Please visit us here: Paladins of Virtue
  3. Greetings Chesapeake!
    My name is Trinity North, I am the GM of the United Tamers of Britannia or UTB. We are primarly a general or pvm guild, we are a tamers only guild. UTB is based in Trammel, but our members are free to live or hunt where they choose. We have several templates from Tamer/Bard to Tamer/Treasure Hunters, but we are all willing to assist new members or any who ask on template advice.

    Please visit our website *under construction*, we have hunt pics, guild info, and our code of conduct listed there as well as links to our forums where you are free to post. You may also contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

    Edit: Its seems our website is down until further notice. You are welcome to visit or introduce yourself on our forums or post any taming questions you may have. UTB Forums Thank you for your interest.

    Trinity North
    Shardmaster UTB, Chesapeake
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Shadow Hunters Empire [SHE] and sister guild [SHOT] are currently in a loose alliance with [VK]
    Trammel Based, Delucia Familia, Seeking Mature Players

    Last Update: 12-22-05

    Current Members on Stratics:
    G.v.P/Lycanthropy Tigerlily LordWillieNelson Fist and antilus Kordell Innocent One viczerk Irish Lauren


    The Shadow Hunters Empire Guild of Chesapeake is currently the fourth largest guild on Chesapeake according to UO.com. We hope to continue the sensational growth that we have experienced over the last few months since ML’s launch. Many of our members were ML Beta testers, which has given us an advantage from the starting gate. We are currently finding the weaknesses of all of the peerless bosses and new monsters, and working as a team to have fun and enjoyment in the new lands.

    We are a Trammel based guild, and we have at least six set guild events per a week. Events include guild meetings, PvP events, and dungeon crawls. We have also been known to dabble in RP events and other community related events. We try to embrace every facet of the game.


    Traditionally, we do not hit up Fel champ spawns, but have in the past and may in the future. My personal outlook is from T2A onward, so PvP is in my blood. I encourage members both veteran and novice to encounter PvP, as I believe that there are fundamentals in PvP that will help all facets of game play, whether the member chooses to continue PvP or focus primarily on PvM. I encourage friendly PvP training within the guild and we have an event every Friday night for casual PvPing. We are currently working to further this encouragement.

    The guild control is broken down into ranks, between the Emperor, Lycanthropy, and the Shadow Council: Vic, Tigerlily, Tigger, Faust, Tanet, Eraen, and Elendil. This allows for better control of the guild, as we have several members who may take care of the recruitment process and procedure of guild activities and function. Our guild covers many time zones, everywhere from the West Coast of the USA to Australia. The Council helps me out more than I can say.

    For more specific information, please visit our guild site as well as our message board. You may contact us in the guest forum of our message board or e-mail us at [email protected]. A Council member or I will get back to you within 3-5 business days.

    Thank you for your interest!

  5. <u>THE SACRED ORDER is Recruiting!</u>

    Core Goals
    To spread the virtues throughout the land.
    To recruit only worthy members who are mature and considerate.
    To build a strong guild which represents a variety of skills and playstyles.
    To participate in role-playing to the highest degree while also becoming active participants and leaders in the Chesapeake community.
    To create our own community which will earn the respect of others.

    Honor, Integrity, Kindness and Maturity are the guiding principles of this guild and we look for these qualities in every prospective member. We try our best to get to know each and every member as we strive to be more of a family of friends. The primary focus of all of our hunts and guild events is to have fun with our fellow members, build team spirit and build the guild's strength.

    If you are interested in joining ]O[ please read through our charter and contact us through our website at:

    ]O[ The Sacred Order ]O[
    or contact us via email at:
    [email protected]
  6. pikon198

    pikon198 Guest

    Ahoy Mates, this is Kerrs Holley Commodore of the Red Dagger Pirates (DAGR). We are a fairly new guild about 3 months old, and the purpose of this guild was to meet new friends and adventure with the citizens of Chessy. We mostly center around pvm combat and hunting though some of the crew is gearing up for some pvp combat in the near future. Role playing is also a fun part of this guild. Its rare to see any pirate role players out in the realm, so if your a pirate looking for a crew send a pigeon to me. Keep in mind though role play is not a manditory to become a part of this guild, you can choose to rp or not, the discission is up to you mate. We Red Daggers are currently working on a new player run town as well, Port Baldmor. It is located on Bald island south east of trinny, a short sailing journey if ya can navigate the sea, arr. Soon after the completion of our little pirate town we shall be hosting events, town should up and running shortly by christmas if all goes well. We are recruiting so if yer interested you may reach me by icq [218-021-961] or by my email [email protected] I am sorry there is no website for the guild yet, i am currently learning to put one together though so soon as thats done i shall post a link, thanx again and may the winds carry you safely to your destination in life. [​IMG]
  7. Runeatorium

    Runeatorium Guest

    Eliza's StarGate Runeatorium

    General Rune Library Open too All Free Rune Access too All Places (Except khundra - For some reason you cannot Recall or Gate too it from Tram or malas) But Everywhere else is still Available unless it has been Banned or Totally blocked -

    Eliza's Runeatorium Started in 1998 on Chesapeake in whats now Called Felucia in a Large Tower with most runes locked down ( At the Time no RuneBooks [​IMG]) ) during the Split of Trammel and Felucia I Established my Runes in Trammel in a Small Tower where RuneBooks came too Be. As time progressed so did my library till the time it grew so much that even the Blessings from GM Pheonix had bestowed on my little home had ran thin. I finally raised enough and moved the Library to a Small Sandstone North of Vesper. Where there it was Allowed too Grow even more. to the Point Runebooks flowed over everything. During this time a Third Dawn was found. even then no one could mark the new at the times land so i sat there waiting for even more Locations to be marked where found. Then a whole new Land was found Malas. i saw the oportunity too move and get even Bigger. So i once again Packed up and moved to malas where i found thpousands hunting and building homes large and small all kinds all over. I hunted away from civilized dwelings and found locations far to the west near the stars. That is where I rested. my followers had lost track of my movings and so it had seemed Lady Eliza had Died but in fact was growing even more daily. Then one day out of the Blue i Packed up once more and moved back into Trammel South of Trinsic. where still to this day I and my Old Runes of time rest in Peace. Gathering more and more Friends coming for stories of the past and knowledge of the present.

    Icq 10884646

  8. Daluth Elryn

    Daluth Elryn Guest

    Greetings and well met! I am Daluth Elryn, King of Stone Mountain. Stone mountain is an area right outside of Umbra where the people have discovered their long lost King among them. The guild is "Defenders of Stone Mountain(DSM)" we are mainly a medium level rp guild that WILL be socially involved with the shard and shard events-i.e. Spring Festival, Newbie Night and other events- we are PvM will be going on regular hunts to places far and wide and we do have a branch for you crafters and a branch for t-hunter-bards and etc...there have also been rumors the the rather dark Duke of Stone Mt. has a task force for PvP purposes called Shadows of Stone Mountain...but these are just rumors. If you are interested in becoming involved in this young rising kingdom contact me at ICQ#-263 437 936 or the Dutchess of Stone Mt. at ICQ#-211 356 853. Safe roads and Fare travels!
    Daluth Elryn
    King of Stone Mt.
  9. Nevyn D

    Nevyn D Guest

    The Royal Britannian Guards are a wide varietied group of persons who enjoy role play or the comraderie of being in a guild. We have no obligations to meet, no mandatory meetings, and never force members into any thing. We believe desire to participate is our best motivator, and our best draw. The vast majority of our membership is of what many would refer to as "mature aged". We do of course have some younger members. The RBG specializes in PvM; however, we have been known to PvP, when the need or the role play arises. When we go to Fel, participation is always optional. The Guard employs all manner of character types, craftsmen, treasure hunters, tamers, Warriors, mages, etc. for we never know what evil we may face. With a well rounded Guard we are able to adapt to face any enemy.
    The RBG has only 3 rules:
    No Murder
    No Theft (from players)
    No Fraud
    We are a virtue guild, thus the above rules.
    We seek like minded folks for our ranks.
    RBG web page is where you will find all specifics about our guild, and an application if you wish to join. The application is not required, but with out it you can not be registered to the site, which is where we post all our information.
    We hope you will consider The Royal Britannian Guards as you select your guild.
  10. Big Deezy

    Big Deezy Guest

    This is my first post on these boards so lemme start of by saying Hey. I'm starting a new Fel, PVP guild. We'll fight, raid, and just have a good time. If you've never PVPed before, don't worry. We'll work with you getting your skills up, and work on teamwork. I'm starting from scratch, so at first we won't have alot of members, but we'll get more and more as time goes by. If you wanna give it a shot ICQ me and we'll talk details.

    ICQ: 255-855-287

    Hope to hear from you.

  11. Guild Name:Defenders Of Compassion
    Guild Abbreviation:D|C
    Type of Guild: PvM, PvP, Crafting, Factions, Peerless, etc.
    Facets Played on: Tram/Fell

    GM: Flying Dutchman (Stratics Name: Xob Eht Ni Nam)
    Contact: ICQ 251-711-275

    Guild Website: www.DefendersOfCompassion.com

    I am new to the shard, and am looking to create a friendly, Family, trustworthy, and adult atmosphere type Guild Structure.

    We will experience all aspects, whether it be PvM, PvP, Peerless, Doom, Crafting, etc.

    Also, will help teach PvP, help with templates, suits, etc.

    We will use Ventrilo for guild communication, and AutoMap.

    Feel free to contact me via ICQ to join, or simply use the Forums to join as well.

    Thanks, Flying Dutchman
  12. LunaMage

    LunaMage Guest

    Hello all I am Luna of Chesapeake. My guild is Inner Circle of Pagans (ICP*).
    We are still a relatively small guild, but we are always recruiting new members.
    There are no special requirements to join. We do alot of Peerless runs and of the members we do have there is a wide variety of char types. Our website is:
    http://www.icpchessy.com [​IMG] <font color="purple"> </font>
  13. kendric_KOD

    kendric_KOD Guest

    hail all i am kendric of KOD Knights Of the Dragon and small training guild who also works with paxlair in role play. we are small now but at one time we where of medium numbers we are always open and welcoming new members. contact kendric on icq 224807084 to join.
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