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Chesapeake Guild Directory

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Guest, Aug 26, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Below you will find a number of guilds on the Chesapeake shard interested in recruiting new members. If you are interested in contacting the guild described in one of these posts, please use the contact information listed in the guild's post. Do not post a reply in this thread.

    If you would like to advertise for your guild, please be sure to include such things as the name of your guild, it's guild abbreviation, what kind of guild it is(PvP, PvM, crafter, treasure hunter, faction, townguard, general, etc.), what facet(s) your guild primarily interacts on(if any), contact info, links to your guild website, etc. If some of your guild's info changes, please EDIT your original post. Also, do not post about guilds which you do not represent.

    Note - This is NOT a discussion thread, it is to serve only informational purposes. Discussion threads should be started outside of this thread. Off-topic posts to this thread will be deleted to preserve it's purpose.

    Also, this thread will be periodically un-stickied(every few months) and a new one created in it's place to help minimize out of date info(such as guilds that no longer exist but have not removed their post from the thread). The un-stickied threads will be linked to for historical or other archival purposes.

    The previous Chesapeake Guild Directory can be found here.

    Tancred RedStar
  2. Welcome oh followers of evil to:

    THE CHEATERS CONSORTIUM, CC. If you by chance have a thirst for blood, like to adventure without consequence, do not fear death or pain and enjoy the 'other' side of rpg then the Cheaters Consortium may be what you are looking for.

    This guild has been around since the begining of UO, its origins began on battlenet many many years ago. CC head quarters are located one house above the Yew Gate in Felluca. It is also the sister-stone to our main guild "The Dark Alliance".

    Our Guildmaster Lord Shalizar is currently taking recruits willing to join the forces of evil.

    ***Make no mistakes, this guild does NOT use any cheats in game, period!***

    We have about 8-12 reds, thieves, assasins in guild. Comprised mostly of all vet players that made their millions legitimately and simply wish to explore into shall we say 'less agreeable' trades. murakmurakmurak >:p


    On the opposite side is The Dark Allience, TDA, this guild is comprised of all vets 20+ members. I am the co-guildmaster with Lord Haliman. We enjoy going on small very active hunts and share our experience with new players. Our guild headquarters are just north of Luna City gate.

    We also host and participate in many community events most of which are located in Gyldenfeld. For information regarding events please visit: www.gyldenfeld.com

    "If you have played this game for a while you also know then that its not just about making gold and gathering items, they lose their luster. Its about having fun with freinds and community. This is what we have to offer."
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Shadow Hunters Empire

    The Shadow Hunters Empire is a guild that is dedicated to having a good time, primarily through events in the facet of Trammel. We are looking for strong individuals who are mature. We set guild hunts twice a week which span anywhere from the Gauntlet to a Champ spawn, though we are more likely to hit up Titans. We hold an in-guild pvp event every Friday to practice moves and have fun sparring. We also have two meetings per a week to try and keep everyone connected and to allow everyone to voice their opinions. Our aim is to be like one big family.

    Our guild is a Delucia-based guild and we hang on the Tram side. Seek one of the following Shadow Council members if you are interested in learning more:

    Zerk, Tigger, Tai tsu or Faust
    [email protected]

    You may also contact Pandora or myself (Lycanthropy):
    [email protected]

    -Lyc =)
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Fellowship of Virtue is a Malas/Trammel based guild over 2 and a half years old on Chesapeake. We are primarily PvM but do have PvP events on ocassion such as friendly one-night guild wars, monthly tournaments and Open Melee nights. We welcome all who are interested in exploring and adventuring throughout the lands of Sosaria provided they follow our guild laws and are positive karma. There are no age or skill requirements, but members are expected to behave equitably, maturely(at least most of the time, hehe) and be dedicated to improving themselves. We do not offer free handouts but will do training and give advice to help our members become stronger and better citizens of the realm. Many of our members are warriors, but we do welcome mages, tamers and bards. Sorry, we do not seek crafters as it is difficult to adventure with them.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Fellowship, please stop by www.FellowshipOfVirtue.com for more information as well as to get a feel what we are like by reading through the news page, guild chronicles, laws, recruitment page and even posting on our messageboard. It is customary to attend an event or two so that we can get to know you better before you can join the guild.

    We also have an Events Calendar which is full of events that are open to the public even if you have no interest in joining the guild. We are also interested in meeting other guilds for larger group activities and to add to our list of friends that already includes several great guilds.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Women with Tool!!

    Although the guild is lead by a male Character I asure you that The woman wears the pants, he's just told when to iron and clean them..

    This guild is mostly a Crafters Guild, and specificaly Women Crafters...
    We share technology fashion tips and occationally our tools...

    We like our tools..
    Our tools are Nice..
    Women with Tools are cool...

    we concentrate mostly on promoting crafting skills through out the land. We have been know to host many Crafter's expo's, where we introduce our wears to the general populus, at a drastically reduced cost.

    Special order have incruded, fleets of Golems, Dragon Barding Deeds. House hold good, and decoor..

    One of our members specialized in house desings, and house architecture. it's one of the most trusted home decorator in the relm... Many have benifited from her services... you all know who I am talking about...Xotche of Mead and Courtesan Doll.. Although not in our roster and member list the Are Honorary Members of WwT since the do much credit to the Workign UO Women.

    The focus of this group is to have a well balance staff of craftwomen to supply and make every possible craftable available. We are self sufficien Seldom if ever shop for Resources and most of all like to have fun..
    we swop many things LBODS, SBODS you name it.

    A list of covered skills are
    Smiths (several legendary)
    Tailors (several Legenday)
    Lumber Jacks

    well that pretty much covers the basics.

    We don't have a website, but who cares...
    if you would like to join our ranks

    2655045 icq me
    and remember Keep them tools firmly gripped in your hand...(with pride)
  6. Kalen_BSC

    Kalen_BSC Guest

    I would like to invite those who are interested in joining a Faction Based Guild

    Guild name:Bloodshed Clan
    Guild motto: Make there Bloodshed

    Recruiting policy: Must have one of the following ICQ/yahoo msger/ aim/ irc. And be willing to use Vent or TS.

    Website: Is currently down untill further notice.
    but the url is www.bloodshedclan.com

    Desired Future recruits: Fully worked chars ( Mages/Dexxers/ and We need 2-3 thiefs) We currently only have 1 thief.

    Please feel free to contact me via PM or Email.
    [email protected]

    Bloodshed Clan is here for Factions only. But There is one thing I want to make known If you are in a rival faction and in stat loss please let BSC know so we dont ress kill you. We don't want cheap points. I want you or your guild to have 100% of ur skill while trying to defeat us. If anyone in my guild does otherwise Please inform me ASAP and I will handle them.

  7. HyperActif

    HyperActif Guest

    Limited Recruiting for BiC

    For those of you who don’t know, BiC (Benevolent Insurgency of Chesapeake) is a Felucca-based, PvP and Champ Spawn guild. Recently the original GM of BiC returned to the game from a 9-month hiatus. Her name is Nat (you may know her as Ransom), and I can say without reservation that she is the strongest and most effective leader you will ever encounter. With the dismantling of =A= and MxC, we are opening our stone to invite new members for a short time.

    We are not an anti-Champs guild. The facet wouldn’t be fun without competition. Our roster includes many of the best PvPers on the shard. We scroll regularly and raid frequently. We have members online at all hours. We are accepting red and blue characters, and unlike other guilds, our reds do get heals. We provide dedicated Ventrilo and UO AutoMap servers for all members. Our website is http://www.uobic.net. The forums there are the best way to get in touch with us.

    We are not mass recruiting, so expect to be questioned to see if you are a good fit. We are not limiting recruitment to PvPers, but you should expect to learn to PvP and you must not hesitate to cross-heal your guildmates regardless of their status as a murderer.

    We play the game to have fun, and you will find that our members are close, confident, and helpful. We have an annual IRL party for our guildmates, and I count many of them as my closest friends. Aside from spawns, we engage in quite a bit of PvP at the Yew gate and sparring at the guildhouse. Whiners, moaners, bitchers, griefers, and leeches need not apply. There is no room for drama and dissension.

    The guild does not dictate playstyle. You are free to kill whomever you want at any time. We are not an honor guild or a role-playing guild. We do not tolerate hackers – if we find that you are using an exploit you will be booted and likely reported. Nat has a great relationship with Speedman, and has worked with him to eliminate exploits and improve gameplay.

    We stock all +10 powerscrolls and make them available to our members at no charge. Scrolls earned by protection are immediately distributed to the participants of the spawn.

    We do not ally with any other guilds under any circumstances. Ever.

    If this sounds like something you may be interested in, you may ICQ Nat at 115058680 or drop by our forums and introduce yourselves.


    Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.
  8. The Cult of the Midnight Wraiths, \+/
    http://www.cultmw.org (Includes PhpBB message boards)
    RPvPvM guild. Very strict RP.

    The Cult is a quasi-religious sect of Sosarians (roleplayers) who hold beliefs that their God (Lord Kerahl) will bring about a great 'Cleansing' in which Outlanders (non-RPs) will be cast out of the land and wrought into destruction, and the world will be returned to it's rightful heirs... the Sosarian race.

    The Cult believes in strict segregation, their people are forbidden to interact with Outlanders, save for their preaching and spreading the teachings of their Lord and God, Kerahl of Life and Creation.

    We have tight guidelines for conduct around others and set rules for the guild. We spent the last three years on Napa Valley, and have recently moved to this shard completely. If you have difficulty seperating your RL religious beliefs from IG actions, you need not apply.
  9. Hello everyone.. please meet the new guild of beautiful women..

    Ninjette Bimbos! [N--B] - we are hard working women trying to move up in the world... their specialties are training, sparring, chatting, trading, bragging, and plain ole helping each other with their needs (all kinds of needs).

    Lots of hunting when we grown stronger for sure.
    Some but very little roleplaying, so save your halloween costumes.
    Very active, plays every evenings and weekend all day long.
    Stay in touch with ICQ, none of that chatting jabberish stuffs.
    Currently all newbs, so plenty of room for you to personally excel here. (show us what you got and back it up with pics!)

    Disclaimer: We don't cyber, so pervs need not apply.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    We can't flame? Pleeeeeeeease let me pick on Guildmule here pleeeeeeeeeeeease!
  11. Ibuseta

    Ibuseta Guest

    "The Cult is a quasi-religious sect of Sosarians (roleplayers) who hold beliefs that their God (Lord Kerahl) will bring about a great 'Cleansing' in which Outlanders (non-RPs) will be cast out of the land and wrought into destruction, and the world will be returned to it's rightful heirs... the Sosarian race.

    The Cult believes in strict segregation, their people are forbidden to interact with Outlanders, save for their preaching and spreading the teachings of their Lord and God, Kerahl of Life and Creation."

    does this remind u of anyone?....
  12. The Ninjette Bimbos posted here for public exposure only, we are not publicly recruiting. However, if you are a beautiful bimbo, we will find you; maybe even hunt you down and force you into our guild.
  13. EdMcManus

    EdMcManus Guest


    BEST website on UO...8 hours of Flash movies, and the guild that rules the shard.

    No you cannot join but you may look at us.
  14. Hiya Everyone!!

    As our name states
    we are Rogues first and foremost. A band of thieves, assassins, and stealthers
    stalking the lands of Britania making travel unsafe for any who would leave the
    protection of the town guards. And the packs of those in town unsafe too. We will be making regular runs into Fellucca looking for wealth in the packs of unwarry travelers and lurking in the shadows of dungeons waiting for just the right moment to strike or pluck an item from a pack. Rogues of Chesapeake is destined to make UO history. We will be known throughout the lands. Loved by a few and hated by hundreds if not thousands. Rememeber our charter, "You are either a Rogue or you are a Target!" If you have ever wondered what it would be like to play a thief or an assassin, this is your chance to have the time of your UO lives! The comraderie and excitement is more gratifying than anything else in UO. We are currently looking for any guild that will accept a war invite from us so that we can bring the Fellucca ruleset to Trammell. It will be a blast tracking down and attacking our prey in Trammell and Ilshenar dungeons. I currently have sent out nearly a hundred war invites with alot more on the way. We will see who are trash talkers and who truly are the brave of heart. If you would like to join us in the fun I encourage you to make a new character or use an old one and get signed up with the Rogues of Chesapeake today!!

    You can be recruited by any of our current members or icq me 230-979-076.
    Also please feel free to visit and post on our message boards at http://www.message-realms.com/view.asp?boardid=1078&postpass=&viewpass=&collapse=
  15. strength

    strength Guest

    DEUS EX MACHINA, a diverse and organized Chesapeake guild, is currently interviewing potential members.

    We are primarily Felucca based with an emphasis on Champ Spawns and character development. Our core group consists of veteran UO players who are willing to assist anyone with the desire to learn and grow.

    Currently, the guild operates on a late night/early morning schedule, but we are hoping to expand into the daytime as well.

    We are looking for players who are willing to adapt to a group PvP enviroment and utilize the character development tools/PvP training we provide.

    Prior PvP experience is very helpful.

    Please visit our website for more information.
  16. N--B : all the bimbos grew old and ugly, so the guild disbanded now.

    New Guild: Away From The Keyboard [AFTK] - all guild members' title will be telling a story of what you are doing AFKed.
  17. CottonEyeJoe104

    CottonEyeJoe104 Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Apr 22, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Hi, I am Cotton Eye Joe from Champs on chessy.

    Our website is:


    Please stop in register and post it up :)

    Our site is also part of Ed McManus's Flash Movies, you can look at those on the site too! Stop by and see us.


    Cotton Eye Joe
  18. Elijah Cross

    Elijah Cross Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Hail all! I am Elijah Cross, commander of the Paladins of Virtue [PV]. I welcome all to visit our ethereal skypage, whether to browse or seek appointment to PV. There you may learn what we stand for as well as our purpose(s) within the realm.

    (Please keep in mind that PV is a roleplaying guild at all times)

    Please visit us here: Paladins of Virtue [PV]
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