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Chesapeake Guild Directory

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Flying Dutchman, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. * Here, I went and took the liberty of starting it, just sticky it later or move it, delete it or whatever, [​IMG]*

    Guild Name: Defenders Of Compassion
    Guild Abbreviation: DoC!
    Main areas of play: Peerless, Doom, Champ Spawns, PvP
    Guild Leader: Flying Dutchman
    Contact info: ICQ: 251-711-275
    Website: www.defendersofcompassion.com

    What we are about:
    Well, basically, we are a group of people who like to try everything in game. Myself as the GM, like to bring in players of all aspects, and help them accomplish things they cannot do alone, such as Peerless.

    We teach PvP, how to run Champ Spawns, help with templates, show how to do quests for Peerless, etc.

    We also promote from within, allowing members to become Emassaries. Guild is ran through a council structure, where the members vote on which direction the guild goes.

    Looking for lots of players to join hte fun with a group of funny, mature, drama-less players. Head over to our site for more information.
  2. Guild name: United Sosarian Navy
    Guid abbreviation: USN
    Main areas of play: Peerless, PvP and Roleplay, war at sea or on land-depends on war status and planning
    Guild Leader: Tiberius Clearcastle, Commodore
    Contact information: presently Minerva's icq: 273-833-803(this will change)
    Website: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=56162&TabID=490082

    A little about USN:

    We are a roleplaying PvP group that is very flexible and not overwhelmingly large.
    We are the sister guild to the RBG(Royal Britannian Guards), though not official allies (RBG does not ally).
    If you are looking to learn PvP in a controlled environment, that is what we do.
    There is no heavy concentration on either PvP or roleplaying, but generally we expect members to want to participate in war and we roleplay some of the wars.
    Drama is kept as minimal as possible, and we do not tolerate disrespect, cheating, or other unsportsmanlike conduct.
    We provide as much help as possible to new members just getting started, from information to resources to housing.
    Most all events, and we do have quite a few going on usually, are not mandatory. Meetings will be on occasion, but we are very flexible.
    Members play as little or as much as they can or want. There is no minimum requirement of time or skill.

    We are looking for you, and maybe you are looking for us, too, if you like to roleplay, PvP, or just want to have some fun on the high seas.
    We are closely tied to the player run town of Guardian's Gate, another point of interest if you desire to be a part of a larger community with more events going on to participate in, and a larger variety of people to meet. [​IMG]

    Minerva USN Ambassador
    Melody Bailey RBG, Keeper of Lore, Guardian's Gate
  3. <center>About the PaxLair Statehood (many guilds)</center>


    Leader: Governor Winfield
    Website: http://www.paxlair.com/
    Location: 5 city locations here - also see map collection
    PaxLair Statehood Headquarters: Mage Tower in PaxLair City, Felucca
    Established: January 19, 1998
    Guilds: MANY
    Main areas of play: Everything possible in the Realm

    PaxLair is now a Statehood of several cities. PaxLair was one of the first player towns on Felucca, Chesapeake created by the guild The Band (TB). PaxLair is no longer a single town. The original town is now called "PaxLair City", which is different from the "PaxLair" statehood. More towns are located in Trammel, Malas, and Tokuno. PaxLair is dedicated to role-playing, peace, and neutrality with Respect as its primary law. The Statehood is open to all where many citizen-guilds and citizens have a variety of interests to include PvP combat, commercial ventures, adventure PvM, events, housing, government service, community development and interaction, diplomacy, news reporting, and quests.

    PaxLair cities and their mayors are:

    - Dragons Watch, Felucca (NANOC)
    - PaxLair City, Felucca (Ga'kuct)
    - PaxLane, Trammel (Sibelius)
    - PaxOku, Tokuno (Tatania Karthina)
    - Port Baldmor, Trammel (Kerrs Holley)

    Statehood-wide Real-time Communication (everyone on the shard may use these communications resources with respect and PG-13 language):

    UOAutoMap Login
    IP: uoradio.com
    PORT: 2024
    Pwd: paxmap98

    Stratics IRC Login
    Server: irc.stratics.com:6667
    Channel: #uo_paxlair
    (Stratics IRC Client: http://uo.stratics.com/content/irc/index.shtml)

    Ventrilo Login
    Server: surge2.nrgservers.net
    PORT: 3506
    Guest Pwd: Ophidian2 (when this is active)
    UserName: use the format "CharName_GuildInitials"

    <center>The "specific" PaxLair Guild [Pax]</center>

    Guild Name: PaxLair
    Guild Abbreviation: Pax
    Main areas of play: Roleplay, Community-Building
    Guild Leader: Winfield
    Contact info: Online Form
    Website: www.paxlair.com

    What we (PaxLair Guild) are about:

    The PaxLair guild [Pax] is the PaxLair Community government guild led by the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood. This guild is responsible for the overall leadership of PaxLair. People are only accepted into this guild if they are have a governmental position at the Governor's Office level, such as Ministers, former Mayors, Caretakers, Aids, Assistants, Judges, and others approved by the Governor. Sometimes people are promoted or assigned to the Pax guild from other PaxLair Community guilds and may still remain part of their original guilds.
  4. pikon198

    pikon198 Guest

    Guild Name: Red Dagger Pirates
    Guild Abbreviation: DAGR
    Main areas of play: Freindly PvP, RP,Any Dungeon, FISHING!, Events, Community
    Guild Leader: Budswoman
    Contact info: Kerrs Holley: 218 021 961, e-mail: [email protected]
    Websites: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=54152&amp;TabID=473215
    Town Community Website: http://www.paxlair.com/index.php?option=com_content&amp;task=view&amp;id=2677&amp;Itemid=1337

    What we are about:
    Well maties, we be about plenty things yarr. To start we enjoy role playing ( but it is not required nor do we force it on members) very much and hosting our own in-game events such as tavern nights or boat races. We are part of the paxlair community and we also have our own player-run town. We use our town in many ways from events, meetings,wars, hanging out, and T- hunting. Since our town is on an island and we own the whole thing its our private resort for pirates you could say. We like to help new players in haven and assist others where we can.

    We hunt often, but at random times and in different areas at the same time. Sometimes guildies hunt solo while other times we gather together to do peerless or guantlet runs. Quests are another point of interest of our guild. We have experience in most quests new and old and can help any interested in completing one. DAGR is run with a ranking system and a few factors determine promotion. Also, we really enjoy fishing, and currently we have about 4-6 fishermen if not more, so if the sea gets lonely look us up for some company. Leadership among guild members is also a quality we are looking for.

    So if your a mature friendly person and are interested in rp, meeting new people, hunting or looking to do some freindly pvp check us out. We accept new and returning players with either 0 experience or a vast knowledge of experience. For more information check out our site or contact me Kerrs Holley aka Sandman.
  5. imported_Justin_Credible

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 12, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Guild Name: Dead Presidents
    Guild Abbreviation: D*P
    Main areas of play: Peerless, Doom, Champ Spawns, Guild Events, Shard Events, PvP
    Guild Leaders: Majick Slave &amp; Justin Credible
    Contact info: ICQ Justin=6597890 Majick=417635056
    Website: www.uodeadpresidents.com (Under Construction)
    Motto: "UO is a game and we have real lives"


    We are a group of Mature players that play the game to have a good time. Most of us Plasyed UO a while back and have found our way back to the game. We were mainly in PvP guilds before. Justin was in -S- and A*G Majick was in the original Dead Presidents. We play mostly on evenings in Eastern time as well as on weekends. We play for fun and will Pvp and Pvm. We want to run Peerlesses as soon as we get a steady group of Players. But the Biggest point of our Guild is that there Will Not be any drama.

    If you are interested, please visit our fourms or feel free to ICQ me anytime. I will return the message.
  6. Terence Duff

    Terence Duff Guest

    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Is your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then perhaps UO Stratics' Chesapeake News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but also help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the Chesapeake shard and her citizens.

    UO Stratics is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Chesapeake to add to our team of Ultima Online reporters.

    As a volunteer you are required to:

    * Be a competent writer.
    * Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Chesapeake community.
    * Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community.
    * Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items.
    * Make regular posts onto the Chesapeake News.
    * Accept occasional article assignments from your Shard News Manager.
    * Have a familiarity with basic HTML.
    * Be pro-active.

    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an e-mail to [email protected], or a PM to "Terence Duff" with "Chesapeake Reporter Application" as the subject.

    Please list your:
    1. Real name.
    2. Contact e-mail address.
    3. ICQ, AIM, MSN number (if applicable).
    4. Stratics username and UO character name (this must be the character name you will be reporting with).

    Also, please
    5. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal.
    6. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UO Stratics?
    7. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (no attachments).
    8. Send us any questions you have on the position or responsibilities!

    Good luck to all applicants!

    -- Terence Duff, Chesapeake News Manager
  7. The Circle of the Gryphon

    Core Goals
    To spread the virtues throughout the land.
    To recruit only worthy members who are mature and considerate.
    To build a strong guild which represents a variety of skills and playstyles.
    To participate in role-playing to the highest degree while also becoming active participants and leaders in the Chesapeake community.
    To create our own community which will earn the respect of others.

    Honor, Integrity, Kindness and Maturity are the guiding principles of this guild and we look for these qualities in every prospective member. We try our best to get to know each and every member as we strive to be more of a family of friends. The primary focus of all of our hunts and guild events is to have fun with our fellow members, build team spirit and build the guild's strength.

    If you are interested in joining CoG please read through our charter and follow the guidelines to membership at our website: CoG
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Guild Name: The True Union
    Guild Abbreviation: TTU
    Main areas of play: Peerless, Doom, Champion Spawns, Guild Events, Business
    Guild Leader: Paul
    Contact info: ICQ: 456076608
    Website: http://home.comcast.net/~thetrueunion/

    What we are about:
    We are mainly a social guild simply looking to improve the UO experience for all of our members. We are always welcoming friendly, mature players of all skill levels. Our guild charter is posted on the website, so if you're interested in joining, check it out. If you like what you see, just drop me an ICQ at the number posted above.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Guild Name: Royal Britiannian Guards
    Guild Abbreviation: RBG
    Main areas of play: Peerless, Champ Spawns
    Guild Leader: Nevyn D Wyooren

    We have a HUGE group and are almost always active ... peerless, spawns, rp events or sitting around at the tap house in Guardians Gate talking and drinking we do have 2 sister guilds (USN sosarian Navy and RBG! the Death Knights) that are involved in RP wars and pvp events but participation is voluntary not madatory. RBG does not ally nor do we PVP. We Also Have one of the bigger player run towns close to the Compassion Desert.
  10. Gwen_Denugz

    Gwen_Denugz Guest

    Guild Name: The Fury of the Phoenix
    Guild Abbreviation: RAZE
    Main areas of play: Peerless, Treasure Hunts, Doom, Lots of guild events like "Capture the Flag", Tournaments, etc...
    Co-Guild Leaders: VanMorison, Gwenovier DeNugz
    Contact info: ICQ: 401-479-187 (Gwen)
    Website: http://www.furyofthephoenix.net

    We are a guild dedicated to the advancemnt of our members. We are part of a stong alliance that focuses on peerless, and other in game scenarios. We hold regular guild event including auctions and tournaments. We are 1 of the top 10 largest guilds on Chessie. We accept all types of player characters. From Crafters to wizards, tamers to mules, "Young" players to vets. We are a drama free guild, and enjoy helping members within the guild. We are always recruiting. If you are interested in becoming a member please check out our rules and regulations section under "Apply to be a member of RAZE" link on web site. If you agree to the rules and regulations, you can either fill out an application on line, or ICQ Gwen.
  11. Pameleigha

    Pameleigha Guest

    Guild Name: Meoow
    Guild Abbreviation: CAT
    Main areas of play: Peerless, Doom, Champ Spawns, PvM, some PvP &amp; RP (weddings and such) Crafting, Decorating and Building
    Guild Leader: Pameleigha
    Contact info: www.casandreal.com CAT has a forum (when it is running LOL)
    Website: www.casandreal.com
    Alliance Name: Peerless Alliance
    Our Alliance Mates: Suicide Knight, Travelers and Explorers of Britian, Black Dawgs of War, Our World Order, Royal Knights Order, Royal Army of Shadows, Hero's Incorporated, SUICIDE KILLING SQUAD, Dark Warriors of Britannia, BlackDragonKnights, The Crimson Malitia, S3I, Evolution,The Sacrificial Lambs

    What we are about:
    We are just a group of friends who enjoy playing together. We do a lot of Peerless hunts together. We help anyone who needs and asks for it and friendly to all guilds unless they show an unfriendliness.

    We are a no drama guild and have no rule structure as I do not want to have to make rules and everyone is mature enough to self rule.

    Our Player run town is one of the oldest in Trammel named Casandreal of Yew, surrounding the Yew Moongate. We have a great Rune library just SW of the moongate anyone is welcome to use. There are various outposts as well. We used to be involved more with PaxLair, but time to play peak has seriously decreased for many of us and our old mayor Moonbabie has left the realm [​IMG]. Come check out our haunted house!
  12. Harvest Moon

    Harvest Moon Guest

    UTB has a new guild leader and a new website.
    Guild Leader: Nexus Point
    Website url: UTB Website
    Message Board url: UTB Message Boards

    UTB is grateful for Trinity North's long term dedication to UTB. She will be sorely missed. Nexus has the large responsibility of maintaining UTB's reputation of honor and excellence.
  13. The Keeper

    The Keeper Guest

    Guild Leader: Crypt Keeper
    Guild website: In the works
    Message Board: ATD Website

    Brief Intro
    The Army of the Dragon(ATD) is a Paxlair based guild set up to be a elite team used in covert missions and quest as well as all around training for this who wish to seek it. It will grow only as the need arises to do so. The Army of the Dragon(ATD) will be at the beckon call of each mayor, each ministers office.

    The Army of the Dragon(ATD) is a Paxlair guild designed around the Virtues and based on Honor, Truth and Justice. A member of ATD members will heed all Paxlair laws and enforce them. One does not have to be a Paladin to enter this guild, Chaos is a Virtue, so long as the member is honorable in ways to his/her guildmates and those in Paxlair.

    A) Joining ATD:
    To join the guild the person wishing to join must first spend time with members of the guild for no more then four weeks, this period is known as the sworn period and those in this period will be called Dragon Sworn, this time can be cut short if members decide that the person wanting to join has been deemed worthy. Any person already apart of Paxlair waves this four week period and may accept to join.

    a)Becoming a member:
    After the sworn have completed the four week period the guild as a whole will vote upon their acceptance. If it is granted the sworn will then be put through a series of quest. This period is known as the Dragon Trials. Based on how the squire handles his or her self during these quest, they will or will not take the Oath of Knight hood/Mage hood. A sworn may attempt each quest only twice if the fail any quest twice they must wait at least six months before they will be allowed to try again.

    B) I'm a Dragon Knight/Mage what happens next?:
    After you have completed your quest you will take the Oath and then receive your personal quest. There is no pass or fail during this time, this quest is only for you and no one else. This period is known as the Enlightened quest of Knight/Mage Hood, what you get from this quest only your inner self will know.

    C) Why am I being put through all these trials and what happens after they are complete?

    As stated above ATD is an elite group designed to work in small teams in the most harsh missions and situations known to us. These series of quest are not for kicks but to show what you are made of and if you are worthy enough to stand beside those who have come before you to protect the people of Paxlair and Chesapeake. Once you have completed all of the above you will be assigned to a squad, as the guild branches out squads will grow and more will be put into play, as this happens assuming higher ranks can occur if so desired. The mission of the guild is to have small 4-5 squads who work well together and can take on long grueling combat missions with little reinforcement and supplies.

    D) Ranking System

    Dragon High Lord: Dragon High lord Only the Guild Master

    Dragon Lord: Leader of the Order of the Dragon,advisor to the High Lord

    Dragon General: High Officer, apart of the ruling council and helps the High Lord in his day to day duties as well as helping all ranks below him/her so that ATD is in working order and able to assist the shard and Paxlair as needed.

    Dragon Captain: As the need developes for Captains they placed to maintain 1-2 squads and work with lieutenants and sergeants to see this his/her squad has everything it needs and is maintained to the best fighting order.

    Dragon Lieutenant: Lieutenants are squad leaders who will over see his/her squad day to day. LT's will often assign roles to squad members and also seek out missions for his/her squad as well as help sergeants complete task to keep the squad a well oiled machine.

    Dragon Sergeant: Second in command of his/her squad. Sergeants will often lead his/her squad in small missions and the Sgt is also in charge of seeing that squad members have what they need and are always ready for battle.

    Dragon Knight/Mage: General members of the guild ATD, members not seeking rank will obtain this title, this title will also branch out to other skill types as the need for such titles developes

    Dragon Sworn: The sworn are members in the process of learning the ways of ATD and on their way to becoming a Dragon Knight/Mage

    Order Of The Dragon:This is awarded to a member who has went above and beyond the call of duty in service of the guild. It is only awarded by the guild master and you must be nominated by 5 members.

    Special titles to be included to ATD:
    If a member owns an establishment in town and so wishes to promote that building through his or her guild title or for role play purposes. It would be better suited if the member has an alt in ATD to be provided for such purposes but can be a main character

    (Other ranks will develope as the need for then comes along in the future)

    As the guild grows once again it will branch out and do many more things, other then role play. You dont have to be a role player to join just as long as you dont mind player quest and good fun.
  14. Lord Havok

    Lord Havok Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 29, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Guild Name: The 13th Legion
    Guild Abbreviation: [13th]
    Main areas of play: RP'ing (Evil), Hunting, etc...
    Guild Leader: Lord Havok
    Contact info: ICQ: 152625541
    Forum: The 13th Legion

    For more info on the 13th please follow the link to our Forums.

  15. Vic

    Vic Guest

    Guild Name: Shadow Hunters Empire
    Guild Abbreviation: SHE
    Main areas of play: Dungeon crawls,peerless hunts,Champs Spawns, Auction
    Guild Leader: Vic
    Contact info: ICQ: 258330728

    SHE Guild is looking for a few good people.
    Wether you are new to the game or been playing since the begining
    We could be the right guild for you. We are one of the oldest guilds on Chessy.
    We are a tight knit group who go out of the way to help in just about anything.
    We have a great Council that strives to make sure everything runs smoothly.
    We do hunts Tuesday thru Sunday. Hunts include but not limited to, Dungeon
    Crawls, Champ Spawn runs, Peerless hunts, etc.
    We hold an auction every Saturday at 7pm est if thats your cup of tea :).
    We have many crafters that will help repair,enhance and even help you train
    any crafter you have.
    If you are in terested in joining or thinking about joining please feel free to ask
    ANY SHE member you see. (can mostly be found in the city of Delucia or Luna)
    Also can read the rules on joining here at this website.
    http://gvp.nu/uo/empire/rules.html or can contact me via icq 258330728

    Thank you for taking time to read this.

    - Vic gm of SHE
  16. Aimee_2

    Aimee_2 Guest

    Guild Name: Felluca Police Department
    Abbreviation: FPD
    Website: Working on it.
    Master/Mistress: Christina
    Total Members: 42
    Veteran Members: 31
    Faction: Council of Mages
    Contact info: ICQ: 254-970

    We are just a Small group of close friends that Play to have fun.

    Few rules...No drama and really prefer new members to be able to use Vent & have A Mic and auto map is a plus too ;)
  17. GiveitaTry

    GiveitaTry Guest

    !20X - We RoXz Joo
    website- lickmybutt.com
    objective- putting foa back on nightshift.
    Fighting Style- Stick your head up my butt, n fight for air.