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Chesapeake Player Community-linked Teleporters and Banners Meeting Results

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Last night's meeting to discuss the concept of player community-linked gates/teleporters and banners was huge! The dev team member Mesanna as well as EM's Vladimere and Dudley hosted the meeting and it was well attended by Chesapeake players. The blaze tent at the Luna Fairgrounds was literally packed to the rafters.

    I have included the complete chat log for all to read on another site as there is a 40k character limit here and the post is over 100k characters, even with extensive editting. The meeting lasted roughly 4 hours and the chatlog was over 500k in raw format.

    To summarize:
    • This was more a suggestion and comment meeting.
    • The discussion was driven by "it's your shard, what do you want? We'll try to make it happen."
    • Player communities should email either of the EM's to request a town banner. The EM's will then try to arrange a time to visit the town for a tour
    • Communities that seem cohesive and active can have a town teleporter added.
    • The specific rules and appearance of the teleporter have not been nailed down, but the basic gist is it won't be used in an exploitive manner or merely as a facade for activities non-conducive to the community(not to say that it can't involve dark RP, just not outright griefing or harassment).
    • Teleporters that are used in a negative manner can be removed.
    • This is a dedicated effort by Mesanna with, of course, EM support.
    • In-game elements such as petitioning Queen Dawn will likely be employed to enrich and add flavor.
    • It is possible(though not yet confirmed) that communities may be called upon to devote effort to constructing or otherwise achieving a town teleporter.
    • There are NO strict requirements for what constitutes a "town" but it should be of player interest and things such as a local tavern, stocked vendors, rune library, player-run events and activities, etc. will come across as more conducive to the player community at large. Additionally, having structures(houses) share a common housesign or display a common banner help enhance the appearance of a common effort and community spirit.

    The complete chat log is a good read if you want to get a better of idea of some of the things people suggested, how they were received, what kinds of concerns were raised and a general idea of the wide spectrum of players that were interested and came to this meeting.

    Lastly, a big thank you to Mesanna, EM Vlad and Dudley for presenting us Chesapeake players an exciting opportunity and hearing us out over the span of hours and hours. Also, a special thanks to Gareth for helping get the ball rolling on this.


    Attached Files:

  2. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Thanks Red!


    You see: Lord Kenndrix VII [TK0]
    You see: Binky
    You see: Ozog Giantfart [MUCK]
    You see: Shadow
    You see: Cirion [DWxC]
    You see: Cirion [DWxC]
    You see: Lazarus [OATH]
    You see: Lazarus [OATH]
    You see: Necro of Evil [OATH]
    You see: Tatanka [OATH]
    You see: Sari-Liane [D^T]
    You see: Lady Luna Rossa [[email protected]]
    You see: Sinthe [T_T]
    You see: Niva the Savage [T_T]
    You see: Necro of Evil [OATH]
    You see: Tatanka [OATH]
    You see: Sari-Liane [D^T]
    You see: Lady Luna Rossa [[email protected]]
    You see: Sinthe [T_T]
    You see: Niva the Savage [T_T]
    You see: NANOC [DWxC]
    You see: Dylan Drakeswind [DWxC]
    You see: Phoenix [DWxC]
    You see: Mach [DWxC]
    You see: Savaric
    You see: NANOC [DWxC]
    You see: Dylan Drakeswind [DWxC]
    You see: Phoenix [DWxC]
    You see: Mach [DWxC]
    You see: Savaric
    You see: Winfield [Pax]
    You see: Tiger Lily [B-G]
    You see: Gareth [B-G]
    You see: Dareth Vor'Cere [UTB]
    You see: Lord Merlock [DWxC]
    You see: Lord Gunga Din [TWOD]
    You see: CoolHandLuke
    You see: Lord Mondaine [Colt]
    You see: Winfield [Pax]
    You see: Tiger Lily [B-G]
    You see: Gareth [B-G]
    You see: Dareth Vor'Cere [UTB]
    You see: Lord Merlock [DWxC]
    You see: Lord Gunga Din [TWOD]
    You see: CoolHandLuke
    You see: Lord Mondaine [Colt]
    You see: Lady Kyra [DWxC]
    You see: CharGar [F*V]
    You see: Allistair [DWxC]
    You see: Lady Kyra [DWxC]
    You see: CharGar [F*V]
    You see: Allistair [DWxC]
    You see: Nyx [OATH]
    You see: Sinhi [T_T]
    You see: Naomie De'Layne [SHE]
    You see: Squee the savage [T_T]
    You see: Sinhi [T_T]
    You see: Daria Blackmoore [RBG]
    You see: Angus [RBG]
    You see: Masta Blasta [VIPs]
    You see: Jack [SHE]
    EM Vladimere: What a lively Crew we have here tonight
    You see: EM Vladimere
    You see: Merel Squirel [RBG]
    EM Vladimere: Good Evening Everyone
    You see: Morty Fyde [OATH]
    EM Vladimere: I guess that in about 10 minutes we will get started
    You see: Lord Kire [B-G]
    You see: Vek the Savage [T_T]
    EM Vladimere: My shoes need polished Troll
    You see: Ben [MIST]
    Ozog Giantfart: not troll
    You see: Cheshire Cat
    You see: Autolycus
    Ozog Giantfart: GOBLIN
    EM Vladimere: May I kick your butt a few times around the tent to polish the shoes
    You see: Cheshire Cat
    Sari-Liane: *Raises a brow* More Savages? *Mutters* What ever happened to civilization.. *sighs*
    Ozog Giantfart: gotta catch me
    EM Vladimere: That Troll is fast
    Ozog Giantfart: *bites*
    You see: Zelda of Zed [SHE]
    You see: Shayna [TK0]
    EM Vladimere: I was kinda thinking of useing a fishing net on the Troll
    You see: Lady Firiel [PxP]
    You see: Lord Yeoman
    You see: Lord Jacko Lafray [DWxC]
    You see: Mesanna
    You see: Justine [DWxC]
    You see: John Duke [Pax]
    You see: EM Dudley
    Mesanna: Don't make me bite you back
    EM Vladimere: Dont slap the Goblin around, he likes it too much
    You see: EM Vladimere
    You see: Lady Emma Silvermane [RBG]
    You see: Lucky Number Slevin
    You see: Gowron Dukaat [RBG]
    Mesanna: Starts in 4 minutes?
    You see: Justine [DWxC]
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    You see: Chuckles
    You see: Lord Jacko Lafray [DWxC]
    You see: Bjorn Darkstone [MSE]
    You see: Lobonyx [MSE]
    You see: Baby Bear [RBG]
    You see: Dumbledore [OATH]
    You see: Edison [OATH]
    Mesanna: Guys before we start I would like to say something
    You see: Gizmo [SHE]
    You see: Calamity
    Mesanna: This is a meetijng for ideas, nothing will be ignored
    Mesanna: but
    Mesanna: please do not start calling names etc ok?
    Mesanna: we are all here to do something good for the shard
    Mesanna: ok first you guys have anything to address, Dudley Vlad?
    EM Dudley: *shakes head*
    EM Dudley: All yours
    Mesanna: Ok let me put on the table what I am willing to do
    Mesanna: Guild towns, player towns etc
    Mesanna: can all have a banner placed
    Mesanna: did everyone see the banner outside?
    Mesanna: ok you really need to know what it looks like
    Tancred RedStar: fire drill!

    *Many people run outside after Mesanna*

    Gareth: Mesanna is giving rules outside

    *Remaining people run outside after Mesanna to view the prototype banner*

    Mesanna: we copy your town banners
    Mesanna: and place there here in the fair grounds
    [Alliance][John Duke]: She says she has a problem with town teleporters
    Mesanna: under your banner will be a teleporter to the matching banner in your town
    [Alliance][John Duke]: But they will copy the town banners and place them here
    [Alliance][John Duke]: The banners would have a teleporter which goes to your town
    Mesanna: I will think about that one
    Visago: will there be one town banner in the center of town?
    Mesanna: I can see it being used as escapes if the town is in fe;l
    Mesanna: and I really don't think that is fair
    Mesanna: Ack Fel!
    Tancred RedStar: what if it's no aggro only
    Sari-Liane: Wouldnt the timer kick in if you tried to flee?
    John Duke: the aggro rules can't work on teleporters?
    Mesanna: timers do not work on my teleporters =)
    Mesanna: they are not linked to the moongate system
    Sari-Liane: Well I have a suggestion then
    Sari-Liane: if I may?
    Mesanna: of course
    Sari-Liane: What if there was a single rune locked down at the foot of the banner?
    Sari-Liane: That way it directly links back to here
    Sari-Liane: But the aggro timer is still in effect
    Sari-Liane: Would that work ok?
    Mesanna: As I said I will think about putting teleporters under each banner
    Mesanna: but let me think about all the ways to exploint that first =)
    Mesanna: exploit too
    Mesanna: shall we go back inside
    *Everyone runs back inside the blaze tent*
    Mesanna: so we can organize this better
    Mesanna: ok so lets make sure everyone gets a voice
    Mesanna: I would like for one person at a time to step down
    EM Vladimere: but not all at the same time
    Mesanna: that way we can all have a voice
    Mesanna: Vlad your killing me with your text
    Grimlar Mithrax: *raises his hand*
    Mesanna: Come down Grimlar
    Grimlar Mithrax: anyone in front of me?
    Mesanna: Your the first
    Grimlar Mithrax: i just want to say what a great job is being done
    Grimlar Mithrax: more has happened in the past several months than since i have started
    Grimlar Mithrax: i salute you all
    Mesanna: Thank you
    CharGar: "cheers"
    Grimlar Mithrax: and thank you
    whitesnake: i second that emotion
    CharGar: yea!
    Tancred RedStar: *claps*
    Gareth: *Claps*
    CharGar: "claps"
    CharGar: "claps"
    Winfield: *raises hand for question*
    CharGar: "claps"
    Grimlar Mithrax: thats is all
    Grimlar Mithrax: *bows low*
    Sinhi: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Mesanna: I will ask you guys to be patient with me
    Allistair: *claps*
    Daria Blackmoore: Well said grim
    Nyx: *question*
    Corin Latobian: *Your rock stars aren't like our rock stars.*
    Bjorn Darkstone: *raises hand to speak*
    EM Vladimere: You just can't find a good Britannian dentist these days...
    Mesanna: I have developed an issue due to surgery that has caused me to have lost vision in one eye
    whitesnake: ouch
    Mesanna: so I might be a little slow with some text
    Winfield: oh no
    Tancred RedStar: :(
    Sari-Liane: Oh no!!
    Tatanka: kisucks
    Sinhi: Sinhi sorry.
    Mesanna: so greens etc are really hard for me to see
    Daktari Zinn: hugs
    whitesnake: my prayers are with you
    Mesanna: I will work out, I hope =)
    Ozog Giantfart: ouch
    Mesanna: I just beat cancer I can beat this =)
    Kyra: woot
    Tancred RedStar: aye to that
    Gareth: Woho!
    whitesnake: oh nice, congrats to that
    Luna Rossa: *applauds*
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    Daktari Zinn: keppfighting
    Grimlar Mithrax: *cheers!!!!*
    Tatanka: big magic
    Sinthe: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Sinhi: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Mach: WOOT!! WOOT!!
    CharGar: ty Lord
    Winfield: *claps\*
    Grimlar Mithrax: AYE!!!
    Sari-Liane: *Claps* We're all with ya hun!
    Squee the savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Grimlar Mithrax: Huzzah!
    Mesanna: ok guys who is next?
    EM Vladimere: A secret well kept by the EM staff till now :)
    Winfield: *raises hand*
    Gareth: Winfield had a question.
    EM Dudley: Winfield I think
    EM Dudley: Saw his hand first
    Mesanna: Winfield please
    Winfield: As for central hubs for the teleporters,
    Winfield: there could be a lot of good involvement in Felucca too,
    Mesanna: I hope so
    Winfield: as you examine the diffulties of combat and escape.
    EM Vladimere: Everytime we try to do an event in Fell it turns into a PvP bloodbath
    Winfield: I recommend a gump to select which central hub you want to go to,
    Winfield: when stepping on a town teleporter.
    Mesanna: I will do this
    Winfield: To the Felucca hub, or the Trammel-based hub.
    Winfield: Thus our citizens who are red can participate.
    Mesanna: to keep people from stepping to a town not knowing where they are
    Winfield: Thank you.
    Mesanna: I will add the facet the town is in
    Mesanna: to the banner
    Mesanna: I think that might help
    Winfield: And have two hubs for the teleporters, one in Felucca, and one in Trammel perhaps?
    EM Vladimere: AAAH! It feels like someone kicked me in the teeth!
    Mesanna: I guess I am not understainding you, if the town is in Fel why would there be a hub in TraM?
    Winfield: I have a town in Fel.
    [Alliance][Tancred RedStar]: sounds like it will be like a teleporter, not a moongate with a menu
    Winfield: And would like to hub it to Fel and Trammel.
    Mesanna: The teleporter tiles will be here
    EM Vladimere: MAKE IT STOP!
    Winfield: Most of our citizens are in Trammel, but our statehood city is in Felucca.
    Mesanna: going to each town
    Mesanna: Do you have towns in both tram and fel?
    Winfield: I do.
    Mesanna: I do not see a problem then
    Winfield: We have three towns and several outposts.
    Mesanna: would both of your towns be named the same?
    Winfield: 2 towns in Fel, and one in Tokuno
    Mesanna: Are the towns named different?
    Winfield: We are PaxLair Statehood, consisting of PaxLair City Fel, Dragons Watch Fel, and PaxOku Tokuno
    Daria Blackmoore: She means one hub here to all cities i think
    Mesanna: Then you would have 3 banners
    Winfield: So we have three cities to connect and contribute across several facets.
    Mesanna: One for each
    Winfield: *nods*
    Mesanna: each one denoting the name
    Winfield: Each will just teleport back here to Luna? the central hub?
    Mesanna: yes sir
    Winfield: If this is the hub.
    EM Vladimere: You just can't find a good Britannian dentist these days...
    You see: EM Vladimere
    Winfield: So there won't be a hub on Felucca you think?
    Winfield: to get to all cities? So murderers can go around Felucca towns?
    Mesanna: I see your point now
    Winfield: Just something to consider, two hubs to connect all towns.
    Mesanna: for the Fel towns we can have a hub there to link the Fel cities
    Mesanna: and one here
    Mesanna: Is that acceptable to you?
    Winfield: Here linking to all cities, wether in fel or trammel I think is essential.
    EM Vladimere: All the other shards are gonna be jealous that chessy has this and they dont :)
    Winfield: As for a Felucca hub, not really sure yet, other than how to help murderers too.
    Winfield: I will think on this more too. The trammel hub is most important first I think.
    Winfield: Thank you.
    Mesanna: Let me just say I will work with you guys to make sure they are not left out
    Mesanna: an we will work out a way to link all fel cities
    Winfield: My evil Winfield twin appreciates it!
    Winfield: Well, I don't really have a twin.
    Mesanna: who is next guys
    EM Dudley: I saw Teqilla earlier
    EM Dudley: We'll get to everyone in time
    EM Dudley: Tequilla come on down
    Mesanna: please step down
    Mesanna: Hi Te
    TeQuIlLa-: hello
    TeQuIlLa-: i was waundering about fel events
    TeQuIlLa-: we have a ton of reds on chessy
    TeQuIlLa-: and i think that we should have more
    TeQuIlLa-: because they are a ton of fun
    Mesanna: that brings up a good point
    TeQuIlLa-: gettin out there havin huge wars
    EM Vladimere: but if i go around killing everyone i cant come to luna
    Mesanna: I personally love to kill players
    TeQuIlLa-: lol
    Mesanna: I mean have a good fight
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    Mesanna: I will be happy to help in any way I can
    EM Vladimere: *Kal vas kill everyone*
    Mesanna: even if its just lets see who can last longer
    EM Vladimere: opps
    Mesanna: Fel or my monsters I can make =P
    Mesanna: I am kidding of course
    EM Vladimere: *inspects one hit dagger*
    Mesanna: *kinda*
    TeQuIlLa-: sorry
    TeQuIlLa-: uo crashesd
    Mesanna: ack
    TeQuIlLa-: yes
    Mesanna: I am sure if you guys give the EM's your ideas they will be happy to do something
    TeQuIlLa-: ty
    Mesanna: Oh which brings up another subject
    Mesanna: with this system
    Mesanna: also comes what I call the down side
    Mesanna: Invasions
    Tancred RedStar: awesome
    Celestial Knight: dont hide behind me
    Lobonyx: ...
    Mesanna: Monsters
    Daria Blackmoore: Woot
    Celestial Knight: lol
    EM Vladimere: AAAH! It feels like someone kicked me in the teeth!
    Emma Silvermane: wioot!
    You see: EM Vladimere
    Sinhi: Savages kill monsters!
    Darth Oni: i want a nice dragon....
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    Sinthe: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Charles: want me to volunteer vlad?
    Mesanna: they will have your town addresses
    Sinhi: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Grimlar Mithrax: *sharpens his sword*
    whitesnake: thats a downside?
    You see: Reporter
    Darth Oni: silver one for my town!
    Sari-Liane: Is there a dentist in the house?
    Gareth: Sounds good to me.
    Mesanna: and will probably be seen in your towns a bit more than normal
    Darth Oni: oh
    Grimlar Mithrax: *polishes his shield*
    EM Vladimere: Halloween candy got me
    EM Dudley: *cracks knuckles*
    EM Dudley: Muwahhahaha
    Prowler: em vlad?
    whitesnake: Nyx will protect me
    Mesanna: ok who is next?
    Niva the Savage: Baja Robes do that!
    EM Dudley: Gareth
    Niva the Savage: Lots fun!
    Mesanna: Gareth
    Mesanna: Hi
    Gareth: What type of banners will we be able to select?
    Mesanna: well I can make pirate banners
    Mesanna: we have Inside UO?
    Mesanna: then you know what is available
    Allistair: WOOT for Pirate Banners!
    Gareth: Aye.
    Vek the Savage: ((yeah!))
    Grimlar Mithrax: Arrr!
    Mesanna: Lets put it this way
    Sinhi: Savage banner?
    Mesanna: anything within reason
    Gareth: *nods*
    Gareth: One last thing.
    Mesanna: Please don't ask me to dye a color that will make my eyes bleed though
    Gareth: How will you decide what communities get one?
    Vek the Savage: Vek want eye blood banner
    Mesanna: That is why we are here tonight
    Winfield: Good question Gareth, lot's of people wondering.
    EM Dudley: *is keeping a running list of those with questions*
    Mesanna: I will not, WE ARE
    Mesanna: I want your feedback
    Mesanna: You have good ideas, its your shard
    Gareth: *nods*
    Mesanna: I am here to help organize and tell you what is possible
    Gareth: Okay.
    Mesanna: I will say this
    Mesanna: If we put a banner in your town and any player is just griefed there
    Mesanna: you will lose your banner
    Gareth: Good rule.
    Mesanna: everyone here has my email address
    Winfield: *hopes our Felucca towns are not griefed by non-citizens*
    Mesanna: you also have your EM address
    Mesanna: use it
    EM Dudley: Tancred is next
    Mesanna: Was that is Gareth?
    Gareth: Aye
    Gareth: I am not good with big groups.
    Gareth: *smiles* im silent
    Mesanna: Hi Tancred
    Tancred RedStar: thank you for coming and presenting us all this opportunity
    Tancred RedStar: we are all excited, perhaps beyond your understanding
    Mesanna: Your most welcome
    Tancred RedStar: my first question
    EM Dudley: *excuses self a minute...Nyx is up next*
    Tancred RedStar: and I will be short
    Mesanna: one sec please
    Mesanna: Please I beg you to change your text color
    Tancred RedStar: ok
    Tancred RedStar: only cuz it's Mess
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Mesanna: *hugs*
    Tancred RedStar: better?
    Daktari Zinn: lol
    Gizmo: not green
    John Duke: haha
    Daria Blackmoore: lol
    Reporter: Use blue
    Vek the Savage: hrr hrr hrr
    Gizmo: she cant read green
    Reporter: It is the easiest to see in the journal and on scren
    Daria Blackmoore: didnt change
    Celestial Knight: lime green is a nice color >come on lol
    Tatanka: funny
    Mondaine: lol
    CoolHandLuke: .
    Tancred RedStar: there?
    Elijah Cross: same
    Masta Blasta: i think hes colorblind :(
    Grimlar Mithrax: accept it
    EM Dudley: Make sure you hit Apply Tancred
    Tancred RedStar: you know, I'm color blind too
    *Drama of 10 year vet/noob Tancred who can't change his speech color on the fly removed, oy!
    Tancred RedStar: how long we looking at til implementation, a week? 3 months?
    Mesanna: as soon as we come up with the rules I am looking at starting to put down banners in towns
    Mesanna: After we get the banners in towns we will start the hub teleporters to the towns
    Tancred RedStar: would it be possible to make this an event for each player community, amass materials together?
    Tancred RedStar: rather than just *boom* banner/portal appears
    Visago: good idea, like a community project
    Mesanna: I like that idea, Dudley/Vlad?
    Mesanna: Thank you can work with everyone for this
    EM Dudley: Sounds great to me
    EM Vladimere: Agreed
    Mesanna: Sweet
    Tancred RedStar: one of my favorite memories was helping build defenses of Moonglow
    EM Dudley: I'd have to clear it with the Queen though...
    EM Dudley: *winks*
    Grimlar Mithrax: *cheers!!!*
    Tancred RedStar: hides, wood, etc
    EM Vladimere: Wait before we go any further thou
    EM Vladimere: we need to come to a number of houses needed to make the town
    EM Vladimere: and how long it has been in operation
    EM Vladimere: thats to stop someone from buying two or three accounts
    EM Vladimere: saying its a town
    EM Vladimere: and getting a gate
    Mesanna: one sec guys
    EM Vladimere: Also all the houses in that town need their house sign to be the same
    Mesanna: Reporter?
    Reporter: Yes.
    Reporter: I have thought this over several times
    EM Vladimere: thats so we know
    Reporter: And have come to a suggestion for classification as well as denotation of player towns.
    EM Vladimere: thats so we know and the players know
    EM Vladimere: its discussion
    EM Vladimere: ideas thrown out
    EM Vladimere: not in stone
    EM Vladimere: i am sorry if it came that way, i was not trying to make it sound like i was telling
    EM Vladimere: just tossing out things for discussion
    Mesanna: ok Reporter go ahead
    EM Vladimere: brb, door bell
    Reporter: Very well.
    Reporter: I would like to propose a simple classification system
    Reporter: That is dependent upon number of homes
    Reporter: as well as another categorization possibility
    EM Vladimere: those was sugguestions not rules
    Reporter: The first is that the number depends on the name
    Reporter: A village or Hamlet might have 5-10 homes
    Reporter: A town might have 10-20
    Reporter: A city would have 20-30
    Reporter: and a kingdom or empire 30-50, with possibilities ranging higher
    Reporter: if they exist
    Reporter: I would not think that is necessary
    Reporter: However
    Reporter: A mere set of houses is not enough
    Reporter: you must also make it a town, village, or hamlet
    Reporter: Or city
    EM Dudley: *has everyone in the que*
    Reporter: for those whom have a village, one would expect there to be at least a basic stop for travellers
    Reporter: To get drinks, food, and rest their legs
    Reporter: A town would expand upon this
    Reporter: A town should have some center for commerce
    Reporter: Perhaps a market square, or an auction house
    Reporter: A city would have more of what you expect in a true brittanian city
    Reporter: The ability to enjoy entertainment...
    Reporter: Nay, these are things the players should work on, not the EM's/Devs
    Reporter: A playhouse, or perhaps a stage, or a library
    Reporter: A museum
    Reporter: An archive
    Reporter: There should be at least one building
    Reporter: that has administrative offices
    Reporter: all cities have to be run at some level
    Reporter: Without this, can it be a city?
    Reporter: Finally, the kingdom/empire should be very difficult to achieve
    Reporter: It should be necessary to have a jail to incarcerate those who break the laws
    Reporter: Guard towers
    EM Vladimere: we are not gonna set rules to what your city does, thats up to the players and their towns
    Reporter: A courthouse
    Reporter: That is why i am giving many examples
    Reporter: administrative for the savages would be the chiefs hut
    EM Vladimere: its your not ours
    Reporter: A kingdom or empire should have resources that are useful
    Reporter: like a rune library, or a historic building
    Reporter: This should be used if you want in game recognition by the Crown...
    Reporter: If you merely throw a random assortment of homes together
    EM Vladimere: we was here to discuss linking them
    EM Vladimere: not governing them
    Reporter: How can it be said you should be recognize more than any random patch of malas?
    Reporter: This is the problem facing us.
    Reporter: I agree with EM Vlad
    Reporter: The houses should be identifiable in some way
    EM Vladimere: i am done before mesanna stabs me :)
    Reporter: Either the same house sign
    Reporter: Or perhaps the town name after the house name
    Reporter: Or a veteran reward banner
    Reporter: or some other landmark that makes them easily known as belonging to that town
    EM Vladimere: hold for a sec
    Reporter: I disagree with the fact of 'longevity' being a factor
    EM Vladimere: let me see where mesanna got too
    Reporter: Because then you have a large argument to decide about what is long enough
    Reporter: I am offering a suggestion.
    Reporter: My suggestion is that the banners have little requirement
    Mesanna: ok thank you Reporter
    Reporter: other than activity
    Reporter: And proof of township
    Reporter: The others are advanced ideas for true recognition.
    Reporter: I apologize for my longwindedness, and thank you for your patience.
    Mesanna: thank you
    EM Dudley: Nyx is up next
    Nyx: ..
    EM Dudley: Daria is on deck
    Nyx: Hello Mesanna
    Mesanna: Hi Nyx
    Nyx: Recently our guild decided to ask what makes a town a town
    Nyx: Since then our guild and others in the area like whitesnake
    Nyx: have aquired homes near Handes Hostel
    Nyx: which means
    Nyx: we have we working inn and stables
    Nyx: procided by the designers
    Nyx: we also have a post office
    Nyx: town hall
    Nyx: bar
    Nyx: nightclub
    Nyx: auction house
    Nyx: library
    Nyx: the question is what else is there
    Nyx: age?
    Nyx: events
    Mesanna: I ask myself this
    Mesanna: What are we really wanting to do this for, what is the reason for this
    Nyx: Right
    Mesanna: I hope the answer is to bring the shard together
    Mesanna: to give players a simple way to find better vendors
    Nyx: Will there be certain days for events for player towns
    Mesanna: to give them a way to meet other players
    Mesanna: to bring us together
    Nyx: instead of everyone stepping on everyone elses toes
    Nyx: Like sat nights are she auctions
    Mesanna: wait I have more suggestions here
    Nyx: it would be intrusive to hold an event on there night
    EM Vladimere: I have a question for everyone
    Mesanna: I would like to suggestion a reward system for our towns
    Mesanna: We can help the players organize their events
    Nyx: not great for 2nd and 3rd shift persons
    Masta Blasta: ok weedends in the afternoon
    Mesanna: we can put down a table
    Nyx: What type of rewards
    Nyx: town items
    Nyx: or useful things
    Nyx: like a banker
    Mesanna: I was thinking for the towns that do the most for the community
    Mesanna: such as help others, organize events etc
    Mesanna: we can add little things to their towns
    Mesanna: I won't bless a house
    Mesanna: but I would give a fountain
    Mesanna: maybe a stable
    Mesanna: or a bank
    Nyx: very nice
    Prowler: what about plaques handed to people that help events
    Prowler: is a good recognition
    Yoshi: so playing favorites??
    Mesanna: this are only suggestions guys off the top of my head
    Mesanna: no I am not
    Mesanna: here is the kicker
    Mesanna: you guys tell me what towns are doing the most for the shard
    Mesanna: I nor the EM's would do that
    Luna Rossa: what if you are a person that likes to hold things for the shard?
    Mesanna: its all on your shoulders
    Mesanna: define hold things>
    Mesanna: ?
    Tancred RedStar: there needs to be some oversight so the "system" isn't gamed
    Luna Rossa: well for example
    Luna Rossa: before I arrived here
    Luna Rossa: I asked an EM on another shard
    Luna Rossa: if they could help me
    Luna Rossa: as I wanted to set up a maze
    Luna Rossa: for the harvest festival
    Luna Rossa: they said it could not be done
    Luna Rossa: so it can?
    Luna Rossa: or I have held shard tours
    Mesanna: Guys none of the EM's are going to show favoritism but...
    Mesanna: they will help with your events but not by spawning things
    Luna Rossa: ah ok
    Zelda of Zed: ours do
    Luna Rossa: thank you sorry to interject
    Mesanna: they can lock things down but they will delete it afterwards
    Luna Rossa: aye
    Luna Rossa: that was what I was after
    Luna Rossa: or for a scavenger hunt
    Luna Rossa: ok I will wait my turn sorry
    Mesanna: Luna email me or talk to me afterwards
    Luna Rossa: *nods*
    Mesanna: Next
    EM Dudley: Daria
    EM Vladimere: Masta
    EM Vladimere: sry
    EM Dudley: Masta is on deck
    Mesanna: Masta hello
    Masta Blasta: me or daria?
    Daria Blackmoore: Like to say it awesome to see two new towns emerge as these discussions have begun
    Daria Blackmoore: I hope in some way
    Daria Blackmoore: we can extend this to well known single establishments
    Ashlynn: would fulfill that one?
    Daria Blackmoore: such as the fine folks of the SHE auction
    Daria Blackmoore: who do as much for the comm as any of us
    Daria Blackmoore: being a stable in the comm
    Daria Blackmoore: also
    Daria Blackmoore: I cant say we should put a number on the houses to make a town
    Daria Blackmoore: a town
    Daria Blackmoore: some are very small
    Nyx: Mesanna what is your email please.
    Daria Blackmoore: and desrve fair treatment
    Daria Blackmoore: and recongnition
    Daria Blackmoore: I love the idea of having to work a bit for these blessings
    Daria Blackmoore: I think a simple visit to each comm
    Daria Blackmoore: to see for yourselves
    Daria Blackmoore: will help greatly
    Daria Blackmoore: in sizing up the task ahead
    Mesanna: Personal feeling is its not the amount of houses that matters
    Daria Blackmoore: *nods*
    Daria Blackmoore: that is all i think
    Daria Blackmoore: :}
    Reporter: I must personally say that I disagree with blessings being given based on player reccomendation;
    Mesanna: I will not say you can not be recognized just because your in one house
    Reporter: This seems like an easy way to set it up as popularity contest.
    Daria Blackmoore: Aye it could eaily go either way Rep
    Daria Blackmoore: We dont want that
    EM Vladimere: no matter what happens some will be happy and some will be mad
    Daria Blackmoore: Thank you
    EM Dudley: Masta is up
    Masta Blasta: ok i have a few questions
    Mesanna: go ahead Masta
    Masta Blasta: first is about player towns
    Masta Blasta: myself and a few others own houses along the road at britain crossroads in felucca
    Masta Blasta: we have about 8 or 9 houses along the road, would it be possible to make that a player town?
    Mesanna: why wouldn't it?
    Sari-Liane: Are they public and for the benefit of all players?
    Masta Blasta: i dunno just asking, how would it get started?
    Masta Blasta: like would one of the ems have to set it up or something
    Masta Blasta: or does everyone need to agree that it should be a player town
    Mesanna: I will be setting up all banners etc
    Masta Blasta: ok
    Mesanna: I would be adding your town names to them
    Masta Blasta: another question is
    EM Dudley: *has Lza and Ozog in the que"*
    Masta Blasta: is you own a house in part of a player town, are you forced to be part of that town?
    Ozog Giantfart: *grins*
    Daria Blackmoore: Wouldnt think so
    EM Vladimere: no
    EM Vladimere: can i be the tax man :)
    EM Dudley: *has Gunga, adds Vis*
    Reporter: To interject, is your concern masta about the supposed downside of the towns?
    Mesanna: Not here to force anyone to do anything
    Mesanna: but
    Mesanna: would be nice if all the houses had the same banners in their houses that is being displayed
    Mesanna: as the town banner
    Masta Blasta: ok and finally, i would suggest events to be monday thru thursday evening and weekend afternoons
    Masta Blasta: :)
    Masta Blasta: thank you
    Mesanna: thank you Masta
    Mesanna: Next?
    EM Dudley: Luna was next
    Luna Rossa: thank you
    Mesanna: Luna?
    Luna Rossa: I want to ask
    Luna Rossa: what about player cities that are in close paroximity to each other?
    Luna Rossa: Will they both be able to get a banner and link from the Luna fairground?
    Mesanna: yes they will
    Luna Rossa: ok thank you
    Mesanna: your welcome
    Mesanna: Next Dudley
    EM Dudley: Gunga
    Mesanna: Gunga hello
    Gunga Din: yes
    Gunga Din: i have just a small village in ter mur
    Gunga Din: if u feel that is too small
    Gunga Din: i would join a larger group
    Gunga Din: to participate
    Gunga Din: do u think thats the right move
    Mesanna: do you plan on supporting your shard?
    Gunga Din: yes
    Gunga Din: i'd give up my ter mur setup
    Gunga Din: to contribute to the shard
    Mesanna: do you plan on showing respect to the players that visit your town?
    Gunga Din: aye
    Mesanna: then you should be fine as you are
    Gunga Din: i thank thee
    Gunga Din: but if i feel
    Mesanna: Your most welcome
    Gunga Din: i can do more good
    Gunga Din: in a larger town
    Gunga Din: i would do it
    Mesanna: That will be your choice and we will merge the banners at that time
    Gunga Din: aye
    Mesanna: You will always have the option
    Gunga Din: i will have to consider
    Gunga Din: which choice is more helpful to the shard
    EM Dudley: *has Laz in Que...adds Winfield*
    Gunga Din: and this ida
    Gunga Din: idea
    Gunga Din: thats all thx
    Mesanna: I am sure you will make a good one
    Mesanna: Dudley
    EM Dudley: Next is...
    EM Dudley: *tries to read writing*
    Mesanna: lol
    EM Dudley: Glowron Dukrat?
    Mesanna: Glowron hello
    Grimlar Mithrax: Gowron Dukat
    EM Dudley: Yea!
    EM Dudley: That one!
    EM Dudley: *wipes chocolate stains off pad*
    CoolHandLuke: he left
    Grimlar Mithrax: indeed
    EM Dudley: Next is Zelda of Zed if he left
    EM Vladimere: she
    John Duke: zelda is here
    John Duke: zelda
    Zelda of Zed: greetings
    EM Dudley: *Char is in the que*
    Zelda of Zed: first i want to thank you for you time
    Zelda of Zed: tonight
    Zelda of Zed: i have been a pain in the !!! for the ems the last few weeks
    Mesanna: I am sorry to hear that
    Zelda of Zed: and that is because i see something i feel needs to be chnged
    Zelda of Zed: but was not sure how to change it
    Zelda of Zed: so i am very happy to see that you having given up your time
    Zelda of Zed: to be with us tonight
    Zelda of Zed: my big issue was the way that Cheesy was being ignored
    Zelda of Zed: we all looked at what the other shards got
    Zelda of Zed: and felt like we were left out
    Zelda of Zed: when we felt we needed to say something
    Zelda of Zed: and i will admit
    Zelda of Zed: sometimes i didn not have the tact i should have
    Zelda of Zed: and for that i am sorry to any one I hurt or offeend
    Zelda of Zed: i have myself given alot to the community and felt we were left out
    Zelda of Zed: and that lead to some of my rudeness
    Zelda of Zed: so........
    Zelda of Zed: with that said
    Zelda of Zed: i hope in the future we will be able to talk to the ems and deal with isssues
    Zelda of Zed: without scarsim.. from them...
    Tancred RedStar: I do not agree
    Zelda of Zed: or others.. when someone feels. they are getting the short end of the stick
    Vek the Savage: Vek like ems
    Zelda of Zed: so with that said... i very much hope that what you are doing will work
    Zelda of Zed: and that there is better chatter between all of us
    Mesanna: Thank you Zelda
    Zelda of Zed: and not just name calling or bs... it is great what you are doing with the city run towns...
    Mesanna: I want to say this to all of you
    Mesanna: The EM's do work hard for their shards, its really hard to please everyone
    Mesanna: and they are human
    Zelda of Zed: but the ems have not tried on this shard hun
    Phoenix: *claps*
    Mesanna: they work long hours and I don't pay them well =P
    Exavior: their human?????
    Zelda of Zed: that is the problem
    Tancred RedStar: bs
    CharGar: but they have!
    EM Dudley: *resents that comment*
    Darth Oni: *chuckles*
    Visago: ummm.... they can hear you...
    Phoenix: They have
    NANOC: *claps for the EM's*
    Gareth: What?
    CharGar: they have done lots!
    Tancred RedStar: they work hard and they do a good job
    John Duke: I disagree Zelda
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    CharGar: cheers for ems!
    CharGar: cheers for ems!
    CharGar: cheers for ems!
    Se'an Silverfoot: Thats bull
    Reporter: I'm fairly certain that despite your aspersions cast on them
    Grimlar Mithrax: *cheers for the EMs*
    Gareth: The Ems do work hard.
    Phoenix: *claps loudly for our EM's*
    Celestial Knight: uhm
    Visago: arn't we suppose to be talking about houses?
    Reporter: That Chesapeake sits firmly along the top of the middle of the line
    Sinhi: Are linking communities on chessy not enough of a reward?
    Reporter: for both events and rewards
    Reporter: While those on the low end
    EM Vladimere: u have no idea what goes on to make events or the prep involved
    Reporter: Siege, Catskills, Sonoma
    Celestial Knight: okay let Zelda finish
    Zelda of Zed: see its is cool if we are a linked town we have more then just the auction house
    Visago: this is disrailing the meeting
    EM Vladimere: many hours spent off line
    Prowler: could we all please refrain from speaking and let the ems answer this issue
    Mesanna: I would hope if you have a problem you would be able to talk it out
    Zelda of Zed: what happed to the events this week
    Mesanna: if you can't then contact me
    Mesanna: ok ok oj
    Zelda of Zed: they didnt happen
    Mesanna: This is not the place for this
    Zelda of Zed: just like always
    Phoenix: It is tomorrow night Zelda
    Mesanna: We are here to talk avout towns
    Phoenix: 8pm
    Celestial Knight: Zelda is talking about it right now
    Celestial Knight: >
    Tancred RedStar: hear hear
    Zelda of Zed: i thought we were here to talk about this
    Mesanna: I appreciate what you have to say Zelda
    Zelda of Zed: i guess i was wrong.. thanks for your time
    Mesanna: and I am not dismissing you
    Mesanna: or your concerns
    Phoenix: Aye Daria in Fel facet
    Celestial Knight: shake's head
    Mesanna: but lets address that at another time please
    Celestial Knight: :(
    Mesanna: Thank you Zelda
    EM Dudley: Angus is next
    Mesanna: Dudley Next
    Tancred RedStar: Vlad and Dudley do a great job IMO
    Mesanna: Hello angus
    Zelda of Zed: yup... always later that is what we have gotten for months
    Zelda of Zed: thanks Mesanna
    Se'an Silverfoot: **claps**
    Gareth: The garden contest still going on till 15th
    Zelda of Zed: i guess you tried
    Jack: We, the SHE Guild hold events that are often as well or better attended than EM events
    Daria Blackmoore: Angus had to log :{
    Celestial Knight: later mean's >>sweep it under the carpet
    EM Dudley: Ozog is up if Angus left
    Phoenix: *raises hand*
    EM Dudley: Lazarus is on deck
    Jack: I find the implication that we, the player base, does not know how to hold an event offensive
    Mesanna: Ok I love your name!
    Jack: WE do it all the time
    Ozog Giantfart: If Ozog work real hard for a player town
    EM Vladimere: No Ice Cream!
    Ozog Giantfart: can he have an ice cream shop instead of stables?
    Baby Bear: town of grimlens
    CharGar: rofl
    Niva the Savage: Hrr! Hrr!
    Gareth: hehehe
    CharGar: eheh
    Sari-Liane: LOL
    Darth Oni: *chuckles*
    EM Vladimere: lol
    Sinthe: hrr hrr
    Celestial Knight: HAHAH
    CharGar: rofl
    Daria Blackmoore: *grins*
    Sinhi: hrr hrr
    Mesanna: *busts out laughing*
    Yoshi: lol
    Lobonyx: :O
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    CHAT LOG 2

    Jack: And SHE is not the only group that holds events, RBG, Pax statehood
    Jack: they do it too
    Mesanna: I am sorry
    Mesanna: sure!
    CharGar: WHOOOHOOOO!
    Ozog Giantfart: yipeee
    Phoenix: *claps*
    Darth Oni: woot
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Sinthe: So village too
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    CharGar: eya!!!!!
    Ozog Giantfart: *jumps up and down*
    Sinhi: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Mesanna: I will make you a candy shop
    CharGar: chears!
    Niva the Savage: Small Big-Ears!
    Gareth: I want icecream
    Celestial Knight: tomany auction's..one per shard plz
    Grimlar Mithrax: *chuckles*
    CharGar: not candy
    CharGar: ice cream
    Ozog Giantfart: ice crream
    Baby Bear: lol
    Dareth Vor'Cere: you go ozog!
    Sinhi: Sinhi want orc stew hut!
    Mesanna: ok ok ice cream
    CharGar: rofl
    Darth Oni: *chuckles*
    Ozog Giantfart: yipee
    EM Vladimere: What!!
    Mesanna: God he is just so cute
    Masta Blasta: 1 auction per shard? there was like 9 a week at one time
    Mesanna: how could I say no
    Angelica: lol
    Ozog Giantfart: *stick toughre at Vald*
    Grimlar Mithrax: hehe
    EM Vladimere: Easy
    EM Vladimere: watch
    EM Dudley: *chuckles*
    EM Vladimere: NO!!
    Celestial Knight: Ouch
    EM Vladimere: NO!!
    Ozog Giantfart: *bites*
    EM Vladimere: NO!!
    Ozog Giantfart: *bites*
    EM Dudley: Lazarus is up
    EM Vladimere: lol
    Elijah Cross: *laughs*
    Vek the Savage: ooo
    Mesanna: Hello Lazarus
    Yoshi: Ozog....you get ice cream!
    Lazarus: good evening
    Mesanna: Good evening
    Lazarus: Now as for the towns I have a few part question
    Prowler: please put me on the docket to speak please
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    Lazarus: First how many screens is going to be a question we have houses in our town
    Lazarus: that is a few screens off
    Lazarus: is there going to be a limit?
    Mesanna: You would have to come up with a location for your banner
    Lazarus: ok we have an Idea of were it will be
    Phoenix: Dudley am I in q?
    Lazarus: Now secondly
    Lazarus: as for town events
    Lazarus: I don't know the limit to your powers as GM but we hold an ester egg hunt every easter
    Lazarus: Now to kill rabits got the colored eggs is a pain for the guild so to hold it
    Mesanna: Ok First
    CharGar: shes a dev not a gm.
    Lazarus: for an event
    Mesanna: I am NOT a GM hun
    CharGar: ROFL
    EM Dudley: *snickers*
    CharGar: hehe
    Lazarus: could you all place a dye tub for the eggs
    Mesanna: sorry
    CharGar: i caught that one too
    Lazarus: ?
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Mesanna: You mean an easter egg hunt like we had this year?
    Mesanna: or are you talking about something different
    Lazarus: yeah if we would like to do the even one time
    Lazarus: so we could bye eggs from a vender and dye them
    EM Dudley: *Vis is up next*
    Mesanna: hrm
    Mesanna: oh that gives me a good idea
    Mesanna: for a easter gift
    Mesanna: egg dyes
    Mesanna: yes!
    Darth Oni: woot
    Niva the Savage: *is suddenly very scared*
    Celestial Knight: lol
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    Luna Rossa: I like it!
    Mesanna: Not a bad idea really
    Sinhi: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Darth Oni: *cant wait for eastern now*
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    Gareth: Or convert paintbrushes to paint eggs heh Make a use for em.
    Lazarus: aand lastly ....as to conecting the towns...
    Mesanna: true
    Lazarus: my suggestion is to put a guild town facet on the moon gates
    Lazarus: like ter mer was added add a slot for guild towns
    Lazarus: that are conected to the banners
    Lazarus: that way the guild towns are connected to all the towns
    Lazarus: thank you for your time
    EM Dudley: Sari is up next
    Mesanna: thank you Lazarus
    Mesanna: Hello Sari
    EM Dudley: Sari-Lane?
    EM Dudley: Sari-Liane
    Sari-Liane: Ohh sorry was half asleep lol
    Sari-Liane: Its nearly 4am here
    Mesanna: wow
    Darth Oni: by me 5 am!
    Sari-Liane: Hehe Just moved from Europa
    Sari-Liane: Ok.. here's what i've been wondering
    Sari-Liane: What constitutes as a player town?
    Sari-Liane: Alot has been spoken about this and that with groups of houses
    Daria Blackmoore: ice cream truck ran by
    Sari-Liane: But there has been no real... confirmation about what the basics are
    Mesanna: No there hasn't
    Sari-Liane: IE.. Houses being public, of benefit to those around, crafters + townspeople being avaliable
    Sari-Liane: to well.. do what they do like at brit smithy years ago
    EM Vladimere: Vendors being stocked :)
    Sari-Liane: A good feel of community
    Sari-Liane: LOL exactly
    Sari-Liane: Too often I run around places and 'town's that are empty of anyone
    Sari-Liane: and this is during prime time
    Sari-Liane: That is not a town... its houses clumped together
    Mesanna: I would say first off you have to be an active player
    Sari-Liane: If any player run area is to gain regonition
    Sari-Liane: then it must be worthwhile them having it
    Sari-Liane: *nods*
    Gunga Din: too many people hangout at the bank
    EM Vladimere: Bank = Safe Haven :)
    Sari-Liane: Exactly
    Mesanna: Banks are easy to find players at
    Sari-Liane: for instance in the village i've just moved into
    Sari-Liane: I'm often running around as is others
    Sari-Liane: and if anyone comes though being chased by a tuski wolf (sp??) was chasing them
    Sari-Liane: we'ld go out and help him
    Niva the Savage: Hard numbers bad!
    Sari-Liane: At the end of the day...
    Sari-Liane: It has to be about community
    Sari-Liane: one house
    Sari-Liane: or 100
    Sari-Liane: dosnt matter
    Mesanna: I agree
    Sari-Liane: Its community
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    Gareth: *Claps*
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    Sinhi: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Gunga Din: agree
    Sinthe: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Sari-Liane: *grins*
    Sari-Liane: I'll shut me trap now
    Mesanna: You have good points
    Mesanna: thank you
    Sinhi: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Luna Rossa: *applauds*
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Sari-Liane: *Bows*
    Sari-Liane: thank you for your time Mesanna *grins*
    EM Dudley: Exavior is up, Char on deck, Sinhi in the hold
    EM Dudley: err Hole even
    Mesanna: Good night Dartari
    Phoenix: Did you get me Dudley?
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    Mesanna: Hello Exavior
    Gunga Din: In the past, many of the best community areas were single establishments
    Winfield: Get me too Dudley?
    Exavior: alot of my questions have been answered
    EM Dudley: *ndos*
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    Exavior: but my consern is for the newbees
    Exavior: is there a safe gaurd spot that can be put in town neer banner
    Mesanna: as in how do we include new players?
    Exavior: or a rez spot
    Mesanna: ahh how do we protec them
    Sari-Liane: Use the community!!
    Angelica: with player run guards
    CharGar: we dont
    EM Vladimere: Newbs not allowed in Fell
    Exavior: if we the vets are not there
    CharGar: newbies die
    Gareth: player run guards?
    Exavior: to help
    CharGar: rofl
    Celestial Knight: yea red's in fel made sure young player's can't go to fel
    Elijah Cross: Live and learn as in the days of old?
    CharGar: exactly
    Masta Blasta: amen !
    Mesanna: well lets evaluate the towns seperately
    Mesanna: I really don't have an answer right now
    Exavior: ok
    Exavior: and
    Exavior: the grieving in town i understand
    Nyx: maybe something like faction guards that the towns could purchase for x amount of gold a week
    Exavior: but what if others come to your town and grieve you
    Exavior: maybe have some whay that a town can work for rewards to better the town?
    Mesanna: well I know what I would love to say =)
    Arin: say it
    Gareth: death to em all? heh
    Mesanna: but I will just say this, no matter what we are always going to have players
    Exavior: that would be a way for a community to work together to benifit others
    Mesanna: some players live to grief
    Prowler: dont flap yap and u dont get ur fel house camped
    Masta Blasta: griefers help make the game, dont hate them :)
    EM Vladimere: so do PK :)
    Mesanna: guards would require publishes
    Exavior: ok i am done thank you for your time
    EM Dudley: Char
    Mesanna: we do have some restrictions as to what we can do without coding and publishes
    EM Vladimere: be nice Char :)
    CharGar: i will try
    CharGar: :)
    Mesanna: Hello Char
    CharGar: ty for ur time
    CharGar: i will try to be brief
    CharGar: ever since the discussion of player towns has started
    CharGar: i betcha at least 10 new player run towns have started up
    CharGar: within the last month
    CharGar: we need to establish
    CharGar: guidelines
    CharGar: so that player towns are not coming and going
    Tancred RedStar: hear hear
    CharGar: i dont have one
    CharGar: but from what i hear tonite
    CharGar: my few houses on horseshoe island
    Celestial Knight: player's come and go..lost u'r job there u go
    CharGar: could be a player town
    Phoenix: *nods*
    CharGar: and get a banner and teleporter
    CharGar: we need to avoid this
    CharGar: to not cause problems in the future
    CharGar: this is my opinion
    CharGar: of course
    CharGar: but throwing it out htere
    CharGar: we had a handful of towns
    CharGar: uptill the last month
    CharGar: now we have 100
    CharGar: exagerated of course
    Phoenix: *chuckles*
    Mesanna: of course
    CharGar: eheh
    CharGar: but htats what has been happening
    CharGar: and would just like to see some strong guidelines
    Mesanna: ok so what about something like this
    CharGar: as to how it hgets implemented
    Phoenix: *claps*
    Tancred RedStar: *claps*
    Ozog Giantfart: *claps*
    Mesanna: banners are a dime a dozen
    Allistair: *claps*
    Mesanna: but you have to earn the teleporters
    Dylan Drakeswind: *nods*
    CharGar: that sounds wonderful!
    Tancred RedStar: *claps*
    Vek the Savage: (not bad)
    CharGar: CHEERS!
    Gunga Din: i like that as well
    Ozog Giantfart: and ice cream shop
    Prowler: em massana
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    Prowler: if i may
    Dareth Vor'Cere: *cheers*
    Lobonyx: I like that :)
    Prowler: i think my question
    Sofie: i vote for the ice cream :)
    Prowler: would defenitly
    CharGar: lastly
    Prowler: answer that
    CharGar: this has nothing to do wiht houses
    CharGar: but i have ur ear
    CharGar: hehe
    Mesanna: =)
    Phoenix: Give it back Char
    EM Vladimere: she has a dagger
    CharGar: do the battle lizards change into somehting else or not
    CharGar: :)
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    CharGar: i gotta know!
    Gareth: heh
    Dareth Vor'Cere: ;p;
    Dareth Vor'Cere: lol
    Mesanna: no they don't
    NANOC: :)
    CharGar: that was mentioned in beta
    Tancred RedStar: aww
    CharGar: ok..whew
    John Duke: dissappoint
    CharGar: now i can stop working my butt off on them
    Dareth Vor'Cere: aww we wanted a teradactyle out of them
    CharGar: :)
    Ozog Giantfart: can't eat thier eggs either
    Phoenix: *giggles*
    Dareth Vor'Cere: when they grew up
    CharGar: ty for ur time
    CharGar: its late
    Phoenix: and dropping them in haven
    NANOC: :)
    CoolHandLuke: omlets
    CharGar: i like the idea of banners and earning teleporters
    Sari-Liane: I am off to bed.. G'night all!
    Dareth Vor'Cere: night sari
    Shayna: night
    Exavior: this isn't like pokemon battle chickens
    EM Dudley: Sinhi is up
    Daria Blackmoore: hehe
    Sinhi: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Sari-Liane: *Grins*
    Sinthe: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    EM Dudley: Winfield, Phoneix, Prowler, then Tancred
    Celestial Knight: why have a teleporter>>we all have runebook's ?
    Rivi Ravenwynd: did u get me dudly
    EM Dudley: then Rivi
    EM Dudley: *grins*
    Sinhi: You like orcs or savages more?!
    Rivi Ravenwynd: :)
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Gareth: hehehe
    Yoshi: *raises hand dudley*
    Mesanna: Hello Winfield
    Mesanna: oops
    Mesanna: who is up?
    Gunga Din: u smell
    Sinhi: Sinhi up!
    Mesanna: Hi Sinhi
    Sinthe: oooo
    Mesanna: sorry
    Sinhi: Sinhi have more question.
    EM Dudley: *has Vis*
    Visago: Dudley, am I in the que?
    Sinhi: OOC for right now.
    Visago: *smiles*
    Tancred RedStar: noooo!
    Sinhi: How will the communities show support for their shard?
    Sinhi: As you said you will support youre shard?
    John Duke: don't listen to savages
    Niva the Savage: *growls at Orc Slave!*
    Vek the Savage: *stares at duke*
    Vek the Savage: *sniffs*
    John Duke: wating n your taxreturn Niva
    Mesanna: I came here tonight to hear your ideas honestly, ....
    Mesanna: I wanted to tell you guys what I am willing to do for the shard
    Mesanna: as far as supporting the shard
    Mesanna: I feel if you want a player town you should do events, have auction houses, or...
    Mesanna: a nice vendor mall
    Mesanna: or a nice bar to gather in
    Mesanna: there are so many different ways
    Mesanna: Thanks Exavior =P
    Sinhi: Another question.
    Sinhi: Those you give banners to. How will they show support for their in your mind?
    Sinhi: oops
    Sinhi: wrong question.
    Sinhi: The archways,. Is it possible for our village to have tokuno walls?
    Mesanna: of course I just built that one as a quick example
    Sinhi: *nods* Just wanted to be sure on that.
    Sinhi: To promote running into people. I thought it would be a good idea to
    Sinhi: lock down benches on the roads. Some may stop to chit chat.
    Sinhi: That is all. *smiles*
    Mesanna: Thats not out of the question
    EM Vladimere: humie pit stop
    Sinhi: *nods*
    Mesanna: maybe make a lemonaide stand *grins*
    Sinhi: hrr hrr
    Sinhi: Thank you for you're time Mesanna.
    Dareth Vor'Cere: Ozog could have a ice cream stand
    EM Vladimere: why not, you doing a ice cream
    Daria Blackmoore: ice cream stand even for the lil one
    EM Vladimere: lol
    Daria Blackmoore: lol
    Sinhi: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Mesanna: Your very welcome
    Sinthe: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    EM Dudley: Visago
    EM Dudley: You are next
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    Winfield: *cheers for Visago!*
    Visago: thank you
    Masta Blasta: i have a question
    Mesanna: hi Visago
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    NANOC: *claps*
    John Duke: yay visago
    Visago: I have a couple questions
    Gunga Din: EM Dudley, may i Que again?
    Dareth Vor'Cere: Kal Ort Por - Recall
    Visago: and a few suggestions too
    Mesanna: wait
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    Mesanna: Please change your color
    Visago: *nod*
    Gunga Din: danke
    Prowler: em dudlye
    Visago: k
    Phoenix: hmm
    EM Dudley: ?
    Mesanna: I am sorry
    Prowler: whats the line up again?
    Exavior: does a developer ever get a potty break?
    EM Vladimere: yello
    Gareth: Dont you get uninon breaks Dudley? heh
    John Duke: pink visago
    EM Vladimere: :)
    John Duke: pink
    EM Dudley: Winfield is on deck, Phoenix is in the hole
    Mesanna: Your cute
    EM Vladimere: Laptop in the bathroom hooked to wireless :)
    Visago: is this ok?
    Visago: i think its the same
    Se'an Silverfoot: *chuckles*
    John Duke: same
    Phoenix: *stomps foot*
    EM Dudley: Slide the brightness bar all the way to the right
    Phoenix: he is long winded can I go before him
    EM Dudley: And select a color other than green
    EM Dudley: Will show up light on screen
    Visago: hows this
    EM Dudley: And dark in journal
    EM Dudley: make sure you hit Apply
    Visago: aye, did
    EM Dudley: Make sure you pick the eyeball tab, scroll to the bottom
    Visago: lkj
    Visago: its "my text color" right?
    EM Vladimere: yes
    EM Vladimere: eyeball, speech color
    EM Dudley: *shrugs*
    EM Vladimere: not text
    Visago: test
    Visago: got it
    Visago: thanks!
    Visago: its been years...
    EM Vladimere: :)
    Visago: :)
    Mesanna: thank you
    Visago: sorry about that
    Visago: my first question, how would you like the community to communicate what it decides a player town
    Visago: is
    Visago: is
    Visago: is
    Visago: woops
    Visago: hit the speach limit :)
    Mesanna: well you can do one of several things
    Mesanna: you can pick a speaker
    Mesanna: and I can return to hear your choices
    Mesanna: or you can email me
    Visago: do you have a time line for this? I'd hate us to miss the boat
    Mesanna: or you can tell your EM's and they can rely they information
    Mesanna: no I will not put a time line on this
    Mesanna: you will not miss the boat
    Visago: excellent
    Mesanna: I will make time to do this
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    Tancred RedStar: *claps*
    Sinhi: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Se'an Silverfoot: Thank you!
    Darth Oni: *cheers*
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Visago: another question is, how will towns be removed from the system if they should fail
    Se'an Silverfoot: **claps**
    Mesanna: Tancred you changed your text!
    Tancred RedStar: just for you
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Mesanna: Congrats
    Mesanna: thank you!
    Mesanna: you rock
    Gunga Din: i think we are all missing the pt
    EM Vladimere: we need to get them started before we worry about removeing them
    Mesanna: what do you mean Gunga
    Visago: true, but its easier to have a framework then to work it in later
    Gunga Din: i'm running my tavern not for a teleporter
    Gunga Din: we are not trying for teleporters
    Gunga Din: i think, blessings or towns and single establisments
    EM Dudley: May I speak for a moment?
    Gunga Din: would be more helpful
    Gunga Din: if you are here for a teleporter
    Gunga Din: you are missing
    Gunga Din: the point of the community
    EM Dudley: *looks to Visago*
    Tancred RedStar: true dat
    EM Vladimere: remember this is a 1st time ever happening, we need to take one step at a time
    EM Dudley: You have the floor sir, may I interject?
    Gunga Din: aye
    Visago: sure, if your asking me :)
    EM Dudley: Thankee
    EM Dudley: There's been a lot of discussion about what a town is, or how we shall define them
    EM Dudley: How we will know which towns are which
    EM Dudley: Who will get the teleporters and so on and so forth
    EM Dudley: And one of the resounding answers to that question
    EM Dudley: Is that this is your shard
    EM Dudley: And we wish for YOU to decide that based on the decsions made by those involved
    EM Dudley: I would be more than anxious to develop a scenario in which the Crown recognizes these towns
    EM Dudley: Developso a registry
    EM Dudley: After all, this is a Roleplaying game
    Tancred RedStar: do it!
    Se'an Silverfoot: **claps**
    Niva the Savage: Even orcs know cities!
    EM Dudley: And while we are discussing out of character mechanics this evening
    Allistair: Here here!
    Niva the Savage: Paxlair!
    EM Dudley: I am very much for handling this IN character
    Tancred RedStar: erm, we're not *all* RP'ers tho
    Niva the Savage: GG!
    Masta Blasta: we dont take kindly to role players ! :D
    Niva the Savage: Silverdale!
    EM Dudley: That is true Tancred
    Darth Oni: no
    Tancred RedStar: I'm kind of RP-lite
    Darth Oni: silvervale
    Niva the Savage: Glyenfield!
    EM Dudley: Not everyone is a Roleplayer to the direct meaning of the word
    Masta Blasta: lol
    Niva the Savage: Village
    EM Dudley: However, every one fulfills some role in the community
    Allistair: but a community is a bunch of roles that play together
    EM Dudley: And that is what we are trying to support and promote
    Se'an Silverfoot: **claps**
    Niva the Savage: Dragon's Watch!
    Tancred RedStar: we gonna nominate a village idiot then?
    Tancred RedStar: hehe
    Gareth: Ill be it!
    EM Dudley: *chuckles*
    Lobonyx: *wry smile*
    EM Vladimere: where did the troll get too
    Yoshi: Still missing the point of this
    EM Vladimere: lol
    Gareth: Winfield is alive again
    EM Dudley: All I wanted to add
    EM Dudley: Carry on Visago
    Visago: In regards to my question, I meant it in the sense of mechanics,
    Visago: as you mentioned Dudley
    Visago: we have had towns fail on the shard before
    Visago: I wouldn't want gates or what not scattered through out the land
    Visago: or people fighting over them as idocs
    Visago: our critieas will dictate
    Visago: if a town stands or falls
    Visago: of course
    Gunga Din: great pt
    Visago: however, in regards to what makes a town a town
    Visago: I would suggest that focus be given to the events
    Visago: they are what bring people together
    Visago: not buildings
    Gunga Din: well said
    Visago: I own 4 buildings in one spot, and nobody visits me :)
    Visago: thank you for your time EM's, Mesanna
    Gareth: Events held in the town or can they be outside of the town Vis?
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    Visago: I believe events can be held anywhere
    Phoenix: *claps*
    Visago: if they are in the name of the town/group
    Visago: what does it matter
    Gareth: *nods*
    Visago: towns give focus
    Lobonyx: *clap*
    Visago: events give life
    Visago: and community
    Gareth: unless you die at the event :)
    Tancred RedStar: well said
    NANOC: *claps*
    Darth Oni: *cheers*
    Sinhi: hrr hrr
    Gareth: *Claps*
    Visago: I die at my events all the time, hehe
    Gareth: hehe
    EM Dudley: Winfield is up next
    Elijah Cross: Wow, so philosophic
    Tancred RedStar: someone poke Winfield awake
    Gareth: Winfield sent me some questions
    Gareth: HE is having trouble logging in.
    Mesanna: If your doing this for personal gain then your doing it for the wrong reason
    EM Dudley: Ok
    NANOC: *claps*
    Gunga Din: That was my point heh
    Gunga Din: u said it better
    Gareth: I wanted to ask ... there are already some towns ready to proceed, have been around for years,
    Gareth: ready for tours to show EMs, have been involved in community, etc. etc. What do we do next? D
    Allistair: *claps*
    Gareth: Do we reach the EMs to get banners and teleporters to start the ideas rolling? See what works?
    Gareth: Do we email the EMs with ideas? Which EM? To help define ideas to select towns for these 'rew
    You see: Winfield [Pax]
    Tancred RedStar: there he is
    Gareth: Now he back ehhe :)
    John Duke: he is asking your question
    Gareth: Winfield has many questins within questions ehhe
    Winfield: I am back.
    Darth Oni: wb
    John Duke: go down
    John Duke: quick old man
    Gareth: Cmon down'
    John Duke: speech time
    John Duke: yay
    Mesanna: Lets start with banners, I believe Dudley has a really good idea to earn the teleporters
    Niva the Savage: Orc Slave not get paper from Niva!
    Allistair: agreed
    CharGar: CHEERS!
    Mesanna: schedule your banners with Dudley and Vlad
    Gareth: Dudley gonna make us bake cookies for em isnt he? *smiles*
    Daria Blackmoore: lol
    NANOC: :)
    EM Dudley: You'll have to satisfy the Crown
    Mesanna: they will send me locations and I will come place them
    Gareth: *nods*
    Tancred RedStar: We knew Casca was crooked all along!
    Mesanna: Be nice to Dudley
    CharGar: dudley took cookies from casca
    CharGar: :)
    Kagome: ..
    EM Dudley: They were delcious!
    Mesanna: lol
    CharGar: heeh
    NANOC: :)
    EM Dudley: Phoenix is next if WInfield is finished
    Exavior: if there is any town out there who did not start for personal gain toss the first stone
    EM Vladimere: That is not a flac jacket but really a corset in desguise
    Winfield: I have my answer to the "how to get started"
    Winfield: But have one other question.
    Prowler: i dont throw stones i park a boulder in ur yard
    Winfield: How should we continue to discuss this? Throw out suggestions, our experiences with towns, etc.?
    Winfield: On the UO Forums? On Stratics? The threads that are under way now?
    Winfield: *listens*
    Daria Blackmoore: Can always use our HoC
    EM Vladimere: sofe try again
    Winfield: HOC for weekly ideas is great idea.
    EM Dudley: We can always have special Commons workshops
    Mesanna: yes it is
    Winfield: I like the idea of workshops too.
    Nyx: but not for persons on a 3rd shift schedule
    Winfield: In the realm.
    Exavior: prowler i expect a boulder in the yard when i get home
    Winfield: Thank you, I am finished.
    Daria Blackmoore: Haha
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    Tancred RedStar: *claps*
    Winfield: Great effort! Thanks!
    Gareth: *Claps*
    Allistair: *claps*
    Yoshi: *claps*
    Exavior: 3 i want 4
    Phoenix: Greetings
    Mesanna: Hi Phoenix
    Exavior: boulder storm?
    Phoenix: First I want to thank you, Dudley and Vlad for all your work
    Phoenix: Thank you also for the banners
    EM Vladimere: Thank you for the kind words
    Phoenix: they have been suggested at many townhall meetings
    Phoenix: and I am glad you still have your notes
    Phoenix: *grins*
    Mesanna: lol
    Phoenix: I would like to make a suggestion if possible as this is about community
    Phoenix: Possibly we could have an event announcer at the hub
    Gareth: [email protected]
    Phoenix: that you could use keywords such as Guardian Gate
    CharGar: nice idea
    Phoenix: announcer would say Archer competion Dec 5th 9p
    Phoenix: So we do not need to drop runes or books
    Phoenix: but can get the word out
    Phoenix: I dont know how much work this would involve but a suggestion
    Phoenix: Thank you
    Phoenix: dont want to add more work as I enjoy the storylines the em provide us
    Mesanna: sooo how about you guys just being able to place books with event schedules for the week
    Mesanna: down by your banners?
    Phoenix: *nods*
    Phoenix: that would work or monthly
    Mesanna: these can be locked down by the EM's pretty easy
    Phoenix: *nods*
    Mesanna: yep
    Phoenix: would also let us make sure we do not step on another event
    Tancred RedStar: that is a big issue
    Mesanna: exactly
    Phoenix: Thank you very much again for your time
    Gareth: *Claps*
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    CharGar: cheers
    Darth Oni: *cheers*
    NANOC: *claps*
    Yoshi: *claps*
    Prowler: me now dudley
    Exavior: how about a bank message board?
    Allistair: great
    Mesanna: your welcome
    Prowler: ?
    Phoenix: It was suggested
    EM Dudley: Prowler is up
    Phoenix: possibly a town message board with the banner
    Lazarus: What about a message board at each bank that we can put events?
    Phoenix: *listens to whispers in ear*
    Naomie De'Layne: Is Rivi still in que?
    Prowler: i am honored to be in your presents this evening
    Mesanna: hi Prowler
    Prowler: i have 2 questions
    Prowler: 1
    Mesanna: yes sir?
    Prowler: i think i have a fixable solution
    Prowler: for player town items
    Prowler: so if the town grows
    Prowler: is good if the towns go
    Prowler: is fine the items return back to the game
    Prowler: as we all know
    Prowler: the loyalty rating went well for turmer
    Prowler: what about doing town loyalty ratings
    Prowler: for the items
    Prowler: so if the town goes away
    Prowler: so do the items
    Prowler: if it growns
    Prowler: more is good
    CharGar: not a bad idea
    Prowler: does this possably work
    Celestial Knight: i agree good idea
    Allistair: aye
    Mesanna: that requires something out of our hands and would require a new system installed
    Prowler: yes
    Prowler: but
    Tancred RedStar: next expansion, lol
    Nyx: and who would pass out these points?
    CharGar: aahhh
    Mesanna: thats not a bad idea and I will bring it up to the team
    Prowler: right now as we speak
    Reporter: Please put me in the Que, EM Dudley.
    Prowler: the team is working on loyalty ratings for factions
    Prowler: didnt see why not they could throw that inb also
    Exavior: auctions are 100 pts
    Prowler: *shrugs
    Grimlar Mithrax: also perhaps a mix of some of the things...there have been some really good ideas this evening
    Mesanna: we are working on redoing factions yes
    Prowler: right
    Prowler: but i felt
    Prowler: after seeing so many good questions
    Prowler: this was a solid fix
    Prowler: to it all
    Prowler: bigger the town
    Prowler: more ratings
    Prowler: and if the town falls
    Celestial Knight: it's good idea because >u can tell what town is helpin and those who are welp u know
    Prowler: the goods go bu bye
    Prowler: seems fair to all
    Celestial Knight: lol
    Mesanna: yes but please understand it would be a seperate system
    Prowler: in my humble oppion
    Arin: you dont have to be big to be good
    Mesanna: it would have to be different rules etc
    Prowler: yes
    Celestial Knight: true
    Mesanna: its a good idea
    Prowler: but i was just throwing my oppion out there
    Prowler: seemed fair to me
    Prowler: is all
    Mesanna: but right now I am looking to do something we can do now
    Prowler: just a thought
    Mesanna: not wait for something for the future
    Prowler: well banners now u said fine
    Mesanna: does that make sense?
    Prowler: is a start
    Celestial Knight: one good thing i have heard tonite that sound's great :)
    Prowler: was just a idea
    Prowler: to ponder on
    Prowler: thats all
    Prowler: :)
    Sofie: MAKE IT STOP!
    Prowler: my 2nd question
    Prowler: i had
    Prowler: was
    Prowler: emd dudley said the caravan needs security
    Prowler: i asked him for 1 midget and a 4ft salami and i can escort that caravan no problem
    Celestial Knight: hahaha
    Daria Blackmoore: lol
    Prowler: you think u help em dudley with the midget and 4ft salami i requested?
    EM Vladimere: the miget left
    Celestial Knight: lol
    EM Vladimere: i ate the salami
    Yoshi: he went to bed
    Mesanna: *spits drink on monitor*
    Prowler: oops
    CharGar: rofl
    Darth Oni: ...
    EM Dudley: *laughs*
    NANOC: hehehhe
    Prowler: you ok?
    Mesanna: one sec
    Prowler: uh
    Prowler: ok
    Naomie De'Layne: I wish to release this
    Naomie De'Layne: I wish to release this
    Prowler: i was only requesting 1 midget and 1 4 ft salami
    Exavior: i think just banners and runes locked down is fine
    Darth Oni: hope monitor is water resist..
    John Duke: I wish to lock this down
    Mesanna: yes I am fine *laughing*
    Celestial Knight: yup
    Prowler: i am sorry
    Prowler: you looks like long night and needed one
    Mesanna: That was funny
    EM Vladimere: i ate the salami
    Celestial Knight: no that wasn't funny vlad
    Grimlar Mithrax: hard or Genoa Vladimere?
    Mesanna: my dogs think I am insane now
    Celestial Knight: u'r candy eattin is funny
    Prowler: oh no
    Prowler: sorry
    Celestial Knight: heheeh
    EM Vladimere: Genova
    Prowler: so was wondering
    Grimlar Mithrax: Mmm
    CharGar: nite all
    Prowler: could i get my request filled on 1 midget and 1 4ft salami?
    Darth Oni: nita char
    Tancred RedStar: prosciutto
    Mesanna: night Char
    NANOC: Nite Char
    Phoenix: Night Chargar
    Allistair: night
    Prowler: for the caravan suuport?
    Niva the Savage: Good hunting~
    EM Vladimere: nite Char
    EM Dudley: *waves*
    Tancred RedStar: night Char
    Mesanna: Vlad take care of this guy!
    Prowler: uh
    Prowler: ?
    EM Vladimere: *Kal vas kill*
    Grimlar Mithrax: I must take my leave
    Prowler: what i do wriong?
    Celestial Knight: wow
    Gareth: heh
    Mesanna: nothing
    Celestial Knight: take himout
    Celestial Knight: lol
    Grimlar Mithrax: thank ye Lady Mesanna
    Darth Oni: nita grim
    NANOC: oops sorru
    Grimlar Mithrax: Lord Vladimere and Lord Dudley
    Yoshi: lol
    Grimlar Mithrax: *bows low*
    Prowler: so am guessing
    Sofie: MAKE IT STOP!
    Darth Oni: *smiles*
    Prowler: at this poiint no midget no 4ft salami?
    Prowler: *sniff sniff
    EM Vladimere: no
    Grimlar Mithrax: long days and pleasent nights
    Elijah Cross: Summon a Salami Elemental?
    Darth Oni: thx...
    Darth Oni: u too
    Grimlar Mithrax: *hugs Oni*
    Darth Oni: *hugs*
    Phoenix: Night Grimlar
    Grimlar Mithrax: *smiles*
    Darth Oni: =)
    Phoenix: Safe travels
    Prowler: ok....
    Daria Blackmoore: Fair travel grim
    Grimlar Mithrax: night Phoenix
    Reporter: Whom is next, Lord Dudley?
    Darth Oni: nita
    Yoshi: night grimlar
    Prowler: im sadnen now
    Mesanna: wow I could really say something riight now
    Naomie De'Layne: Isn't it Lady Rivi's turn yet?
    Phoenix: *waves over NANOC*
    Mesanna: but I am trying tobe good!
    Grimlar Mithrax: night all
    Grimlar Mithrax: *smiles*
    EM Vladimere: I saw a load of Bologna but no Salami
    Daria Blackmoore: *grins*
    EM Dudley: Next is Rivi
    Prowler: well
    Prowler: see
    Gareth: Night grim
    Prowler: what the deal is
    Prowler: if the caravan gets raided
    Grimlar Mithrax: thank you again for your time and all the fun!!!
    Grimlar Mithrax: *salutes*
    Prowler: i have the midget scream out load getty up go while riding the salami like a pogo horse
    John Duke: night Grimlar
    EM Vladimere: nite Grim
    Prowler: to distract the raiders
    Grimlar Mithrax: night
    Grimlar Mithrax: Sanctum Viatas - Sacred Journey
    Mesanna: lol
    Prowler: so no go on the request im gathering eh?
    Darth Oni: *imaginades prowler on salami*
    Prowler: uh not after what u was doing with the salami darth oni
    Darth Oni: hm?
    EM Dudley: The hour grows late
    Tancred RedStar: indeed
    EM Dudley: Perhaps we chould continue with tonight's topic?
    Rivi Ravenwynd: yes and I think we need to move back to banners
    Yoshi: ok
    Tancred RedStar: excellent idea
    Lobonyx: please.
    EM Dudley: As much as I enjoy salamii
    EM Vladimere: The strike of the witching hour, 12 bells and all is well
    EM Dudley: As it is the most seductive of the salted meats...
    Prowler: ok
    Prowler: thankyou for your tiem mesanna
    Tancred RedStar: you'd be surprised what the sailors of Trinsic boast
    Prowler: im sure u wont forget me
    Prowler: any time soon
    Prowler: im sure
    Mesanna: thank you for the laugh
    Prowler: anytime
    Rivi Ravenwynd: my concern involves griefing and losing banners/teloporterws
    Rivi Ravenwynd: if town A gets a banner/teleporter,, but town B goes to it and greives the Town A banner
    Daria Blackmoore: *rubs feet*
    Rivi Ravenwynd: Town A should not lose their banner b/c of auction of town b.. that would not be fair imo
    Darth Oni: *chuckles*
    Niva the Savage: Trade Town B?
    Vek the Savage: *woggles*
    Mesanna: why would town A lose their banner
    Vek the Savage: hrr hrr
    Rivi Ravenwynd: it was mentioned that ppl grieved u lose ur banner
    Rivi Ravenwynd: but others can greive ur town and that should not cause banner loss
    Mesanna: giving and taking away will not be done lightly
    Rivi Ravenwynd: and it imo should be b/c of actions of ppl not in the town
    Rivi Ravenwynd: for exapmle let say SHE gets one of these.. and then others release greater dragons by our banne
    Rivi Ravenwynd: we have no control over griefers
    Mesanna: it would not be their fault
    Prowler: rivi you live in fel? if not mute point
    Rivi Ravenwynd: ok good
    Niva the Savage: Beast not care Gold or Gray!
    Niva the Savage: Beast wild!
    Rivi Ravenwynd: We dont live in fel but it is not a mute point
    John Duke: where's my taxes Niva
    Rivi Ravenwynd: ppl release aggro monsters to kill others al lthe time in tram
    Niva the Savage: *throws bull dung at Orc Slave*
    Rivi Ravenwynd: that is grieving even thouggh not in fel
    John Duke: I'll take that as a down payment
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Mesanna: yes they do but this will not be held against the town
    Daria Blackmoore: I'd think the claim of griefing would have to be investiagted no snap judgement
    Rivi Ravenwynd: Great
    Rivi Ravenwynd: ty
    Sofie: MAKE IT STOP!
    Rivi Ravenwynd: :)
    Rivi Ravenwynd: hugs Messana
    Mesanna: your welcome
    Elijah Cross: He's serious Niva...
    Elijah Cross: *chuckles*
    Celestial Knight: don't remeber someone saying u'r banner could be taken.
    Tancred RedStar: Was I next?
    Niva the Savage: Niva not give Orc Slave gold!
    EM Dudley: Tancred
    Gareth: Capture the banner? heh
    Daria Blackmoore: hehe
    Mesanna: Hi
    Tancred RedStar: ok
  4. Lord Gareth

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    Dec 17, 2006
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    CHAT LOG 3

    EM Vladimere: the town would cause the loss of their banner, not other players
    John Duke: yay
    Tancred RedStar: got the text color going this time
    Tancred RedStar: the hour grows late, I will try to be quick
    Mesanna: yes you do
    Tancred RedStar: as a quick aside however
    Tancred RedStar: in terms of some of the earlier misgivings about the EM's
    Tancred RedStar: and while Dudley is the happy go-lucky one
    Tancred RedStar: and Vlad cane be gruff
    Tancred RedStar: if you ask around
    Tancred RedStar: have a poll
    Tancred RedStar: show of ahnds
    Tancred RedStar: hands
    Tancred RedStar: etc
    Tancred RedStar: I think you will find
    Tancred RedStar: most people think they both do a good job
    Allistair: aye
    Elijah Cross: *cheers*
    NANOC: *claps*
    Tancred RedStar: ask around sometime incognito
    Tancred RedStar: you will see
    Daria Blackmoore: *applauds*
    Tancred RedStar: ok
    Tancred RedStar: With all due respect, I think a good idea would be to have a modest time requirement for a "town
    Tancred RedStar: like 3 or 4 months
    Tancred RedStar: This will help weed out the wannabes and reward people who really put effort into building their to
    Tancred RedStar: towns
    Tancred RedStar: It took us *years* to eventually get all the houses around Gyldenfeld through
    Tancred RedStar: IDOC'ing, donations, trading, buying, etc.
    Tancred RedStar: If theyre serious about their town, I dont think 3 or 4 months is too much to ask
    Winfield: *hear hear*
    Tancred RedStar: Patience is the 9th Virtue in UO
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Tancred RedStar: I'm also concerned about this whole concept/project being kept simple initially
    Niva the Savage: *holds up both hands*
    Tancred RedStar: Once Chesapeake has this, other shards will be clamoring for it
    Tancred RedStar: it needs ease of scalability or there will be problems
    Gareth: I believe catskills already is.
    Tancred RedStar: and no one wants to see it go away
    Mesanna: Catskills has banners
    Tancred RedStar: then we must invade and destroy them
    Niva the Savage: (Baja has banners as well)
    Tancred RedStar: oops, wrong speech
    Lobonyx: :O
    Daria Blackmoore: hehe
    Daria Blackmoore: woot
    Mesanna: and honestly I have only done like 9 banners for towns there
    Gareth: I prolly said it wrong. I always do lol
    Mesanna: but
    Mesanna: taking your idea
    Mesanna: about pending towns
    Mesanna: have the towns apply for a banner
    [Alliance][John Duke]: and then we must invade and destroy them?
    [Alliance][Tancred RedStar]: that's right! til theyre all but wind-blown cinders!!!
    Mesanna: put up a pending simple pending banner with a date
    [Alliance][John Duke]: hehehehe
    Mesanna: that way it will be easy to for all to track
    Gareth: *nods*
    Daria Blackmoore: Not bad
    Gareth: We gave dudley a book.
    Tancred RedStar: no one wants to see a "town" pop up as a facade for the next gold-seller's megamall
    Tancred RedStar: Lastly
    Mesanna: putting up a simple white banner with a date on it will not hurt anything
    Mesanna: imo
    Tancred RedStar: and thank you and both you EM's for your time tonight
    Tancred RedStar: Lastly
    Tancred RedStar: can you give us even a vague, vague hint about 2009 Holiday gifts? :)
    Mesanna: and it will let all know how long they were around before getting full town rights
    Mesanna: oh
    John Duke: will there be dead savages?
    EM Dudley: Yoshi is next
    Mesanna: No dead savages sorry
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Mesanna: but I think you will like the gifts
    Elijah Cross: *chuckles at John*
    Daria Blackmoore: hehe
    John Duke: she said savages
    Tancred RedStar: plz no candles with bows again, lol
    Prowler: 4ft x mas salamis?
    John Duke: there might be a dead savage
    Tancred RedStar: thank you
    John Duke: instead of lots
    Niva the Savage: Try!
    John Duke: keep that in mind Niva
    Naomie De'Layne: *ponders that....*
    Yoshi: Thank You for hearing me mesanna
    Winfield: *cheers for Yoshi*
    Mesanna: of course
    Tancred RedStar: do I need to sit elsewhere?
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Mesanna: Greetings
    Yoshi: thanks to both EM
    NANOC: *claps*
    Elijah Cross: I would Tancred...
    Yoshi: events are wonderful
    Sofie: My teeth!
    Elijah Cross: *smiles*
    Phoenix: *claps*
    Yoshi: when we first started talking
    John Duke: winfield will protect me
    Yoshi: about linking the communities
    Yoshi: it was also for the new players
    Yoshi: coming into the cities
    Yoshi: and not knowing where to go
    Yoshi: If we start putting up teleporters to communities
    Yoshi: and new players go through
    Yoshi: no one is there
    Yoshi: they are not going to know what is going on
    Niva the Savage: Vistors too!
    EM Vladimere: thats why the locked down books to tell when your events are happening
    Yoshi: They are not going to see a bunch of teleporters here
    Yoshi: and say
    Yoshi: I think Ill go to this community
    Niva the Savage: Good Hunting all!
    Yoshi: Just a suggestion ...that we need to keep
    Lobonyx: *wonders if savages get cold*
    Yoshi: our new players in the back of everyones mind
    Winfield: *cheers about new players*
    Yoshi: Thank You
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    EM Vladimere: i try to tame Niva all the time :)
    Mesanna: I agree we do not want to add to the frustration of new players
    Darth Oni: *cheers*
    Lobonyx: How is that working?
    EM Vladimere: Slowly
    EM Vladimere: lol
    Phoenix: Aye they come into haven how will they even know of this hub?
    Mesanna: Its a hard balance
    Lobonyx: *smiles*
    Yoshi: yes
    Yoshi: and having no one around
    Prowler: what about blocking the teleporters
    Yoshi: if they choose to go through this teleporter
    Prowler: so young players cannt use them
    Yoshi: is going toconfuse them even more
    Yoshi: if no one is around
    Prowler: that gives the young player the 40 hours game time to figure things out
    Gareth: Then have a general warning book infront of the hub?
    EM Vladimere: your over thinking this
    Prowler: yes yes
    Nyx: *wonders who has honestly seen a true new player in years*
    Vek the Savage: (aye a book or informative sign)
    Prowler: think inside the 4ft salami .. not out side of it
    Prowler: right em vlad?
    Lobonyx: :/
    EM Vladimere: no comment
    EM Vladimere: lol
    Prowler: ugh
    Prowler: lol
    Vek the Savage: =(
    Yoshi: thank you for your time
    Allistair: I was a newb 7 montha ago
    EM Vladimere: i was a newb 11 years ago
    EM Dudley: Lobo you're up
    Prowler: 2009 x mas gift 4ft summer sausage!
    Nyx: new to shard or game?
    Lobonyx: yay!
    EM Vladimere: Game
    Gareth: heh
    Prowler: with cracjkers
    Allistair: both
    Lobonyx: ahem...
    Winfield: *raises hand for the queue*
    Vek the Savage: (high fives allistair))
    Daria Blackmoore: *claps*
    Lobonyx: Whatever is decided requirements to be a town or city
    Allistair: *(connects with high five)
    Lobonyx: and if a town in progress is not yet meeting that standard
    Lobonyx: but will in later months
    Lobonyx: can they still get a banner?
    Lobonyx: after they meet requirements, say much later from now.
    Naomie De'Layne: Enjoyed!!! Take Care all!!
    EM Vladimere: nite
    Sofie: You just can't find a good Britannian dentist these days...
    Baby Bear: off me
    Prowler: see em vlad
    Baby Bear: lol
    Vek the Savage: Vek sorry
    Baby Bear: lol
    Prowler: i offered to remove that tooth with a shovel at my home and ur not in pain anymore
    Baby Bear: k
    Mesanna: when the towns first apply I would think they would get a plain banner
    Mesanna: with their application date maybe
    Lobonyx: I see. And we apply by emailing you or Valdimere?
    Mesanna: replaced by a selected banner after they meet the time requirements?
    Sofie: i'm trying to recall eating candy.....
    Gareth: *Nods*
    Sofie: i must have chased it down with an ale...
    Mesanna: Yes email your EM's
    Baby Bear: cool an establihsed date ?
    Lobonyx: And that is how we officially establish our towns (even ones Like Paxlair that have been around)
    EM Vladimere: [email protected]
    Mesanna: you guys know what towns have been around for years
    Mesanna: they will bypass the waiting period I would think
    Arin: they been around but not active
    Lobonyx: Okay, that makes sense I think.
    Mesanna: newly established towns are more of a concern
    Lobonyx: Well, Paxlair was just an example of many towns.
    Mesanna: if a town is not active why would they apply
    EM Dudley: Perhaps a nomination process by which non residents can nominate a town?
    Lobonyx: We have many very awesome towns that are around.
    Mesanna: why would they even care?
    Vek the Savage: *falls asleep almost light baby bears hair ablaze*
    Daria Blackmoore: hehe
    Arin: they use to be active in fel days but not since
    Mesanna: let me show you what I am talking about
    Mesanna: give me a sec

    *Mesanna goes to the southern end of the tent and sets up a sample banner*

    Nyx: how many towns are wanting these banners/teleporters?
    Lobonyx: *waits patiently*
    Baby Bear: couldent read that in journal so go to sleep
    Baby Bear: :p
    Vek the Savage: *hrr hrr*
    Prowler: i am just interested in the banner
    Prowler: i am simple
    Baby Bear: just watch that torch
    Lobonyx: We just want a banner when we're town worthy.
    Prowler: where my home is isnt well
    Prowler: where my home is i should not be penalized
    Prowler: for woods
    Vek the Savage: *test*
    EM Vladimere: in case anyone sent me an e-mail I wont be checking it till tommorrow sometime :)
    Lobonyx: *noted*
    Lobonyx: oo
    EM Dudley: That's where my pillowcase went!
    Daria Blackmoore: lol
    Gunga Din: lol
    Darth Oni: lol
    Phoenix: *laughs*
    Baby Bear: lol
    Vek the Savage: hrr hrr
    Lobonyx: :O
    Tancred RedStar: I was thinking shower scene
    Lobonyx: is that drool I see on it?
    Daria Blackmoore: physco
    Sofie: ha ha i got the sudden urge to go shower as well.....
    Daria Blackmoore: she doea have a dagger
    Sofie: :)
    Daria Blackmoore: *grins*
    Phoenix: *claps*
    NANOC: *claps*
    Gunga Din: yea that would work great
    Daria Blackmoore: Very nice
    Baby Bear: my dar u grew
    Vek the Savage: HA OOH!
    Lobonyx: that would be the starter, or something like that?
    Mesanna: yes thats my idea
    Prowler: well
    Daria Blackmoore: Sak is just makin friends hehe
    EM Dudley: It's very nice
    Prowler: better then a used diapier!
    Lobonyx: and then it could evolve as the town grows or earns points or whatever system is made.
    Sakurai: sorry
    Gunga Din: mb smaller outposts could just have banners
    Baby Bear: humm how mch was that lap dance
    Mesanna: maybe the name of the town just for the records
    Daria Blackmoore: no worries friend
    Exavior: will you be visiting the towns for a tour?
    EM Vladimere: Sugguestion: Temp banner like that one with a locked down rune till you get town/city status
    Vek the Savage: Vek accept orc heads
    Lobonyx: ((and my question was answered, thats all I had and thank you very much))
    Sofie: ARRGH! My tooth hurts sooo much!
    EM Vladimere: once you get town/city then a perm banner with a teleporter
    Phoenix: *nods*
    EM Vladimere: again sugguestion
    Tancred RedStar: like a vetting process
    Gunga Din: for smaller areas, how abotu just banners, no teleporter?
    Mesanna: makes sense
    Nyx: Do we invite you and the Ems for a town tour?
    Mesanna: not every town needs teleporters
    Gunga Din: right
    Gunga Din: for my project, i just need recognition
    EM Vladimere: yes, send e-mail asking for time to visit
    Baby Bear: then they would be up every where
    EM Vladimere: we reply with time to meet and where
    Darth Oni: runes and/or books nice too
    Sofie: ARRGH! My tooth hurts sooo much!
    Nyx: ty Vlad
    Lobonyx: *pulls tooth out*
    Gunga Din: if u just reward larger areas
    EM Vladimere: i feel for you Sofie
    Baby Bear: im going orc hunting lol
    Mesanna: how much candy have you eaten
    EM Dudley: This could be folded into a process of applying for township with the Crown
    Gunga Din: u wont be promoting the community
    Vek the Savage: hrr hrr
    EM Dudley: In which the Royal Registrar would visit and tour and such
    Tancred RedStar: I like that idea
    Allistair: aye
    NANOC: aye
    Winfield: *likes Dudley's idea, fold it into RPing with the Queen*
    Nyx: In Jux Mani Xen - Blood Oath
    Nyx: Wouldnt that require all towns to start at square 1
    Prowler: well
    Prowler: i have a question now
    Baby Bear: towns have mayors
    Prowler: on that
    Prowler: em dudley
    EM Dudley: Hm?
    EM Vladimere: Sugguestion: We can exclude towns already established for years
    Prowler: u seen my home
    Prowler: wouls i get penalized
    Prowler: trees not in my power to move
    Vek the Savage: oo
    Vek the Savage: *sniffs*
    Arin: why would we ? there not active?
    EM Dudley: *quirks brow*
    Prowler: cannt be faulted for that
    Sofie: You just can't find a good Britannian dentist these days...
    EM Vladimere: Active ones
    EM Dudley: Not sure I know what you're referring too...
    EM Vladimere: was a sugguestion :)
    Prowler: ok
    Tancred RedStar: there are many abadoned towns
    Prowler: just wondering
    Prowler: because
    Prowler: id be happy
    Prowler: with just a banner
    Prowler: really
    Prowler: just wondering if im doomed because where i live
    Prowler: unless u know a darn good lumberjack
    EM Dudley: I wouldn't think so
    Arin: iam just saying yes there is old towns but they should prove themselfs too since not active
    Prowler: ok ty
    EM Vladimere: agreed
    EM Dudley: We do have a three left in the Que
    Gareth: Can build it ontop of the trees Prowler :)
    Tancred RedStar: well some towns like Nidaros or Duir or Mythndale are long gone
    EM Dudley: Gunga was next
    Nyx: right and not ride on the coattaols of age
    Prowler: if that was so
    Prowler: ill take the first cloud city
    Gareth: hehehe
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Gunga Din: I just want to make the pt to give merit to smaller areas as well
    Exavior: can i ride in a wagon in the caravan?
    Prowler: uh
    Exavior: sorry i was just thinking
    Allistair: established towns that are still active should already be accepted
    Prowler: u can be in charge exaviour
    Tancred RedStar: give merit? or have them earn it?
    Prowler: of the town hobby horse
    Gunga Din: aye
    Gunga Din: earn
    Exavior: yes
    Sofie: AAAH! It feels like someone kicked me in the teeth!
    Gunga Din: I for one dont need teleporters
    Tancred RedStar: my town started when we opened the Red Wolf and just started having events
    Tancred RedStar: at first no one came, lol
    Tancred RedStar: but we just kept at it
    Tancred RedStar: and over time lots of people came
    Gunga Din: but a banner to bring people or setup events
    Tancred RedStar: a banner won't magically bring people, there has to be a reason to go there
    Gunga Din: right
    Vek the Savage: oo
    Winfield: Over the past 11 years, there have been about 15 player towns on chessy, 3-4 blessed, & 6 left.
    Allistair: if you build it they will come, lol
    Vek the Savage: Vek like
    Gunga Din: but u can promote events through it
    Lobonyx: lol
    EM Vladimere: the teleporters are great for those that cant recall
    Tancred RedStar: start simple, host a guided hunt or something
    Bjorn Darkstone: good night all, thank you for your time
    Winfield: Just a historical note.
    Exavior: yes agreed
    Tancred RedStar: treasure hunting night, ask ppl to bring maps
    Tancred RedStar: or a fishing contest, just need a boat
    Gunga Din: that is all, thx for hosting this meeting
    EM Dudley: Masta still here?
    Tancred RedStar: start simple
    Mesanna: your welcome
    Arin: yes
    Vek the Savage: Vek leave now too
    Masta Blasta: yes
    EM Dudley: Masta you're up
    Masta Blasta: so if i were able to make my houses in felucca into a town
    Masta Blasta: would i then be able to connect that town with an auction house in luna
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Masta Blasta: like a teleporter between the two locations
    Exavior: me too
    Nyx: just get a 12th yr vet reward for that
    Masta Blasta: that only connects houses
    Exavior: oh hi vlad didn't see you there
    Masta Blasta: this is town to house
    EM Vladimere: been here all night :)
    Gareth: Cant miss the orange :)
    Nyx: In Jux Mani Xen - Blood Oath
    Baby Bear: i want what he is smokin
    Nyx: can an em lock down a 12th yr telly on a road?
    Nyx: if we own
    Reporter: I highly dislike this notion, as it ruins the entire idea of a town.
    Arin: you cant have a auction in fel
    Mesanna: I am against that idea
    Reporter: A town is supposed to be a unified area. Not a dispersed assortment of homes.
    Grimlar Mithrax: i said my farewells thinking i wasnt going to be back in time
    Masta Blasta: also i have a question about something totally off topic
    Gareth: yay Hi grimlar
    Mesanna: I really don't want to leave a town to a house
    Darth Oni: wb grim
    Grimlar Mithrax: thank ye
    Grimlar Mithrax: hail all
    Grimlar Mithrax: again
    Grimlar Mithrax: *smiles*
    Prowler: hello
    Masta Blasta: why is the R word highly illegal to say? i mean people say it and get perma banned
    Tancred RedStar: oh boy
    Allistair: Thanks to our wonderful EMs and Devs, good night to you all!
    Masta Blasta: it really is not that offensive of a word, its just an action
    EM Vladimere: g'nite
    Masta Blasta: people say it in terms of pvp or think it
    Reporter: *slaps her face into her hand lightly*
    Grimlar Mithrax: farewell Allistair
    Allistair: keep up the great work
    Mesanna: I know
    Mesanna: its an old rule
    Masta Blasta: ah
    Phoenix: *nods*
    Masta Blasta: well they should change it...
    Mesanna: kinda of like saying bomb on a plane
    Phoenix: 11 years at least
    Masta Blasta: lol
    EM Vladimere: goes back almost 11 years
    Darth Oni: *is clueless*
    Baby Bear: me to oni
    EM Vladimere: very old rule
    Tancred RedStar: just don't say it, lol
    Darth Oni: *chuckles*
    Tancred RedStar: plenty other words to use
    Mesanna: I used to live in a town that had a law on the books
    Exavior: so no ___ or plundering
    Mesanna: that you could not wear red heels down town
    Gareth: hehe
    Daria Blackmoore: lol
    NANOC: :)
    Phoenix: *laughs*
    Masta Blasta: :)
    Baby Bear: OOHhhH
    Mesanna: I am not kidding
    EM Dudley: It was illegal to eat onions on Sunday in Chicago until 1996
    EM Vladimere: so you tell them its dark pink
    Tancred RedStar: I live in a town where you have to be a certain number of feet away
    Mesanna: it was a sign you were in a very old profession =P
    Arin: you cant wear shorts in turkey
    NANOC: :)
    Tancred RedStar: yes you can
    Masta Blasta: also, what would it take to get ea's policy on returning lost items and lost characters changed?
    EM Vladimere: You cant shoot buffalo from 2nd floor hotel in texas
    Masta Blasta: like where would i have to get started to do this
    Grimlar Mithrax: a heck of a lot more GM's
    Grimlar Mithrax: LOL
    Exavior: in alabama your not allowed to tie your geraffe to a hitching post
    Nyx: so cursing isnt illegal
    Masta Blasta: to me, it is the most horrible policy ever
    Grimlar Mithrax: hehe
    Phoenix: Cant use profanity in from of women and children in Michigan
    EM Vladimere: depends on who your curseing at
    Tancred RedStar: has the meeting regarding the town stuff come to a close?
    Masta Blasta: if someone hacks an account and deletes your character, ea will not help at all
    Prowler: masta
    Prowler: ur kickin a dead horse
    Reporter: No, we are just extremely offtopic. *sighs*
    EM Dudley: There is still one person left on teh que
    Prowler: those rules came out in the first 6 months of uo
    Prowler: when was beta
    Prowler: they wont change it
    Masta Blasta: well im asking since we have a dev team member here
    Masta Blasta: that doesnt happen often
    Tancred RedStar: this is what happens every time
    Prowler: yes
    Prowler: but
    Nyx: An Nox - Cure
    Nyx: well for example
    Tancred RedStar: and it's annoying for most everyone
    Prowler: some words arnt ment to be used
    Mesanna: Masta to be honest that rule is older than I am
    Masta Blasta: you guys talked enough about houses
    EM Vladimere: Mesanna is Dev Team, Not Legal Department
    Masta Blasta: and towns
    Nyx: what would be the difference
    Gareth: just have one quick suggestion
    Mesanna: and I have worked on UO for over 9 years and played it for 12
    EM Vladimere: Mesanna is Dev Team, Not Legal Department
    Masta Blasta: wow
    Masta Blasta: so how do i contact the legal department?
    Tancred RedStar: omg
    Exavior: i just want to see this game get better and more fun
    Gareth: *Face plant*
    Nyx: of saying the r word and rewording it to you were forcably fu**ed
    Phoenix: *shakes head*
    Baby Bear: ohh gezz
    Gareth: Demon Slayer is that you?
    Mesanna: as we all do
    Masta Blasta: tancred, if you ever got hacked, you would care about what i was saying, k thanks
    Prowler: hey masta
    Prowler: just liek u get ban for releasing a hostle pet in tram
    Exavior: and if you can do these things, you are the bomb
    Gareth: Can you link to the EMs brit area as well if you do link the towns. Players get lost easy
    Tancred RedStar: I do care, but this isnt the time or place
    Exavior: oh did i say bomb sorry
    Prowler: that was me that got that rule put in the book
    Prowler: long ago'
    Prowler: trammies used moonglow cem to farm gold
    Prowler: young players
    Prowler: with no young tag
    Prowler: i released dragoj in there
    Prowler: casted stone wall at gate
    Gareth: I always looted the bodies at the X Roads when I was young player.
    Prowler: and invised
    Prowler: watched the buffet
    Reporter: Can we please get back to the matters at hand?
    Prowler: u now get ban for releasing hostle pets in tram
    Nyx: In Mani - Heal
    Nyx: i need the ems emails again plz
    Prowler: somethings they just aint gonna undo
    EM Dudley: [email protected]
    Gareth: *Already sent* kekek
    Tancred RedStar: sounds like a thief name, hmm...
    Masta Blasta: well ill do my best to contact the legal team and get petitions signed
    Mesanna: and of course you guys have my email address if you need me
    Nyx: no
    Daria Blackmoore: again plz?
    Mesanna: dudleys or mine?
    Daria Blackmoore: urs
    Nyx: yours
    Mesanna: [email protected]
    Daria Blackmoore: ty
    Exavior: i stole the candy!!! hahaha
    Nyx: ty
    EM Dudley: We have one final person in the Que
    Gunga Din: thx
    Nyx: In Mani - Heal
    Nyx: vlad email plz
    Exavior: candy
    EM Dudley: Reporter
    Reporter: Thank you.
    EM Vladimere: [email protected]
    Gunga Din: no ,not the reporter !!
    Gareth: ooooo Vladdy made it public
    Gareth: :_)
    Reporter: Developer Lady Mesanna, Lord EM Dudley, Lord EM Vladimiere
    Reporter: I am very glad we have such dedicated staff as yourself. I have listened long and hard
    Reporter: And have observed the posts and threads about tonight for quite some time
    Reporter: I have heard many things addressed and answered quite well
    Reporter: And I have seen things that i both agree and disagree with
    Reporter: However, I must say that there are a few things I strongly disagree with.
    Bio: baby bear can i cuddle by u
    EM Vladimere: No Candy!!
    Reporter: I am very much against your offer, Lady Mesanna, of banks to player cities or organization
    Exavior: wait for it
    Baby Bear: sure
    Reporter: In any aspect.
    Baby Bear: looks like long night
    Bio: sweet
    Reporter: The reasoning behind this is that these do not support the community
    Reporter: but rather draw away from it.
    Gareth: I musta missed the bank thing heh
    Exavior: i dis agree
    Reporter: These additions to player towns
    Reporter: remove reasons to care about
    Reporter: Defend
    Reporter: Or protect the true cities of britannia
    Grimlar Mithrax: *looks at the lollipop*
    Grimlar Mithrax: Mmm
    Exavior: this will alow players to bank things they buy in town easyer
    Reporter: While we are all very pleased with our abilities to change and shape our worlds, our shards
    Gareth: The player cities will have random attacks as well.
    Tancred RedStar: theyre all empty except Haven and Luna, what do you mean?
    Reporter: There must be reasons to care about the other cities, or they will forever remain empty
    Reporter: I also disagree strongly with a 'Town items' initiative.
    Bio: omg noone will sit in luna anymore and burn counts
    Nyx: Reporter, what if you were new to a town and could not get back to a city a bank may be of
    Exavior: brit is to cluttered for me
    Tancred RedStar: give them the Magincia treatment!
    Reporter: This brings into the factor the same greed that plagues the current faction system
    Nyx: great need
    Reporter: Towns will be established merely for the items
    Reporter: Not for the progress of the community
    Reporter: While it will indeed encourage activities to be supported for the community
    Exavior: either way our town will grow
    Exavior: to help others
    Yoshi: Ill go
    Mesanna: Before you go much further
    Reporter: I am unsure that it should be gone about it directly for items.
    Reporter: Yes?
    Mesanna: I said there was an option to do something like that
    Mesanna: nothing has been put in concrete
    Prowler: *begins recruiting a linch mob*
    Reporter: That is why I wished to address it, calmly and at this time.
    Arin: repoter are u from this shard?
    Reporter: I did not see a single person object, and felt my opinion was needed.
    Prowler: *to help reporter off the shard*
    Tancred RedStar: show of hands?
    Reporter: I am from many shards; I do reside here on chesapeake as well.
    Nyx: Ill help
    Reporter: I count amongst my residences Chesapeake, Europa, Atlantic, and Catskills.
    Exavior: ok what draws people to luna?
    Rivi Ravenwynd: Well u didnt objections b/c majority hear did not fell as u do
    Mesanna: I just don't want you to get the wrong opinon here
    Winfield: I think the EMs at this point should keep all options open for enhancing the towns.
    Exavior: having all amminities in one area
    Mesanna: you see to feel like it was all mapped out
    Winfield: Even if it takes several years.
    Mesanna: and it has not been
    Reporter: I did not say my opinion was absolute nor that it should be held above others.
    Bio: *puts tape over reporters mouth*
    Baby Bear: lol
    Reporter: I must have misspoken then, and I apologize.
    Reporter: *bows head slightly*
    Baby Bear: yahhh
    Tancred RedStar: I liked the ice cream shop idea
    Bio: hehe
    Gareth: woot woot for ice creram
    Gareth: *cream
    Darth Oni: yes...
    Darth Oni: ice cream!
    Tancred RedStar: I scream
    Mesanna: You have every right to voice your opinion
    Grimlar Mithrax: in my opinion, everyone in entitled to their say
    EM Dudley: I kindly ask that everyone show each other the respect of not interupting the spearkers
    Baby Bear: ohh give the little grimlin his sce cream
    Grimlar Mithrax: *nods*
    EM Vladimere: My idea is the pillow looking like a marshmellow at this point in time
    Reporter: The other things, the banner and application process
    Mesanna: I just wanted to make sure you knew alot of things have been said tonight
    Reporter: I am quite happy to hear about, and agree fully.
    Mesanna: alot of suggestions
    Reporter: *nods*
    Reporter: I am concerned though, that perhaps
    Mesanna: You are a shard still have thing to finalize
    Reporter: Lord Dudley
    Mesanna: I am just getting it started
    Reporter: You said you have an idea for the towns to be accepted by the Queen, yes?
    Mesanna: That was Dudleys idea
    EM Dudley: In some light, aye. The final decision must rest with the citizens
    Reporter: I ask this
    Reporter: Because If it were so, I would be very pleased to see something similar
    Baby Bear: when do towns have queens
    EM Dudley: But the petition should be made to the Queen
    Reporter: Or at least a somewhat 'standardized' way to go about this
    Reporter: for most shards
    Freaky Deeky: hehe Camoflague I haz it
    EM Dudley: Afterall, you are in her Queendom.
    Baby Bear: yea dont think she will like that to mucjhj
    EM Vladimere: dont compair chessy to other shards
    Reporter: You must compare all shards to others in terms of fairness, EM Vladimiere
    Yoshi: sorry
    EM Vladimere: sorry i dont agree with that
    Prowler: uh em masanna dagger red.. someone getting shived
    Reporter: Were this for a single guild that had shown immense prowess
    Reporter: the likes of which were unheard
    EM Vladimere: what i do should not be compaired with what other em do
    Gareth: Each shard being different shows it unique/
    Reporter: Then yes, It should be entirely unique.
    Reporter: However, you are looking at a way to enrich the community...
    Darth Oni: *streches*
    Reporter: And your attitude in this matter seems as if you are saying...
    NANOC: Chesapeaks
    Reporter: The chesapeake community is superior to all others
    Freaky Deeky: Crashapeake!
    Reporter: And the others do not deserve a fair chance.
    NANOC: they have
    NANOC: EM's
    Reporter: *sighs*
    EM Vladimere: my oponion is chessy is the best shard online
    Tancred RedStar: word
    Baby Bear: woo hoo u know it
    Gareth: Their citizens should suggest it to their EMs
    Reporter: Mesanna is the one whom has to put in much of the work in this matter.
    Prowler: reporter
    Reporter: While yes, much of it is up to the EM's
    NANOC: We are here talking about OUR shard
    Reporter: It is unfair to not think of ANYONE else.
    Gareth: *Listens*
    Prowler: reporter?
    Reporter: This is as selfish as wishing for only your guild to acquire a teleporter.
    Prowler: em dudley and em vlad
    Gareth: :_/
    EM Vladimere: i honestly dont care what other shards do, I care what this shard does
    NANOC: You would know about that
    Prowler: are from other shards
    Tancred RedStar: why you making judgements on ppl
    Prowler: they em here
    Prowler: if the em's
    Reporter: I am not.
    Gareth: Dont judge Vladimere
    Reporter: I merely stated how it appeared.,
    Prowler: state chessy is best
    Winfield: *cheers for Vlad*
    EM Vladimere: i get paid to care about this shard
    Prowler: and there only a em here
    Prowler: that has something to be said
    Prowler: does it not
    Grimlar Mithrax: *cheers*
    EM Vladimere: and i do care
    Reporter: I believe you said earlier we are all entitled to our opinions...
    Reporter: Does that no longer hold true for me?
    Reporter: If so, I shall take my leave then.
    Grimlar Mithrax: may i interrupt for a moment?
    Reporter: Thank you for your consideration, Lady Mesanna.
    EM Vladimere: even if they did not pay me I would care more for this shard then any other
    Reporter: Thank you for yours, Lord Dudley.
    Gareth: awww
    Gunga Din: good pts reporter
    EM Dudley: *tips hat*
    Reporter: Good Day, Sir Vladimiere.
    EM Dudley: *jingle*
    Prowler: hear hear1
    Prowler: vlad
    Grimlar Mithrax: farewell Reporter
    Prowler: well said
    EM Vladimere: g'nite Reporter
    NANOC: Good Day Reporter
    Darth Oni: nita
    Mesanna: Good night Reporter
    Gareth: Good night reporter
    Reporter: *bows slightly, and makes her exit*
    Winfield: *raises hand to be in question queue Dudley, for positive ideas to help end?*
    Grimlar Mithrax: may interrupt for a moment?
    Gunga Din: i want a teleporter directly in my house plz
    Grimlar Mithrax: oh
    Gunga Din: lol
    EM Dudley: We've been at this for four hours folks
    Grimlar Mithrax: lol
    Tancred RedStar: *wipes tear*
    Nyx: lol
    Prowler: yes
    Prowler: but
    Prowler: most important
    Nyx: time to call it a night
    EM Dudley: I think no is the time to reflect on what has been discuessed
    Gareth: Mesannas dagger changed. I need to pay more attention
    Prowler: alot of input was given
    EM Dudley: *clears throat*
    EM Dudley: now is the time
    Prowler: now time to go threw them
    Winfield: *nods*
    Prowler: and work out a plan
    EM Dudley: Thanks to everyone for their support
    Gunga Din: thank you
    Tancred RedStar: *claps*
    Prowler: she gonna stab someone
    Winfield: *cheers*
    Prowler: probly
    EM Dudley: And a special thanks to Mesanna
    Tancred RedStar: *claps*
    Gareth: Thanks Mesanna
    EM Dudley: For joining us in the Blaze Big Top
    Gunga Din: hip hip
    Winfield: *claps*
    NANOC: Thank you Messana and Dudley and Vladimere
    Tancred RedStar: hooray
    Gareth: and Em Dudster and Vladdy
    Rivi Ravenwynd: Thank you Messana!!!
    Grimlar Mithrax: aye
    Yoshi: *claps*
    Gunga Din: hip hip
    Arin: TY Mesanna for taking your time with us
    Grimlar Mithrax: Thank ye!
    Winfield: Sure filled the seats tonight.
    NANOC: *claps*
    Mesanna: Thanks for having me everyone, and I am sure we will meet again
    Gunga Din: heh
    Nyx: is masta still here
    Grimlar Mithrax: I hope so!
    EM Vladimere: I would like to thank everyone for comming out
    Mesanna: impressive
    Phoenix: *claps*
    EM Vladimere: we need a new slogan
    NANOC: keep them cards and letters coming :)
    Mesanna: I am really proud of you guys
    Nyx: masta
    EM Vladimere: CHESSY ROCKS!!
    Exavior: thank you for listening
    Phoenix: Thank you for the Great job you are doing!!!
    EM Vladimere: CHESSY ROCKS!!
    Nyx: do you know someone named Burnook
    Darth Oni: thx for having us
    Darth Oni: ^^
    Tancred RedStar: hear hear
    Grimlar Mithrax: we are proud of you all too!!!
    EM Vladimere: CHESSY ROCKS!!
    Mesanna: for the numbers this was pretty easy
    Phoenix: You are awesome EM's
    Masta Blasta: no
    Gunga Din: Win
    EM Vladimere: CHESSY ROCKS!!
    Yoshi: Thats a good slogan Vlad
    Winfield: Aye?
    Grimlar Mithrax: HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!
    Baby Bear: well no
    Grimlar Mithrax: HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!
    Prowler: oo i touched em masanna's dagger ... im soo blessed!
    Lazarus: Yhave a good night and if we don't meet again till after the haliday HAppy thanks given to you all
    Baby Bear: now
    Grimlar Mithrax: HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!
    Darth Oni: *chers for chessy*
    Gareth: You had a good EM team we respect runing the Q pool.
    Masta Blasta: why
    Gunga Din: i sent u a message bout the survival shop
    Mesanna: LOL
    Mesanna: Your just jealous
    Prowler: yuh!
    Freaky Deeky: Sanctum Viatas - Sacred Journey
    Baby Bear: dont wantto get off warm seat
    Baby Bear: heheh
    Mesanna: it matches your outfit
    Prowler: masanna
    EM Vladimere: she has small dagger but long arms :)
    Mesanna: Me
    Winfield: Is it still ok? The shop?
    Prowler: what about ice cones
    Gunga Din: i think i will just cont to develop Torchwood
    Grimlar Mithrax: Mmm
    Nyx: his house was designed by someone named Woywyn (forgive the spelling)
    Freaky Deeky: Sanctum Viatas - Sacred Journey
    Mesanna: I think I can make those
    Freaky Deeky: Sanctum Viatas - Sacred Journey
    Winfield: Ah. you co-own the PSS?
    Prowler: :)
    Gunga Din: no
    Tancred RedStar: you should Gunga
    Nyx: and someone said that person was or used to be in vip
    Gareth: OOoooo Yum
    Mesanna: I really do
    Gunga Din: i was thinking about doing it again
    Yoshi: ok
    Gunga Din: but have reconsidered
    Prowler: those be nice item
    Phoenix: Sanctum Viatas - Sacred Journey
    Ben: sorry had to leave
    Mesanna: if I figure it out I will place a few on the bar
    Gunga Din: when u get my message u will understand
    Prowler: possable x gift
    Mesanna: lol
    Winfield: Torchwood sounds like a great adventure.
    Gunga Din: aye
    Yoshi: why??
    Gareth: We should freeze over the lake and have a ice ball at the fair *smiles*
    Winfield: Message sent to me where?
    Ben: share comp.
    Mesanna: how big of an ice ball?
    Yoshi: ah
    Gunga Din: via icq
    Gunga Din: heh
    Yoshi: i seen you run out
    Prowler: ice cone
    Bio: oh no my baby cuddle bear left me
    Gareth: As big as the community wants.
    Yoshi: thought something had happened
    Ben: i saw you come in
    Gareth: Mesanna size? ehhe
    Gunga Din: just disregard it
    Ben: bad timing i guess
    Yoshi: its ok
    Gunga Din: i was thinking of trying the PSS again
    Mesanna: boulder!
    Mesanna: lol
    Winfield: Aye, will talk on pigeons.
    Gareth: oooo
    Baby Bear: lol
    Ben: did she get her pumpkin?
    EM Vladimere: Good Night everyone. Safe Journeys
    Yoshi: oh
    Grimlar Mithrax: Mmm...snowcones
    Yoshi: I dont know
    Rivi Ravenwynd: nite Vlad
    Tancred RedStar: good night
    NANOC: Good Night
    Gareth: night night
    Yoshi: who did you give it to?
    Grimlar Mithrax: Long days and pleasent nights
    Prowler: em vlad
    Mesanna: ok guys I am going to log,, get your requests in
    EM Vladimere: *Poof*
    Mesanna: and we can get them started
    Prowler: no poof
    Ben: put it in front of her
    Mesanna: Good night all
    Gareth: Sent me emails :)
    Masta Blasta: night
    Yoshi: just now??
    NANOC: Nite M'Lady
    Prowler: darn it he promised
    Rivi Ravenwynd: good night
    Ben: no just before leaving
    Tancred RedStar: and for my next magic trick
    Yoshi: Nanoc
    EM Dudley: *sways*
    NANOC: yes
    EM Dudley: Wow...
    Yoshi: can you see if Phoenic
    Tancred RedStar: I will make Dudley disappear
    EM Dudley: That was a marathon
    Yoshi: got her pumpkin
    Ben: lol
    Yoshi: Ben left for her?
    Tancred RedStar: *waves wand*
    EM Dudley: Good night everyone
    Tancred RedStar: wait for it
    EM Dudley: *waves*
    Tancred RedStar: *waves wand*
    Rivi Ravenwynd: gn dudley
    NANOC: nigte
    Gareth: *Waves*

    *EM Dudley disappears*

    Grimlar Mithrax: Long days and pleasent nights
    Gareth: Night
    Tancred RedStar: see? it worked
    Grimlar Mithrax: *cheers for Tancred*