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Chesapeake Towns EM Workshop and Q&A Results - Nov 17, 2009

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Tonight, EM's Dudley and Vladimere held a "workshop" at the House of Commons just north of the Britain moongate in Trammel from 7-9pm EST.

    While there were no major changes or announcements made from previous information made available regarding the new project of player-run communities, it served as a venue for people to ask specific questions and also a sort of recap.

    In case anyone still has questions, they can email the EM's or attend the next "workshop"(more intended for people who missed this one) this coming Sunday, same time and location.

    A thank you once again for EM's Vladimere and Dudley - with all the time theyre devoting to bettering the enjoyment of the Chesapeake community of late, I wonder how they find time to play UO themselves!


    The cookie on the stage was a "Weight Watchers Cookie" and was mysteriously eaten through the course of the evening!

    For those interested in specifics, I have included a mildly editted transcript below(taking out guild and alliance messages, etc.).

    You see: NANOC [DWxC]
    You see: Winfield [Pax]
    You see: a mongbat
    You see: Lord Kire [B-G]
    You see: Gareth [B-G]
    You see: Lady Firiel [PxP]
    You see: Lord Elijah Cross [PxP]
    You see: Sari-Liane [D^T]
    You see: NANOC [DWxC]
    You see: Winfield [Pax]
    You see: a mongbat
    You see: Lord Kire [B-G]
    You see: Gareth [B-G]
    You see: Lady Firiel [PxP]
    You see: Lord Elijah Cross [PxP]
    You see: Sari-Liane [D^T]
    You see: Niva the Savage [T_T]
    You see: Lord Angus [RBG]
    You see: Morpheus Mardox [UOSS]
    You see: Ozog Giantfart [MUCK]
    You see: Debbie Desuri [D^T]
    You see: Pillow Pants [MUCK]
    You see: onog boogiflickr [MUCK]
    You see: EM Dudley
    You see: EM Vladimere
    You see: Bradley the Royal Guard
    You see: Jeromy the Royal Guard
    You see: Robert the Royal Guard
    You see: Benjamin the Royal Guard
    You see: Yoshi [DWxC]
    You see: Chief Paroxysmus' Swamp Drago
    You see: Niva the Savage [T_T]
    You see: Lord Angus [RBG]
    You see: Morpheus Mardox [UOSS]
    You see: Ozog Giantfart [MUCK]
    You see: Debbie Desuri [D^T]
    You see: Pillow Pants [MUCK]
    You see: onog boogiflickr [MUCK]
    You see: Yoshi [DWxC]
    You see: Chief Paroxysmus' Swamp Drago
    You see: Winmere [Pax]
    Elijah Cross: Correspondence?
    You see: Gunga Din [TWOD]
    You see: a dread warhorse
    onog boogiflickr: i didnt
    onog boogiflickr: no memo here
    EM Dudley: Anyone who sent me an email
    You see: Ashlynn [PxR]
    Elijah Cross: Ahh
    Gunga Din: what was that?
    EM Dudley: I replied with one
    Gunga Din: yes i got a reply
    Winfield: I did not I believe.
    Tancred RedStar: I received a response
    Winfield: And did send you a letter.
    Tancred RedStar: and thank you
    EM Vladimere: I had 5 and replied to them :)
    Elijah Cross: *jots down address*
    EM Dudley: Let me check here Winfield
    Winfield: I got Vlad's reply.
    Winfield: Thanks.
    Gunga Din: i got EM Dudley'
    Gunga Din: reply
    EM Dudley: Seems I didn't get yours Winfield
    EM Dudley: Would you mind resending?
    Winfield: I will.
    You must wait to perform another action.
    You must wait to perform another action.
    You must wait to perform another action.
    EM Dudley: Before we move onto that discussion
    EM Dudley: Gareth brought up a very good point
    EM Dudley: Regarding the location of their village on the Tokuno Islands
    EM Dudley: and the fiction behind the Queen not having rule on those islands
    EM Dudley: As it's the Empress of Tokuno
    EM Dudley: Even though Dawn has no true...rule over Tokuno
    EM Dudley: I am very much interested in gearing this process, and the outcomes
    EM Dudley: Towards future events
    EM Dudley: For example
    Morpheus Mardox: *takes notes*
    EM Dudley: Let's say the village declares allegiance to Dawn
    EM Dudley: then of course, problem solved
    Gareth: *smiles*
    EM Dudley: In that case the Empress of Tokuno may not like that too much, and thusly
    EM Dudley: You deal with..."The Downside"
    EM Dudley: attacks from the Empress's forces
    Gareth: *Listens*
    Elijah Cross: Interesting
    EM Dudley: If you flip it, and declare to Dawn that you swear allegiance to the Empress
    Ashlynn: that could be amusing
    Sari-Liane: Uhh do we get reinforcements?
    EM Dudley: Then of course you'd have to deal with Royal Guard infiltrations
    Sari-Liane: My Templars are not at full strength yet
    EM Dudley: And the full military might of the Crown
    Gareth: *nods*
    Tancred RedStar: how'd we go from one king to three queens again?
    Tancred RedStar: hehe
    Gareth: hehe
    EM Dudley: These decisions are what we'll use for future events
    Sari-Liane: Tancred could you change your text color please. i cant read it in journal
    Tancred RedStar: ...
    Niva the Savage: *eyes burn trying to read Human RedStar's text on journal*
    Morpheus Mardox: hurts me eyes as well
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Gareth: Poor Red heh
    EM Dudley: Does that make sense? I want to use the fact that you guys are declaring yourselves as entities
    EM Dudley: And make you a PART of the fiction
    Sari-Liane: *nods*
    NANOC: aye
    Morpheus Mardox: Makes perfect sense
    Gareth: *nods*
    Tancred RedStar: aye!
    NANOC: *claps*
    Gunga Din: aye
    Winfield: Make's sense.
    Elijah Cross: I like that a lot
    Morpheus Mardox: we have another as well i think
    EM Dudley: Another?
    Morpheus Mardox: Torchwood is in tel mur aye?
    EM Dudley: Oh Yes
    Gunga Din: correct
    Morpheus Mardox: they have thier own queen as well
    Morpheus Mardox: :}
    Gunga Din: yes we do
    EM Dudley: Ter Mur...well Dawn and Zhah are allies, so that's an easy one
    Morpheus Mardox: and she has wings!
    Gunga Din: heh
    Tancred RedStar: thought in medieval times men ran things
    EM Dudley: You'd think so, right Tancred?
    Tancred RedStar: oh wait, medieval *fantasy*
    Niva the Savage: Hrr! Hrr!
    Tancred RedStar: haha
    Morpheus Mardox: just squirrels round here.....
    Sari-Liane: What did Tancred say?
    EM Dudley: Oh
    EM Dudley: And by the way...
    EM Dudley: Tancred, your description was highly entertaining
    Tancred RedStar: which one? haha
    EM Dudley: About the village idiot
    Tancred RedStar: ah yes
    Winfield: *raises hand*
    EM Dudley: *chuckles*
    Prowler: i have copy right on words midget and salami!
    EM Dudley: Yes Winfield?
    Niva the Savage: Orc Slave Here?
    Winfield: I have PaxLair Statehood...
    Winfield: 2 cities in Felucca, one in Tokuno.
    Gunga Din: You have a problem Win :)
    Winfield: So that will be interesting with how we do things with our "statehood" and alegiences.
    Sari-Liane: But isnt Statehood three seperate towns?
    Winfield: And PaxLair City, was recognized by LB long ago. That might mean something today?
    EM Dudley: It certainly might
    Winfield: Yes, three separate towns, loyalty first to me their Governor.
    EM Dudley: Dawn and British are longtime friends
    Sari-Liane: Hmm then wont that interfer with your swearing loyality to the monarch of that land
    Tancred RedStar: *whispers*
    Gareth: *Raises hand*
    Tancred RedStar: lovers...
    Winfield: So if I am loyal to Dawn, that means PaxOku in Tokuno is loyal to Dawn.
    Winfield: *listens*
    Winfield: Will be fun figuring it out, naturally.
    Morpheus Mardox: Would be good to see an "evil" city
    You see: onog boogiflickr [MUCK]
    EM Dudley: Exactly Morpheus
    EM Dudley: I'm hoping someone crops up with an evil city
    EM Dudley: Stand against the crown I say!
    EM Dudley: We need enemies!
    Tancred RedStar: Palinville!
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Sari-Liane: *Thinks* I have a question actually
    Gareth: You have them in our village *smiles*
    EM Dudley: Yes Sari?
    EM Dudley: Email sent Winfield
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Gareth: Ebil people.
    Sari-Liane: If I remember LB gave up all rights to Fel when he created tram right?
    Niva the Savage: Chaotic!
    Niva the Savage: Niva not evil!
    Ashlynn: I'm only marginally evil
    Gareth: hehe
    EM Dudley: *thinks back*
    Morpheus Mardox: *grins*
    Winmere: Nystul created Trammel.
    Sari-Liane: Aye but under orders from LB
    Sari-Liane: well not exactly like that
    Winfield: *nods to Dudley, received email*
    Sari-Liane: LB ordered all move from Fel to tram as Fel had lost all control
    You see: Prowler [TK0]
    Prowler: lol hit wrong button
    Sari-Liane: so if thats the case.. then the Paxcities in Fel have no loyality to LB
    Morpheus Mardox: hehe
    Tancred RedStar: you could argue Factions fight for control now
    Sari-Liane: As the monarchy has no control over in fel
    Winfield: We can still have loyalty, we were just abandoned.
    EM Dudley: You can be loyal to whomever you want
    EM Dudley: You can say you're loyal
    Gareth: Aye.
    Sari-Liane: *nods* ok
    Ashlynn: there are still loyalists who fight for the crown in Felucca
    EM Dudley: Then sneak attack
    Morpheus Mardox: Isnt Pax ruled by the orc still?
    Sari-Liane: But still the Queen has no power there
    Sari-Liane: no forces.. nothing
    EM Dudley: I can change that...
    EM Dudley: *evil grin*
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Winfield: The mayor is an Orc, yes. Pax City is neutral.
    Morpheus Mardox: ty
    Gareth: She will come protect em.
    Niva the Savage: Bad Dragon Elf!
    EM Dudley: The idea is that your decisions will effect the outcome of the fiction
    Niva the Savage: Not give Robe ideas!
    Sari-Liane: How can you be neautral and swear loyalty to someone?
    EM Dudley: Espionage?
    Winfield: *likes that we can affect outcome, even with 'politics'
    Prowler: thats called lieing
    EM Dudley: Say one thing, mean another
    Prowler: im sure u done that uin ur life time
    Tancred RedStar: maybe we leave it all in the air and let events and actions figure it out
    Prowler: em dudley
    Winmere: Neutral, as in your encounters with others.
    Winfield: We have neutral attitude to all beings, yet are loyal to LB.
    Prowler: if i may have floor for a second
    EM Dudley: Yes Prowler?
    EM Dudley: Sure
    Prowler: when
    Morpheus Mardox: Aye at some point towns may have to make a choice
    Winfield: We disagree at times with LB's policies of old.
    Prowler: the king was here
    Prowler: u swore
    Morpheus Mardox: that affect thier loyalty
    Prowler: ur obedience
    Prowler: to him
    Prowler: then cesca killed him
    Prowler: and now is a qween
    Prowler: does ur loyalty
    Tancred RedStar: ?
    Prowler: change so quickly?
    Prowler: was lord british
    EM Dudley: *back in a jiff*
    Prowler: now is qween cesca
    Prowler: so
    You see: a hind
    Prowler: u say
    Prowler: what about this or what about that
    Prowler: you choose
    Winfield: We have not declared loyalty to anyone as of yet, officially.
    Prowler: your loyalites
    Prowler: with 1
    Prowler: and when there killed
    Elijah Cross: Sanctum Viatas - Sacred Journey
    Prowler: and another takes over
    Winfield: We were [waiting for some idea of what EMs would do with the Queen first]
    Prowler: u say ur with them as well
    Prowler: or did ur loyalty
    Prowler: die
    Prowler: when they died
    Prowler: i am just saying
    Prowler: that when the 1 was killed by cesca
    Prowler: and he was a king
    You see: EM Dudley
    Prowler: now u have qween cesca
    Prowler: 2 diffrent in charge people
    Prowler: all i am telling you all is
    Prowler: doesnt matter who ur loyalty is to
    Tancred RedStar: I think you have a few things mixed up Prowler
    Prowler: no
    Prowler: just maybe forgot the name
    EM Dudley: Well no, it will very much matter who you stand behind
    Prowler: of the guy cecsa killed
    Prowler: right
    Gareth: That wizard dude?
    Prowler: but right now
    Winfield: We want Loyalty to finally matter for something in this Realm.
    You see: Tolerance [ACT]
    [Alliance][Wyatt Earp]: lmao
    Winfield: Sounds like it will with Dudley's plan.
    You see: Ozog Giantfart [MUCK]
    Prowler: everyone is bickering over who there loyal to
    Gareth: Clanin you mean Prowler?
    You see: Wyatt Earp [MUCK]
    Prowler: or how 1 is higher then the other
    Prowler: we all in some way serve the crown
    EM Dudley: *nods to Yoshi*
    EM Dudley: You may choose to serve the crown
    EM Dudley: Or you may choose to stand against it
    EM Dudley: Either way, you will make a stance to the Queen
    EM Dudley: The bottom line is, you will get recognized
    You see: Frosty [MIST]
    You see: Greytooth
    EM Dudley: You will get the banner
    EM Dudley: However
    EM Dudley: You decisions will effect "The Downside" that Mesanna talked about
    Tancred RedStar: meteor storm!
    Morpheus Mardox: hehe
    Wyatt Earp: Kal Ort Por - Recall
    Winfield: So, we can decide loyalty with Queen Dawn, Ter Mur Queen, Empress Tokuno, etc.
    Winfield: So many options.
    Tancred RedStar: who has the lowest income tax?
    EM Dudley: Aye
    EM Dudley: *laughs*
    Winmere: Aye!
    NANOC: :)
    EM Dudley: The entire realm has a flat tax
    EM Dudley: No matter where you live
    Morpheus Mardox: hehe
    EM Dudley: It's approximately thirteen dollars per month
    Winmere: Not with John Duke around!
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Morpheus Mardox: woot
    Niva the Savage: Not what Orc Slave say!
    Winfield: That's not what Empress Tokuno said!
    NANOC: lol
    EM Dudley: *grins*
    Gareth: So our little road depending on the village and PaxOkus decision will see double the threat?
    Winfield: We pay lots of taxes in Homare-jima
    Winfield: *shrugs*
    Tancred RedStar: sounds about right Gareth
    You see: Cheever [K~S]
    You see: Midnight
    Gareth: Bloody Hell
    Tancred RedStar: stock provisions, prepare fortifications!
    Gareth: *smiles*
    Winfield: Or PaxOku loyal to Queen, Village loyal to Tokuno.
    Winmere: The Blue Guard will need new recruits.
    Gareth: Or whatever evilness is made.
    Winfield: Someone will build a wall.
    Gareth: But yes most likely to tokuno.
    EM Dudley: As they say...
    Gareth: Yeah keep their invasion forces out ehhe
    Gunga Din: A Ranger's Guild is forming in Torchwood
    EM Dudley: Sometimes even the olive tree of diplomacy must be watered with the blood of thy enemies
    Winfield: *claps for Torchwood*
    Prowler: em dudley or em vladimire?
    Ozog Giantfart: eeeeep
    Prowler: have a question
    EM Vladimere: kk
    Gareth: (Sorry for talking out of turn)
    Prowler: the templar knights are loyal only to the church
    Ashlynn: conflict is simply diplomacy by other means anyway
    Prowler: and answer only to the church
    Ozog Giantfart: for yoshi
    Prowler: so
    Sari-Liane: Isnt the church answerable to the crown too?
    Prowler: how does that work?
    Ozog Giantfart: feets warmer
    EM Dudley: Well should the Queen dislike it
    Prowler: not wheneven a qween ask for religious advise
    Prowler: then who answers to whom?
    EM Dudley: Perhaps she'll issue an edict
    Gareth: Tis the city as awhole not just one person, guild or group.
    EM Dudley: Declaring all Templars outlaws?
    Cheever: Vas Rel Por - Gate Travel
    EM Dudley: Or perhaps she won't mind at all
    You see: Doc Holliday [DmG]
    Niva the Savage: Niva like that!
    Prowler: templars work the church
    Niva the Savage: Dragon Elfs Evil!
    Prowler: hence holy war
    Prowler: inqisition
    Prowler: witch hunting
    Prowler: list goes on and on
    Sari-Liane: Not all Templars ignore the crown! *Coughs*
    Prowler: ya
    Prowler: check templar history
    Prowler: befor running that banner
    Prowler: if
    Gareth: (Tis this not Ultima Online? The world you create?)
    Prowler: the qween calls
    Sari-Liane: I know what my Templars do
    Prowler: the templars owned by the church
    Sari-Liane: I dunno about yours
    Prowler: help the crown
    Sari-Liane: That is 'your' templars
    Prowler: crown being whoever is in charge of such
    Kire: sell salvation?
    Prowler: mine is based on true templar history
    Sari-Liane: the Dragoni templars are loyal to the Holy Rulers
    Gareth: Does it come in a box?
    Ozog Giantfart: ok enough of that debate
    Sari-Liane: Then that is yours, not mine
    Gareth: *Raises hand*
    Prowler: then i may ask my question
    Prowler: with out u jumpin in it
    Prowler: my question is this
    Prowler: templars are govern by the church
    EM Dudley: *listens*
    Prowler: so
    Prowler: how does this apply
    EM Dudley: Whatever character you choose to play
    EM Dudley: Whether it is a Templar
    Ozog Giantfart: ebery one plays differnt
    EM Dudley: or a band of nobles
    EM Dudley: or a band of goblins....everyone must make their relationship with Dawn clear
    EM Dudley: She is the Queen
    EM Dudley: That relationship will guide what style of Events apply
    Gareth: Or Empress
    EM Dudley: For example
    Gareth: :)
    EM Dudley: If you tell Dawn to go scratch, the Royal Guard may come after you
    EM Dudley: However
    EM Dudley: Perhaps Dawn's enemies may come to your side
    EM Dudley: And try and plot against the Queen
    EM Dudley: What, how, or why you want to play your character is ENTIRELY your decision
    EM Dudley: What I am doing is tailoring events and fiction to your decisions
    Cupid: Bless you.
    Ashlynn: sounds straightforward, pick your bed to lie in so to speak
    EM Dudley: To make them feel more personal
    Cupid: Farewell
    Prowler: i understand that
    EM Dudley: To make them feel more your own
    Nezuna: *nods
    Nezuna: that is cool
    Prowler: but i was asking how this efect player town to church govern
    EM Dudley: The township recognition is an easy instrument to declare such
    Prowler: compaired to crown
    EM Dudley: I'm not sure I understand the question
    Prowler: ok for example
    Prowler: goblins
    Prowler: say qween
    Prowler: of brit
    Prowler: there loyal to
    Prowler: other says qween to tokuno
    Prowler: and other tumer
    Prowler: but
    Prowler: what about church is ur loyal
    Prowler: is no qween in it
    Prowler: is church
    Prowler: how does this efect
    Prowler: the city
    Ashlynn: I don't think there is a neutral
    Morpheus Mardox: *nods*
    EM Dudley: Depends on you relationship to the Queen
    EM Dudley: If you choose to be loyal to the Church, that's fine
    Ashlynn: that's the conundrum
    Sari-Liane: If I remember correctly from history.. Templars were loyal to the holy roman empire...
    EM Dudley: You can be loyal to anything
    Sari-Liane: Thus the pope and ruler of italy
    Prowler: firiel
    Sari-Liane: so whereever your chief is
    Prowler: got it
    Sari-Liane: is yuor loyality?
    Prowler: church is nutrel to all
    Prowler: so
    Ashlynn: the holy roman empire was neither holy, nor roman
    Ashlynn: *grins*
    EM Dudley: What will effect you is the decisions you make based on that loyalty
    Prowler: will that efect player city
    Morpheus Mardox: hehe
    EM Dudley: If you aren't aggressive to the Queen and you cooperate with her
    Prowler: romans had a god for everything
    EM Dudley: Then I would see no need
    Gareth: *Raises hand*
    EM Dudley: However, if you start to stand against her
    EM Dudley: Then ya, you would see ramifications from such actions
    Gareth: *smiles to Ashlynn*
    Gareth: agreed
    EM Dudley: Make sense?
    Prowler: i can not confirm or deny anything at this moment in time
    Tolerance: history is written by the one who won..so is history screwed ?
    Gareth: heheheh
    EM Dudley: Alright then
    Nezuna: lol
    EM Dudley: *smiles*
    Gareth: *Raises hand*
    EM Dudley: Gareth?
    Gareth: Our village is a bit darker then most. We have Necromancers, Sages, Orcs, Savages, Rouges,
    Gareth: Pirates, Assassins, Templars, Guards and such.
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    Gareth: So some wanted to know who we declare fealty to if we want to follow the enemys of the crown
    Gareth: or Empress.
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    EM Dudley: Good question
    EM Dudley: I want to clarify
    Prowler: Kal Ort Por - Recall
    Sari-Liane: the Dragoni :p
    Gareth: hehe
    Ozog Giantfart: who sweepin?
    Morpheus Mardox: *smiles*
    EM Dudley: I think more of what we are dealing with is defining the diplomatic relationship
    EM Dudley: Each township will have with the Crown
    Winfield: *cheers to that*
    Gareth: *smiles*
    NANOC: aye
    Tancred RedStar: aye
    EM Dudley: No matter what, you will be recognized
    EM Dudley: That's the whole idea, identify the various townships
    EM Dudley: And allow them to start shaping the future
    Winfield: *question please*
    Gareth: *nods*
    EM Dudley: Yes, Winfield?
    Winfield: After loyalties are declared,
    Tolerance: plus get it right >so the rest of the shard's won't think where dip's
    Winfield: what sort of town involvement might we have diplomatically with queen
    Winfield: or the quee'ns guards?
    Winfield: I mean, after loyalty is declared, do we sit back and wait, things happen?
    Winfield: Or will there be much more interaction, perhaps between towns that are commonly loyal?
    EM Dudley: Exactly right Winfield
    EM Dudley: Lets say for example that you decided to ally yourself with the Queen
    Winfield: *nods*
    EM Dudley: There is an army of undead standing to overtake the city of Cove
    EM Dudley: The Queen calls upon all those loyal to the Crown to send aid to Cove
    Gareth: ooooo
    EM Dudley: Meanwhile in a dimly lit cave...
    Tolerance: nice
    EM Dudley: The generals of this Undead army send emissaries to plot with the enemies of the crown
    Tolerance: slash and hac
    EM Dudley: This opens the door to increased content for Fel events (PvP)
    EM Dudley: as well as the RP side of what we can do in Trammel
    Winfield: *nods*
    Sari-Liane: *Grins* Shoul dhave been in our village last night then
    Cheever: Question. Can this get posted online with a thorough explination so those of us who are still
    Cheever: confused so we may better understand this
    EM Dudley: Certainly
    EM Dudley: Do you have individual questions Cheever?
    EM Dudley: Perhaps I can answer them?
    Cheever: im stilla a little confused on the whole thing, i get the choices we have to make etc
    EM Dudley: Ok
    Cheever: i just need something to clarify all that im listening to
    Cheever: to help me understand it more
    Cheever: so i know what to do when the time comes
    EM Dudley: Certainly
    Cheever: i came here a little late too
    Cheever: hense my confusion
    EM Dudley: Esentially what this process is allowing us to do from an Event standpoint
    EM Dudley: Is to tailor events to the shard specifically
    Cheever: this shard, or all shards
    EM Dudley: Based on the allegiances, alliances, and diplomacy of the organizations involved
    EM Dudley: This shard
    You see: Debbie Desuri [D^T]
    Tolerance: wb
    Winfield: *raises hand*
    Debbie Desuri: ty
    EM Dudley: Make sense Cheev?
    Niva the Savage: Niva have word to say!
    Cheever: a little bit. but i'll wait until the online post to completely understand
    Cheever: i get it a little better now though
    Cheever: thank you
    You see: Tori
    Winfield: *raises hand with a question*
    EM Dudley: Winfield, then Niva
    Winfield: In olden days,
    Tancred RedStar: back when Winfield was still old
    Winfield: Seers worked with some guilds, had them do some 'acting' or assignments in their quests.
    Winmere: *laughs at Tancred*
    Winfield: Like Clan of Vampires and City of Gehenna.
    Tancred RedStar: :)
    Winfield: Do you think as this matures, your ideas,
    You see: Ashlynn [PxR]
    EM Dudley: That is exactly what I want to do Winfield.
    EM Dudley: Exactly.
    Winfield: there may be times when the Queen calls on Guardians Gate or the United Sosarian Navy
    Winfield: to do something?
    Winfield: *nods*
    EM Dudley: I remember those days
    Tancred RedStar: sweet
    EM Dudley: And want to bring them back
    NANOC: nice
    Gareth: *smiles*
    [Alliance][Yoshi]: nice
    EM Dudley: As a player I was lucky enough to experience quite a bit of that
    Tancred RedStar: where'd the cookie go
    You see: Prowler [TK0]
    Tolerance: lol
    Gareth: Prolly ate it heh
    EM Dudley: And it was very exciting
    Tancred RedStar: *chuckles*
    EM Dudley: And I want to recreate that
    EM Dudley: the important thing to note with that, is of course people will cry favoritism
    Winmere: *sighs*
    Cheever: another question
    Tolerance: true that
    Winfield: Aye, so need to make it opportunities for all.
    EM Dudley: Since they already do now I'm not overly concerned with that
    Winmere: *chuckles*
    EM Dudley: This process is open to anyone though
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    EM Dudley: You merely need to take the first step
    EM Dudley: And remember...with great reward comes great responsibility
    EM Dudley: And believe me, I've got plenty of monsters up my sleeve
    Tolerance: lol
    EM Dudley: *grins*
    Winmere: *not sure that's fair*
    Tolerance: u might wanna shwer to get them loose
    Nezuna: lol
    Winfield: What accountability and responsibility do you expect for recognized cities?
    Cheever: will we be called upon as individuals to help rather than specific guilds to help?
    Sari-Liane: Anh Mi Sah Ko
    Winmere: *chuckles*
    Winfield: *listens, sorry.*
    Ozog Giantfart: '
    You see: Ozog Giantfart [MUCK]
    EM Dudley: Yes Cheever
    EM Dudley: I will never keep it exclusive to a guild only invite
    Cheever: k
    EM Dudley: Niva had a question
    Niva the Savage: (Comment)
    Tolerance: ya u don't wanna have that headache
    You see: Lady Darth Oni [SoSV]
    Darth Oni: hail
    Niva the Savage: (Baja's EM's did something like what you are proposing
    Tolerance: hi
    EM Dudley: *waves*
    Ozog Giantfart: aarp
    Niva the Savage: (and it was alot of fun)
    Cheever: sorry to speak out of turn
    EM Dudley: Aye, that's where the idea initally came from
    EM Dudley: Seppo of Baja along the Casca line
    Niva the Savage: (of course, it took weeks to clean up the blood smell from some places(
    Niva the Savage: (.....)
    EM Dudley: *snickers*
    Nezuna: Mmmm snickers
    Cheever: lol
    Morpheus Mardox: *grins*
    EM Dudley: Was there someone else before the goblin?
    EM Dudley: Thougth I saw a hand before a foot...
    EM Vladimere: only if you used deoderant first can you raise your hand
    You see: Ben [MIST]
    You see: Ugly
    Tolerance: haha
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Cheever: heh
    Morpheus Mardox: Im sure!
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Tolerance: axe'
    Cheever: ozog is getting feisty
    Tolerance: the goblin
    Morpheus Mardox: sudar rush
    EM Vladimere: must have been the Ice Cream
    Morpheus Mardox: sugar even
    Ozog Giantfart: 1 question
    Morpheus Mardox: Hail Oni!
    EM Dudley: Yes?
    Ozog Giantfart: towns not all habe to be same guild?
    EM Dudley: nope
    Winmere: *waves to Oni*
    Ozog Giantfart: dat all
    Tolerance: lol
    Tolerance: there so cute
    Cheever: *flails arms at oni*
    Ozog Giantfart: you take?
    EM Dudley: Any other questions?
    EM Vladimere: nope
    Gunga Din: Aye
    EM Dudley: Gunga?
    Gunga Din: Should we contact you again about Loyalty?
    Tancred RedStar: *raises hand*
    Ozog Giantfart: hims took
    EM Dudley: You'll tell the queen herself
    Gareth: *raises hand*
    Gunga Din: Aye
    EM Dudley: Look for that for next week
    EM Dudley: Tancred?
    EM Vladimere: i gave not took
    You see: Lord Elijah Cross [PxP]
    Pillow Pants: brb
    Ashlynn: Hello again, Lord Elijah
    Tancred RedStar: when can we leanr more abut the Queen, like is she single, is she dating, she like men in white?
    Elijah Cross: Hail!
    Tolerance: lol
    Cheever: lmao
    Winmere: *chuckles*
    Niva the Savage: Hrr! Hrr!
    Ozog Giantfart: *picks flea off dead animal hat*
    EM Dudley: Perhaps you should ask her...
    Tancred RedStar: is she gonna use the silver serpent as the royal standard
    Winmere: Does she have a dowry?
    Tancred RedStar: ok ok
    EM Dudley: *smiles*
    Gunga Din: I must take my leave, thank you.
    EM Dudley: *waves*
    Niva the Savage: Good Hunting
    Ozog Giantfart: kug
    Morpheus Mardox: Fair thee well
    EM Dudley: Gareth?
    This account is 126 months old
    Ashlynn: I would advise not approaching her for proposals of marriage
    Ashlynn: until she asks for suitors
    Tolerance: haha
    EM Vladimere: I agree
    Ashlynn: to prove themselves
    Ashlynn: which would certainly be interesting to see
    Gareth: In your email for linking. Before I ask should I save linking questions for Sunday?
    Gareth: Just had a question about what was in the email.
    Tolerance: lol
    You see: Pillow Pants [MUCK]
    You see: Ido Smellafart [MUCK]
    EM Dudley: Was just going to bring it up
    EM Dudley: So long as the reognition bit is clear
    Gareth: Then ill wait to ask. You say what im wondering.
    Pillow Pants: ido gets ice cream at bank
    Gareth: *may
    Ozog Giantfart: yerg
    EM Dudley: As for the linking
    EM Vladimere: Who ate the weight watchers cookie
    Tolerance: lol
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Darth Oni: *raises brow*
    EM Dudley: Mesanna covered the what will be done
    Morpheus Mardox: no diets here
    Cheever: woah
    Ido Smellafart: Dudley no eats
    Cheever: its gone
    EM Dudley: *grimaces at weight watchers*
    Cheever: vlad, did you eat that??
    Ozog Giantfart: duds was getting fat from cakes and cookies
    Cheever: trying to blame it on everyone else??
    Ido Smellafart: I lubs vlad
    EM Vladimere: It was an annonomas gift to Dudley
    Tolerance: Vlad was gone 4 a long time
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    EM Dudley: !
    EM Dudley: *looks at robe and tight fitting flak jacket*
    Tolerance: yup
    Cheever: lol
    Tolerance: see >
    Morpheus Mardox: *looks for crumbs*
    Ido Smellafart: I gots vlad somefin specials
    EM Dudley: I merely proposed an idea for what would merit the linkage portal at the Fair
    Tolerance: Vlad said at the bank when he's hungry
    Ozog Giantfart: pumpkin cookies
    Tolerance: don't mess with his food
    You see: Malia [DWxC]
    EM Dudley: I want it to be player decided
    Ozog Giantfart: bad girl here aarp
    Morpheus Mardox: *raises hand*
    EM Dudley: And was hoping that if a township warranted linkage
    EM Dudley: Someone would step up to say so
    EM Dudley: Aye?
    Morpheus Mardox: On that same question
    Ido Smellafart: aarp!
    Morpheus Mardox: Once we "nominate" a town
    Morpheus Mardox: what will transpire
    Morpheus Mardox: ?
    Morpheus Mardox: then a visit?
    EM Dudley: In terms of the linkage?
    Morpheus Mardox: Aye
    EM Dudley: Or the banner?
    Morpheus Mardox: links
    Morpheus Mardox: and may we nominate more than one?
    EM Dudley: I don't see why not
    Morpheus Mardox: very good
    EM Dudley: the idea is that if a place is active enough to warrant a teleporter
    EM Dudley: those who attend it's activities should say so
    Morpheus Mardox: Aye
    EM Dudley: Strengthening the community through acolades from our peers
    Morpheus Mardox: indeed
    EM Vladimere: Thats my understanding. You get a banner but have to earn the teleporter
    EM Dudley: Precisely
    Morpheus Mardox: grand idea!
    Ido Smellafart: soo no kick goblin in tushme hinney we come vist!
    EM Dudley: Again
    Gareth: Do you have anything for how many, large or what types of acitvites you will be looking for?
    Ashlynn: will there be set criteria for this?
    EM Vladimere: Thats all still in discussion
    EM Dudley: Not what I'm looking for....what the players are looking for
    EM Vladimere: thats why we are here
    EM Vladimere: discussion
    EM Dudley: We do not want to determine who gets a teleporter and who doesn't
    Sari-Liane: I should expect being an active community being the priority
    EM Dudley: That's up to you guys
    EM Dudley: For example
    Ashlynn: Will previous history be taken into account, or only future events and such?
    Tolerance: um crushed cookie's
    EM Dudley: Would think that if your history resonates in the minds of your peers
    EM Dudley: Then would only serve to help your cause
    Cheever: what a waste of good cookies
    Tolerance: ll
    EM Dudley: *looks down*
    EM Dudley: Hrmm
    Tolerance: lol
    EM Dudley: *stomps*
    EM Dudley: *crunch crunch crunch*
    EM Vladimere: a bit of both. Active run towns etc etc that are well known to be active will earn brownie point
    Cheever: unless thats how dud eats his cookies
    EM Dudley: *pours the crumbs into a jug of milk*
    EM Dudley: *swallows in one gulp*
    Tolerance: lord
    Tolerance: :)
    EM Vladimere: Brownie Points Dudley, Not Brownie Cookies
    Ben: lol
    EM Vladimere: dont get excited
    Cheever: hehe
    Ozog Giantfart: no say brownies wif duds around
    Darth Oni: *chuckles*
    Ido Smellafart: ut oh...
    Ido Smellafart: i feels one
    Morpheus Mardox: ;p
    Ozog Giantfart: ut oh
    Ido Smellafart: whooey
    Tolerance: good thing there no finger's near Vlad
    Morpheus Mardox: *chuckles*
    Ozog Giantfart: woooooo goos one
    Ido Smellafart: yerg!
    Prowler: oh! ho!
    Prowler: god
    Winmere: *pinches nose*
    Ozog Giantfart: yuo make Yoshi move
    Prowler: goblin farts are nasty
    Ido Smellafart: sorry yoshi man
    Prowler: even stink would say that stunk!
    Ido Smellafart: but they feels good!
    [Alliance][Yoshi]: lol
    Ozog Giantfart: yoshi girly
    Ido Smellafart: !!
    Prowler: god i feel my armor coroding
    Tolerance: oh
    Winmere: hehe
    Ido Smellafart: sees da chestys thingys nows
    EM Dudley: Other questions or comments?
    Prowler: yes
    Prowler: em dudley
    Ido Smellafart: sorry sheyoshi
    Ozog Giantfart: yeg 2
    Prowler: tell the farting goblin go out side and get some fans in here
    Tolerance: haha
    Prowler: my eyes watering
    EM Vladimere: We told them to stop
    Niva the Savage: Hrr! Hrr!
    EM Dudley: Hrmm
    EM Dudley: We need to fumigate!
    Morpheus Mardox: *glad i sat over here*
    Tolerance: yup
    Darth Oni: *chuckles*
    You see: Prowler [TK0]
    Ido Smellafart: goblin explode if holds
    Winfield: *raises hand*
    Ido Smellafart: den be a BIG mess
    Prowler: smells like carrots and throw up
    EM Dudley: Yes?
    Cheever: yea it does
    EM Vladimere: *Rummages thru backpack looking for Corks*
    Ozog Giantfart: .
    You see: Ozog Giantfart [MUCK]
    Prowler: could gang a maggot
    Tolerance: u best hope the wind don't change
    Winfield: Whqt will be the emphasis areas for nextg Sunday's workshop here at 9 PM ET?
    EM Dudley: Same as tonight
    EM Dudley: For the most part
    Cheever: *another austin powers reference...*
    EM Dudley: Furthering the discussion and finalizing everything
    Ozog Giantfart: ozog share
    Ido Smellafart: hearts just for magik man vlad
    Morpheus Mardox: the next will be 9pm or 7-9
    Tolerance: An Lor Xen - Invisibility
    Morpheus Mardox: ?
    EM Dudley: 9 ET
    Morpheus Mardox: very good
    Ozog Giantfart: awwww
    Ido Smellafart: tooks it out orcs when Niva go chop chop
    EM Dudley: Wanted to do two times
    Ozog Giantfart: youb bees nice
    EM Dudley: So everyone could attend
    Tolerance: An Ex Por - Paralyze
    You see: Tolerance [ACT]
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Cheever: that would be cool
    Cheever: since i work on weekends
    EM Vladimere: Actually we was thinking of like 5am est :)
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Winfield: Dudley, will you come on PaxLair tour as Vlad set up with us?
    Tolerance: 5 am
    EM Dudley: I sadly cannot this evening
    Niva the Savage: Orc Hunting Hour!
    Winmere: *chuckles*
    Tolerance: wait i am retired and i am not gonna be awake @ that time
    EM Dudley: However the Royal Herald I am sure will visit before long!
    Winfield: Not tonight, Thursday for PaxLair.
    EM Dudley: Ahh Thursday...what time is it?
    Winfield: 3 PM ET.
    EM Dudley: *thinks*
    EM Dudley: That shouldn't be a problem
    Sari-Liane: What time is the visit at Kijustsu Anei tonight?
    EM Vladimere: What I planned on doing was the tours and then passing the info to Dudley to set up his time
    Winfield: Will start at EM Hall, Counselor Hall, Britain, Trammel.
    Winfield: Ah, ok Vlad, sorry I interjected.
    EM Vladimere: no problem
    EM Vladimere: its hard to get everyone togeather at the same time
    Ashlynn: *raises hand*
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    EM Dudley: Easier if you can grab either of us
    Winfield: *nods*
    Ben: Your assistance is appreciated
    EM Vladimere: I have 5 set between tonight and friday
    Winfield: Busy, busy! Need some fish steaks to keep you fed?
    Ozog Giantfart: *grabs*
    You see: Ozog Giantfart [MUCK]
    EM Vladimere: Cookies but I hid them so Dudley did not find them
    Tolerance: lol
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    EM Vladimere: and a Sausage Pizza or two
    Ido Smellafart: *looks under robe*
    You see: Ido Smellafart [MUCK]
    Tolerance: haha
    Ido Smellafart: dey not there makiig mans Dudley
    Ozog Giantfart: make haha hat jiggle
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Ido Smellafart: yerg!
    EM Dudley: Anyone else?
    You see: Ozog Giantfart [MUCK]
    Ozog Giantfart: *bites*
    Winmere: Aaaagh!
    EM Dudley: If there's nothing further
    Morpheus Mardox: *here*
    Sari-Liane: Anh Mi Sah Ko
    EM Vladimere: who is here for tonights 9:30 town tour?
    Morpheus Mardox: Do we send ya another email to shcedule a visit?
    EM Dudley: I'll call the workshop to a close
    Cheever: im busy
    Sari-Liane: Aye!
    Gareth: aye
    Cheever: whens the next one after that
    Doc Holliday: i will be here
    Darth Oni: well i be here...
    Debbie Desuri: aye
    Ozog Giantfart: *jumps up and jiggles haha hat*
    Darth Oni: but
    EM Dudley: Aye, can email either Vlad or myself
    Winmere: *cheers*
    Sari-Liane: We've got a job to do in the villag *grins*
    Morpheus Mardox: ty
    Niva the Savage: Niva here!
    EM Dudley: *jingle jingle jingle*
    Cheever: whens the next one after 9:30
    Cheever: i may or may not be able to make it
    Winfield: Good workshop.
    Winmere: Thank you, kind sirs.
    EM Vladimere: Tonight I have a 9:30 and then tommorrow I have a 7pm
    EM Dudley: Thanks for coming!
    Tancred RedStar: thank you both
    Winmere: Thanks for showing up!
    Cheever: k
    Gareth: You know how to get to the Iron Bandit Inn Vladimere?
    Winmere: *smiles and waves*
    Winmere: Kal Ort Por - Recall
    Cheever: meet here i take it?
    EM Dudley: Goodnight everyone!

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