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Rares Fest ChessieFest 2015 Traders' House Auction

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by BrianFreud, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. BrianFreud

    BrianFreud Lead Wiki Mod & Doer of Crazy Things
    Professional Wiki Editor Wiki Moderator Campaign Supporter

    Oct 2, 2013
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    festLogo (1).png

    ChessieFest 2015 Traders' House Auction

    What can be entered?

    The Traders' House Auction is different than the silent auction. It is for items which are:​
      • Lower end (generally, sub-175m) rares which are difficult to price and vendor, but too inexpensive for the silent auction
      • High end suits and armor pieces. Sellers of suits are asked to provide their own mannequins.
      • High end weapons
      • High end jewelery
      • Collections of crafting supplies
      • Player-created "art", with the definition of 'art' left to the creators
      • "joke" items
    ...or anything else that is not common and would not be better sold by placing it on a vendor or entering it in the silent auction. Items *do not* need to be 'rare'. The Traders' Hall is not a flea market, however; other than "art" or "joke" items,items should have a minimum value of 10m. Whether or not an item is appropriate is up to the sole discretion of Brian.

    Player-written books, copies of event books, copies of seer books, and any copies of any other non-spawning books are highly encouraged.

    Not permitted items:
    • Any item which is 'illegal' under current UO rules.
    • 'Scam' items which are not specifically identified as 'joke' items.

    How to enter an item

    • Items must be placed in a bag or backpack. That bag must include a book containing what you want described with the item, reserve price (if any), buyout price (if any), and an ICQ number at which you can be contacted (or stratics name, or worst case, an email address).
    • As I cannot read Japanese or Korean; all item information must be in English.
    • For items which require a book to explain something, there should be two different books in the bag; one for the auction entry, one for public display.
    • One bag+book *per* auction lot. Do not dump all your items into a single bag and book; it will be returned to you.
    • Once entered, items may not be changed. Once you have given me your item, I will not go and change a reserve, add a buyout, etc. So make sure your info is complete and correct when you turn it in!
    • There will be no fees or commissions charged.
    • DO NOT GIVE ANY ITEMS TO *ANYONE* UNLESS YOU HAVE CONFIRMED VIA ICQ THAT IT IS ME! Use the mailboxes for dropoffs - it's safest. :):)

    No pets or houses please.

    How to bid
    • All bidding will be done via bulletin boards.
    • Minimum bid is either 1m or the item's reserve price. If there is a reserve set, please don't bother bidding below that amount.
    • Minimum bid increment is 1m. All bids should be in million-gold increments - no 101.25m please.
    • All bids must include your bid, prominent name, and ICQ contact number.
    • Payment must be made on Chesapeake.

    End of the auction

    • The Traders' House auction will end at 11 pm EST on Sunday the 20th of September.
    • The 10 minute rule will be in effect, per item.
    • After the auction, it takes time to finish everything out. Please do not contact me for gold or items; I will contact you when your items and gold are ready for pickup. Note that this likely will not be until Monday, due to the lateness of the auction's close.

    Abusive Behaviour
    ANY abusive behaviour, including (but not limited to) harassing bidders, summoning harbingers, summoning giant turkeys, or luring spawn, will be grounds for your being banned from the auction house. If you are banned, you will stay banned. So just don't do it, ok?

    ICQ: 235-738-65
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