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Chicken Fight Winners!

Discussion in 'Golden Fang Casino' started by Golden Fang Casino, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Look here for Chicken Fight winner information.

    5 million Gold
    Grand Prize Winners:

    Han Telemanar (11/12/11)
    Chicken: McNutty'o'Puss

    Kylie Kinslayer (11/19/11)
    Chicken: Kinslayer Khichen

    Detox Inc (12/03/11)
    Chicken: Drunken Irish

    Quacklebush (12/10/11)
    Chicken: Drop Kick Murphy

    Selene (01/7/12)
    Chicken: a RAT

    Quacklebush (01/14/12)
    Chicken: Scallywag

    Larry (01/21/12)
    Chicken: BLADE

    Ashton Kutcher (01/28/12)
    Chicken: llewen is dumb

    Armand (02/04/12)
    Chicken: Morvoren

    Quacklebush (02/11/12)
    Chicken: Little Shank

    A Twelve Yr Old (02/25/12)
    Chicken: Quackle Die

  2. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Feb 12, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Re: Chicken Fight Brackets!

    Just a thought... but what about once y'all get 8 different weekly winners you put on a 5m entry fee championship. 75% to winner 25% to second. :D
  3. Re: Chicken Fight Brackets!

    Good Idea Kylie! We are working on planning a tournament of champions and we are feeling out ideas from past winners. Would you like to see the winning chickens left in our care fight? or trained battle chickens/regular chickens? Once we have enough winners and interest we will put it on for everyone.

    P.S. I have a trophy from when you won that I still need to get to you.
  4. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Feb 12, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Re: Chicken Fight Brackets!

    Good question there. All of them have points that are a plus. If you open it to a vote or anyting tho I would say use the same ones that fought their way to a win. Although not too sure how that would pan out, some may want to keep their winners *shrugs*

    Cool deal on the trophy. Life has been getting in the way of UO time again. Most of my time these days are logging in, getting called away and char bank sitting all day :/
  5. Final Results for Chicken Fights on 01/07/12.

    Golden Pecker Cup: Selene & a RAT
    Silver Pecker Cup: Selene & Rooster
    Bronze Pecker Cup: Sokaku & Lewt


    Quacklebush & Bo Jangles
    Quacklebush & Zaxby
    Sokaku & Lewt
    Larry & Useless
    Selene & a Rat
    Selene & Rooster
    DetoX In & Drunken Irish
    Detoc Inc & Nibiru
    Mouse & Cheese

    Side Bet Payouts:
    Quacklebush - 1m
    Larry - 500k
    Peaches - 500k
    Decadence - 500k
    Sakaku - 500k

    Fight Pit Master: Ace the Pit Boss
    Side Bet Bookie: Fire Kitten

    Comments: It was a fun chicken fight this week and we did try a new system for purchasing chickens. To be honest the system didn't work well and we will be trying something new for next week. Have any ideas? The simplest way for us to do it is do a random chicken draw instead of picking out chickens. I know that some enjoy the fun on loreing and choosing a chicken. Please lend your ideas of how you think the purchasing process should go or any ideas on chicken fights.

  6. We had a meeting today with the casino staff and one of our legendary high rollers that is a chicken fight aficionado. We have come up with a new system that should streamline the chicken buy process. Here is what we came up with and we are going to test out this Saturday.

    First thing we are taking out is the opportunity for players to pick their chicken. We understand that this is a part many enjoyed, but it was the main thing slowing down and adding to confusion. The other reason this is being removed is not all players have the ability to lore the chickens and it creates an advantage for some. With everyone getting a random chicken it will level the playing field giving all an equal chance to win.

    New Buying Process:

    1. Give gold check to dealer at chicken coop.

    2. Choose a name for your chicken

    3. Wait for fights to begin!

    Yes, it is that simple. We will write down your name when the trade window comes up, then write the chickens name next. This is all we need to enter you in the fight. The chicken will be named then stabled after a name is selected.

    Side bets will remain the same with all payouts done at end of fights. This seemed to work well and we got good feedback from the crowd, since they didn't have to wait for payouts before placing new bets.

    We will see how these new rule changes pan out, but i feel these will be the smoothest yet. The chicken fights have come a long way since when we started and it's thanks to the feedback form our players. so feel free to share your ideas and opinions.

  7. Final Results for Chicken Fights on 01/14/12.

    Golden Pecker Cup: Quacklebush & Scallywag
    Silver Pecker Cup: A harmless trammie & Fire Kitten
    Bronze Pecker Cup: Ace Ventura & Tom Brady


    Quacklebush & Scallywag
    Quacklebush & a short round
    Detox inc & a drunken irish
    Quia & Victor Belfort
    Quia & Bane of Quacklebush
    Zoathellae & Chuhtla
    Ace Ventura & Tom Brady
    A harmless trammie & Fire Kitten
    Jupiter & Arnold
    Bon Iver & Woods

    Side Bet Payouts:
    Zoathellae - 500k
    Quacklebush - 1.5m
    Bon Iver - 3m!
    Hoodluum - 500k
    Ace Ventura - 500k
    Victor - 500k

    Fight Pit Mistress: Fire Kitten
    Side Bet Bookie: Lucky Jack of Spades

    Comments: Heard it was a great fight even though I was personally not able to make it. I would like to thank Lucky Jack and Fire Kitten for stepping up and learning the chicken fight process so quickly. They did an amazing job and it sounds like the smoothest run fight we have had yet. I hear there was an issue with a chicken having 40 anatomy more then the others and i believe that was from us practicing earlier. This should not be an issue on future fights. Hope everyone really enjoyed themselves at this weeks chicken fights. Come out next week and make it the biggest fight yet!
  8. Final Results for Chicken Fights on 01/21/12.

    Golden Pecker Cup: Larry & BLADE
    Silver Pecker Cup: Dread Lord & WINNER
    Bronze Pecker Cup: Detox & Butter Cup


    Detox & Bologni
    Detox & Liqour
    Willem Vance & Black Monk
    Quacklebush & I Win
    Detox & Butter Cup
    Traveler & cockll
    Hemperor & a water bong
    Julie Foy & Detox
    Dread Lord & WINNER
    Larry & BLADE

    Side Bet Payouts:
    Hoodlum - 500k
    Hemperor 3m!
    Willem Vance - 2m
    Quacklebush - 1.5m
    Winner - 500k
    Guiseppi - 1m

    Fight Pit Mistress: Ace the Pit Boss
    Side Bet Bookie: Fire Kitten

    Comments: Was an extremely fun fight this week with a exciting finish and great antics in the stands. Hope to see many more out next week! Lets set a new record on chickens entered. Current record is 15 so lets see if we can beat that. Thank to our Legendary High Rollers for coming out and supporting us once again.

  9. Re: Chicken Fight Brackets!

    This post just won you 1 Million Gold in our weekly raffle! Contact me to setup a time to claim your prize or come by the casino tonight!

  10. Final Results for Chicken Fights on 01/28/12.

    Golden Pecker Cup: Ashton Kutcher & llewen is dumb
    Silver Pecker Cup: Averi Coldgrove & Bloodlust
    Bronze Pecker Cup: Quacklebush & One Eye Willie

    Quacklebush & One Eye Willie
    Detox inc & The Old Hag
    Honest Slagg & Blade Two
    Nathalie & Zothlyrd
    Ashton Kutcher & llewen is dumb
    Dezera & Dark Prince
    Averi Coldgrove & Bloodlust
    Quacklebush & Mc Nugget
    Decadence & Nibiru
    Lady Hearts & Lucky
    Anfalas & Kyo
    Bella Luna & McFlubber Nuggets
    Maximus & Shawn
    Taffy & Neko
    Shar'Lee & Sharlee
    Kings on fire & Morvoren
    Honest Slagg & Blade Runner

    Side Bet Payouts:
    OVER 40 Million Gold
    (more stats coming)

    Fight Pit Master: Ace the Pit Boss
    Side Bet Bookie: Lucky Jack of Clubs

    Comments: I would like to thank everyone for taking up the challenge and breaking all the records, making this the biggest chicken fight yet! With 18 chickens entered and over 80 side bets placed it was the amazing to see. I hope everyone had a great time and didn't mind the extended fights due to all the new participants. Bring a friend next week and don't miss the action!
  11. Which day and time are theese events held ? Would be fun to stop by and catch a glimpse of the action sometime :)
  12. Chicken Fights are held at 7pm EST every Saturday. Look for gates in Luna or find one of our Luna teleports, also at the Blue Crane tele hub in Makoto.

    Hope to see you there!
  13. Final Results for Chicken Fights on 02/04/12.

    Golden Pecker Cup: Armand & Morvoren
    Silver Pecker Cup: Nikki Phoenix & Luciuos
    Bronze Pecker Cup: Ashton Kutcher & Llewen is Dumb

    Quacklebush & SupaFreak
    Armand & Morvoren
    Ashton Kutcher & Llewen is Dumb
    Nikki Phoenix & Luciuos
    Detox inc & Bilbo Baggins
    Sosaria & Pros

    Fight Pit Master: Ace the Pit Boss

    Comments: Was a slow weekend, but with less people better the chance to win. See you all next week!
  14. Final Results for Chicken Fights on 02/11/12.

    Golden Pecker Cup: Quacklebush & Little Shank
    Silver Pecker Cup: Lyric & Lyric
    Bronze Pecker Cup: Lil Bugger & Raven

    Lee & Alfredo
    Quacklebush & Lil Shank
    Raven & Lil Bugger
    Draken & TWT
    Decadance & Nebiri
    Lyric & Lyric
    Detox & Bebop

    Side Bet Payouts:
    alfedo - 500k
    Decadence - 1m
    Lee - 1.5m
    Quacklebush - 2m
    Detox inc - 2m
    Virem - 1.5m
    Merciful - 2m
    Sync - 1m
    King - 1m
    Lyric - 1.5m
    Kylie - 500k
    Cry - 1m
    Xavier - 500k
    Cathuhulu - 500k
    Hearts - 500k

    Fight Pit Mistress: Fire Kitten
    Side Bet Bookie: Ace the Pit Boss

    Comments: Great fight this week. We now have ten 5m winners and are in the works of planning a tournament of champions soon. So if you have a winning chicken train it up and have it ready. Side bets were very popular this saturday and we had 25mil in bets placed. Going to work on getting screenshots every week from now on. Here is some shots for this week.