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Chocolate cake: Gold or Garbage

Discussion in 'WoW WotLK Beta' started by Figgilsticks, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Figgilsticks

    Figgilsticks Guest

    <b>Chocolate cake: Gold or Garbage</b>

    Witnesses have reported seeing three members of inconceivable carrying out a most terrible crime. Thursday night at about 11:45 3 Delicious Chocolate Cakes were stolen from the reward vault of the olympic games. What a tragic crime indeed. Our correspondent who chose to remain anonymous trailed the 3 prime suspects in the crime for the duration of the night. Armed with photographs we would like YOU to help ensure that future Cakes are safe from these cake stealing monsters!

    It started as a regular night, when he noticed strange activities in the olympic games prize vault. A tauren, a troll, and a bloodelf were trashing through the baked goods section, and stuck something in their picnic basket. They proceeded to fly to an isolated floating island in Nagrand. The pictures you are about to see may be disturbing, feel free to avert your eyes.


    Yes indeed folks, these three sat there and got VERY HAPPY off of the CAKE that should rightfully belong to the gold medal winners!!!!

    Further proof!


    as you can see for yourself, they indeed got very happy for 1 hour.

    We believe the happiness was too much for the bloodelf to take, as we watched him commit suicide, jumping from the island and splatting on the ground. We were unable to take the picture as he was moving so fast, but here is a recreation.


    We are unsure of weather or not this was truly a suicide, or an overly happy murder.

    Following the loss of their blood elf friend, the 2 remaining decided to take a trip into the water cube, and on their way they found another tauren. Although he was not very happy like them, in their happy state they thought he looked funny and brought him along.

    It was at this time that one of my partners tried to bring the three in for questioning, as seen in the picture below.


    Unfortunately, through the skills aquired while EXTREMELY HAPPY he faced his demise, and was ultimately LOOTED for nothing less than a Golden Medal !!!!


    It was a sight to behold, The sheer power of the HAPPY brought down my partner and left me so scared that I could not engage them myself. I knew they had already killed the shaman, Murru, and now my friend. However, what happened next ... no one could have expected.

    THE HAPPY WORE OFF. The tauren there became quite enraged! He turned towards his Tauren companion and DROWNED HIM!!!!


    That cow was never heard from again.

    So please if you have any information leading to the identifying and arrest of these outcasts, please please contact your political embassador and have them locked up forever. The safety of the prizes for the gold medalists must be held as top priority.

    You should not try to approach them, they should be considered armed, and VERY UNHAPPY.

  2. Happu

    Happu Guest