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Chocolate ingredient prices?

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Guest, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How much has the ingredients been selling for on your shard?

    I've had people asking me alot and I have no clue as to the current values.

    Thanks for any information anyone can provide!
  2. Players asking 500K or something insane like that at the bank. Another post on this forum says you get about 20 ingredients per hour from shadow wisps, an my experience is a drop rate of about 1/20 kills.

    20 ingredients per hour, valuing time as 40K per hour, means the right price is 2K per ingredient after the newness dies down.
  3. frodofeet

    frodofeet Guest

    Prices seem to vary widely on Europa. I've seen individual ingredients on vendors priced from 5k all the way up to 100k! [​IMG]

    Seems the average atm is around 25k-50k.

    In a recent 3 hour Ilsh session I managed to gather 11 ingredients, which is about 4 per hour (can't remember how many paragons I killed though, sorry).
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for the info Mark and frodo.

    Right now prices on LS at Luna are ranging to 200k. I sure hope prices will decline some!

    I managed to get three at the slimes around Valor before the dragons got me. Thank goodness for the bag of sending and the new change. They weight 1 stone so it's 1 charge. I can handle sending those back.
  5. frodofeet

    frodofeet Guest


    They weight 1 stone so it's 1 charge. I can handle sending those back.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    That reminds me... I just wanted to have a moan about these items (esp. the butter) not being stackable... they should be! [​IMG]

    There, I feel better now I've got that off my chest! [​IMG]
  6. Lord Woody

    Lord Woody Guest

    I myself charge 2 k for each ingriedient and they sell nicely. Its mostly sack of sugar and Cocoa liquer ( odd name ) that sells. I belive thats the right price, taking the drop - rarity in consideration.
    Paragon Pixies seams to be the best and , whatch out for the karma loss if ye use a pally.
    Oooh another thing . pixie legs are quite tastefull ( yummy ) and they are blessed [​IMG]

    A Europa player.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Where do you find pixie paras? I'm still not familiar with Illshenar as I am with Tokuno.

    I tried Valor and did alright but it's crazy with those dragons and wyverns. [​IMG]
  8. Slowtree

    Slowtree Guest

    Go to Ilshenar Spirituality, then ride right (north-east). If you do not want to lose karma, there's also shadow wisp paras, mingling with pixies.
  9. I personally have got just as many ingredients off of the shadow wisps as the pixies and no karma loss. If you do decide to kill the pixies keep an eye on your karma.... Although a group of pixies will quickly let you know when it drops too much. [​IMG]

    Also paragons are more sensitive to your karma than regular creatures. So you can be good with the reg pixies but the paras will attack.
  10. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    Hmm. I have had absolutely no problem at all with para pixies, uni's and kirins on a positive karma character. They do not attack me on sight until I attack them. I don't mind the karma drop - I can easily seesaw it up again killing other stuff after all [​IMG]

    Beside, pixies really really annoy me... I LOVE attacking them :p
  11. Your correct, they will not attack you IF you have positive karma. But since you lose karma whenever you kill them you need to keep an eye on your karma level.If it drops too much and you become negative karma they will start attacking you. And as you start getting closer to the negative the paragons will start attacking before the regular ones do.

    I didn't say I didn't attack the pixies...love those tasty legs [​IMG] Just that the shadow wisps are just as effective and you will not lose karma for killing them. Paladins depend on staying good karma so they might not want to attack pixies and such.
  12. Lord Woody

    Lord Woody Guest

    If Your are bored, try entering that area with a Dread Lord / Lady necromancer, your hands will be full and most likely you will drop dead before you can say " An Mi S...oOoOoO...:p. I did that ones..long time ago lost a good ring . cause it was impossible to reach my corpse....I think they still attack anyone with negative karma.
    Its not funny to be killed by lttle girls in underwear [​IMG]

    A Europa player.
  13. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest


    But since you lose karma whenever you kill them you need to keep an eye on your karma level.If it drops too much and you become negative karma they will start attacking you.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I would get bored of staying in the same place for long enough for that to happen, lol [​IMG]
  14. Luna - 100K per , they do not seem to be selling .
    Real - 10K per , sell every one i have .

    So i am pricing them now at 10-50k except sugar i find more rare .

    At 100,000 gold per ingredient that would make crafting one piece of chocolate be around 3-400,000 which no one will ever pay . Even if it does summon a tameable purple ethereal vortex lamma and vorpal bunnies .