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Choosing a Greater Dragon

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Pindershot, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Pindershot

    Pindershot Guest

    Hello all.

    I'm in the process of acquiring a greater dragon and I have a question about how to interpret the information I get from animal lore.

    It is my understanding that the values of the skills drop when the animal is tamed, but can go up again as I hunt with it. Is there a formula for determining how high the skill will go up to when trained?

    For instance when ID'ing a wild greater dragon
    x = wild greater dragon's wrestling
    x * ??? = tamed greater dragon's max wrestling after training.
    What would ??? be in this equation?

    When ID'ing a freshly tamed greater dragon
    x = freshly tamed greater dragon's wrestling
    x * ??? = freshly tamed dragon's max wrestling after training.
    What would ??? be in this equation. This one is important when trying to buy one in Luna.

    Would a similar equation apply to stats?

    I assume resists stay the same.

    Thanks in advance for responses.

    I'm getting tired of taming, so I'm buying a greater on Pac. I'm auctioning off a 120 Bushido to pay for it, so I a have a few mil to spend. Please let me know if you can hook me up on Pac.
  2. If you're loring a wild Greater, its maximum post-tame skills are at 90% of its current skills (or up to 100, if below 100). A 125 wrestling greater can increase its wrestling to 112.5 after taming.

    If you're loring a just-tamed Greater, multiply its current skills by 1.25 (since you lose 28% of skills upon taming, you divide the current skill by .72, then multiply that "pre-tame" skill by .9, which ends up being the same as multiplying the post-tame skill by 1.25), with the exception of Magery, which post-tame will be at its 90% maximum.