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Chris, A Gentle Giant

Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by Conquester, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Conquester

    Conquester Guest

    Its something I never expected to be doing, posting here on the Memorial Forum but a tragic loss occurred on Saturday 20th March 2004.

    A long time friend and true UO player passed away leaving his newly found girlfriend and family without his love and humour.

    Many people here will know him as StormForce and Whisper of Death, to a few he was just Chris, a giant of a man and with a heart of genuine passion and humility. His sense of humour was legendary both in and out of the game and he will be truly missed by all those who met him.

    In these early days since his death we should all take some time just to think of those loved ones he has left behind, and hopefully with our memories of him alive in every one of us who knew him he will continue to live if not in our lives, then certainly in our souls. To Marie and to his sister who he always spoke of with such passion then I acn only say that I cannot in anyway hope to understand your loss. I ask that you know that whenever he spoke of you he smiled with such love and such intensity it was truly inspiring, though I sure he thought you played The Sims Online far too much.

    Chris, you helped me through some tough times not really that long ago mate and I have to admit geeza I will never forget you mate. You truly were one in a million and no one can ever take that away from those of us who knew you.

    Rest well dude, we'll all see you again some day...you always were and will always be the best...
  2. BalticViking

    BalticViking Guest

    Rest in peace,we never forget you mate.