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Christmas Card 2007 List

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Corwin, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Corwin

    Corwin Guest

    Oh boy.
    Are there any collector's out there that bothered to get a full set of Dev/GM names for the 2007 Christmas Card set?
    I thought I had a full set and posted a complete list back on the old forums (I also used Rand al'Thor as a forum name.) 2006 had 95 names and 2007 had 82 names or so I thought...
    I just noticed during the spring cleaning event that I mixed some 2006 cards in my 2007 set. So either I am still missing some cards, that people are turning in for 50 points, or my original list was wrong.
    If someone has a full set and don't mind checking it with my list, I would appreciate it.

    Here is my list (the ones in brackets are the ones I am not sure of):

    1) Adolescence
    2) Adula
    3) Ando
    4) Baron Mind
    5) Bucklechops
    ( Cadillac )
    7) CatHat
    8) Cerulean
    9) Chris
    10) Co
    11) Coelacanth
    12) Comforl
    13) Coolio
    14) Czarzane
    15) Danandez
    ( Darkscribe )
    17) Draconi
    18) DragonHead
    19) Drake
    20) Elendrik
    21) Fylwyn
    22) Glamdring
    23) Goto
    24) GrumpyMartyr
    25) Gustus
    26) Hannel
    27) Hazel
    28) HoppyGirl
    29) Inoia
    30) Jaisin
    31) Jeremy
    32) JIB
    33) Jyrra
    34) Kaiser
    35) Kent
    36) Khaled
    37) Leto
    ( Leurocian )
    39) Lori
    40) Marby
    41) Masara
    42) Maxito
    43) Meatshield
    44) Messana
    45) MrsTroubleMaker
    46) MrTact
    47) Mythfire
    48) Nina
    49) Norics
    50) Nyssa
    51) Prume
    52) PurpleTurtle
    53) Reico
    54) Rend
    55) Runna
    56) Sameerah
    57) Serado
    58) SherboDeluxe
    59) Sienna
    60) Silvani
    61) Snark
    62) Sowl
    63) Spada
    64) Splat
    65) Steedin
    66) Stormwind
    67) Supreem
    68) Tad
    69) TheGrimmOmen
    70) Theowulf
    71) Towein
    72) Tulkas
    73) Uril
    74) Vou
    75) Wasia
    76) Wilki
    ( Wolf )
    78) Xena
    79) Yamada
    80) Ya-Ssan
    81) Zilo
    82) Zoer
  2. Nexia

    Nexia Guest

    Edit: Seems the screenshot was too small to read. I can confirm Leurocian for you. I´ll add a picture later.

  3. Corwin

    Corwin Guest

    Odd. I just checked all my 2007's and those four names all read 2006 now. I wonder if I made a big mistake and put them in the wrong boxes or there is a bug...
  4. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Here are screenshots of 2007 Leurocian and Darkscribe cards. Could not find Cadillac or Wolf on my list of 2007 cards received. Both names did show up on my 2006 list, though.

  5. Corwin

    Corwin Guest

    Anyone on Great Lakes that want to sell or trade their 2007 Holiday Cards? I guess I still need Cadillac, Darkscribe, Leurocian and Wolf.

    This has been a hard set to finish because a lot of people didn't want to trade repeated holiday cards.
  6. Corwin

    Corwin Guest

    Anyone else see one of the other three? Or does anyone have any of these cards to sell? How expensive would it be to get it from another shard?