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Citizens of Yew

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Guardsmen Militia, May 27, 2009.

  1. Where does a civilian fit within Grd?

    Supporting both a Militia and a flourishing citizen system is never going to be an easy task but it is one that Grd will always attempt.
    Civilians have always needed to be imaginative roleplayers who are able to create their own place within a guild and dedicate time to it.
    Successfully playing a citizen can be a challenge even for the most experienced of roleplayers because there is no rank or structure to it. A citizen allows for the most freedom and you are limited only by your imagination; of course there are in character laws, but who says you must abide by them?

    So what sort of role could you take on?

    The simple answer is: Any!
    As long as you are prepared to accept any consequences for your character’s actions, there is no reason you can’t take on any role at all. (Just don’t expect a guardsman to sit having a tea-party with you if you’re an orc!)

    Grd is the largest and oldest strictly roleplay guild on the Europa shard. At time of posting we have over 165 active members according to uo.com.

    If you'd like any more information on us it can be found via our forums www.grd-europa.co.uk/forums or by contacting our GM (Bladius Dart) via ICQ # 125 548 430 or email [email protected]

    Here are a few examples of the types of citizens you could play:

    Playing an elf in the hostile environment of Yew, always trying to stay one step ahead of the Church.

    A foul pirate having retired from life on the high seas.

    A brigand roaming the highways of Yew, seeking wealthy victims.

    An orc lying in wait amongst the trees of the infamous Valley.

    An undead creature desperate to prove itself in the eyes of the Guardian.

    An opportunistic thief always ready to grab a purse and run.

    A witch secretly plotting to boil children down.

    A mafia boss cleverly building an empire of organised crime through loopholes and bribes.

    Shade is always in high demand, why not smuggle it?

    There are always things for a born rebel to oppose, sometimes you do not even need a cause.

    You were sure you would escape but now you’re caught and overcrowding at the Britannian Prison means you’re a prisoner in the Stonekeep Cells, permanently.

    Or if living life on the edge isn’t quite for you:

    Perhaps you are an expert on the King’s Law and seek employment with the Church as a lawyer or a layman?

    There are wytches living in Yew? Not for long! Wytchunters are always in demand.

    The King’s Deer tavern always requires new staff, why not serve a few pints?

    Do you prefer to trade your wares from the safety of your own store? Perhaps you would enjoy the life of a Yewish shopkeeper.

    Good with money? Perhaps a position in the Yewish treasury is for you.
    Organised? The various important people around Yew could use you as an assistant!

    Or does the prospect of sitting behind a desk and organising appointments for your employer seem more like your type of thing? Perhaps you should become a secretary.

    Someone needs to deliver all the mail that gets sent everyday! Can you hack the early starts? Become a postman!

    Messages need to be sent and received with minimal delay. Quick on your feet? You could be an errand boy or girl.

    Does championing the rights of your industry inspire you? Perhaps you should become a union leader.

    Curing illnesses and bandaging wounds is your calling in life? Pick up a robe and work as a healer.

    Skilled with your hands? Craftsmen are always required.

    Busy working away in one of Yew’s many factories? As a factory worker you are helping Yew grow into a bustling industrial state.

    Does the inside story get your heart pounding? Do your stories sell papers by the thousand? You must be a reporter.

    You own land good sir! Of course that makes you superior to the humble peasant folk in every conceivable way.

    Just a regular Yewish citizen? It can’t be easy being part of the townsfolk.

    Cooking up a storm? A dab hand in the kitchen? Perhaps you should become a chef.

    Tending crops is all you’re good at. It’s fortunate then that farmers will always be a necessity.

    Watching your flock by night? Life as a shepherd is simple but apparently very rewarding.

    With such an enormous fleet it’s only right that there are sailors to man the Yewish Navy.

    Still not all grown up?
    Life as a Yewish child is one adventure after the next.

    Caring for poor Yewish orphans can be hard but satisfying work. You deserve a medal or something, orphanage matron.

    Death and taxes. You’ll always find work as a gravedigger or a tax collector.

    As a cleaner you like to see things sparkling, with so many people too busy to clean their own houses or places of business you’ll very rarely be out of work.

    Is keeping a job just too much effort? I suppose sitting around on your arse all day or hassling those hard at work is much easier, you filthy beggar.

    There is no limit to what you can or cannot play!

    Feel free to speak to a member of Command if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss any ideas and the possibilities for the type of character you wish to play.

    Playing a citizen is both fun and rewarding and really adds to the dynamic of any guild.
    Think you have what it takes?
    Apply or just come by today!