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Clan Recruitment

Discussion in 'Darkfall Stratics Forums' started by holynapkin, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. holynapkin

    holynapkin Guest

    The clan, Gusarian Corsairs, is now recruiting. We are a pirate guild not focused on lore or role-play (you may role-play if you want, but don’t expect us to in return). However, we will not be accepting any Ork or Alfar recruits. The reason behind this is our desire to have an alliance with a Human/Mirdain/Dwarf clan. Human guards do not “attack on sight” the Mahirim race like the Alfar do, but do kill Orks on sight, therefore hindering our ability to align with them.

    We are only recruiting hard-core PvPer’s focused on establishing a strongly fortified city within the Sarthan Sea. Our main focus will be hijacking and taking over unsuspecting naval battleships and any cargo ships sailing through or around the Sarthan Sea. Our numbers are limited which reflects our desire to ally with a large, established, and focused Human clan. We do not wish to be a part of your clan, but an alliance. The terms of the alliance will be as follows:

    Protection: Aiding each other in wars. For example, if our allied clan is under attack, we come and help, and vice-versa.
    Resources: We let you harvest resources on our land, and vice-versa.

    We will also provide said Human clan with inside information on the plans of Ork clans made easy by our race’s affiliation with them.

    All of our current members have experience in such games as Tibia (hardcore PvP game) and WoW. We have all maintained high status and arena ratings in World of Warcraft, and have tactical skills learned through RTS games and fast reflexes and skills learned from such FPS games as Counter-Strike. All of us are experienced in at least one game and we expect the same from you. We will not accept “care-bears” afraid to lose their gear or gold-you best have left most of that in the bank. You need to be prepared for battle, be loyal, show respect to your clan-mates and our allies, and be, once again, experienced.

    We will also not be accepting anybody focused on being “the hero” of the group. Working together through carefully planned tactics will be the key to our success. If you do not have a working mic and Ventrilo, do not even apply.

    We are in need of any dedicated, hard-core, experienced PvPer’s and also anybody willing to be dedicated to crafting. Also, we’d also like to recruit a few people who have knowledge of the game already through beta experience as we’d like to pre-plan some of our strategies first. We will not be accepting any Orks or Alfars unless you present a convincing argument why we should take you.

    Also, I am personally looking to talk to the leader of an ambitious Human/Dwarf/Mirdain clan that is willing to align themselves with our clan.

    Clan-mates in our guild will get their fair share of loot, gear, and anything else you’d expect to receive from us. We will treat you with as much respect as you treat to us. Also, if you ever have any concerns while in the clan, you can feel free to tell any of the clan leaders whenever you want. We will instant kick anyone who either abuses their power in the clan, or practices power they do not have. For example, a “member” does not have any authority and will not talk down to anyone else of the same rank, or anyone else at all.

    Once again, we are a guild focused on establishing a fortified city and hijacking naval ships and involving ourselves in other pirate-like activities. We plan on starting a website as soon as possible once we get the proper numbers to justify doing so. Email the following application with all blanks filled in to the following email address: [email protected] and [email protected].

    Character Name (if undecided, say so):

    Planned race (if Ork or Alfar, you must present a valid and thorough reason to accept you):


    Type of character you plan on playing (Archer, Rogue, Healer, etc.):

    What will be your primary focus in Darkfall:

    How many hours a week/what days do you most frequently play:

    Past MMO/RTS/FPS experience/skill level:

    Do you plan to level crafting skills? If so, which ones? :

    Why should we accept you? :

    What is the most important, to you, aspect of a functioning guild? :

    What do you expect to gain from the clan? :

    Do you know anything about the game already/have you played in the beta? :

    Do you have a functioning mic?