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ClanUK are back in Europa

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Anubis_cuk, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Anubis_cuk

    Anubis_cuk Guest

    Those of you who have been out there since the early days of Europa will know that ClanUK were heavily involved in getting European shards for the many non-US players. Alas, people come and go, as do games, and for one reason or another the guild diminished and has more or less been confined to the annals of history and legend.

    As an old member of the guild on Catskills and Europa, I have managed to get the original ClanUK guildstone and a decent guildhall and am trying to resurrect this guild up from the ashes. So far we are into double figures after a week.

    This is a rundown on what ClanUK is for those that might be interested in joining.

    ClanUK was formed in 1997 and we have been in just about every game going although we tend to specialise in MMORPGs. We want to have fun in whatever games we play and be surrounded by like minded people.

    We are anti-cheat and anti-grief. While consensual PvP is great we don't PK people in those games that allow non consensual PvP for the hell of it, of course we're always happy to defend ourselves and indeed we are on the lookout for good PvPers in UO.

    ClanUK has an excellent reputation in the games we play and we expect members to uphold this reputation. Someone once said "If you meet a ClanUK player you will know them . . . they are polite, honest, and totally trustworthy", this should give you an idea of what we expect.

    A ClanUK member is expected to treat other members with the proper respect both ingame and on the forums, to treat people as they would want to be treated themselves.

    To Join ClanUK in whatever game you play will require you to complete a trial period which is usually a month. At this stage, this would be impossible so recommendations or gaming with those known to the small number of current members would have to suffice, so UO terms you will be given the "Ronin" status and this will be reviewed after a month.

    After the trial there will be a vote by those that have gamed with you and if you pass you will be a full member. Full members of ClanUK can join the guild in any game without needing to retrial.

    There will be regular hunts on Saturdays and Sundays at 7.00 UK time, starting from the guildhouse, which is NNE of Luna's north gate, towards the entrance path to the snowy area.

    If anyone is interested, please ICQ 10288042, contact one of our members in-game, or visit the web site www.clanuk.co.uk

    Brief history of ClanUK in Europa

    Members of ClanUK started a petition for the new servers in 1997. OSI said they would need at least 1000 names before they would consider anything. ClanUK produced 6000 and so OSI had to do something.

    ClanUK was formed sometime around June 1997, but only played Diablo, and since has grown to have a very large number of members. The Clan, of course, was playing other things until October when UO went live and the guild started up on Chesepeake. Due to the lag that European players had to deal with, a large protest was organised, where Chesepeake was completetly blocked by the protestors. This was run the guild itself, with the help of a few other large guilds, and some 400 people marched about the streets of Britain demanding a European server. I posted a feature on Europa's history a week ago so read it for more info. The entire UO playing portion of the guild would be 75 approx, out of the some 150 members of the entire Clan. This collection of members are a very pleasent collection of people, which isn't normally the case when guild's numbers get so high. These players all came together on Europa as soon as it went live and formed a Clan village. The village consists of the guild tower (with a tavern upstairs) and a guild shop, along with a few player owned homes. Before Europa, the guild existed on Catskills also. There was about 20-30 members on Cats and some 60 on Chese. The guild finally became one when Europa went live. The UO part of the Clan was divided into four different baronies (groups), all of whom do their on things. For anyone who is interested the four baronies were: Kindred Souls, Blades Of Fate, BlackWatch, and the Knights of Darkmoor.
  2. Ciar2001

    Ciar2001 Guest

    nice that brings back a lot of memories from when I first joined the Clan, good to also be back in game myself it's like a whole new game with all the changes so I am looking forward to reliving past fun :)
  3. Anubis_cuk

    Anubis_cuk Guest

    Well, that's now 4 of us old players from yonks ago back... up to 20 players now so things are moving.
    We will schedule a hunt for Sat and Sun evenings at 7.00 UK time, they are open so anyone can participate. Also if we like you nad you like us, as good opportunity to recruit.
    Next steps, apart from increasing the player base, is to organise a midweek run, and look at the possibilities of Pvp/Faction/Felucca training for those interested :)