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ClanUK Update

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Anubis_cuk, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Anubis_cuk

    Anubis_cuk Guest

    We now have 28 active players now (3 more to join in the next day or 2 once faction times out) so things are really moving.

    Every Sat and Sun evenings at 7.00 UK time, there is a hunt which is open so anyone can participate. The destination is agrred on by those who turn up. Also if we like you and you like us, as good opportunity to recruit.

    To cater for those who want to PvP, we have allied with a PvP Felucca based guild who have some VERY good PvPers in their midst. Some of us are actively training so we can do Felucca based activities such as champion spawns.

    We also have a web site with lots of forums, which members are encouraged to register for (www.clanuk.co.uk) and a Ventrilo port.

    Next steps, apart from increasing the player base, is to organise a midweek run, and get a good lot of PvP interested people so they can get their templates sorted out and their skills inproved :)

    ICQ 10288042
  2. Anubis_cuk

    Anubis_cuk Guest

    We're now getting well established and are now no 10 in the guild listings, 70 or so members and about 40 active players -not counting those allied to us. There are activities arranged in the week as well as the open to all guild hunts on Sat and Sun. We have a guild shop just along from BWT (GoldStretchers).
    Still recruiting good quality players (note character levels and experience does not matter)