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General Classic client crashing/Enhanced client item gump issues

Discussion in 'Bug Tracking' started by musclenflow, May 16, 2015.

  1. musclenflow

    musclenflow Visitor

    May 16, 2015
    Likes Received:
    When using the classic client, after some time of play (can be anywhere from 1 min to 2 hours) the screen will just turn to a light gray color and crash, no messages. I'm unable to pinpoint any specific cause, it can happen when I'm just sitting in my home or out fighting mobs/walking around town. I'm using Windows 7, I'm wondering if Aero overlay is conflicting with it? Anybody else experience this?

    Due to previous issue, I swapped over to EC. The legacy item system in EC is very laggy, when I mouse over an item and move the mouse to another one it will still display the description of the first. I have to move the mouse away from all items, and land on the one I want to look at first. Otherwise the item gump does not update. This is the case with both no UI mods and Pinco's UI (props to Pinco though, tons of nice features). Using the new grid view seems to get rid of this issue. Could this have something to do with UI scaling? Would I have to leave it at 1.0?

    I just came back to UO after about a 4 year hiatus and these issues are a bit discouraging. If anybody reading this plays on Chesapeake and has a recruiting PvM focused guild please hit me up! I'm down for PvP as well if I'm forced to (champ spawns). Thanks to anybody checking this out :)