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cleaning tha crib

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Blindside, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Blindside

    Blindside Guest

    found some stuff lying around

    Hit Stamina Leech 36%
    Hit Fireball 44%
    HCI 9%
    DI 35%

    Scorpion Slayer
    Hit Mana Leech 60%
    Hit Lower Attack 44%
    FC 1
    DI 43%

    Hit Stamina Leech 44%
    Hit Fireball 44%
    Hit Lower Defense 38%
    DI 47%

    Hit Harm 38%
    Hit Lower Attack 40%
    FC 1
    DI 42%

    Hit Dispel 44%
    Hit Mana Leech 42%
    HCI 11%
    FC 1
    DI 43%

    Mage Weapon -25%
    Lizardman slayer
    Hit Lightning 48%
    HCI 5%
    DCI 6%
    FC 1
    DI 10%

    All i found so far will be more as i find them. No set amount to start off with if I like the price ill take it if no then i still might take it :thumbup1:
  2. grim inc.

    grim inc. Guest

    ill give you 350k for 1 and 3 together
  3. Blindside

    Blindside Guest

    bump this ****
  4. asparouh

    asparouh Guest

    I will give you 80k for number 6
  5. Daleth

    Daleth Guest

    Got any Christmas globes I'll buy those!!!!!
  6. Blindside

    Blindside Guest

    sure dont M sorry :heart:
  7. Blindside

    Blindside Guest

    will let this run until tomarrow morning as well