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(RP) Cleaning the bones, rotting corpses and blood.....(R.A.S)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS

    Jan 19, 2014
    Likes Received:
    The once tranquil town of Jhelom now looked like the stage of a mayor battle, the whole city was covered in dead bodies, remains of organs and blood. The passing battle between the brave Governors and the realms loyal subjects against Bladderstick and his minions had left a toll on the city.
    The city walls laid destroyed, even worse than when the reformations began to enhance and fix the walls due to the winters harsh battering on the boards and joints. There were remains of what looked like some sort of temporary barricade that went horribly wrong as they were shattered and seemed to been blown up or burnt, every single bit nearly crushed back into a pulp.
    Everyone was still in disbelieve of what a few days ago had happened in them same streets.
    Most citizens still stayed at home, scared that Bladderstick would come back to taunt them and kill them, so the city's works at the moment were at a halt, leaving the city open to another attack by any of the realms enemies. Blood and guts covered all the porches and walls of nearly every single building, and the remains of decomposing bodies started to make the air smell putrid.
    The moral of the peasants was at all time low, especially with the King. They would cry and scream in horror at seeing what had been left of this marvellous city, asking why the brave King hadn't sent an army to help defend the city after various sighting and reports that an attack was imminent against the city.
    Small riots and uprisings where starting to happen around the city and the City guards were outnumbered when trying to peace and calm these mobs. The city was in chaos in a way, as it was a free for all, some people still being loyal to the king and others questioning the leadership of the King and thinking of joining forces with Bladderstick as they thought he had the bigger and stronger army...(OOC:Here you go Chi:lick:)
    Even a speech given in the town square by the fierce Lord Drake IronHeart, didn't calm the thoughts and fears of the inhabitants. Drake, fond of fighting and massacring enemies for a laugh, had also been one of the fallen in battle, scars running all across his whole body, and with a few broken bones, still tried to make the towns inhabitants not lose their will to fight back and win against this evil foe. Not Just Drake had fallen, but seemed that all the other Governors had fallen for the exception of one, that didn't attend but sent his brother as liaison and as the face for his city.
    Seemed that the Governors had been out-smarted in a way at the beginning of the battle, lots of people died due to primary attacks as there was a all time chaos by being suddenly surrounded by enemies and having to defend the Governors with their life's, but at the end they emerged victorious after a long and hefty battle all around the city, but with numerous innocent deaths....
    Not being happy with his loss Bladderstick seemed to had taken Skaros and Kikazaru hostage in the heat of the battle and no one could had done anything about it as they were to busy trying to keep alive.
    Now the realm and council had another problem, How to save, break-out and rescue Skaros, from Bladderstick's hold....
  2. RanmaRembo

    RanmaRembo Visitor

    Jul 28, 2014
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    Terrible news! completely missed him slipping away amidst the confusion. Do we know they are at his hold for sure.... could be a trap as it's the obvious choice. Maybe sending a scouting party, something low-key as not to arouse suspicion to possible rescue attempts?