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Close but no cigar...

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Connor_Graham, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. I took my archer in to try and take on Travesty this morning. It was a long drawn out fight, but I'd just gotten her down to where it was almost time for the summons to appear, and I ran out of time. I know how to cut down on my time now, after having tried several different bows out, but I found out something interesting about using an archer. Travesty will not mimic you as long as you stay 8-10 tiles away from it. So if you use a bow (I used a magical short) with that range available, you can easily take her on and never get hit. The only time I was attacked during that entire 2 hour fight is when I got overanxious and got too close. I just backed off so she was a screen away, waited for her health bar to switch from my char's name back to Travesty, then went back in and started shooting again. My arm is tired after that long battle, so I'll wait until tomorrow to try again, but I know for sure that I can solo her with my archer.
  2. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Travesty didn't come after you after you attacked her?

    Did you kite her or did she just stay where she was?
  3. I kited her around. She moves fast at first, but slows down as she takes more damage. I've made 2 attempts now, and have discovered that she spams bandage healing and Close Wounds at around 10/20 casting. I've redlined her twice now but keep running out of time. The next attempt I'm going to have to soulstone Healing and use pots. I'd have had her dead in about 45 minutes to an hour if it hadn't been for that. The rest of the time was me doing everything I could to try and get past her healing with no success.
  4. actually 6/6 casting would be every spell with no delay :p but i get your point.

    Would you maybe be able to get 20 weaving or from human form and do natures furys?
  5. No, this character is an Elf. What I'm going to do is just soulstone healing. I rarely need to heal, and can more than make up for what little I do need with pots. I'll see if that works with the magical short I'm using. If not, then I'll have to switch to another type of bow that does more damage. Only problem with that is dealing with the specials. The magical short's primary special has no effect on a non magic casting template.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    mortal works and even a dryad bow hurts her try that
    alternatively parox and grizzle are archer friendly [​IMG]
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Aye, use mortal or serpent arrow to interrupt her healing.