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Come back to game need HELP!

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I left UO in Sept. 2002 sold my account (kicking myself), but recently moved 300 miles away from friends and family with my job. A friend had an account so I acctivated it and realized everything is different. There are creatures and lands I have never sen before. Bucks den is a ghost town, well all of Felucia seems to be a ghost town on Atlantic shard. Anyway I have a tamer which I have been working on and hav a ew questions.

    I am gm Magery, med and Eval, taming is 89.8 (112 with jewls) lore 101.5, vet 91 resist 70's. First what should I set stats at I ate a stat scrool and right now I am at 130 int 25 dex and around 105 str is that good or should i change that. Should I keep resist or pick up something else. I have seen suits that are 70 resist and since you can not resist phisical dammage (or so i think) is resist a good skill to have any more. I could just insure suit and never loose it. Also the Dogs (not sure of proper name) that I see people have are they better than nightmare or white wrym. When I quit playing the best pet you could have was white wyrm. Also are there any good Taming guilds on Atlantic shard that have people tha would rather hunt then bank sit. I would like to join guild to work pets skills.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    the placement of stats is a personal one .. dex if your just pvming is only needed at 10 as it has no bearing on vetting speed.... but if your going to do any or lets say if your going to go to felucca alot then your going to prolly want at least 40 to 50 dex .....

    If your going to be doing alot of magery casting then obviously your going to want more in int/mana aka if your going to do alot of just play mage without the pets...

    In todays UO there are alot of specific pets.. aka pets that are or seem to be built to take on certain classes of monsters.. the Cu Sidhe (the rideable dog) has pretty good resists over all with the higher being in cold and energy... they vet themselves also... thusly you can play no involvement dealing with them against alot of monsters in todays UO... not a grand thing to me but thats my view...the big con to the cu is no magic casting abilities.. which really only matters if a target spawns that is out of physical reach....

    Best thing to do is just get what ever pet your having thoughts or questions about and use them and see how they fit your ideas of fun and challenges and go from there....

    as for resists on a suit ..less again your going to play mage more often there really is no need outside of when active in taming critters..

    Magic resist is another if it fits in your ideas of fun things to do...cuz as it is now about the only real perk of having magic resist is for avoiding getting para'd by casting critters...

    this is all just my disjointed opinion which tends to not follow the majority anyways... [​IMG]