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come get my house

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by MadDogOA, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. MadDogOA

    MadDogOA Guest

    id rather not see either of them fall, so please, come take my house. The "cabin" we will call it, is in ice, and someone had sent me a pm, and i just replied, so they technically have "dibs"
    If they dontget back to me though, its all someone elses.
    The other house is my tower, formerly known as aesir goods. If you were around before ML, and you pvp'd, chances are you shopped here. I was stoked to finnaly get my tower placed years ago( after the big fall ) and id hate to se it just drop. Camped and looted would be one thing, but fel is a wasteland, and id hate to see all my crap just decay. so,,,,,,

    send me an icq, ill log on( just gotta remove a few maces to a bank box) and she is all yours. first come first serve. just like craigslist, ill delete this post when gone.

    update, apparently the towers acct is expired, i can not log on,so the only available house is like a 15x17 or so, 2924 max lockdowns, currently as is with decor 2k available.
    i am off to work, but, first come first serve on this, and ill give you a rune to the tower location. if so inclined, can add you as a co owner to clean it out, or just sit and wait for the idoc. tower contains my vendors stock, roughly 40k each reg, tons of ingots, logs, leathers, feathers, shafts, kegs and full marked rune books.

  2. MadDogOA

    MadDogOA Guest

    well, no one could or would take them . anyone know if they are still standing? did you guys get any loot?