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Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Medusa of GOM, Sep 15, 2002.

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  1. I was just informed by Black Shadow (Maxim in particular) that I would not live to see the champion spawn so just to leave.... *sigh*. Anyone interested in coming?
  2. Bufordrlz

    Bufordrlz Guest

    Cool. Wish I was back in town. Sock it to thwem again. Get some screen shots for me. Happy hunting

  3. Well, we got owned...they didnt kill me themselves, they lured tons of stuff on me and kept revealing me...but the three others that came got killed. However, I ran to Bucs and got some factioners and PKers to come...they took out a few.
  4. JubaIII

    JubaIII Guest

    whree is the marble champ spawn??? I need directions
  5. If you keep having problems with a particular set of people, I would suggest that you either A) find another Champ spawn to play at, or B) deal with it INgame.

    Thank you.

  6. Shaman

    Shaman Guest

    That was a lot of fun...
    although I got frustrated because I have 2 feet from Neira and almost had her dead but to no avail.
    All the "I like to hide and get the killshot in" people just sat around blocking me so I could not get enough space to move.

    I almost killed a red and did get killed be one as well.
    Have to remember not to provoke reds with my Tamer... HAHA.
  7. Ascension

    Ascension Guest

    People can't ask for help these days?
  8. eh, that's what we're trying to do...deal with it in game...the board is a place to ask for help, and that's what we're doing. Thanks Dor for your understanding I'm sure we all appreciate it /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  9. You can ask for help in a less incendiary way, eh?

    Thank you.
  10. Ascension

    Ascension Guest

    "They threatened to kill me, would someone mind backing me up?"

    "They are scum of the earth, if you do not come and help me you have no manhood/womanhood and are a pillow biting coward!!"

    I saw her request as that of the first one, not the second. How is that "incendiary"?

    (p.s. Notice she didn't use any racial or other segregational terms.)
  11. eXcalibur

    eXcalibur Guest

    tis why I have not bothered with the hunts in a long time... what ever happened to other guilds that use to protect hunters? I know there are a ton of factioneers whom would love to bash a few heads just to get their tally up.
  12. JubaIII

    JubaIII Guest

    *sigh* welp heres my 2 cents on this issue.

    Welp I think you guys (the mods) have gone a tad bit over board on this issue. DeathRage claimed that he locked the last thread asking for help because it contained racial remarks. Now unless I missed it (and who knows maybe I did) I did not see anything anywhere close to being racially offensive. Unless you consider the fact that the guild we are trying to get under controll is a group of players from Asia, but last I knew stating a fact was not being racist.

    I would assume, and hope, that if an "American" guild, lets say C*D just cause I know they like PvP (and I am not trying to rag on em either), tries to controll the Decit spawn by killig everyone who isn't in their guild a group of boardies would try to form an alliance to re gain that sight for all of Sonoma.

    Now if this asking for help were to turn into something like me saying "Oh crap a bunch of HK's are hanging around here and even though they haven't attacked me lets all gank them and beat the crap out of them to prove that Americans kick ass" then I would assume you (Dor) and Deathrage would take controll of the thread and do the apprioate actions, what ever they may be.

    It seems to be that if I were to post something along the lines of Hey guys a group of reds by the name of, I OwN JoO, I RoX JoO and JoU SuX are running around claiming they have controll of the brit GY wanna go have some fun. Then there would be no problems with that thread. What is the difference?

    Now in support of the mods /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif I do not evny your jobs you have a very hard and thankless job to do moderating our boards and I, and I am sure many others, are glad we have 2 people like you on our board instead of a few people we don't like, but I just dn't agree with you 2 on this subject and I am kinda vocal :p.

    *gets off soap box*

    damn that was a little more than 2 cents.
  13. *Draven*

    *Draven* Guest

    Well I didn't get there soon enough to do much. Saw the champ, died, came back, didn't see the champ, but killed 2 lamer reds with my bard. No scroll but topped off my justice again /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  14. I could have sworn that DR made our policy on this rather clear. The initial post in this thread could just as easily have read:

    "I'm at the Marble Champ Spawn and there's a guild here running interference and talking smack and threatening to kill us all. Anyone want to come help us out?" or something similar. If you wish to relay anything more specific, PM it. Your problems with any particular guild are YOUR PROBLEMS. I am not defending these guys...I don't even know them (and, considering the tales, I probably don't wish to). But honey, I don't care if they are all the Devil Incarnate...on UO Sonoma, they will not be quoted out of context or made a board target.

  15. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    Let me add (since I'm mentioned) ... that the previous posts regarding this 'problem' did include mentions of racial origins and or racial references. I don't really care if it was just a relay of what someone else said. That's just a tactic to avoid the rules of the forum. These rules are there because visitors of this forum are from different races, religions, age groups etc. What may not seem racial to you, may be grossly offensive to others. All we're asking is that you be considerate of the global audience here.

    Also, what Dor has suggested here is a great example of effective posting on this board. We're not here to say you can't make a call for help or rally troops in your defense. Just choose your words wisely. If you single out an individual, guild or other class of person and/or character then you're just asking for trouble. Think for a moment how you would feel if you found out someone was targeting you with posts like these, on this or any other board (that you might not even visit).

    That was a horrible run-on sentence ... but I hope everyone gets the meaning behind it. There are several ways you can post on any message board and still communicate your message without creating problems. Learn from Dor's example here ... that type of post would have made the same call for help, but without the "issues".

    There, you made me work when I'm not even a Mod anymore. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    *helps tie up a loose end*
  16. Storm O'Neal

    Storm O'Neal Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Well I am not usually a vocal person and it takes alot to get me riled up. I honestly thought a board was the place to air problems and get help from people. I am starting to think its only a place as long as the problems wont offend someone. What if i decieded that tailors offend me and i dont want to hear about another BOD or a BOD problem.

    So I have a tamer how many times have I read about what a bunch of meanies tamers are.....So i should be offend and you will remove any mean talk about tamers from your board. Is that what this will come to that the only time we can come together on a board is to discuss what color of fishing net we got or how nice my new plants look in my tower.

    I would hope this board is a place that airs differences and trys to come up with ways to deal with it. I would never have even started this had it not gotten completely out of hand. I hope all you Happy UO and god forbid you have a problem please dont bring it to the board.
  17. Ok you never seem to amaze me Storm. First you hold your own quite well against a PK, then you actually KILL somoene (a blue!) who we felt had a part in something and now this! Go girl!
  18. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    It is a good place to air problems and get solutions to problems. All we're saying is to choose your words wisely.
    1. Don't come to the board and say some insert national group here are a pain in the arse.
    2. Don't come to the board and complain cause you got owned by XYZ guild.
    3. Don't come to the board and say insert profession here are twinks.
    Because ...
    1. That's being a racist
    2. That's slandering someone
    3. That's just dumb.
    You'd have better responses from the players who visit this board if ...
    1. You leave out the national origins of the group and just state the facts. Example - "A group of players is taking control of the champ spawn and killing anyone not in their organization. Please help us keep the Champ spawn locations free from the tyrants."
    2. You handled this mostly in-game. Example - Post a meeting time and place for you to go over the specifics of which guild is being hunted. You can include a breif description of the problem, but keep in mind it should follow the same guidelines as above. "A guild has been terrorizing our members for eons and keeping us from rightfully collecting chicken feathers. Please meet at Moonglow bank at 10a CST if you would like to fight these hoodlums."
    3. You leave your profession biases in the bank. Everyone here either has one of the professions you are slamming or knows someone who does. Singling out a profession in such a manner on this board only leads to flamewars and diciplinary actions from the Mods. For every negative comment you may think of about one profession, members of that profession can think of about 20 about your chosen field of work. Keep that in mind.

    I think many people here are misunderstanding what Dor and I have said about this issue on many occassions. We're not restricting what you can and can not say here. We're only asking that you keep the RoC in mind before hitting the submit button. There are effective ways to communicate issues and problems and then there are ways which will lead to actions against your account.

    It's not up to us which way you post ... it's up to you.
  19. Alessandra

    Alessandra Guest

    You've taken that part of the RoC way out of context and turned it into something that doesn't apply to the original post/posts. I think I can understand why Dor was removed as moderator, perhaps not, but maybe a tad. I would like to send a complaint and include the original posts and your responses. I looked for an email address or board for such complaints, but did not find either. Please point me into the right direction.

  20. Bufordrlz

    Bufordrlz Guest


    You are starting to take it personal. It is not your job anymore, let the other mods handle it. It is not worth your sanity.
  21. Grond

    Grond Guest

    Nowhere in the RoC does it say that you can't post a message saying, "Help! The BoogieWoogieMen are attacking me, please come and assist!" This isn't slander, as long as it's true (slander is making false statements). It's not a personal attack, as I understand the term. It's not racist, defamatory, or offensive. I'm not understanding the issue here, as it relates to the RoC.
  22. Ascension

    Ascension Guest

    Incoming lock.... Take cover.
  23. No, they wouldnt do that...would be abuse of power...give the mod's some credit
  24. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    Oh please do ... forward this to [email protected], forward it to your relatives and friends, forward this to as many people as you wish. I find it amusing now.

    I may not be a Mod here any longer, but I am still a part of the community and I do have a right to address issues here as freely as anyone else does (especially ones that address me specifically). I do so within the guidelines of the RoC and the example that Dor has set since she started posting here many years ago (I was here ... I should know).

    I'm sure some of you would love to argue a square has curves just for the hell of it. Some people can't understand what someone explains to them even if they draw a picture.

    I never said you couldn't post what you want. Feel free to post whatever is on your minds ... but if you ignore the RoC, I'll be happy to hear of your bannings.
  25. such anger and hostility ...
  26. Bufordrlz

    Bufordrlz Guest

    Anyone know the score of the Raider game?
  27. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    "Help! The BoogieWoogieMen are attacking me, please come and assist!" would be an acceptable post.

    "Help! Those dirty insert nationality here bastages from insert guild name here are being total insert slander and/or profanity evasion here, please come and assist!" would be an unacceptable post.

    If you people who are opposing me on this don't see the previous locked thread as the second type then there is something seriously wrong with your judgement.
  28. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    I'm busting a gut on this side.

    I can't believe some are taking this so seriously when the only thing that happened was a thread got locked. If I wanted to be a restrictive Mod I could have easily issued a few bans for the last thread.

    Some need to lighten up a bit ... me thinks.
  29. Alessandra

    Alessandra Guest

    I never said you did not have the right to address the issue. I see you are no longer a mod, but when you first posted that section of the RoC, you were one.

    You have taken that section of the RoC out of context and applied to posts that do not qualify. I wasn't going to complain about you alone, and think your outburst is childish. I have no intention of sending an email to my friends or relatives, just to UO. I doubt my email regarding this situation will be addressed, but feel I must say something because the actions taken here have appalled me. It's one thing to shut down a Zog/PAS thread because the posters do go insane, but this guy's post wasn't in the same universe as that.

    The picture you've drawn is skewed, thus the protest.

  30. Bufordrlz

    Bufordrlz Guest

    Let it go DR. We appreciate everything you have done. Just lately you have been burnt out and bitter. Some of that has been indirectly (not on purpose) expressed on the boards. You have been too quick and harsh to act. I have read both posts and I believe you have acted out of anger, not towards the posters, but out of your own frustrations. You are quitting the game, walk away with a feeling of accomplishement.

  31. Grond

    Grond Guest


    If you people who are opposing me on this don't see the previous locked thread as the second type then there is something seriously wrong with your judgement.

    Oh, that thread. It did devolve, didn't it? Sorry, thought you were talking about this thread.
  32. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    I don't see where I'm lashing out at anything. Maybe you're all reading some emotional response in my messages that isn't there.

    Report me ... I don't care and I feel confident that my actions as Mod will be supported by the staff of Stratics. If not ... well then, "goodbye". I wouldn't want to be apart of the Network in that case.

    Alternately, if the actions of the staff here are not to your liking, you always have the option of leaving as well.

    That's all I'm going to say on this subject. Feel free to flame me ... this thread is on my ignore list now.
  33. Raiders 30
    Steelers 17

    Better game than the score would suggest though. I wish I could have seen it...had to settle for listening to it on the radio. :)

    By the way, (not directed to you, Buford) the email address for complaints is listed right within the RoC. *grins* As any of you would see, if you went to read it...

    And with that, I think I'll bring the Mod-baiting to an end for the eve, and close this thread. Thanks for all the fish!
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