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Come Visit Www.uovamp.com

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Severus, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Severus

    Severus Guest

    Hello All,

    I created a new website for all Lake Austin players. Sign up today to post on our forums.
  2. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    Not intentionally being rude here, but who the hell in their right mind would give account names and passwords to vamp? I mean sure you could use a different name and password, but then I'd have like 50million different log-ins and pw in total! And I know not all vamp are bad, but still... Which ones do you know you can trust and which ones (typically the majority,) will screw you over.

    I'm sure your website is real nice and purty, but if you don't mind, I'm staying the hell away!
  3. Azazel of LA

    Azazel of LA Guest

    I kinda agree , why would I visit a site of people I cant trust?
  4. Tek

    Tek Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 19, 2008
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  5. Raider Red

    Raider Red Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
  6. Severus

    Severus Guest

    It's a website, it's not like you have to download something onto your computer. Feel free to reverse check my DNS. If you were smart enough you would know it is illegal to steal info from a user on a website, and for that you would need to download something. I just came here to let you guys know about our website, if you feel you don't trust the site that's fine. I thought I come here to get some traffic on the site and get some ppl on LA. By the way i'm a emissary of Vamp and the GM's on Lake Austin knows about our site. They sent me and email not to post the site in game, however they said to post the site info on stratics.
  7. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    Wow, something illegal, when has that ever stopped vamp?
  8. Severus

    Severus Guest

    Not hear to argue, just trying to promote our site. Vamp has been on LA for 4 years and we will continue to dominate. I figure since no other guild had a site, I would be the one to accompolish that and I have.
  9. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    UMP do.
  10. Azazel of LA

    Azazel of LA Guest

    Well I just signed up to see what its all about , just waiting for my username to be activated.
  11. Shanna

    Shanna Guest

    Oh yes, a vamp would be like soooooooooooooo interesting. I can just picture the arrogance.
  12. Severus

    Severus Guest

    Judge for yourself, we have a forum to discuss pretty much about anything, also if you would like to pvp with vamp on NAPA, we may add you to help us fight there.
  13. Lucky Day

    Lucky Day Guest

    desolation you must know alot about life kinda sad and iam sorry to here you feel and think that way. but really dude that is most likely the dumbest thing that i have ever seen posted. you keep thinking that way about stuff but if you where smart you would check the dns.
  14. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    Where did you learn to read? Because I don't think you did. Re-read it. If you can that is. I'm not saying that when you go there your going to end up with spyware etc. I'm saying that if I signed up, you or VaMp would then have a username I use, a password I use, email I use etc etc. Now that being the dumbest post? Have another look at yours. And if YOU were smart then YOU would know how to use punctuation and spelling.

    Want me to post some ILLEGAL things VaMp do? Maybe they don't break state/country laws but they break UO laws. So let me ask you again, when has something illegal ever stopped VaMp?

    Ignoring your post though. A forum full of pre-teen sexless boys, wow, how the hell is that forum not #1 in the world?

    * This is just for Lucky Day the '#' means number. Does that help? Remember to sound out the big words as your reading. Good luck in kindergarten! I'm sure you will do great on your first day! :thumbup1:
  15. Andore

    Andore Guest

    Cheap two Cents here. I have been playing UO for a while now.and i have heard a LOT of horror stories about VaMp.And like any other guild it has it's good and bad.I am sure every guild has had jerks in it at some point.VaMp is one of the largest guilds on the shard,so the probability that they have more than one jerk in their guild is pretty high.And i am sure that they deal with such indaviduals in a painful way.Personally i have had more good experiences than bad where VaMp is concerened.The website looks pretty good,Severus did a good job in it's construction.
  16. Multani

    Multani Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I am not really sure what the point of this website is??
    There is absolutely nothing there worth registering for, everything that anyone could ever need is right here on stratics where a community is already formed.

    I guess if you are a member of VaMp you could potentially find a reason to return there more then once. That being a spawn checker, other then that I can't think of one reason.

    The only UO guild related websites I would check out would be the Fallen Lords of Pacific, and the old C.H.A.M.P.S of chessy website. Due to the content they provided.
    (www.uochamps.com) and (www.uovamp.com) mmmm that is shockingly similar. I wonder whats next flash videos? member biographies? a public ventrilo server?
    Who ever designed the day walkers website has no creativity.
  17. Severus

    Severus Guest

    I'm trying accomplish the same goal as Ed Mcmanus did when he created the CHAMPS website. You also fail to forget I was in CHAMPS and I took there idea to unite players on our shard, just as they did on Chesapeake.

    No **** stratics has content, however not all users are on stratics they look for info on other sites that UO players created. Don't act all innocent like your guild on Origin did not ask me to build you guys a site and ask me about Ghost Cam. Yea that's right, and I have icq's to prove it.

    Soldevi, I'm suprised to see you would say negative things about our guild. You were the one who quit Vamp because someone in Vamp hurt your feelings. I was very suprised to find this out, when you never speak in vent. The reason I heard you do not speak in vent, was because your voice sounds like a girl when you are really a male person. Especially for someone who played in Vamp for several years. OR could you be when you icq me about giving back Rane's Orny that he desprately needed and I refused to give it back after one of his own guild members looted my own.


    The site is a work in progress and I will be creating features that no other site has in order to create traffic on the site. Feel free to check it out, it doesn't hurt to atleast visit the site, you only need to register if you want to post on our forums.
  18. Severus

    Severus Guest

    Dude why are you talking about UO Laws, when we are talking about a website. You should be smart not to install an application you do not trust. Microsoft implemented the warning on every app you would download. You are really just upset Vamp dominates the shard. Who cares dude there are scripts out there you can use, but scripts don't make you pvp better. All the scripts out there are for training purposes. Maybe you should think about what type of template your using and learn new skills. This thread is about our website, if you don't feel it's safe then just don't visit the site. No where on the site it ask you to download something, it doesn't even ask you for a credit card and it surely does not have ANY ADVERSTISEMENTS.
  19. Azazel of LA

    Azazel of LA Guest

    Everyone can chill , Ive registered on the site and it is legit. Im not a huge fan of Vamp in game because of some jerks in the past , but come on people relax a lil. You cant hold a grudge on everyone because of a few bad apples.
  20. Fran Fury

    Fran Fury Guest

    Sorry guys I tried letting this thread go but sadly it isn't going anywhere good.
    Let's move along. Go kill a strangers dread vanguard or something. rolleyes:
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