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Comic Sites.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by ChReuter, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. ChReuter

    ChReuter Guest

    I created this thread because I'd like to find some of these old sites if possible.

    After checking out the sites run by some current players (Chad and Smurfs), I started thinking about the sites from UO's past. While I kinda figured that I wouldn't find them quite as funny as I once did, I still wanted to check out all the old episodes for good old times sake. Sadly, I've discovered that the majority of them no longer exist, even some that I had visited in the not to distant past. To give you folks here an idea, and maybe enlighten those who weren't around, I'll give a short list with the hopes that someone might perhaps have a link to some website which currently host some of these UO comic/episodes.

    (Forgive me for not giving links, I'm lazy and don't feel like searching them up again)

    Galad's old site, looterslair or whatever it was called. The site appears to have only recently gone the way of the dodo. His site was notorious among the UO community for many years. Some players loved his episodes and playstyle, while a lot (including it seems the powers that be) hated him. Early episodes where just thieving and grief play, but later it evolved into a journal of his illegal activity and scamming. Nonetheless, funny stuff.

    Crazy Joe, he ran what was probably the best pure thief site UO has ever seen. Well known from what I can remember for his adventures primarily in what was then the new dungeon khaldun and making the disarm thief template popular.

    Belan the looter, one of my personal favorites. A playstyle now totally gone and almost forgotten, the looter. The humor was gold, and her playstyle original. The sort of player UO sorely lacks today and this site proved why a little risk in your game made for a more enjoyable time.

    Killed on sight (The Dread Lord Moervan) - Now I'm showing my age. This was one of UO's early comics, probably active mostly in early/mid 1998. Obviously pre rep patch. The story of a rp'd pk and his adventures. Was funny to me back then, don't know about now, but I'm sure the rp'ers will get a kick out of it. In the end, it was nice to see a rp'er back then with such a good sense of humor as it seemed lacking among the majority. (Note: I was able to find the site on the net archive site, but alas it was missing the pics which makes a visit there totally worthless)


    Some sites from 10 plus years ago, surprisingly seem to still exist though.
    Sites such as Imanewbie, and Bonedood and Platedewd, I'm told still have their episodes still online. Also doesn't stratics host the old Bones UO comics? or was that some other comic site you folks hosted? Oh and all the old Wtfman sites still are hosted, UOevil, Mcdonaldland, and the JoV page.

    Hell, even a site such as Britannian's guide to Kewl Doodery still exist. Which back in the day I found to be subpar, but now I have a lot more repect for if only for showing an attitude now lost to time.

    Lastly, does anyone remember the sites like UOCriminals, Crossroads, The azile witch project, PK-HQ, and for those who were around even prior to beta LaWizards?

    and most importantly, can anyone remember the original owo.com site?
  2. Mandrake of DF

    Mandrake of DF Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 13, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Aye, I can remember them all..

    and a few more;
    House of Een (is down)
    Mynky's Lair
    The Asylum (is down)
    The McManus Republican Army (is down)
    WTFMan - some flash left there


    Thats the ones I had left in my favorites.... lol, had to spend some time to watch the old flash movies once more.... some are really funny :gee: