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[Archery] Coming back after 6 years. Need advice

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Lord Moridin, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Lord Moridin

    Lord Moridin Guest

    Hello, i just came back to the game today after 6 years.
    I'm looking to make something for pvm and i have alittle gold and a few artifacts still.

    I could really use some advice here as i have no idea whats good anymore.

    I'm thinking i want a archer.

    i have 100 archery on a ss(capped at 120)
    110 anatomy
    100 bushido
    90 chiv
    100 healing(120 cap)
    110 tactics

    stats are (250 cap)
    100 str
    120 dex
    30 intel

    I need advice on skill build and some advice on what equip to use i have a few artys but not sure if there what i need.
    I have a quiver of infinity, crimson cincuture,jackels collar and a primer on arms dammage.
    any advice would be great.
  2. Lord Moridin

    Lord Moridin Guest

    ok so looking around the forums for the last couple hours this sampire thing looks like the way to go.
    There are a ton of diff posts and its hard to make sense out of them since ive been gone for so long.

    so looking around it looks like
    120 swords
    120 bushido
    120 parry
    100 necro
    120 anatomy?
    or 120 tactics?
    100 SS?
    and fit 65 chiv in there?

    any ideas here, ive never used necro so would have to learn alittle to play this.
  3. Sturdy

    Sturdy Guest

    I am not an expert but I had a similar character/situation. With soul stones you really dont need to make a either or decision. My experience is that sampires are great for specific encounters. You can customize your gear and skills depending on what you are fighting.

    To really get the most out of a sampire you need to build up gear/skills for each encounter. It requires a lot of time and resources to get it just right.

    The plain ABC archer is actually tuffer across a wider range of encounters. And is much cheaper in time to maintain. It can pvp a bit and is good for just poking around.

    I suggest you first cap out your ABC skills then get the various sampire skills on stones. Once thats done you can experiment with the different bosses and identify what gear you need.
  4. Pandaros

    Pandaros Guest

    If you want to have archery rather than a melee skill, check out the ABC archer templates here on stratics. I don't have one but these guys are supposed to be good at pvm.

    edit: well, sturdy got there first :)
  5. Zalan

    Zalan Crazed Zealot
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 13, 2005
    Likes Received:
    For an Archer I would recomend:

    120 Archery (110 good till you afford scrolls)
    120 Bushido (110 good till you afford scrolls)
    80 Chivalry
    100 Tac
    100 Ana
    100 Healing
    100 Resist

    Str 100/ Dex 125/ 30 Int(+20 mana if elf)

    70`s resist, 40 lmc, + Stamina, & MR

    Archers & Sampires both have their place. Doesen`t hurt to have both.
  6. Lord Moridin

    Lord Moridin Guest

    Zalan that looks like a decent build
    should i use a hunters headdress?
    if so i could go with
    100 archery(120 with headdress) (caped at 120)
    120 bushido (106 skill caped at 110)
    80 chiv
    100 tactics
    100 resist
    and then should i go with
    120 anatomy (caped at 110)
    120 healing (caped at 115)?
    I have 100 str, 125 dex, 30 int(250 cap)

    and as far as gear I have, Jackals collar, crimson cincture, fey leggins(im thinking no for this build), rune beetle carapace, quiver of infinity, guantlets of nobility, primer on arms damage, and then use the hunters headdress.
    what should i replace/look for?
    with those items and nothing else on i have
    109 str/148 dex/30intl.
    120 health/148stam/60mana.
  7. Connor Graham patented ABC Archer template-

    120 Archery
    120 Bushido
    115 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Healing
    90 Resist
    75 Chivalry

    Mana leech bows are a must. Suit should have MR, MI, SI, SSI, and LMC. 150 Dex with as much stamina as you can pack into your suit (good to get 180+ if you can). Mace & Shield glasses are worth the expense, ditch the Hunter's Headdress.