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Coming back after many years

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Joe_Fisher, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Joe_Fisher

    Joe_Fisher Guest


    I got the urge to come back to UO after a couple years and feel lost which actually feels odd to me because I knew the game so well before. Are there still some good guilds out there? Where are the best places to hang out to meet in-game players? I still have all my high level characters but have nowhere to go and nothing to do!

    I have read up a little and Luna seems to be the most popular city these days is that the only place? Back in my days there were large guilds that had large houses where people would always shop and hang out is that still around? Thanks for any information.
  2. Ashlen

    Ashlen Guest

    Joe welcome back and I hope you find your new place in
    this new and ever changing world.

    First off, who did you use to hang with?
    What type of guild?
    What kind of things do you like to do?
    These are the kind of things we needs to know so we
    can answer your questions better.

    Do you like more of the Trammel things, peerless
    or do you like more of the Fel things, pvp, champs
    trash talking thugs :thumbdown:
  3. Joe_Fisher

    Joe_Fisher Guest

    Thanks for the reply and the welcome back, I hope I can answer enough...

    To be honest I can't remember the guild name I knew well. The only one I can remember being big was called "none" but I only new a few of them. I usually hung around Trammel for the time I played after its creation and really didn't see the fun in pvp. I basically just look for a group of players to venture with and stick to them.

    As crazy as it sounds I like crafting and gathering resources even as boring as it is. I guess thats why the newer games bore me but my main "hobby" back then was camping IDOC houses and collecting rares. I still have most of my collection but from what I have read duping and new crafting skills have killed most. I did catch that my spittoon was still fairly good though which I was happy about!

    I often traveled and hunted alone but in this new world I doubt that will be as good since I don't know much of it. As far as what type of characters... I have them all but prefer my mage. At this time I only activated one account so I have the usual, melee, mage, mule, and one hybrid mage/mule.

    What did you mean by "champs" in fel things btw?

    Also did they change the sounds in game? I can't hear much but ambient noise like owls and such. No doors, walking, fishting, etc.
  4. AnneNomilly

    Professional Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Patron

    May 17, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Welcome home. :) It's always nice to see returning players.

    As for meeting people and guilds, while Luna does seem to be the most "busy" city, I don't know that it's really good for meeting people. It's not like the old days at Brit where you could hang out and talk to all sorts of people. Luna seems to be more for commerce, training and burning counts these days.

    The best way to meet people right now would probably be to check out the graveyards and cities as the invasion and events are going on. I know in Jhelom graveyard, there is usually a group of us hanging out and chatting and having fun while waiting on the Skeletal Liche to spawn. There is usually a group in Magincia as well.

    I would also highly suggest checking the threads here for things like the Public Harrower, Friday Nite Hunts, Champ Spawns for the Zoo, Pirate Events, etc. Don't worry about your skills or being rusty. These things most always have a large attendance and everyone looks out for everyone else. As long as you don't mind dying (A LOT) you'll have a blast and get to know some really great people.

    Also, if you are in need of anything to help you get back into the game, feel free to post here or PM me with what you are in need of. I'm a notorious packrat and I probably have, or can make or help you get, most anything you might need to get restarted, armor, weapons, spell books, pets, etc. There are several people here who are really good at finding house spots and helping place if you are in need of lodging.

    I think you'll find this community to be one of the best around as far as helping people out and having FUN. So we look forward to seeing you around and getting to know you.

    O, btw, how are you at rezzing people? :gee:
  5. Joe_Fisher

    Joe_Fisher Guest

    Wow, great info there, thanks! I will head to those places because that sounds like my style for sure.

    BTW I heal and rez good and usually fall into that position in groups. :stretcher:
  6. Ashlen

    Ashlen Guest

    Well Joe if you know how to fall off your mount and get up
    gracefully, dust off your death robe and rez a total stranger
    all the while never missing a step :party:

    Then you are Annes new best friend :thumbup1:

    I knew if I got the info started and gave her time she would
    pick up the rest and get you on your feet and on the right path
    you choose to be on.
    You will find me in Fel most of the time but I am sure we will cross
    paths because if you hang with Anne Nomilly I will meet you

    As Anne said, if your in need of anything, armor, ps for your toons,
    anything at all, just let us know or shoot:gun: me a pm.
  7. hawkeye_pike

    hawkeye_pike Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome ta Catskills matey!
    Da city of New Haven is prolly da best place ta hang out. And never ferget ta carry a few gold pieces an' some ale in yer pockets, cause thirsty pirates may stop ye and collect taxes.
  8. Welcome back to UO!. If you are in need of crafting resources or friending to a house in a safe area of Felucca to do resource gathering from PM me or Ally Oop. While we spend a lot of time on Siege these days we (especially Ally) are on Cats as well. We sponsor a Friday Night Hunt, usually a spawn to benefit the Royal Zoo, and would love to see you there. Our guild SCB (Senior Citizens of Britannia) is a small semi-RP group which consists of crafters, merchants, IDOC campers and tamers which is part of an alliance with other guilds. Somebody from the allied guilds is almost always in New Haven to chat with/give assistance. And yes pirates are there to collect taxes.
  9. laurlo

    laurlo Guest

    welcome back
  10. Ashlen

    Ashlen Guest

    Joe I was wondering if you have a house?
    I have a friend that is leaving for a while and
    has a house in Malas he needs to give away
    and I thought of you
    Let me know if you are in need of one.
  11. Joe_Fisher

    Joe_Fisher Guest

    Wow, a very nice thought Ashlen! I was able to find a nice 15x15 spot near a mountain for my mining otherwise I would gladly work something out with your friend.

    I was just telling a friend that now I remember why I have liked this game for so long. Its the community! I tried WOW and met hundreds of people and ventured into huge dungeons and still have no friends that I would play with and know after years away. I'm back just a few days to UO and already feel like I have met so many kind people. Thank you for making me feel welcome here and in game.