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Community Customs Spotlight: SEspider

Discussion in 'Halo General Discussions' started by Noles, May 11, 2012.

  1. Noles

    Noles Guest


    From Hyokin:

    It would seem that this past weekend was the annual celebration of the “Coming of the Giant Banana Bushel” for the Space Monkeys, for they all lay passed out in their cages after a little too much feasting. But all is not lost, as they have enlisted the temporary aide of the Flaming Purple Mongeese to assemble this week’s batch of questions and thus make this dreary Monday a might bit cheerier. Of course one cannot expect the Flaming Purple Mongeese to do a task such as this for free. Thankfully the Space Monkeys have thought ahead, and left a large supply of cheddar cheese bricks as payment. And so the Space Monkeys get an extra day of rest while the rest of the world must contend with being fed this slightly singed and cheesy smelling round of questioning!

    This week our Community Spotlight is on SEspider: artist, perpetual forger, and finalist in Pete the Duck’s Last Forger Standing contest (if you haven’t seen it, you really must)! Spider is never one to shy away from a challenge and is always trying something new in Forge. If you play with us on Friday, you’re guaranteed to be a participant in at least one playtest. So just what does our resident eight-legged Spartan have to say about, well, everything? Let’s find out! Remember kids, the Spotlight burns through questions at a rapid pace, it can’t exist without fuel from the community. Drop by this page here and add anything you want to know to our stack!

    Community Customs Spotlight: SEspider

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