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Community Spotlight – The Library of Spiritual Knowledge

Discussion in 'Shroud of the Avatar Discussion Hall' started by SotA Stratics, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. SotA Stratics

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    Feb 11, 2014
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    By Therdan Redwauld: “The Library of Spiritual Knowledge in Diamond Fields was created to provide a place to showcase player created content. The tremendous work which individuals undertake in building actively useful resources, great fiction, and quality music, continues to amaze me. I really wanted to build something which did those efforts justice and provide a great source of game knowledge and entertainment to everyone who plays Shroud of the Avatar.

    The library provides players a significant volume of material covering everything from guides to fiction to musical scores. I also wanted to provide a number of ways people can get involved in evolving and building out the library content, and also naturally profit from their efforts and contribution.


    Archimedes the Owl watches over things when the Curator is away

    I came up with a three tiered approach to presenting works that reward the content writer in some way.

    Option 1 is if you have a book or music piece you want to sell. Contact Therdan Redwauld and upon review and an agreed price I will buy it. The works will be placed in the library with the owner holding the copyright, so no reproductions and no sales from within the library location please.

    Option 2 is for the content creator to donate the work to the library; with Release 51 I will add a commission free vendor setup as cash register on the library admin desk. Donations to the library can be sold directly by the creator there – I provide access to the vendor and the creator lists their own work. Obviously as contributions build up, we need to work out a sensible way to use that vendor so that everyone has fair access and a chance to sell their creations in the library.

    Option 3 is commissioned work; I will post assignments on the job board in the library for a piece of work for a set price. Once the assignment is completed the work will go on display with the library retaining the rights to sell that content.


    Main view of the Library

    I certainly would like to see the library become part of people’s role playing endeavours as well, and I will more than happily host specific quest items and play a part if anyone is interested. There is also the opportunity for providing help for new players around the library’s materials, or something new for even the veteran player. Everyone should find something of interest!

    I have a few good content providers who are submitting works already. Long term goals are for the library to become a community driven work and that we expand into a city lot with a grand Ancient Columned City home as the main above surface location with lower vaults containing archives. As of today, we have a village arena which is about 50% at current design capacity. With some clever layout adjustments I can easily max out the item limit for now.


    Lower floor contains the Spiritual zone which shrines dedicated to both darkness and the light

    The library also has an area for guilds to advertise their recruitment needs. I will also be looking to run a range of events, and make the space available to any group which would like to use it for other purposes. I am always open to suggestions and any offer of support in building a quality resource for the community!”

    Therdan Redwauld

    The Library of Spiritual Knowledge
    Diamond Fields

    There are so many towns and historical landmarks to explore throughout New Britannia. If you are interested in sharing your tales of adventure, message community manager Berek!

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