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(RP) Confessions of a Mage -Chapter 10

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Fig_The_Ancient, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Fig_The_Ancient

    Fig_The_Ancient Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 16, 2011
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    Confessions of a Mage - Chapter 10

    Stealthy Surprises

    It was late night of one of the wettest storms Maginica had seen in weeks. The force of the winds whiped the water onto the shoreline near the moongate, sending spray high into the air. Lightning had forced most of the local shepards indoor, leaving their flocks to huddle under the dripping trees.

    A young girl rolled out of the moongate and fell face first into the mud surrounding the gate. She cursed and climbed to her feet and continued toward the far side of the island. She fell several times making the colors of her dress even more mud soaked and stained, while fighting against the winds of the storm.

    She fought her way to the far side of the island, where the third to the last house east before the sea was standing. She knocked on the door, but received no answer. The young girl cursed again and curled up on the front stairs to try and get some cover from the storm, and to wait for the owner.

    She didn't have to wait long. A woman with a tall wizard's hat and a basket of flowers approached the house. She wore the garb of someone who had been working in the gardens for days. There was something strange about her though. She seemed neither affected, nor bothered by the storm.

    She leaned down towards the little girl and spoke in a voice that sounded like a harp. the smell of fresh cut flowers was all around her.

    "This is no night for you to be out in this weather. Where are your parents?" She asked.

    The young girl looked up, "Are you the one they call the Amber Witch?".

    The woman flinched when she heard that name and stood up straight.

    "What a strange question from one so young. Not 'Can you keep me warm?' nor "Can you offer me some food?'. Just my old name." she stated, raising an eyebrow as she observed the young girl.

    "I have a message for you, Amber Witch. 'He has always been here'. I was told to say that to you." the young girl said.

    The witch was enraged, and grabbed the young girls ear and dragged her inside her house and slammed the door behind her.

    "Are you mad? Get in there and dont move." Amber said as she threw the young child against the desk in her greeting room. The Young girl groaned as she hit, which seemed to bring some small amusement to the woman.

    "You have some nerve showing up here. Espically looking like that. What? Did you not think I would see through that petty disguise?", the witch said with venom in her voice.

    The young girl stood up, rubbing her forehead where she hit the desk.

    "HOW DARE YOU!. Don't think I don't know you, Fig. I can smell your Britaininan blood from here. Show yourself." she said, as she struck the young girl across the face, again.

    "I guess there is no reason to keep up the appearances." the young girl said, trying to recover from the blow.


    The young girl shimmered and transformed into the likeness of an old man wearing white robes. He carried a shield and a spell book in either hand. His beard was white upon white. His eyes bore the wisdom of the ages.

    "I could never fool you, Amber.", The old man said, rubbing his cheek where she had been struck. "But I was told to come here and talk to you by a 'reliable' source."

    "I don't care if the Time Lord himself told you to seek me out." she screamed. "YOU PARKED A FULLY ARMED ORC WARSHIP ON MY DOORSTEP TARGETING MY DOOR." She struck him one more time full on the cheek, but the old man endured her rage.

    Amber took several breaths, but the old man said nothing, patiently waiting for the woman to calm down.

    "That was for Maginica. Now what was so important that you would come and risk the anger of the maginicans again, that you would darken my doorstep." Amber said, regaining her composure. "Must be urgent indeed for the High Councillor of Britian to dare set foot on this island."

    The old man sighed heavily. "After our battle with the manistifation of Exodus, I found myself lost and without purpose. You were there. You know how war changes people. I was told to come to see you to regain my path. I am unsure of my next move. Someone told me I needed to speak with you. Do you know what they are talking about?".

    "Me?" The Amber Witch laughed. "The only thing I want you to do is move those warships from the Sea market. All of Maginica knows your fleet is there just waiting for the right moment to invade. Why dont you take those ships back to Britain, where they belong? Don't you have enough to worry about with the loss of Castle Blackthrone, and what might be coming from there?"

    The old man smiled, and started laughing, which only served to infuriate the woman more.

    "You think this is funny?", She asked, the rage in her voice echoed throught her house.

    Then Ancient smiled even bigger. "No, M'Lady you have given me just what I needed. I thank you. Britain will be in your debt."

    "WHAT? After all that? What do you mean??" Amber yelled at the back of the old man who was getting ready to leave.

    "I have taken too much of your time as it is, M'Lady.", the old man said, as he turned to walk out the door closing the door behind him.

    The Witch ran out through the door out into the storm. She looked around but no one was in sight, but the storm raged on.