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(RP) Confessions Of A Mage - Chapter 9

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Fig_The_Ancient, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Fig_The_Ancient

    Fig_The_Ancient Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 16, 2011
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    Memories and Visions.

    The old man rode slowly towards Britain. His robes were covered with blood, his shield the signs of recent battle. He could have used his powers to gate to the main city, but this night he felt like just riding slow and taking in the beauty of the lands he loved.

    He was within eyesight of the bridge of Britain. The sun had set and night was falling. He decided to camp for the night and finish the ride into the city in the morning. He started a fire and set up his bedroll, but he was far from sleep.

    He sat on a nearby log and started into the flames. As he watched the flames dance in the night, he was flooded with the memories of the horrors of the past days.

    He remembered the cry for battle from Lord Dupre of Trinsic for a full on assult upon the fallen gargoyle city, the wild ride from his camp through the Honor gate and on to the exodus dungeons beneath the city. He remembered the screams of his comrades that were not as lucky as him in crossing the deserts near the dungeons. Their blood splashing upon his robes as he tried to bring the fallen aid only to watch them struck down again by the minions of Exodus. He had been ready for them.

    The battle raged deep within the the underground passages of the gargoyle city, The army of Exodus fought hard, leaving many wounded or maimed in the assult. Eventually their was a break through the walls of the central chamber and there he was, the physical manifestation of Exodus, himself, a monstrosity of machine and flesh, the likes of which had not been seen since the elder days.

    The flames danced as the old man continued to stare into his memories. He remembered the final moment when the beast fell to endless onsloughts of dragons, swords, and magic. A cheer arouse from the gathered groups of heros still left standing. The old man moved throughout the chamber trying to help the wounded and dieing.

    The battle had been won but the cost had been great. For with the dieing breath of the monster, he cursed the moongate that had brought them all here. The Honor moongate, had been shattered and rendered useless.

    The old man sighed as he pondered the implications of this action by the enemy, staring into the flames.

    The old man's cosmic thoughts were disturbed buy the sound of a twig snapping behind him.

    "You cannot sneak up on me anymore, my wife. Those days are long gone.", the old man said into the darkness of the night. "You might as well get warm by the fire."

    A woman stepped out of the darkness and into the firelight. Her long black hair drifted over the shoulders of the woman's blue leather armor. Her skin was pale and her eyes, red in color, gleamed in the firelight. Despite her palour, she was striking.

    She moved over to sit with the old man on the log facing the firelight.

    "How does it look from there, Fig?" the woman said softly. "Is it everything we thought it would be and more?"

    "Do not mock me, Lynn, or I will never restore your powers.", The Ancient shouted angrily, the flames of the campfire rising with the tone of his voice and then dieing down. "And yes, it was everything we predicted those many years ago. The first Virtue has been corrupted. The Virtues are breaking down. It has begun. I tried to warn them all, but it happened anyway. I have failed."

    "Oh I wish I could have been there. The unmitigated carnage there must have been. Friends, comrades falling beside you on the field of battle. It brings back memories of the ancient Chaos Order wars of old. The fighting in the streets. It must have been glorious." Lynn jumped up and danced around the campfire, laughing wildly.

    She turned around abruptly and pointed at the old man. "So all your planning over the centuries, all the plotting, the High Council of Britain, the building of your fleet of warships, has amounted to nothing. There are riots in all the Virtue cities. Your beloved city burns. What will you do now?", Lynn Said.

    "I do not know, anymore.", Fig replied, sighing deeply. "The virtues are breaking, Castle Blackthorn has vanished. Exodus has been defeated but he is not gone, anymore than any of the other demons that the people have destroyed over the centuries. I am tired of all this death and destruction. I have seen it since I began walking this world, in the time before the shattering."

    The woman danced around the campfire one more down and sat down next to the old man again. She wrapped her arm around his shoulders and smiled.

    "Do not despair, my husband. Perhaps I can put back on your path.", she said with a smile.

    "What do you mean? Have you seen something?", Fig asked.

    "Seek out the Amber Witch in New Maginicia. She might have an idea.". Lynn replied, smiling.

    "My welcome in New Maginicia is somewhat lessened of late.", the old man stated with sadness.

    "Are you not past such problems as borders and politics at this point?", the woman smiled, as she asked the question.

    They both looked deep into each others eyes, paused, and broke out laughing.