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(RP) Confessions of a Mage - part 6

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Fig_The_Ancient, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Fig_The_Ancient

    Fig_The_Ancient Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 16, 2011
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    Confessions of a Mage - part 6

    Secrets exposed.

    It was late night in in the city of Britain. A storm had rolled over the city, but rain had yet to fall. Lightning chashed like ancient warriors on the battlefield, in the mountains to the north. Most of the citizens had locked themselves in their homes from the night, and the inclement weather. The road in front of the West Britain bank was abandoned. The trees swayed against the wind from the incoming storm.

    A blue moongate started to shimmer into shape in front the the bank on the abandonded street. An old man walked slowly out of the gate to stand on the lonely street. He was garbed all in white including his shield. The only thing that was not, was the ancient tome he bore in his other hand, which was a bright purple. He was circled with what could only be described, as music.

    The old man watched as the moongate dissapated into a cloud of energy. He turned to walk towards the west Bank Of Britian. It was a short walk, but his mind raced with the endless possibilities.

    Would the Arcanists follow him? Would they even believe him? He had no way of knowing. Heartwood was always a mystery to most of the world, but their power was unqestioned. He remembered the first time he said the words of death, the second most powerfuller full spell in the world next to the armeggedon spell which was forbidden.

    "Forbidden.", the old man chuckled, as the thoughts raced through his mind.

    "How many times had you engaged in forbidden magic? Was it not you who cast the spells that trapped your wife in an undead state, and buried her in the basement of the north western tower of your own keep, until the Virtues broke, and pride opened the gate? The moment when you ordered Gif the assassin, to utter the words of armeggedon, forbidden words that only a few had discovered, not once but twice, but which ultimately decided the fate of the world, yet again. ". His guilt plagued him. "The price of immortality."

    War was appaling, but sometimes necessary. He could feel it coming in his bones. The world was changing, yet again. He asked for the gods forgiveness, then sighed. It was time to warn the conclave.

    He looked around to insure no one was aware of his presence. It was late and the stars were veiled. Satisifed no one was aware of his presence, he began to draw symbols upon the ground. Happy his drawings were correct, he began to chant.

    "Arcanists, appear before me for the power and the glory of Sorsoria. We have always been here.", He shouted to the trees surrounding the bank.

    All around him individual trees began to shimmer. One by one they all began to shimmer and coalase into actual people. Four of the people stepped forward. Each one was hooded with the mark of Hearthwood upon them. Each one stepped into the drawing the old man had scribbled upon the street.

    When the four had entered the old man's arcane circle, The old man entered the circle. Together, and in one voice, they all chanted.

    "Together we stand, we draw upon the power of the many to be stronger than the one. We are spellweavers! Myrshalee!", The group said in one voice.

    A flash of power exploded between the five arcanists.They each seemed to become stornger from the power of the focus they had just weaved.

    Each of the other four withdrew from the circle and turned to face the old man.

    "I thank thee all for coming.", The old man bowed before them. "You know why I called you to me?"

    One of the hooded arcanists stepped foward into the circle.

    "Yes Lord Fig, we know what you seek. You seek the solution to the riddle you asked centuries ago. You want to be reunited with your wife.", He said. "We have all seen your obsession with the reuniting of the light with the dark. We can sense you guilt in the sealing of your wife. Only you can bring her back."

    "We have obtained a seat on the council. We have access to the archives. The Isle of Maginica has rebeled as predicted. I have been placed in charge of the security of the Sea Market. My Fleet has been built and positioned at the North-Western side of the Sea Market, which is also under my control. There are riots in the streets of New Maginica. All our goals have been met. We only await the next move of the enemy. It is time to release her. Only her wisdom can help us, despite her ..beliefs.", The old man replied. "Dante has refused all offers. New Maginica will stand alone. The war is starting, and it is just the begining. Once the war is finally over, and we are weakened from the battle, the enemy will invade. We must be ready. We must act!"

    The Concave all bowed to the old man. One of the hooded arcanists stepped forward, his face obscured. The lightning in the background surrounded the city.

    "You have accomplished much, Lord Fig. But what you ask has not been done since ages past. You were the one that sealed her. You are the one that decided that the light was preferable to the dark." The hooded one said. "You of all people, one of the First Ones, know what would happen if you release the wife of Fig, yes?"

    "The price of immortality, I am afraid. I agree that what I ask is hard, but we need the power she represents." The old man answered. "Our treaty with Umbra is stable so this should not be an issue. But, 'The dark and the light must unite.' It was written long ago in the archives of Hearthwood, Umbra, and Britain. We must bring her back."

    Fig kneeled before the conclave. The hooded man looked back to the other Arcanists. No words were spoken for several minutes.

    The hooded one in the circle then turned back towards the old man. He reached out his hand and raised the old man to his feet.

    Fig looked deeply into the eyes of the one that raised him up, and was surprised.

    He knew those eyes. He remembered the countless council meetings. There was no doubt.

    Ta'lin removed his hood, smiling.

    "You have our support, Lord Fig. Release her.", He said. " It takes a necromancer to defeat a necromancer, and you will be reunited with your wife. But beware what you release.."

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