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(RP) Confessions of a Mage - Part 8

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Fig_The_Ancient, May 17, 2012.

  1. Fig_The_Ancient

    Fig_The_Ancient Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 16, 2011
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    Confessions of a Mage - Part 8

    The Ressurection of the Past.


    Inez, the barkeep of Castle Fig, ran back to her bedroll. She climbed underneath the roll with
    shaking hands and cold sweat. She could not believe what she had witnessed. what she had seen. It
    would forever change her. She tried to go back to sleep, but the memories of the evening kept her
    awake. She tried not to remember every detail of the night, but they flooded in, like a dam
    bursting, as she lay in her bedroll in a fetal position.


    It was late at night and Castle Fig was unusally quiet. Inez had finished her work in the kitchens early, and was preparing to sleep in her bedroll for the night. She had chosen the south eastern tower of the keep to spread out her bedroll, due to the humility of the place. Various symbols of Humility adorned the walls of the tower. Fishing poles and shepards crooks where placed in sacred places within the tower. Somehow it gave Inez peace.

    A small amount of time had passed and Inez was just drifting off to sleep, when a storm had floated over the Snake Valley, which Castle Fig had guarded for centuries. Clouds covered the moonlight with impending weather. It was strange though. Rain didn't come to the Snake valley, this dense, at this time of the year. Lightning had begun to clash outside of the keep, making sleep impossible. Another devastating clash of thunder blasted the night sky, and all but blew Inez from her bedroll.

    She gathered her blankets, wrapped herself against the storms, and headed to the north eastern tower of Spirituality to get herself a brandy. The old man had recently gone through the castle 'Virtue-izing the place', as he said, marking each tower and hallway with a Virtue tile of stone imbedded into the floor. Since he always stored his liquor and stil in the northeast tower, he placed a spirituality tile there. He seemed to get a little amusement about that...Spirits in the
    spirtuality tower.

    Inez's thoughts were inturrupted by more lightning visable off the northern battlements. She turned northwest, and looked up at the tower. Inez had heard rumors about the Northwest tower, and had been warned about going into it. Inez
    recalled the first conversation about the place with Concubine, when the Ancient had announced the building of his fleet.

    "Well there is only one with the skills at the moment to provide us with the iron needed.", she had said while glancing at the tower. "Perhaps you should go down there and ask her..". Concubine then glanced towards the Gargoyle female, Wench, and they both softly chucked. Inez had become accustomed to the teasing from Wench and Concubine for being the new one at the Keep, and therefore was wary about it ever since that day. Strange things had been known to
    happened there. Rumors of a miniture race taking root on the top of the tower, paintings on the stairwell that howled according to the moons. Lord Fig had even gone so far as to place signs warning the staff to stay out at their own risk.

    Tonight was different, though. She stood upon the northern battlements watching the lighting flash across the night sky, but something was wrong. There seemed to be a pattern in the lightning, building up with a barrage of flashes like some ancient battle of old, then ending in one large flash then silence. then the sound came, like an explosion from a meteor storm. Inez could feel the breath of the impact in the wind.

    Then silence.

    To the west, Inez heard the noise of a shovel hiting rock. She remembered what the other staff of Castle Fig had said about the Northwest tower. 'No one has been there for centuries.' She remembered hearing at the many 'staff meetings' the Ancient had. Concubine was usually the one that spoke as she was the one in charge of production within the keep. 'The master came to this valley from the first pennisula east of Empath abbey. Tis where he met his wife, Lynn, a monk in charge of the winery. Together they learned the wonders of Magery. But while Lynn was the spellsword, prefering swords with magic, Fig was the pure mage together they laid waste to the anti-virtue dungeons, espically Destard.

    But then the change began.

    Necromancy began to become prevelent, as had the Spellweaverss of Heartwood. The Ancient choose to
    follow the teachings of the arcanists in spellweaving, while his wife choose to pursue the path of
    Necromany. Together they managed to destroy the Dark fathers as they tried to invade Moonglow.

    But in the midst of their trimph, Lynn heard the call of Virtubane. She was...possesed by him we
    do not name. The Ancient took it upon himself to unlease the arrmegadon spell. He also entrusted
    his brother, Gif, the hooded man, with the spell, in case he failed the mission. Lynn had become
    the first Sampire, possesed by a Dark Father, had become the very weapon that The Ancient sought
    to destroy.

    In the last moments, Fig, Gif and others unleased the spell, and Moonglow was clensed. All was
    redeamed, all the fathers were destroyed. Lord Fig was seen carrying his undead wife towards the
    moongate of Moonglow, his power exausted. He refused all help, Muttering 'She is still alive..She
    is still alive'

    But Fig was convinced Lynn would be a continued threat to the Lands of Sorsoria, and he buried the body of his wife in the Snake Valley. It was not long after he began construction of Castle Fig upon the site he buried his wife." Concubine tended to ramble about the Ancient for hours...actually never shutting up, but her stories were often engrained with a hint of truth.

    Inez would find this out tonight.

    She followed the noise of the shovel towards the forbidden tower. As Inez decended the steps of the forbidden tower, she heard chanting along with the sounds of the shovel.

    As her eyes became used to the light, she beheld the Master digging in the floor of the tower, all the while chanting 'She is still alive. She is still alive.' The old man dug and chanted over and over, until eventually Inez watched as he pulled a coffin out of the ground.

    He wiped the sweat from his brow, aad droped the shovel onto the stonework, and slowly lifted the lid to the coffin. Inside lay the body of a beautiful woman with dark hair. Except for her palor, which was pasty white, she showed no signs of age.

    The old man leaned in close to her face and whispered something.

    As soon as the words escaped his lips, the woman opened her blood red eyes. Inez gasped the woman rose from her coffin, throwing the Ancient against the far wall. Before Inez could catch her breath again the woman had run accross the room and had the old man by the throat against the wall.

    "You have grown weak old man." the woman hissed, her voice like the sound of a ghost from the depths, chilling the very soul.

    Suddenly, in a blast of power, fire raged from the Ancients body radiating outward and it blasted the woman to the far side of the chamber, then died down.

    "And you have not changed a bit, my love, but do mistake age for lack of power. Did you not think I would have come here prepared to bear the full brunt of your rage?", Fig yelled the words at the woman, his words reverberated throughout the castle, echoing with the power of the ages.

    Fearing for her life, Inez ran back into the dining hall where the rest of the staff of Castle Fig had gathered, having been awakened by the commonition. They all stood in the dining hall unable to move not knowing what to do.

    There were several more explosions and then silence.

    The small group remained motionless as the dust settled. Through the dust, walked out Fig holding the woman's hand. She was wrapped in his own robes. They approached and stood before the group.

    Her features were striking, a beautiful woman my anyones standards. But the red of her eyes andthe paleness of her skin, showed a hidden rage, frightening them all to their very core.

    The old man cleared his throat, before he addressed the group. "My children, I beleive you know of
    my wife, Lynn the Dark."

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