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Confrontation in Vesper

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Sennah T' Nae, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Sennah T' Nae

    Sennah T' Nae Journeyman

    Sep 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    One evening that Dante Darkheart came into Vesper Joseph Frostmore stopped him to speak about things he had read in the Captains Log.

    (Here is a link to the thread containing events up to this point, along with the Captains Log) http://stratics.com/community/threads/the-sickness-in-vesper.310798/

    Dante: What was the cargo?
    Joseph Frostmore: Poison, venom samples shipped by Sapphire Trading Company, and your seal was on the shipping order.
    *Dante looks down and frowns*
    *Fae slowly attempts to stand, clinging to the wall for support*
    *Dante looks back up*
    Joseph: Any reason you find poison so profitable? Because this venture was quite the opposite for you wasn’t it?
    Dante: I was working with a man named Victor Wulf in Serpents Hold to produce an anti-venom. He was the one who made the order.
    Joseph: Anti-venom, believable enough I guess except for one thing; for good or bad your shipment became wrecked here at Vesper.
    Dante: But how did a ship in Felucca get to Trammel? It certainly seems odd.
    Joseph: You play your part well Sir.
    Dante: Not just any Captain knows those routes. Is the Captain still alive?
    Joseph: It was your investment.
    Dante: I had no part in the end result if that is what you are insinuating.
    Joseph: You have done well to keep as far away from this from the start.
    Dante: Well I am here, and will help how I can.
    Joseph: You are, aren’t you.
    *Dante quirks his brow*
    Joseph: I will have to consult Khaleesi about how to deal with your amount of responsibility in this. For now, it seems you have enough plausible deniability [​IMG]

    Zoe: *quietly* Fae… sit down
    Fae: *glances at Zoe and slides back down to the ground*
    Zoe: *looks down and shakes her head*
    Zoe: On the bench Fae…
    Fae: *Shakes her head*
    Zoe: No what?
    Fae: I’m fine here…
    Zoe: Get off the cold ground an’ go sit on the bench er I’ll pick ya up if ya want a scene
    Dante to Joseph: Well I’m glad a cynic can see my innocence. That eases my mind greater than the fates of the people of this town.
    Joseph: Innocence? Not directly no, but your money trail leads to the ships manifest. Whether you manned the ores or not doesn’t really matter all that much. Buys you some time. For now intention doesn’t matter.
    Fae: *looks around then back to Zoe wearily*
    Zoe: *reaches down and takes Faes arm to help her up*
    Zoe: Up.
    Dante: *quirks brow*
    Dante: What proof do you have to make such insinuations that this was my intention?
    Joseph: Intention doesn’t matter.
    Dante: Then if it doesn’t then I hold you responsible.
    Joseph: If I drop a sword out of a window by accident and it kills a man, did I intend to kill him? Am I responsible?
    Fae: *Slowly stands again, a little unsteadily*
    Zoe: *quick glance between Frostmore and Dante*
    Dante: If I had been at the helm of the ship I could have stopped the ship from coming to these shores
    Fae: Only if he knew of it before it wrecked…
    Fae: *inches unsteadily to the bench*
    Joseph: My seal wasn’t on the contract. Find your Captain and see if he remembers me on the ship, or ask the many citizens of Vesper who will vouch for me till the end. Who will vouch for you Sir?
    Dante: My seal was on the contract to send venom to Serpents Hold in Felucca, once that ship left my docks the responsibility is on the Captain to make sure it made the delivery to the right port on the right day, and in the right condition as is left my port.
    Joseph: And you made sure you would be able to say that. You are good at your craft, but so am I.
    Zoe: *looks to Frostmore* Ya got any proof?
    Dante: I control what happens in my port alone, I do not control what happens on a ship I am not on or own. The ship even belonged to another shipping company as all my ships were busy with orders.
    Joseph: That doesn’t mean you can’t pay them, and you did pay them.
    Fae: *shivers and pulls her feet up, wrapping the cloak around herself completely*
    Dante: I absolutely paid them
    Zoe: *irritable sigh*
    Joseph: As I said, for now you have surrounded with enough deniability.
    ----((long break, Joseph wound up leaving. Zoe and Fae were getting ready to leave, Zoe gave scrolls to Fae))


    Dante to Fae: Fae I will do all I can to help
    Fae: *takes the scrolls and glances up*
    Zoe: Or maybe ya done enough
    Dante: *frowns and sighs*
    Fae: How would venom cause this…?
    Dante: I wish I knew, but I am not an alchemist.
    Fae: *nods*
    Dante: I will send word to Dr Wulf. He was the one who requested the samples, I hope he will know more.
    Fae: I should get back to the house…
    Zoe: With Frostmore talkin’ like that…who in this town’s gonna take yer help?
    Dante: *frowns*
    Fae: *glances at Zoe*
    Zoe: Or believe whatever it is ya think ya learn?
    Fae: I’ll take anything right about now…
    Dante: I hope those that need it
    Zoe: *half shake of her head*
    Zoe: Fae go on home, I’m right behind ya
    Fae: *nods and recalls*
    Dante: I wish her the best of luck, I truly do.
    Zoe: *nods and takes out a runebook*
    Dante: If I learn more I will send word
    Zoe: *watches him a long moment*
    Dante: I understand the anger and frustration
    Zoe: Right…
    Zoe: Do ya?
    Dante: but pointing the blame at me is inefficient at dealing with the problem at hand, particularly when I wasn’t at the helm of the ship
    Zoe: I ain’t lookin’ t’ point blame, but if it turns out there’s some t’ be handed out…
    Dante: Well telling me not to help or doubting my help certainly makes it seem that way
    Zoe: Just tellin’ ya the truth. Ya heard ‘im same as I did.
    Dante: That is a truth from a certain point of view, also known as an opinion.
    Zoe: His matters ‘round here. Just preparin’ ya. Folks ‘re gonna look at ya sideways now just on ‘is say so. Anyways, I need t’ get t’ Fae
    Dante: Well that is unfortunate for those that take his opinion as fact.
    Zoe: Folks ‘re gonna. Prepare for it.
    Dante: I will
    Zoe: *nods*
    Dante: Again I am sorry for my part in all this, I wish it could have happened differently.
    Zoe: *looks to the book and turns a page, then looks to him*
    Zoe: If anythin’ happens t’ Fae I might have trouble givin’ a damn how sorry, but for now… *nods*
    Dante: Your blame is misplaced.