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Connection Issues

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by JackRabbit Slim, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Does anybody else get disconnected for apparently no reason? I'm new and slowly working my way up, and every bit of gold I get counts. Twice in the past couple nights, I've been killing ettins in despise and I get the Lost Connection message and am booted out of UO. I check my internet connection, and everything is running fine. I log back in, and I've been killed, and I lose money on my insured items. I know for most this isn't a big deal, but it is for me when i'm always low on cash.

    I guess I'm asking if this is common, or if there is something I can do to reduce the number of times this occurs.
  2. Lady Aalia

    Lady Aalia Atlantic's Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Have not had any trouble with it myself.

    Sounds like it maybe your pc doing it.

    I have had the same troubles playing certain games on my PC it just dont seem to like them...
    Was so bad at one point that i had to reset my conection every 4 minutes when i was trying to play WAR with my hubby...
  3. staereo

    staereo Guest

    It happens to me, but only because of my laptop losing its wireless connection. It is something I keep meaning to investigate further. I happen to know that is the case, because I lose the connection to everything.

    Now, as far as the app goes, my lappy is a quad core running 64 bit vista. I tend to crash UOKR at least 3 or 4 times per night; and UO2d tends to have problems shutting down. That is a conflict of my computer, so I just pretty much deal with it. Usually it doesnt pose much of a problem, as I play mostly a tamer. I just have to hurry up and start vetting immediately when I get back in the game.

    If you are running a wired connection to the internet so you know it is not your wireless connection, you may want to reboot your router / modem. If that fails, you may want to check how old your modem is.

    Now if you are positive, 100% that you are 100% fine with your internet connection alone, and you get disconnected in 2d and 3d clients, you may have a problem with your connection from your ISP to the servers.

    A long time ago (at least 7 years) there was a program called UO Trace, which really did a FANTASTIC job at figuring out issues. Showed pings and hops all nice and neat. I'm not sure if this software is still out, but you may want to google it and find out if youve tried everything out. If it is still available and operational, it would help you a lot.
  4. staereo

    staereo Guest

    On a side note, I have some tasks that I need completed, and I could pay you to do. If you knew a time that you and I could meet in game, we could do it. All very safe and losing connection wouldnt mean a thing doing this stuff. Get you some money to offset what youve lost and then some.
  5. Ok, thanks for the replies guys!
  6. Maggie

    Maggie Guest

    Two days this week I had mysterious lost connections. I have wireless but I wasnt disconnected from trillian or anything else so it wasnt the internet, my ping was 80 or so with no packet loss. It is a mytery. I wasnt even doin anything but shopping (luna & tokuno) then bods and crafting! I didnt count but it sure happened 10+ times in couple hours. It went away though which is good.

    OOooooOooo a Mystery!
  7. Murderotica

    Murderotica Guest

    jack look around for me. i sometimes come out to haven and if u see me ill be more than happy to kick you some gold maybe gear. i seen running thru 1nce or twice but didnt catch upto u

  8. OK great! thanks, I'll look at for you.