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Considering selling 18x18 Malas

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Kiwillian, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Kiwillian

    Kiwillian Guest

    No spawn (besides hoppers, lol), quiet area, not horribly cramped in. Make an offer here or via PM. Happy to show you the spot.

    Still only considering selling, so not 100% certain yet.

    Thanks! :)
  2. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    What area of Malas is it in? Coordinates? I would like to relocate one of my homes, but the new spot would have to be right off of the west shore of the lake.
  3. Kiwillian

    Kiwillian Guest

    It's up in the north I'm afraid.
  4. Shabby

    Shabby Guest

    its been a while since ive been on atl...and am currently gettin ready to move back and am offering 20 mil if you decide to sell it
  5. Kiwillian

    Kiwillian Guest

    I was hoping for a lil bit more, but will consider that :)

    edit: forgot to mention - I sent you a PM.